Anonymous Gift, The

By dancer56

It was my day off and I needed some quality time at home. I felt that I needed nothing more to do on this day but relax and catch up on the slew of movies I had been collecting along the way. I just wanted some rest, when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to find a UPS shipping delivery for me standing in my walk way which seemed like the size of a refrigerator. The young man asked me to sign, and I questioned him if he had the right house. He repeated the delivery address, which was mine, sent to me by an anoymous sender. I asked him what it could be, and he said the return address on the merchandise contained was at a robotic company. However, the sender in question was unavailable. So I signed for it and they made room for it in my living room. It was well packaged and I used a knife and my strongest cutting scissors to dismantle the bonds. At last the cardboard coverings came apart to expose a SUPERHERO BOX. Specifically a superman model. I was instantly excited inside and felt a keen sense of anticipation. I had seen something like this, but could not afford such a speciman. And I think it's the model I once looked at, but passed on. If it's the one, then it's also a SEX TOY SERVANT. I was too excited to dig into it immediately so I busied myself in cleaning the area from package debris. Finally the box stood alone and isolated, but the exterior was colorful with his image on every side displaying his muscularity and colorful outfit. I was almost content with that image alone, but my curiosity was sparked enough to open the box up. And with the cutting edge of my trusty knife I swished it in the available crevices to unravel the remaining tape. The box almost opened automatically like a blossoming flower letting go of it's last petals. . . . AND there he was. Standing straight and tall looking blankly ahead with no sign of thought inside. But God, was he gorgeous. His neck was so perfectly formed and thick balancing a chisled face with soft black curl. A huge dimple forced it's way into his chin which showed precision in its craftsmanship. I was pleased. His features almost overrode his muscular dimensions. But those were captivating also, as I gazed down to his groin. A sigh of relief bowed from my quiet lungs as I acknowledged a huge round mound. And I was becoming so tempted. I walked forward to feel that mound., and I did. I took the back of my right hand and brushed up against the red mountain between his legs. My heart was racing a bit, and I looked at his eyes. He seemed to smile in my mind, but he did not move. I had to kiss him somehow, so I moved forward and licked his neck and the side of his chin. I went to his ear, keeping my hand steady brushing his red crotch, and then licking my tongue inside his right ear swirling it briefly around. A slight drool encompassed at the tip of my mouth. I wanted more-TO LOVE HIM. Unfortunatly when I went to lick his eyeball it somehow pressed in as if some interior switch and he ignited himself on, COMING TO LIFE! He "wizzed" a bit turning his handsome face to me and grabbed my left arm taking it to wrap it around his strong back. The other hand of his grabbed my other hand and kept it in place on his crotch. Then and only then, he smiled. His crotch began to stretch out like being filled with air, buzzing as it went out. Finally he put his huge muscled arm around my neck and beckoned me to search it with my mouth. I got on my knees because of his strong hand, although he didnt force me, its as if he knew I wanted it. His plastic flesh was piercing its way from the stretching sides of his bulging trunks, which made it easier to take down exposing a very well crafted vein covered mass robotic cock thumping wildly with desire from his program. I sucked on it and grabbed hold with both hands onto his extremely strong thighs, sucking him harder as if I had been starving for this for ages. My lips and mouth were already well moistened, and there was no room for dryness or lack of lubrication. Just then his legs did a peculiar thing of acting almost human in bending forward and jolting his cock as if to fuck my mouth. I was in in heaven. After several minutes, he picked me up and heaved me into his arms, walking me to my bedroom. After we got inside, he took his cape off and looked at me. He put his strong legs on the bed and moved in closer to me. With one look at the open bedroom door, he stared at it briefly and using the slight strong power of his right foot. . .SLAMMED IT SHUT!! The next morning, I woke up a changed man of robotic love as he came in bare-chested with the intention of serving me breakfast in bed. YELLOW ROSE intact. (ON a side note: I later discovered a Christmas card laying on the floor after the holidays and opened it. It said, TO ROBERT-FROM A FRIEND.) •

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