Room 3 Gym


By sensortech2003

I got home sometime that evening, and although I was in bed, I don’t think I slept a wink. I laid awake all night wondering what to expect tomorrow evening. The anticipation was killing me. I knew that by nine pm, the gym would be completely empty. Well it should be, but tomorrow, there’s going to be me and Ryan. All night, my mind was going around in circles, trying to imagine what Ryan was going to show me. Maybe he wasn’t going to show me anything, instead he was just going to beat the hell out of me for making him jump. I quickly went off that idea, especially as he seemed so kind as he was leaving. I also didn’t like my chances against such a massive bodybuilder. Me punching him would be like a fly flying into me. Him punching me would no doubt see me thrown across the other end of the room, unconscious and hardly breathing.

My favourite idea was that he was going to take me into Room 2 with loads of bodybuilders working their ass of, lifting weights I couldn’t even dream of. Maybe Ryan would let me work out with these guys. My weights would look like can’s of Diet Coke compared to their barbells full of iron, but at least I could be close to these guys working out. That was my favourite option.

I had no idea that tomorrow night was going to be far more exciting than that.

I finally got up the next day. It was mid summer and so the sun had already risen despite it being ridiculously early. I wanted to get to work as soon as possible so that I could ensure I could leave work and be at Room 3 Gym on time for my meeting with Ryan. I also knew that working would help take my mind off whatever would happen tonight. Whilst taking a shower before work, I realised that the erection I had from seeing Ryan practically naked hadn’t calmed down. I was almost as excited now as I was when he was stood there. This theme continued all day, I’m surprised no one at work made a joke about it. Work was hectic all day, but it didn’t take my mind off this evening. I started counting down the hours and then minutes to nine pm.

By the time I had finished work, I managed to get into the gym just before 8pm. I could have gone home and then returned back to the gym just before 9pm, but I thought if I’m there, there’s no way I can miss Ryan. I did some of my usual exercises in that hour that I had in the gym, but I didn’t want to work out too hard. I may need energy for my time with Ryan. Every so often I tried to look for Ryan through the windows into Room 2. It felt rude to stare, but every time I got a glimpse, I couldn’t see him. Maybe he needed all of his energy for tonight? I could only wish.

I got to about 8.50 and the gym was pretty much empty at this point. Anyone who was still working out was on their last rep and ready to head home. I started to think about where I should wait for Ryan. He knows I can only work out in Room 1, but he did say to meet him “here” when we were stood in the changing rooms. Just before 9pm, I decided to go and sit in the changing rooms. I sat on the bench where Ryan had been getting changed the night before. I could almost feel his muscles, and he wasn’t even stood there now. My erection was still going strong.

9pm came and went, but I still sat on the bench, not wanting to move in case Ryan came and saw I wasn’t around. It got to about 9.10pm and I wondered if he had toyed with me all along. Maybe he wasn’t going to show up at all. Maybe there was no chance of me going into Room 2. Maybe he just wanted me to sit in an empty changing room all night, wondering if he was ever going to turn up.

These questions were answered just seconds later. I heard a door slam shut. It was exactly the same door slam I had heard whilst I was in the shower the night before. Thoughts and fantasies started racing through my head. Then my mind filled with the dread that my first prediction of Ryan wanting to beat the crap out of me. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. To say that I was a little excited was also way below my real sense of anticipation.

The footsteps I heard coming from the same direction of the door slam and Room 2 were definitely Ryan’s. As soon as I could see his shadow, I knew. What I still didn’t know was what was going to happen to me.

As Ryan rounded the corner to the changing rooms, his face filled with the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen. I could tell that he was pleased that I had turned up.

“Are you alone?” Ryan asked as he stepped even closer.

“Yeah,” I answered. I didn’t want to sound too confident. After all, this man of muscle could probably break my neck with one hand.

“Good,” he continued. “Then are you ready for the secret I’m about to let you in on?”

“I guess so.” At this stage he was stood less than 2 feet away from me. This is the closest I had ever been to Ryan, in fact, the closest I had ever been to a man with this much muscle.

“I need to prepare you for this,” he said as he sat down next to me. His massive thighs rubbed against my stick like legs. I turned and looked at him, but my eyes were in line with the top of his biceps. I started to appreciate the true size of Ryan. I looked up, past his enormous shoulders into his deep, sexy eyes. “What I’m about to show you is incredibly confidential. This is something that you won’t even tell your most trusted friends, your parents or anyone else. Is that understood.”

I nodded.

“Because if I, or anyone else in there [he pointed towards the door the Room 2] finds out, you might as well not wake up tomorrow.”

I got the picture. I also liked the fact that he pointed towards Room 2. Was my fantasy about to come true?

“For this to work,” Ryan continued, “I need you to play along with my role play.”

I was definitely up for any role-play that involved Ryan and me.

Ryan lent over and lowered himself close to my ear where he whispered, “Hold on.”

With that, he wrapped one of his tree-trunk like arms around my waist, lowered his shoulder even further into my stomach, tightened his grip on me and started to stand up. I felt myself move. Slowly at first, with my arms looking for something to grab hold of. Then I realised the towel I was sat on was no longer beneath me. The only thing beneath me was air as Ryan pushed me skywards on his shoulder, one arm wrapped around me pushing me towards his neck for support. I think Ryan felt my erection harden as he pressed me down harder into his body and with his other hand gently tapped my ass a couple of times and said “You’re getting the hang of this already.”

Ryan was still stood next to where I was sat, only with me draped over his shoulder. He had lifted me like a baby – no effort at all. At this point, my view was quite spectacular. I could see the muscles in the lower half of Ryan’s back flexing, past his cute ass and as he started walking, I could see the back of his legs – every muscle perfectly defined. I could tell by the way that he was moving that my weight on his shoulders made practically no difference at all. His strides were enormous, twice the size of mine which gave me the sensation of flying backwards towards Room 2.

As we approached the door that Ryan had come from, he started to slow down a little. Just before we got to the door, he stopped. I thought he was going to put me down. This ride across the changing room was the most amazing experience of my life. My whole body was in the control of a more powerful being. A bodybuilder who worked so hard that tossing another person, another grown man, over his shoulder was nothing. It was as if I didn’t weigh anything. Luckily for me, he didn’t lower me down, instead his arm that was wrapped around my waist, his bicep resting on my back stayed exactly where it was. Just as before when I was sat next to Ryan, he started to whisper into my ear.

“This room is somewhere special,” he said. “There are men in this room waiting for you. How would you like to become as large, as strong and as muscular as me?”

I wasn’t quite sure how to answer that one.

“I’ll have to work hard, I guess.”

“I can show you a secret. One that has many dangers, but one that also has huge rewards.” Ryan said. “But remember, you have to play along first. Are you ready?”

Of course I was!

Ryan reached down and typed in a code into the keypad on the wall. Unfortunately I couldn’t see what it was as I was still dangling over his shoulder. As he tapped in his final number, I heard something in the door click. He reached forward and pulled the door towards us. As he did, my first experience of Room 2, a room I had now re-named “The Muscle Room”, was the sweet smell of a true bodybuilders gym. I could sense, quite literally from the beautiful smell, that the men in this room were serious muscle men. I could not yet see anyone else except the back of Ryan, but my senses were in full motion. I could tell I was in the presence of true muscle gods.

As Ryan and I started to venture further into the room, me still enjoying the ride on Ryan’s shoulder, the noise turned to nothing more than a murmur. In fact, you could probably hear a pin drop in the room right now, and although I couldn’t see anyone, I had the feeling that people were looking at me. But it was ok. I was safe. After all, Ryan still had hold of me. I was still feeling, seeing and experiencing the power of my first bodybuilder.

“Gentleman,” Ryan said in a slightly raised tone, as if making an announcement. “I present to you Josh. Our new muscle-recruit.”

Muscle-recruit? I certainly had no muscles, but I remembered what Ryan had said before we entered the Muscle Room, just play along. I decided that was the best option. In actual fact, it turned out to be the only option.

Once Ryan had made his announcement, there was a small, welcoming cheer. I had yet to see the full extent of the Muscle Room as I was still dangling off Ryan, but I could hear footsteps again. They were coming towards me and Ryan. I felt Ryan’s other arm start to move up towards my body. As the other man approached, Ryan had hold of me with both hands. He whispered to me again, “remember Josh, just play along.”

With that, I felt Ryan slowly leave go of me as another pair of hands, even larger than Ryan’s grabbed me off Ryan’s shoulder and laid me back across his arms. I was laid, like a baby, in the arms of yet another muscle god. Ryan was big, but this guy was huge. Again, he could handle me as if I weighed nothing. Ryan was handsome, but this guy was quite simply stunningly beautiful. He was my perfect man – not only muscular but had blonde hair, incredibly blue eyes, the perfect smile and his ability to carry me around made him into my true fantasy. As he made himself comfortable with me laid across his arms, I saw him glance down towards my cock. It was still erect. In fact, it hadn’t receded for hours. I had no idea that I longed for muscle this much. As I looked up at him, he saw I was looking and gave me a quick wink and smile down at me. My cock grew even harder and I could do nothing else but smile back at him.

He introduced himself as Lee. Over the next few minutes, he paraded me around the room, introducing the other muscle gods that were stood around. I was too amazed at exactly what was happening to me to take in all of their names. I spent most of the time staring at their biceps!

After the introductions were over, Lee set me down in the middle of the room, surrounded, quite literally by muscle. “Now the fun really begins,” Lee said. I looked puzzled at Ryan who just mouthed the words ‘play along’ to me. I remembered what he had said and smiled back at Lee.

“Ryan tells me you want to put on a few pounds of muscle?” Lee continued.

“Hopefully,” I responded.

“Well, you’re in the right place.” Lee said. “Every single muscle man in this room started life a little weakling like you. In fact, we’ll show you the pictures some time of when we all started.”

I know Ryan had said play along, but I just couldn’t imagine any of the other guys in the room ever looking like me. Some men are naturally born big – I wasn’t, and I can’t see, even with the most strenuous of work outs how I could ever be as big as these guys.

Lee continued, “Ryan will be letting you in on our secret shortly, but for now, why don’t you have a seat and enjoy watching us work our muscles?”

I definitely wasn’t going to pass on that one. Lee quickly had his hands under my arm pits as he whisked me up. My eyes finally met his and he strode over the one end of the muscle room, taking me with him, the souls of my feet at least a couple of foot of the ground, before making me comfortable in a large comfy chair, overlooking the whole of Room 2 – my muscle room.

I watched the guys set to work – lifting weights twice my body weight with ease. No wonder Ryan and Lee have been able to thrown me around. Mind you, I wasn’t complaining, I was quite enjoying it. In fact this was the most incredible experience of my life.

I must have been sat watching the guys workout for about 10 minutes when I saw Ryan heading towards me. He smiled as I caught his eye, and again, gave a little wink. This place was so amazing, my hard on was still going strong. As Ryan approached, I wondered if he was going to tell me this secret everyone kept mentioning. Would he tell me that I really could be as big as these guys?

He took up the seat next to me. Again, his sheer size was simply amazing, I had to look up and he had to look down for us to have a normal conversation. He sat for a couple of minutes without saying a word. Then he piped up, “Are you enjoying yourself still?”

“Sure am,” I said.

“Good, because things are about to get even better.”

How could they? I was already in heaven!

Ryan continued, “These men aren’t naturally big.”

I looked at him a little confused.

“I don’t mean were all on drugs and steroids or anything like that, but our muscle growth is due to one thing, and one thing only.”

He stared at me, and again, I looked confused.

He answered my question without me having to ask it, “Room 3 Gym isn’t called Room 3 for no reason. It’s not even because of that bull shit story Bill tells everyone when they join. Room 3 does exist.”

What was Ryan talking about? I didn’t dare ask any questions as I was still remembering his “just play along” advice. What was Room 3 all about? I gave him the look that I wasn’t sure what he meant, and again, he read my signals well.

“Room 3 is designed exclusively for those who want muscle, who dream of muscle. Room 3 is muscle heaven. 10 minutes workout in Room 3 will see your strength double. You’ll be able to physically see your muscles growing. You will be able to be as big as this.”

With that, Ryan lifted his arm and gave one almightily flex. I guessed at 25 inches, but they were probably bigger. You could actually see the strength running through his arms.

“But first,” Ryan said as he lowered his arm, “you’ve got to prove that you want it.”

“How do I do that?” I asked.

“It’s simple. Each muscle man in this room has been into Room 3 to get as big as he is today. To keep up the strength, the beauty and the muscles requires one thing.”

There was a pause as I looked up at Ryan, glancing quickly at his bicep to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming the whole thing.

“Every man in this room needs to have their muscles worshiped. They have to prove to themselves that it is worth staying at the size they are.”

Was he asking me to worship every single bodybuilders body? Would I get to be as big as these guys?

“To get into Room 3, you first need to help keep us as big as we are. You need to worship us, feel our strength, our muscles and our power. Only then, will we allow you into Room 3. Are you up for it?”

I just nodded, not really knowing what I had just let myself in for! •

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