Joce and Peter

Changing for Love while Loving the Changes


By Rex Torres

Peter just groaned softly while he felt his body grow longer and more muscular. It felt strange to him, although the feeling was a good one, to say the least. He wasn’t in any pain or discomfort at all. He was just… big!

When Joce saw that Peter had almost grown to twice his height, she climbed on top of his large chest. Peter must have been over thirteen feet tall, but she couldn’t tell because he was lying on his back on the concrete locker room floor.

Peter’s torso was about as long as Joce’s entire body! She cheered as she climbed on his torso, and continued to crawl towards the giant boy’s head. As soon as she made it over his giant pectorals, she looked down at him with a smile. He quietly opened up his eyes as he looked on at her.

“My goodness, you big boy! How are ya feeling?” she asked him, while showing a grin on her face.

“Oh, this is… Incredible…” Peter was barely able to utter in reply. “I just feel like I’m so big and so heavy right now…”

Joce turned her head sideways, and allowed her cheek to lie on his large, hard chest.

“I just love the feeling of lying on top of my giant hunk of a boyfriend…” she chuckled.

She just loved having absolute power over the boy’s body.

“I love this. I can make you as big and as strong as I want…”

Peter just closed his eyes and moaned.

Joce gently lifted her head up and turned towards his large pectorals. She kissed him on his large chest.

“You just love the feeling of growing, huh?”

“Yeah…” he said softly.

“It’s starting to get a little hot in here, huh?” she wondered.

“Yeah…” Peter whispered softly. He was completely in heaven right now.

“How about we meet tonight at my house?” she suggested to the giant boy. “We’ll have more room there!”

Peter let out a deep sigh.

“That’s fine. But, I don’t know where you live. And I can’t go around looking like a giant kid! You need to fix me first. I’m too big to even get out the door, the way I am right now…” he whispered to her.

“Don’t worry, Peter” she replied. “I’ll shrink you back to normal size, until tonight!”

Joce slid off Peter’s torso and then stood right besides the large boy. She briefly closed her eyes, imagining Peter as he shrunk back to normal. When she opened her eyes, she noticed his body slowly shrinking back to his normal size.

Peter just groaned a few times while he felt her powerful magic as it changed his entire body. She formed and molded his body, by just using her mind and the magical powers which Ty had bestowed on her as a gift.

Within seconds, Peter was his normal size again, and the boy was able to slowly rise back on his feet.

“Wow… What a rush that was!” he gasped, as he stood back up and stared Joce straight in the eye.

“So, where were you going now?”

“I was on my way home from swim practice…” he answered.

Peter bent down and grabbed his soft bag, before he walked up to Joce. He closed his eyes as he bent forward, kissing her on her lips.

“I love you, Jocelyn…” he whispered.

“Thank you, Peter. I’ll always be with you. I truly enjoy making you the biggest, the tallest, and the strongest guy, wherever you may be…”

“Wow… What did I do to deserve this awesome treatment?” he whispered.

“I love watching your body grow.” she chuckled. “Not only that, but you’re so easy to change as well! I just have to think about it, and it happens…”

“Ahh… You’re enjoying the power, huh?”

“Yes! Absolutely!”

She stared him in his big, blue eyes for a moment.

“Well, time to go home, Peter!”

Peter kissed her one more time.

“See you tonight, Joce…” he grinned.

“I’ll spare you the walk home!” she whispered, as she made her wish.

Suddenly Peter disappeared into thin air!

A second later, he reappeared again, standing in his bedroom with his gym bag in his hand.

“Wow! That was incredible!” he exclaimed, while he wondered what Joce will do to him next… •

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