By Florian

The first week of school had begun. Emil was now a senior. This year was going to be completey different than every other one by far. He was unprepared for the attention that he was now getting from both guys and girls. During the first day of classes everyone stared in disbelief. Some didn't even recognize Emil. People whispered, some giggled but for the most part they were in awe at the superman Emil had become. Emil's clothes showed off every bulge, from his huge man tits, shoulders, arms, broad back and tight little bubble butt. His thighs and calves stretched his jeans to their limit. His stupendous cock and grapefruit sized balls created an almighty bulge. His dick was slung down along his inner right thigh creating a long high ridge. As with most schools everyone joined their respective cliques. There was Cy Moquin and his group of blackclad goths. The girls had various groups. There were the rich snooty girls, the so so looking ones clustered together, the goth types, the punk types, and the hippy ones. Emil hated the snooty girls, always had. They tended to side with Terry Nelson and his band of thugs called Chow Mein. The rich bitches as Emil called them always thought they were better than the other girls and too good for any guy except those allied with Terry. Emil knew the rich bitch crowd was envious of Sonja. She always hung out with the so so looking girls who in turn grouped themselves with the nerdy girls who hung out with Emil's guys. But it wasn't that, that made the bitches jealous. It was her Jennifer Connelly looks, her stunning body and her titanic breasts. That drove them crazy. They all wish they had Sonja's tits. Every guy wished they could touch them. It was Wednesday 11:15 AM and Emil walked to his next class which was AP History. It seemed like all his friends were also taking the harder Advanced Placement classes like AP History, AP Physics, AP Chemistry. This was fine by him it was like a one big happy family in every class. As Emil walked to his first ever AP History class, the other students shot him looks, smiles, greetings, and waves. Terry Nelson and his crew saw Emil then simply whispered and nodded to each other while looking cooly at him. "Yeah look at me you bastards", Emil thought to himself. Just before Emil walked in the doorway to his class, came a tug at the back of his tight shirt. "Hey you fuckin' stud whatsup!",the raspy smokey female voice shouted. Emil recognized the voice, smiled and turned around. It was none other than the fiery 5 foot blonde punk, Zoe Zelewski. •

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