Joce and Peter

The Ultimate Fantasy Boyfriend


By Rex Torres

Joce was stumbling down the stairs while holding her note book and a stack of papers in her hand when she accidentally dropped everything on the floor, just as she reached the bottom of the stairs. The bell had already rung, and she had only two minutes to get in her classroom before she would me marked as being tardy.

As she bent down to pick up the notebook and the fallen papers, she noticed that a tall boy with brown hair had beaten her to her belongings.

“Here you go” the boy said, as he straightened out and gently handed her those papers.

“Hi there…” she said, looking at the boy’s big, blue eyes. “Thank you so much!”

Just as the boy turned around and walked away, Joce’s friend Nikki came running from behind.

“Hey girl,” she said, as she noted how Joce was staring at the boy as he continued to walk down the hall before he entered one of the classrooms. “I see you found someone you liked?”

“Yeah…” she replied. “He’s very cute! Do you know him?”

“That’s Peter! He’s the cousin of the blond guy in the sophomore class. I think his name was Tyler, but everybody calls him Ty for short.” Nikki replied.

“Well then,” Joce responded “I’ll keep my eyes open for Peter!”

The two girls then laughed as they continued to talk while they strolled over to their classroom.

During lunch, Nikki was walking to the cafeteria, and she happened to see Ty standing in line, with his plastic tray before him. Ty had already received his portion of spaghetti and green beans, when Nikki walked up to him.

“Hey, Ty” she said to him “Do you know that there’s a girl in school who kind of likes your cousin?”

“Oh, really?” Ty said, expressing a bit of surprise in his voice.

“Joce told me that she thought Peter was very cute” Nikki chuckled. “This is just for you to know. Maybe you can help her out and set up a date with Peter and her?”

“Well, absolutely! I’d love to! He hasn’t been out in ages!” Ty chuckled. Then he displayed an evil grin on his face. “I’ll help her out… You can count on it!”

When Ty sat down, he noticed Joce sitting a few chairs down from where he was sitting.

“I’m going to make Peter into the ultimate fantasy boyfriend for you…” he thought to himself.

After school, Ty met up with Allen and the two were walking down the street, when they saw a group of students hanging out by the bus stop, which was in front of the school. They saw Joce there, and Peter too, although they weren’t talking to each other at that moment. Ty and Allen decided to walk up to Joce.

“Hey Joce,” Ty began. “Look, there’s you new boyfriend!” he chuckled, while pointing at Peter, who was busy talking to Milton. Peter and Milton were about thirty feet away from them.

“I know he’s kinda geeky” Joce replied, while staring at Peter and Milton. “But I still find him very cute!”

Both Peter and Milton were just wearing shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes at the time.

“Don’t worry” Ty replied to Joce. “He won’t hear you. When you see Peter talking to Milton, I can bet you that they’re talking about computer stuff.”

Luckily Peter was standing with his back facing Ty and Joce, so he had no idea that they were talking about him.

“I bet you I can do something to Peter that would get his attention right away!” Allen said, as he was getting ready to use his powers on Peter.

“No, wait!” Ty replied quickly. “Let’s have Joce do it instead!”

Joce looked at Ty and Allen in confusion.

“What do you mean? What are you guys talking about?” she wondered out loud.

“Joce, Allen has the ability to change Peter any way he wants to, since they are on the swim team together” Ty started to explain.

“He can change Peter? But, how?” she asked them.

“Allen can make him grow taller, shorter, bigger, or smaller. He can make Peter’s muscles shrink and grow, too!” Ty responded.

“Wow! That is so cool!” Joce grinned. “Imagine having the ability to change your boyfriend any way you want to. That would be like a dream come true…”

“Wanna try it?” Ty chuckled.

Joce immediately turned to Ty with a confused look on her face.

“I can give you that ability if you want it…” he explained to her.

“You must be joking, right? You can really do that? That’s awesome!” Joce said with a big smile on her face.

“From now on, you’ll have the power to change my cousin Peter any way you want to. But you can’t do anything that would hurt him or kill him. And he can always undo whatever you change about him.” Ty said to her, while carefully thinking about what he was saying to her. “And you can only change Peter, but nobody else!”

Joce’s eyes lit up, as she turned towards Peter.

“Just concentrate on his legs, for example.” Ty whispered to her. “I’ll make it so he doesn’t notice anything right now.”

Joce just stared at Peter for a few seconds, and immediately she noticed how Peter’s calves were growing slightly bigger. The began to swell up a little, becoming bigger and rounder to the point where they were sticking out of his legs by more than two inches.

‘Look what I did to his legs! I made his calves bigger…” Joce said, feeling very happy and encouraged. Then she turned to Ty and wrapped both arms around Ty’s neck, embracing him out of excitement.

“Thank you so much, Ty!” she said, as she hugged Ty so hard, that he couldn’t breathe! Then she finally let go of him, and Ty just smiled back.

“Now Peter is going to be your fantasy boyfriend. You can change him and shape him any way you want. You can make him shrink or grow. Now you can have fun on your date!” Ty smiled.

“And will these powers work anytime? Or anywhere?” Joce asked Ty.

“Yes. Just close your eyes and concentrate, and you’ll be able to hear what he’s hearing and you’ll see what he’s looking at. You can even see his dreams when he’s asleep!” he replied.

“Wow! Just the thought of having control over such a cute boy in school! It’s awesome!” she said excitedly. “I won’t hurt him, I promise. I’ll just make him bigger and stronger! And I’ll shrink him a little when I want to give him a kiss!”

Joce was only 5 foot 6 inches tall and so she knew it would be hard for her to kiss Peter, who was 6 foot 3 inches tall.

Ty and Allen then said goodbye to Joce, and they started walking towards their house.

“I hope you didn’t just get yourself in serious trouble by doing that!” Allen said to Ty.

“Why?” Ty wondered. “Just because I made it where Peter’s body is now being controlled by a girl?”


“Oh, I’m not worried” Ty said calmly. “I think Peter will love it, when he finds out that his body is controlled by a girl who happens to be madly in love with him!”

The two boys just laughed as they continued to walk home.

In the meantime, Joce was sitting at the bus stop. Peter was at least thirty feet away from her. But she was still able to hear everything he was saying, and when she closed her eyes, she saw that Peter was showing a computer catalog to Milton. She saw what Peter was looking at, which was a picture of a video card for a computer. She grinned, for she just loved the idea of having such control over a boy!

When the bus came and stopped, she quietly got on the bus and sat down in the back. As the bus drove away, she could see Peter from a distance. But when she closed her eyes, she could hear his voice clearly, and she could see what Peter was seeing at that moment. She just chuckled. This was just too good to be true!

The following day, Joce and Nikki were walking to school, when they spotted Peter walking around the front of the main building. Joce grabbed hold of Nikki’s arm, as she pointed at him.

“Look! There he is! That’s Peter!” she said excitedly.

“He’s cute…” Nikki chuckled.

“He’s very cute! Not only that, but I can make him do whatever I want!” Joce said with a laugh. “Watch this…”

Joce concentrated for a moment, just as Peter was walking the other way, towards the building. Suddenly he stopped walking and just stood there. He then turned around, and slowly walked towards the two girls. At first, he didn’t realize what he was doing, when he noticed he suddenly had the urge to walk up to the girls. What was going on?

“Hi…” Peter said to Joce.

“Hey Peter…” Joce replied, with a grin on her face.

Joce then walked up to him until she was standing right in front of him. She then stretched out her lips, as if she wanted to kiss him.

Suddenly Peter started to shrink, as his legs grew several inches shorter! Peter gasped when he noticed that he was suddenly not as tall as he used to be, and he stopped shrinking when he was Joce’s height! Then Joce gently kissed him on his cheek! As soon as she pulled away, Peter slowly began to grow back from 5 foot 6 to 6 foot 3 inches tall.

“What the…” Peter gasped, when he realized that something made him shrink to Joce’s height, so that she could kiss him.

Joce and Nikki then turned around and walked into the building, leaving Peter standing there by himself, wondering what had just happened to him.

“Nikki,” Joce said to her friend “He’s so cute! And I can control him completely! I know that he’s still standing outside right now. He’ll come running in soon enough to go to the bathroom…”

Joce suddenly wished for Peter’s bladder to fill up with water. Immediately Peter felt an incredible urge to go to the restroom, and he ran in the building, passing the girls, before stumbling in the men’s bathroom, so he could take a leak.

Peter was freaking out in the bathroom! What was going on? For the moment he thought that maybe Allen or Ty were playing tricks on him. It never occurred to him that he was now under complete control of a girl!

“I’m going to have some fun with my boy this afternoon…” Joce said to her friend. “I think I’m going to make him grow a little…”

“Oh, that’s mean!” Nikki replied angrily. “What are you gonna do to him?”

“I always wanted to see what it was like to see a boy burst out of his clothes” Joce replied. “Do you want to join me?”

“Sure!” Nikki replied, wondering what Joce had in mind.

After the last class had ended, Joce and Nikki walked out the main entrance of the school, when Nikki started to stroll towards the pool. The swim team was going to have its practice there, and Joce knew that Peter was heading over there.

When the two girls arrived there, they stopped right where the entrance was to the pool area, and they decided to wait there for Peter to arrive.

“He’s going to walk this way from the locker room” Joce said, as she was able to see where Peter was and where he was going. “I can read his mind, and I saw that he had to go to swimming practice today!”

“That’s incredible! You can see everything he sees?” Nikki wondered.

“Sure! Here he comes” she replied. “He’s coming around the corner now…”

Just then Peter came walking around the corner, wearing a thin t-shirt and already having his Speedo on. When Peter saw the two girls, he stopped.

“Hey Joce, hey Nikki…” Peter said to the girls.

“Hold it right there, Peter!” Joce ordered with a chuckle.

He wanted to continue to the pool, but something was making him stand there and wait for further instructions.

“What’s the matter, Peter?” Joce teased him. “You can’t walk to the pool area, huh? You need my permission, first!”

Peter’s mouth dropped wide open when it finally became clear to him that Joce was the one who had the power to control his body!

“But… why? Why are you in control of me? Who gave you the ability to do this?” Peter wondered out loud.

“Just relax, Peter” Joce said calmly. “I think you’re really cute and I’m not going to hurt you in any way. I just want to see what it’s like to be in complete control over my boyfriend.”

“I’m you’re boyfriend?” Peter asked her surprisingly.

Joce just stared at him for awhile. She could have used her power to make him like her, but she wanted to see if she could make him like her the way she was, rather than forcing him to like her.

“Is there something wrong?” Joce asked him, as she stood in front of him. Luckily, Peter just grinned and shrugged as he stared back at her.

“No… I’m just flattered…” he said shyly.

Then Joce stepped so close to him she was about to touch him, and she made her lips stick out, as she wanted to give him a kiss. Immediately Peter sensed his legs growing shorter, as the boy suddenly lost seven inches in height, until he was standing at the same height as Joce. He was now able to look her straight in the eyes, while Joce moved closer and gently kissed him on the lips.

As soon as Joce pulled back, Peter slowly started to grow back to his original height, gaining seven inches in height in a matter of seconds. His mouth dropped wide open, as he noted how she had absolute control over his body.

“Wow…” he said with a gulp. “I’ve never been controlled by a girl before…”

“You’ll love it, my boy” Joce smiled. “I own you; you’re all mine and I wish to have total control over you for as long as I want.”

“I want to see you without the t-shirt…” Joce said calmly, as she pointed her finger straight at Peter’s chest. “I want you to grow a little for me…”

Suddenly Peter’s body obeyed her commands and his pectorals started to inflate like balloons which were attached to some air pump. Slowly but surely his pectorals were growing bigger and more round, as they continued to fill the space between the shirt. The fabric of the shirt was being stretched to the limit, forcing Peter to grind his teeth as his chest started to hurt! But the shirt could no longer hold the boy’s growing muscles, and there was a tear forming from the top if the shirt, right under his chin. The shirt continued to rip while his chest continued to expand even more, making Peter resemble an incredible bodybuilder! Both girls grinned, as they watched the boy’s muscles grow to freakish proportions. But they were pleased with the result, for the shirt was nearly ripped from top to bottom.

Next, Joce pointed to the abdominals, which started to expand as well. His torso continued to expand and widen, causing the shirt to rip down the middle part as well. Finally, his torso and chest had grown so big that the shirt ripped all the way to the bottom. Joce allowed the growth to stop when the shirt was completely torn in half, exposing Peter’s muscular chest and abdominals. This left Peter gasping at the sight of the muscular body he found himself having now.

“Wow! I’m huge!” Peter shouted, looking down at his insanely muscular body.

Both Joce and Nikki chuckled at the site, while Peter was left standing there, feeling completely helpless.

“Don’t worry, Peter…” Joce said to him, obviously noting the deep concern on Peter’s face. “I will always take care of you. I’ll make you big and strong and handsome… I’ll make you look exactly the way I want you to look…”

“Isn’t he cute, Nikki? He’s so handsome!” Joce said, while passing her hands through Peter’s hair.

“Can you make him do things? Can you control what he says or feels?” Nikki wondered out loud.

“Well of course!” Joce replied, as she turned to her friend. “Peter, say: ‘I love you Joce’ to me!”

“I love you Joce!” Peter replied obediently.

“I want you to feel very relaxed right now. You’re kind of nervous, and I want you to loosen up a bit, Peter…” Joce ordered.

Peter slowly closed his eyes as he tilted his head up a little bit. He suddenly felt relaxed and at ease. He was no longer feeling anxious or nervous about the practice session he was about to participate in.”

“Now, watch this Nikki.” Joce said to her friend. She was obviously enjoying the fact that she had total control over the boy and she wanted to demonstrate her control over him even further.

“Peter,” she said calmly “I want you to feel a little… excited to see me!”

Suddenly Peter closed his eyes and a smile came across his face, as he was feeling an intense feeling of pleasure that was going through his body. Peter quietly moaned for a moment, as his manhood reacted to the feeling of being aroused. Since he was only wearing his Speedo, the girls noticed Peter’s cock was becoming erected as its head was beginning to push against the front part of the Speedo, forcing it to stick out as the bulge pushed it out like a pole that was holding up a tent.

“Oh my gosh!” Nikki shouted. “You control that too!”

“Oh yeah” Joce replied. “He’s mine… All mine”

“Well, girl... I’m jealous. If I could do that to my boyfriend, I would change him in more ways than one!” Nikki said with a chuckle, as she saw how Peter was reacting to Joce’s orders.

“Well, we had better get going! See you later, Peter!” Joce said, as the two girls started to turn around and walk away. At first, Joce didn’t realize that Peter was left standing at the same location.

“Hey, Joce…” Peter shouted at her.

Joce turned around, and saw that Peter was still standing there.

“I can’t move!” Peter said to her, with a sad look on his face. “You need to allow me to go to practice first…”

“Oh, I’m sorry…” Joce replied. “Go ahead and walk to the pool and enjoy your practice! You will do awesome and you will swim faster than all the other members on your team!”

Peter was able to move again and he walked to the pool. A few minutes later, the practice began. And Peter ended up swimming much faster than all the other swimmers who were there. Joce allowed his body to have the extra strength and muscle that was needed for Peter to out-perform all the others.

Just when Nikki and Joce were walking out the schoolyard, they came across Ty and Allen. Allen was also on his way to the pool, and he continued to walk to the pool as Ty paused in order to say hi to the girls.

“So, how’s it going with Peter?” Ty asked her.

“Wonderful! I love it! I can change him any way I want to!” Joce replied with a smile. “I already grew him more muscular just now, so that he’ll just blow away all the other swimmers as soon as he dives in the water…”

“I guess Peter’s going to do a lot more growing these days” Ty said with a chuckle. “Allen can also make him grow!”

“We should make him grow at the same time!” Joce cheered out loud. “It’s so sexy to see his muscles expand! It’s totally hot…”

“Well, have fun with him and let me know if you need and help! Remember to shrink him back at night, so that he can at least fit in his room, okay?” Ty laughed at him.

“Don’t you worry…” Joce replied “I’ll take great care of him. His body is mine, after all! And I want nothing less for him to be big, strong and handsome!”

Ty just laughed, as he turned around and started to walk home. •

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