Santa Claus is Cumming


By jockstud

Standing there facing a stove was the hottest muscle god he had ever seen. He was nice and tan and wearing a white aprin( The kind tht people who grill wear the ones tht go around your neck and tie in the back). He was wearing nothing under the aprin and Chris could see his hot tan ass peaking through the aprin. Just as Chris was standing there admireing the hot man cooking the mas turned around and said with a smirk "good morning santa I love the package you shoved uo my chiminy last night"

Chris blushed and said timidly "im glad you did". The man said "have a seat im cooking inbetween sex breakfast" and smiled. Chris timidly walked over to the table near the stove. The man said in a sexy voice" how do you want your sausage shoved inside a bun or buttered up and eaten?" Chris said suductively " why dont we go upstairs and Il show you" The muscle god said OK turned off the stove and started walking away then he turned around and said sexily " santa baby hurry UP my chimney tonight "and winked.

This excited Chris alot he waited five minutes and then walked up the stairs. In the hallway he looked in the rooms the first was empty. The second had every sexy costume you could think of Whips and chains, handcuffs, super hero outfits, even underwear. He heard the muscle God yell hurry santa. Chris walked towards the bedrrom and started to open the door. "Uhh Uhh Uhh no clothes alowed in hear" the God said in a sexy voice. Chris stripped down to the velvet santa shorts and walked into the room. There lieing on the bed was........ •

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