Joce and Peter

Joce decides to grow Peter in the shopping mall


By Rex Torres

“Hey, I got an errand to run at the mall. Do you want to come with me?” Joce asked Peter, who was still dwarfing her with his huge body and his gigantic muscles.

“Sure…. But, I need to change into some clothes. Besides, I’m way too big to go to the mall right now! I can’t go like an 18-foot giant!” Peter complained to her.

“Peter, Peter…” Joce sighed, as she stood up and walked up to him.

Peter bent down and lifted her up, and he held her so that they were at eye level. Then, he closed his eyes and held her face close to his lips. He began to kiss her gently, while his body slowly began to dwindle back to normal size.

Within seconds, Peter had shrunk back to 6 feet in height. His chest and arms were back to normal, along with his huge legs. He now resembled a swimmer once again, rather than a huge Goliath of a muscle hulk!

When he set Joce down, he looked down at his own body, when he realized he was back to normal again.

“I love you…” he whispered to her.

Joce just stared at him, with a big grin on her face.

“Why don’t I send you home, so that you can get ready?” she suggested excitedly. “When I see that you’re done, I’ll pop you over to the mall. In the meantime, I’ll get dressed and I’ll drive over to the mall, okay?”

“Sure, I guess…” he shrugged.

Joce snapped her fingers in the air.

Peter instantly disappeared into thin air!

“Whoa!” Peter gasped, when he found himself standing in his bedroom. The teleportation went so fast, that he didn’t notice it!

Peter took a shower and got dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, a colorful shirt and a black, leather jacket. Then he sat in the chair in the living room, before the TV. He waited for Joce to teleport him to the mall. He began to get used to Joce’s teleportation. It saved him gas and time, and she could make him appear just about anywhere in the world, at the blink of an eye!

Finally, Peter disappeared from his living room. He instantly popped up in the middle of the shopping mall, where Joce was standing. She immediately hugged him and kissed him.

“Did you miss me?” she chuckled.

“Of course! Did you miss me?” he teased.

“Nope! I saw you the whole time. I see and hear everything you see and hear, remember? You were watching the news on TV, after you showed and got dressed. I saw everything you were doing, so it was like I was with you the whole time…” she explained.

“So, where do you want to go, now?”

“Let’s go to Sports World. I need a set of barbells for aerobics class…”

As the two were strolling down the long, wide halls of the huge shopping mall, Peter had not yet noticed that Joce had quietly made him grow again.

While they were walking, Peter slowly grew 6 inches taller. Joce made it so that he wouldn’t notice, but everyone else in the mall did notice that Peter was extremely handsome and good looking!

Several guys, who were standing around one of the food booths in the middle of the mall, waved and pointed at Peter. They all realize dhow big and how buff he had become. Joce noticed that these guys knew Peter, and she figured she was going to surprise them later on!

Peter’s air slowly grew longer and curled a little bit. His light brown hair became blond, and his eyes became bright blue. His sideburns grew just past his ears, and his neck grew an inch longer. Joce was continually changing Peter, so that he was becoming more handsome during every passing moment.

When they got to the sports store, they went right up to the weights section. Joce went looking for the dumbbells, while Peter examined the various nautilus machines, which were displayed on the thick, matted floor.

While Peter is walking around, Joce decides to have some fun. She was determined to walk up to the cash register, with the biggest muscle dude, the cashiers had ever seen!

Very slowly, Peter’s legs began to increase in thickness. Layers upon layers of muscle formed over his quads, filling up the jeans to the point where they were very tight. When Joce noticed that the jeans couldn’t stretch anymore, she decided to work on the calves and the abs.

His calves filled up like air being pumped into a balloon. Again, his mighty calves were bulging to the point where two massive balls of muscle seemed to be growing from the back of his legs.

Finally, his abs popped out like cobblestone tiles, and then his pectorals began to inflate until they had become giant spheres of rock solid muscle, giving him the look and feel of an Olympian bodybuilder, like those on the cover of muscle magazines.

Now, to top it off, Peter’s arms began to inflate in muscle, until they were as thick as sewer pipes. Loaded with massive muscle, his delts, triceps, and his biceps roared to life, literally ripping their way through his shirt. He quickly took his leather jacket off, revealing how his sleeves were shredded to pieces.

“Oh God! I’m huge!” Peter exclaimed, as he looked at his arms. Joce finally allowed him to notice his growth.

When they walked up to the cashier to pay, the poor kid just gasped, as he looked on at the muscle man, who accompanied Joce through the store. Wasn’t he a bit smaller, when he came in? The man just gaped at Peter, as he rang up the sale.

Joce and Peter finally made it out of the store, and they walked right past the food booth, where Peter’s friends hung out. This time, there was a deep silence, when Joce and Peter walked past the booth.

“Guys… Do you see what I see? Is that Peter?” one of them exclaimed.

“Oh my God… He’s huge!”

“How did he grow so fast?”

“That can’t be him! He was a skinny guy, a few minutes ago!”

Joce just chuckled, when she heard the remarks that came from the booth. She wanted to give them one more show, and a wide grin came on her face, when she spotted a brand new car, which had been parked in the middle of the shopping mall. The car was on display for one of the local car dealers, and Joce knew that this would be her chance, to allow Peter to show off his muscle.

First, Peter walked back to the booth. He made fists, and he flexed his arms all the way, revealing his giant muscles!

“Ooooh… Aaaaaahhh… “ were the sounds, which came from the guys, who were working behind the counter.

Then Peter walked up to the car, which was a Japanese 4-door sedan. The car was sparkling clean, and it was standing in the middle of the hallway. Peter casually strolled up to the car, where he stopped right in front of the bumper. He then reached down, and placed his finger under the edge of the bumper. He slowly lifted up, raising the entire front end of the car off the ground, with the wheels suspended in mid air!

“Holy crap! Did you see that?”

“Good Lord! He lifted the entire car!”

“Nobody can be that strong!”

“Is that peter, who is lifting the car with one finger?”

Then peter slowly set the car back down. He clasped his hands together, as he turned to face the crowd.

Then Joce walked up to him, and she stood right in front of him, while she leaned the side of her head against his mighty pectorals, while she ran her finger over his biceps.

“Come on, big guy. Show’s over. Let’s get out of here, okay?” she whispered.

“Oh, okay…” Peter just shrugged.

Then, Peter and Joce just turned around, and began to walk away. Everywhere they went, they were greeted with silence, as everyone stared at the large muscle man in awe.

So, where do Peter and Joce go next? •

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