By Florian

Emil held his mighty man tool with his right hand. His 15 inch cock was as hard as diamond. "God I hope that thing fits.", Sonja said. Emil knew it would one way or the other....she had deepthroated his beast after all. He was amazed she could even do that considering the shaft was 11 inches in diameter. "It will.", he said reassuringly. "But first I wanna do this...,". Emil stuck out his 13 inch long pink tongue and went down her. He kissed, smacked, and sucked the insides of her thighs moaning softly as he swirled his snake like tongue ever closer to her sweet box. Emil did this for over 20 minutes before his mouth descended upon her pussy lips. Sonja was rolling her head back and forth in ecstacy. Finally she felt his hot breath on her prize and his long tongue going ever deeper inside. "Oh jeez.....oh shit that's nice.", she moaned. Emil was enjoying this big time...his man spear was throbbing waiting it's turn to give and receive pleasure. She began thrashing her head back and forth as the first of many orgasms rippled through her body. "OOHHH God, fuck yeah...shit God...fuckin' comin'!!!", she shouted. "Fuck me please ....now Emil!", Sonja exclaimed. Her scent in his nose he stood up and took his great dong in hand and put the tip up to her pussy. Her juice was oozing out as he began to slide in to her becoming one. "Fuck God that's ....ooooooh ya.....jeez....good!, she shouted. It was going in albeit slowly, Emil didn't want to hurt her. In and in it went inch by inch, her pussy was being stretched ever wider. Emil grunted, "Yeah....shit....raaarr!" So far it was in at least half way and he started to slowly pump her. He felt pleasure like he had never felt before, her warmth, silky wet insides making him pump a little harder. Sonja's huge puddings of breast were gyrating back and forth , to and fro, as she began to grunt shout and squeal with pleasure. "Ahh....HUHH....HUHHHH, ......fuck....fuck .....fuck SHIT, Fuck .....God........fucking COCK.....GOOD!!!!!", She exclaimed. Both were now fully screwing each other in a frenzy fuck living only for this moment. Her soft feminine beauty, her motherly titanic breasts undulating and Emil's god like muscular physique with his tight ass and impossibly narrow hips pumping for all he wa worth. His manmeat was somehow fully inside her. Both were building up a sweat his pounding rocking the bath house. Then Emil felt the moment was coming, he was having difficulty holding back. "Uhhh.....uhhhhhh.....uhhhhhhhh.....uhhhhhh.uhhhhhh .....here it comes....!!!!!!," he gasped. He pulled his rod out it was reddish, pink, purple, with tints of greenish blue from his throbbing veins and shiny slick from her motherly juice. "NYAHHHH come..... on me ...." Sonja said breathless. He did. Emil's whole powerful frame froze up locked as if every sinew was giving it's attention to the orgasm that was coming like a flood. The first rope thick and heavy shot well over her body splattering against the wall. "SHIT...RARRRRRRRRRR.....FUCKKKKKKKK.....YAAAAAAAAA ...!!!!!! Emil couldn't control himslef. He thought for an instance he would pass out from the pleasure. More long trains of silvery white man jam blasted out landing on Sonja's face, chest, legs and stomach. "Can't stop....fuck....goood!!!!,Emil shouted as more come shot out. Sonja couldn't believe the amounts of Emils elixir that were pouring out. She was doused, covered in his hot fluid. she looked up at his muscular body, his head tilted back, his big man tits shaking as his right hand pumped his mighty cock. Then little by little it ended.....finally. The scent of his cum permeated the bath house. Sonja got on her knees, put her hands on his huge veiny thighs and began to greedily lick his spent semen from his right hand, and cock. His dick was calming down ever so slightly but was still at more than half mast. "Do it up my ass Emil,"Sonja said as she smacked and rubbed his god cock on her lips. In an instant his prick became hard. He did what she asked. •

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