JP (2005)

The Unthinkable


By luvyalots

I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. My mind was numb. JP, fuck, he was more than a god, he was…shit, there simply wasn’t a word in any language anymore that could label him. His shaggy brown hair was sopping wet with sweat, his flawless face burning red with the burden of the immense weight he had laid across his incredibly broad shoulders – so immense, the bar was actually bending slightly under the pressure of the plates.

His massive neck and shoulders quivered with countless ripples as he heaved the weights back onto the rack; a loud, definitive slam echoed across the room as they did. JP swayed his head from side to side, the thick columns of muscle in his neck shifting heavily, his huge traps flexing and expanding ominously. He stepped away from the bar, drawing my eyes to the rest of his body. I gazed dumbfounded at this hulk of muscle, amazed that this was my boyfriend.

His colossal chest heaved slowly up and down as he breathed, the striations beneath his flushed skin stretched tightly across his pecs, from the deep trough of his cleavage to the bulging power of his deltoids. His lats flared out, forcing his gigantic arms away from his torso, two vast pylons dangling almost seemingly in mid-air. His abs were ridiculously shredded, every fiber clearly visible, every vein of his lower abdomen pulsing with blood. His obliques slashed provocatively down from his fatless, impossibly tiny waist toward his crotch, his boxers having slipped down enough during the set that the very top of his thick, juicy cock peeked out from behind the waistband.

I felt my knees begin to shake as I took in this sight before me. JP turned toward the wall mirror and looked at his reflection with sheer concentration. He stood silently for a short moment, his only movement being the soft motion of his breathing. Then, suddenly, he exploded into a most-muscular pose, his body practically burst outwards in every direction. His neck widened even further, his pecs rippled with enormous power, his shoulders popped violently. The peaks of his biceps were amazing, as they erupted out of his paper-thin skin and his triceps shifted impressively, their ripped contours undulating against each other. I involuntarily fell to my knees and came a second time, my spunk pouring down my leg once again. I was unable to control any part of my own body and let out a shriek as I fell under my boyfriend’s spell.

JP looked up, noticing me there for the first time. I caught his gaze and felt my stomach flip upside-down, my dick twitching like mad. “Matt,” he smiled, his angelic voice sweeping through my head, “you’re home!” He rushed over to me and, grabbing me by my arms, lifted me effortlessly to my feet. He ogled me dreamily. “Are you ok?”

I quickly regained my composure and sheepishly glanced down at the tremendous wet stain covering the entire thigh section of my jeans. “Yeah,” I answered hoarsely, gazing lustfully into the deep pools of his blue eyes. “I…” I started, but I couldn’t continue. Without warning, I threw myself around my boyfriend, shooting my tongue down his throat. For so long, I had wanted to do this, give myself completely up to my boyfriend; I couldn’t bear to hold back any longer.

JP immediately rebounded from my attack, absorbing me into his steel-hard body, surrounding me with his mammoth arms. I collapsed into him, our tongues exploring every inch of each other’s mouths, our frenzied gasps and grunts filling the room. We stumbled over to the couch and I fell back on it, letting JP maintain full control of both of us. Here we were, barely having said hello to each other, engaged in full ecstasy and complete delirium.

I reached up animalistically, clutching onto his thick traps, my tongue having now glided down to his neck. JP ripped my T-shirt off of my body in a fury of lust, the fabric tearing easily under his incredible strength. My hands shaking with anticipation, I pulled down his boxers, letting them fall to his ankles; his huge cock sprang out, flapping against my thighs. He pulled himself upwards over me, his hands grasping the back of the couch so hard his fingers were white, his huge torso practically smothering me with its immense size. I smelled nothing but his sweat as his torso glided over my face and I instantly began feverously licking his pecs, tasting the salt of his body. My tongue grazed past his nipples, making him groan with pleasure. Oh my God, this was amazing!

JP started moving his pelvis up and down, humping my body, his rock-hard cock rubbing against my abs. I shifted my own hips up and down in rhythm with him, my hands grabbing forcefully on his ass, our orgy becoming stronger and stronger. After barely a minute, we both started reaching our climax and simultaneously blew our loads – my third one in barely twenty minutes – all over each other’s torsos.

I was drained; after all those months of waiting to see my boyfriend again, my spunk building up inside of me was finally released in a torrent of passion. JP shifted his body back down so that he was even with my face again and grinned appreciatively.

“I missed you so much,” he whispered, my throat too exhausted to reply. There was a look of need, almost sadness in his eyes. I could tell immediately he was happy – relieved actually – that I was home and back in his arms.

Then, his cock stiffened again; I could feel its pulse as it throbbed against my inner thigh. He wasn’t finished; he wanted more. Groggily, but ready for anything he craved, I slowly lay down on the couch, JP’s tongue viciously attacked my stomach, licking up all the cum that had settled in between my abs. I instinctively flexed them, making him gasp in approval.

I grabbed his ass and motioned him to lie on top of me; I wanted to feel him surround every part of me. His thick, rock-hard cock greeted me, its veins pulsating crazily in need. I stared at it for a moment, taking in its incredible beauty. Never had I seen such perfection in anything. I took it in my hands, its girth so huge, I could barely wrap my fingers around it, and pulled it toward my mouth. Then, I let myself go; my lips lunged around the head. My mouth was forced wide as the massive size of my boyfriend’s meat filled every inch of my throat. Shit, it tasted so good!

My hands wildly groped JP’s shredded hamstrings as his gigantic legs straddled my head; my tongue flitted around the shaft of his dick, wanting to touch every bit of it. He moaned blindly as he started working on my jeans to take them off. With all of my strength, I struggled my pelvis upwards, arching my hips so that my jeans slipped around my ass, freeing my crotch, sticky with jizz, to my boyfriend’s wishes. My hands slid up to his ass, clutching the steel globes of his bubble butt. He was still sweating profusely and my fingers glided smoothly down into his crack.

JP grunted barbarically as I finger-fucked him and blew him all at the same time. Suddenly, his body started thrashing around and knew he was closing in on another climax. I grabbed his ass and pushed his cock further down my throat just as he splurged gallons of his spunk into me. I shut my eyes tight, tearing to prevent from gagging as wave after wave of my boyfriend spewed out of him.

At last, he pulled out, his penis still dripping with a few remnants of a massive ejaculation. He stood up, hovering above me like an angel, his body glistening with sweat and jizz. God, he was a walking orgasm. There was not a single person who ever lived as hot as he was. Breathing hard, but steadily, he squatted down next to my weary body and kissed me lightly on the forehead.

“You don’t even know how much I’ve needed you,” he sighed. Again, I caught the looked of sadness in his eyes. Why did he look that way? Wasn’t he happy I was home?

“What’s wrong?” I croaked, my voice barely audible.

JP’s lips quivered slightly. “Nothing,” he answered, pausing awkwardly. “I just missed you a lot. That’s all.”

Something in his tone told me there was something more, but now wasn’t the time to ask, I figured. I reached up my hand and brushed his damp bangs out of his eyes. Man, they were beautiful! “You’re so fucking gorgeous, JP,” I admired out loud.

“So are you,” he whispered back. And then, we kissed. I can’t explain the feelings of warmth and strength that filled me as his lips touched mine. It was as if all time stopped and everything around us floated away.

When we lifted apart again, JP continued gazing lovingly at me. “Let me fuck you,” he breathed. “I need to…I have to feel you again.”

The way he said it puzzled me, but I didn’t care. He knew he could have me whenever he wanted. I obediently repositioned my body face-down on the couch, my muscles quaking with anticipation. JP lowered himself onto to me gently, his concrete pecs cuddling against my back, his warm breath blowing past my ear.

So many times had I experienced sex with him, that it no longer intimidating. Rather, it was almost a release – a moment when I could let everything go away and all that was left in the world was him and me, our bodies connected in a way nothing else could.

His dick slid into my ass with ease, our sweat acting as a lubricant. I sighed at the feeling of my boyfriend’s giant fuckpole entering into my body, filling me with its strength and power. As he stroked himself in and out, softly humping my body, he moved his lips along the back of my neck and shoulders, just barely grazing the surface of my skin.

After only a few minutes, he began climaxing a third time and began cumming again, gallons of his insides mixing with mine. For most people, having sex three times in quick succession would be impossible, but nothing was impossible for JP. He could literally go all day and all night with me – and we had, a couple of times before I left for college. Neither he nor I could explain it.

However, these three times were beyond anything he had ever given me before. The first two were wild, almost primitive, but this third time was different; he was quiet and placid as he orgasmed, barely making any sort of sound. In fact, it was so silent, I could almost hear his cock exploding inside of me. I sighed as I felt his jizz fill every part of my body. Everything went still when he finished; neither of us moved.

Finally, JP lifted his body off of mine, as gently as he had lain down. I took in a deep breath, feeling that sense of calm that had overtaken my body. I had never felt this relaxed before in my life, even when I was in my boyfriend’s strong arms. I slowly sat up on the couch just as JP was slipping his boxers back on, his massive body lit perfectly in the semi-darkness of the room.

JP Maloney had gotten so big, so strong, it was like he was a figure in some sort of dream. And to imagine that only three years before, he was a skinny, little kid – not even a 100 pounds in weight…and now here he was, well over 200 pounds of pure muscle. I stared at his amazing body, completely overwhelmed by its perfection. His wide neck, his shredded chest, his bulging arms, his ripped abs, his gigantic legs, his tiny waist – he almost seem too perfect, if there ever was such a thing.

“Snap out of it, Matt,” JP brought me back to reality, his bright blue eyes shimmering down at me. I blinked, realizing that I had been under my boyfriend’s trance.

“Sorry,” I muttered, “I’m just not used to seeing you every day anymore.” I blushed, knowing that that was only half-true. In fact, I always went dazed whenever he was around, even before I left for college.

“You look good,” JP continued the conversation. “Have you been going to gym?”

I shook my head, ashamed. “No,” I answered, hanging my head. I didn’t have time to work out anymore; the strain of school was too much.

“Well, I would’ve never guessed that,” my boyfriend smiled. “You still have a helluva body.” I smirked, feeling warm inside again. Somehow, I didn’t believe him. I knew I had gained a little weight since the summer.

“You’ve apparently been keeping at it,” I remarked, gesturing toward the squat rack, eyeing the impossible number of plates sitting heavily on the bar. “How much were to squatting when I came down?”

JP glanced over at the rack himself and grinned. “575,” he said calmly, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. My eyes practically flew out of my head. “I max out at about 600 now,” he added.

“Fuck,” I exclaimed, almost choking on my own spit. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” My eyes drifted over to the bench press. JP caught them and answered my question before I even had a chance to ask it.

“And I can bench 480 now, too,” he went on, leaving me utterly speechless. I looked at JP’s chest, its two bulbous pecs protruding menacingly outward, his nipples sticking straight down. Well, it was huge, but 480 pounds?!

“You cannot be human,” I gushed, feeling every nerve in my body tingle at the thought of how strong my boyfriend had gotten.

JP’s face went flush and he immediately tried to change the subject. “You should see Nick Angelakis,” he said. “That kid’s changed quite a bit.”

“Yeah,” I nodded in agreement. “I saw him upstairs. He’s frickin’ huge! And he’s still only 13?”

“Yep,” JP admitted. “He’s going to be bigger than me someday.” I shook my head, not believing that that was possible. “Seriously,” he went on, “the kid’s an animal. He can bench over 200 already and did he show you his biceps?”

“Yeah, 14 and a half inches on a 13-year-old. Is that even possible?”

“Well, apparently it is.” There was a lot of pride in JP’s face, as if he were talking about his own gains. I could instantly tell that he had become like a big brother to Nick…the big brother that JP wished he himself had had when he started lifting.

I got up from the couch and walked over to my boyfriend, eyeing his titanic arms. “That reminds me,” I started teasingly, “how big are your biceps now.”

JP blushed again. “A little over 20 inches, I think.” He raised his left arm and flexed it, just like he used to in the old days when he only had little rocks under his skin. Fuck, now he had softballs. I automatically reached my hand up to feel its hardness; I couldn’t even get my fingers around it.

“And check out my thighs,” he beamed, looking down at those columns of etched marble below his hips. “They’re 30 inches, bigger than my waist now.”

“You mean,” I gasped, “your waist is still 29 inches?” JP nodded. I stooped down to more closely inspect his quads. Huge ridges of hard muscle greeted me. I couldn’t fathom having thighs as big and as ripped as his. They were amazing.

“JP!” A rough male voice called from the top of the stairs; it was Nick’s. I hopped up, noticing that I was still naked and fumbled around for my clothes. “I’m about to leave.”

“Ok,” JP answered back, obviously trying to sound more nonchalant than he looked. “I’ll be right up. Don’t bother coming down.” I sighed with relief when the door closed shut again. “There are more T-shirts in the hall closet,” he told me, remembering that the one I had been wearing he had torn to shreds during sex. “There should be a few that don’t fit me anymore,” he said bashfully. With that, he threw on a muscle shirt and headed toward the stairs.

After grabbing a shirt from the closet like he told me to, I followed my boyfriend. By the time I got up there, Nick had gone and JP was in the kitchen with Erin.

“So what were you and Nick doing up here this whole time?” JP asked his sister conspiratorially. Erin twitched nervously at the question, brushing her head through her silky brown hair.

“Nothing,” she answered as smoothly as she could. “We were just talking.”

“Uh huh,” JP replied, obviously unconvinced. Then, he noticed me in the doorway and nodded at me. “You want something to eat?” he asked.

“Nah,” I said, eyeing Erin who seemed relieved that the topic had shifted.

Suddenly, the front door slammed and the house was filled with laughter. “Luke,” the unmistakable voice of Ryan echoed into the room, “there’s no way that chick wanted you.”

“Well, then, how come she kept looking at me all the time,” Luke replied defensively.

“Dude, I was standing right next to you. She was looking at me, jackass.” My body immediately turned cold as the two arrogant jocks walked through the door. Both of them were sweaty and carrying gym bags over their shoulders; they had apparently just come back from working out. Ryan, his gigantic arms flexing as he moved, whipped the bag over his head and dropped into the kitchen table.

“I’m going up to take a shower,” he scoffed at his friend. “Catch up with ya later.” Then, ignoring everyone else in the room, he swaggered back toward the door.

“Nice of you guys to stop by and smell up the house,” Erin remarked disgustedly.

Luke smirked. “I’d think you like it, baby,” he scoffed at her, seductively licking his top teeth with his tongue.

Erin snorted bitterly. “Pig,” she grunted before turning in a huff and heading in the opposite direction, strategically taking another route to the stairs.

“Fuck, JP,” Luke drawled, watching the girl’s butt as she went, “your sister’s hot.”

“She’s 14,” JP instantly reminded him. “And she has a boyfriend who could beat you up.” I blinked at his outburst. My boyfriend’s eyes were shooting daggers at Luke.

But the guy remained visibly unaffected. “Yeah, right,” he sneered. “That Angelakis kid is a little runt.”

“Really?” JP returned. “Then you apparently haven’t seen him wrestle. I’ve seen him take down guys bigger than you.” One look at his face told me that that wasn’t an exaggeration.

Unable to think of a comeback, Luke’s lip curled up in irritation. Obviously, this wasn’t the first time he had lost to his best friend’s younger brother. “You think you’re all big and tough now,” he grumbled. “Just because you got a little action, you think you’re all cool.”

“Shut up, you fucking asshole,” JP burst, making me literally jump. It was always remarkable how well he could keep his cool, but this time, he seemed to have lost it. Luke immediately realized he had stumbled onto a weakness and continued poking.

“You thought nobody would find out, did you?” he grinned maliciously. “Well, everyone knows now.”

“I said shut up,” JP tried to interject, but the guy just kept going.

“Just wait ‘til I tell Ryan you fucked Brionna.” •

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