Muscle Worship


By Piotrpjs

I've just started a story (couple of pages) and I thought I would post it - just to see if you feel it's worth my while going on with it. Please feel free to add (constructive) criticism. For example, I do wonder if it might be a little turgid/long-winded? Any comments, good or bad, appreciated.

Mickey Flexman was ecstatic. Three days ago he had won the Mr Universe title and he was now the first bodybuilder/strongman in history to be both Mr U and Worldís Strongest Man. He had won the strongman competition just three months earlier at a weight of 420lbs at just 5 feet 8inches. Incredibly, in 3 months preparation for Mr Universe, he had dropped his weight to 350lbs of incredibly ripped muscle, his body/fat ratio dropped to just 4% and his arms and thighs were covered in freaky veins. One of the judges (who had had Mickey pose for him, privately, several times) told Mickey that he had won because he was the first Mr Universe contestant to come on stage, ripped, at over 320lbs, with 28" arms and 68" chest! Mickey was overjoyed to hold both titles, not least, because he knew it would thrill his numerous muscle-worshipping clients. (Although he no longer needed this source of income he loved getting off on guys, and chicks, salivating over the prospect of feeling all the muscle he had developed).


Two weeks later he was back in the gym working out insanely in order to maintain his freaky mass at around 320-350lbs of solid vein-engorged muscle. He had various regular clients lined up and he needed to be as freaky as possible. It was around 10pm and Mojo, the gym owner, called out: "Mickey, Iím off now - donít forget to lock the front door when youíve finished. Oh, and youíre on your own except for a guy down the other end on the treadmill. Heís just checking out the gym - be nice to him, wonít you!" "I will", grunted Mickey, instantly forgetting about the new guy as he concentrated on heaving his massive thighs up and down on the hack squat machine.

Mickeyís thighs measured around 38inches and tonight they were encased in the tightest pair of spandex leggings it was possible to imagine. He had started off with some Ďlightí repetitions on the hack squat machine (around 500lbs!) and was slowly heaving up the weight and then, in good form, slowly lowering the weight to the original position. As he lowered the weight the spandex emphasised the bulging cock and balls tidily encased between Mickeyís upper thighs.

(Mojo had often broached the subject with Mickey suggesting that he wear more loose-fitting clothing, fearing that "some of our members are spontaneously cumming at the sight of all that meat!"). Mickey secretly (and not so secretly) enjoyed the attention but, for now, he was more concerned about completing the 20th rep of of his final set on the hack machine. By now the sweep in his thighs was incredibly flared and the burning sensation in his insanely pumped-up legs was excruciating as he struggled to finish the final rep. "Er, excuse me" piped a nervous voice "Er, may I ask you a question". Mickey let out an involuntary "Fuck!" as, startled by this sudden interuption, he struggled to finish the rep and release the safety bar. "Who the fuck are you! Never interupt a guy while heís in the middle of a set - have you ever been in a fucking gym before" "Iím sorry" said the stranger "and no, this IS my first time in a gym. Iíve been standing over there watching you train your legs for the past five minutes and I cannot believe how much muscle youíve packed on your frame! By the way, my nameís Joey and Iím in LA for another week before I go back to London". Mickey didnít know what it was about this guy (maybe his polite ĎEnglishness’ but he started to calm down. "OK, Joey - my name is Mickey Flexman - now what was that question?" Joey, normally a shy, Ďgeeky 24 year old came straight to the point: "Mr Flexman, would you pose for me at my hotel for $500?" "Oh sure" said Mickey, "call me on this number tomorrow evening around 8 and we can arrange a time and a proper fee! - if you donít know, I AM the reining Mr Universe."

"Great!" Joey cooed, losing some of his initial shyness, "but, before I go, would you do another couple of reps on the hack squat machine - just so I can see those incredible slabs of meat on your thiighs - close up?". "OK, but most guys go nuts over my veiny biceps". "Oh, donít worry", said Joey, "I am a total biceps worshipper - but I want to save that for when we next meet -and when you have had a chance to pump them up to insane proportions".

"OK, thighs it is"

Mickey lowered the weight on the machine so that he could do a couple more reps and really squeeze his thighs hard and give this Limey a real show of black beef!. As he squeezed out the final rep Mickey was suddenly aware that Joey had placed a warm hand over his dick and was starting to fondle it. Mickey immediately became aroused and his 10" dick started to swell and wrthe contricted, as it was, beneath the tight spandex. "Hey, man" I thought you were just into posing?" Joey immediately stepped back, blushing with embarrasement. "Iím s-s-sorry", he stammered "I didnít mean to offend you". "OFFEND ME?" queried Mickey, "listen you tight-arsed Limey - last week I had three guys worshipping me. One was j/o while I flexed my 28" bicep in his face. The other was getting off on my delts and lats - while the third fucker was happily sucking me off. OFFENDED, MY BLACK ASS!!". "But" Mickey continued, poking Joey in the chest, "You donít just assume that Iím a piece of meat to be touched-up when and if you feel like it. Understand" "Oh fuck" exclaimed Joey

"you see, if I was back in England I would never dream of being so forward. I suppose it was because, after this week we will never see each other again and I was just overcome by the sight of 350 pounds of massive muscle encased in a huge dick! Forgive me, please".

He didnít know why but Mickeyís face crumpled into a huge smile. He pushed out his huge hand towards Joey: "No hard feelings, then - and you can cop a feel of all this beef in a few days time" Joey paused, seemingly distracted. "You OK, man?, said Mickey. "Oh, Iím fine" beamed Joey, "I was just thinking about what Iím going to do with 350 pounds of vein-engorged muscle when I next see you......................... •

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