By Florian

Emil turned and looked right into Zoe's bright green eyes. She looked a lot like the Canadian porn star Tiffany Towers in the face and body. Zoe wasn't really part of any group or clique in school, she was too independent for any of that. She had a headstrong fiery attitude and always spoke her mind. She could easily cuss up a storm and stare down people much bigger than her. Emil sometimes called her the "Crazy Polak". "Goddamn look at ya.", she said flashing her signature bright smile while poking him on one of his big muscled pecs. Emil smiled and said, "Ya I grew up a bit." He knew that was a lie. "Shit I'll say.", she mused. Emil motioned with his head to the classroom behind him,"Ya have AP History with Mr Burleigh too?" "Nah I got study hall right now." Zoe said. "Fuck I'm gonna be late, we'll talk later. See ya!" "See ya." Emil answered. Emil walked into class and noticed Sonja had saved a seat next to her. While class began one of Emil's close friend Joey was outside walking back from his car retrieving a folder for one of his afternoon classes. As he walked back to the main building he saw Terry Nelson, Dax Williams, and Bill Cairns milling about. They were supposed to be in study hall. Joey hated these guys. For an instance when he spotted them his legs seemed to want to walk in the opposite direction as if by instinct to want to run from trouble. He was completely alone. He thought maybe if he kept a stern face and walked quickly past them they wouldn't bother him. He was wrong. "Whatsup fruit", Dax asked. Joey didn't answer and kept walking. "Hey fruit, are you the pitcher or catcher?" Terry asked. The others laughed. "Shit." Joey muttered. "Whadya say?", Bill asked blocking Joey's way. "Nothin'", Joey answered. Now it was too late. They had gotten his attention and essentially surrounded him. Joey didn't see anybody else around. "Great just fuckin' great" he thought to himself. "Look i gotta get to class", Joey said trying to move forward but Bill wouldn't let him pass. "Bet he took it up the ass.", Dax said laughing. "Fuck they always take it up the ass.", Terry said. "What's your fuckin' problem just let me get to class.", Joey pleaded. "Oooooh listen to fruit boy.", Terry motioned with his hand. Joey had had enough. He tried to get past Bill bumping him in the shoulder. "Fuck.", Joey thought to himself. This is what they were looking for some sort of body contact. He was right. Bill slugged him in the stomach, followed by Dax kicking Joey behind his knees making him collapse to the ground. While he was on the ground Terry kicked him hard in the side. Joey winced from the pain and just wanted for it to stop. Terry and the others backed up letting Joey get up. He staggered to his feet one hand holding his right side. Joey's face grimaced from pain. By instinct it was fight or flight. Joey unfortunately chose fight. He lunged forward to Terry and swung at him. He missed but Joey kept moving forward trying to tackle Terry. This was very stupid. These guys were part of the football team and did this sort of thing for fun. All three of them laughed and wooped it up. Terry flipped Joey on the ground puching him several times in the face. "Fuckin fruit!", Dax shouted. Joey just wanted it to stop. He surrendered. Joey stayed on the ground. "Come on let's get back to class", Bill said. "Later dude....HAHAHA!," Dax remarked motioning another punch to Joey making him flinch. After they had left Joey pulled himself from the ground. His legs felt like concrete, his ego shot and his ribs and face hurt like hell. To top that he was bleeding from his nose. He picked up his folder and walked towards the school clinic. The bell rang at 12:25 and Emil's class was over. Time for lunch. He and Sonja walked out and headed to their lockers. They had decided to go off campus for lunch. As they put their books away Cy Moquin walked up to both of them. "Didya here 'bout Joey?", Cy asked munching on a bag of cheese popcorn. "Huh no what?", Emil asked. "He got beat up man. His nose is broken or something fucked up. Think Terry and his crew beat him up dude." Cy winked. Emil asked,"Where is he now?" "Clinic I think." Cy answered. "Come on let's go", Sonja said. They both walked to the clinic and were just about to go inside when Joey walked out. "Oh shit.", Sonja whispered. Joey was holding an icepack on his nose. It was broken. "Going to the hospital man.", Joey said disgusted. "Fuck Joey you want me to take you?" Emil asked. "Nah Erik's gonna take me.", he answered. "Who did this?", Emil's blood was begining to boil. "Man who the fuck do ya think. Terry, Bill and that fuckin lapdog Dax.", Joey said as he walked off to meet Erik. "You go ahead to lunch Sonja," Emil said. "Emil don't do anything stupid....please.", she asked. Emil walked off without answering her. His anger was growing and he stormed off looking for anybody from Chow Mein. •

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