By Florian

At first Emil couldn't find anyone from Terry's gang. They were all off campus till 1:15 when lunch break was supposed to be over. Just as Emil was about to enter the main building he spied Dax heading to his car in the senior parking lot. "Perfect, he'll be first.", Emil thought to himself. Dax was 25 feet from his brand new green Turbo Z when Emil called out to him. "Dax!", he shouted. Dax turned to see the muscled ripped Emil coming for him. "Yeah what do ya want?", Dax asked trying to act inocent. "You.", Emil said. "Didya have fun beatin up Joey? Huh?". "Hey man just fuck off.", Dax answered. That did it. A rage built up within Emil. He grabbed Dax around his belt buckle and with hardly any effort lifted him singlehandedly almost a foot off the ground. Emil just stared into his face. "Fuck dude!," Dax exclaimed. Emil then threw Dax back 20 feet causing him to hit the ground and roll. Emil walked up to Dax who was trying to get off the ground, lunged and grabbed his throat. He squeezed Dax's scrawny neck. Once agin he picked him up like a ragdoll. Emil knew it would be so easy to squeeze a little harder and snap his neck. "All I gotta do is squeeze you fuck." Emil growled. Dax made gasping and gurgling sounds. Just when it seemed that he was about to pass out Emil let go his iron grip. "You tell Terry and the others I'll meet them in the locker house by the soccer field after school.", Emil demanded. Dax was on his knees grabbing his throat and coughing. "Didya fuckin' hear me asshole!", Emil yelled. "Yeah". Dax answered feebly. Emil turned to look at Dax's new car. "Nice car, too bad it's wasted on someone like you.", Emil mused walking beside it. With one hand Emil lifted the sportcar on it's side and rolled it over like it was a toy. "That's better." Emil said turning to Dax. A few seniors heard the crunching of metal and breaking of glass from Emil's incredible stunt. They came over and were dumbfounded to see Dax's car on it's back like a turtle. "Whoa what the fuck...", someone said. "The wind blew it over.", smiled Emil. Emil turned to Dax and said quietly, "Don't forget to tell Terry asswipe." Emil walked off looking at his wristwatch, he noticed there was still time enough to go get something to eat before classes resumed. Dax sat on the ground rubbing his neck and looking at what Emil had done to his car. He was dumbfounded at Emil's strength. One of the seniors looking at Dax's car simply chuckled and said, "Too bad about you're car dude". Dax was too flustered to answer. •

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