Santa Claus is Cumming


By jockstud

Chris was a chubby short guy. Now that he was 16 he wished to get a boy friend. Yess Chris is gay. He isnt feminine he still is one of the guyz so he still has his old friends. Chris wasn't out though besides ,he thought he is so un attractive what guy would want him. Chris wished every night to get the body he wanted untill finnaly. Chris decided to get in shape for the holidays and he planned on buying something to wear once he looses the weight. He went to all the clothing sites but didn't find any underwear that was sexy enough. Until a pop-up showd a sexy santa suit. It was red velvet boxer briefs and a velvet santa hat. The model wearing it was so hott. Chris was getting a boner just glancing at him. Chris clicked add to cart and typed in his credit card his parents let him get for emergencies. There must have beem a glitch in the computer because it said your free sexy santa suit will arrive in one working day Merry Christmas.

Chris just shrugged it off and went to bed. The next morning it was snowing outside. Chris turned on the TV just in time to catch the school cancelation. No school, that was wierd I had watched the news last night and it said sunny and clear for tomorrows forcast,thought Chris. Just then the door bell rang. Chris walked to the door in just PJ pants that had Homer Simpson on them. Outside was a UPS man or so he thought was a UPS man. There was a man in his 20's in a red suit and a big red truck parked on the road with the letters WES printed on the side in big white letters. The man handed Chris the little brown box gave him a sexy smile and a wink and walked to the truck and drove off. That was quick, thought Chris.

Chris took the box and since he was home alone opened it up right there in the living room. Inside the box was a christmas card that said may all your wishes cum true. Thats wierd how they spelt "come" thought Chris. He set the card down on the couch and stuck his hand deep into the long narrow box untill he felt a bag. He pulled it out and there was the hat and the red briefs. Chris was so wxcited he ran to the bathroom and stripped off his cloths and squeezed into the soft boxer briefs and put the hat on.

Chris started to feel a little dizzy,he started to sweat all over then he looked in the mirror and.........( •

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