Of Mice and Carter


By nvb2

“Hey man, you sure you don’t wanna go? It’s gonna be the perfect time to score a chick.” Carter grinned at his roommate. Due to the lack of response, Carter went over and placed his right hand on his roommate’s shoulder. “Seriously, dude. This isn’t like any other club, and the guys won’t harass you—I’ve already talked to them about it. I told ‘em you’re cool, and you just don’t have much experience,” Carter searched for the words, “…in their scene.” Seth rolled his chair a bit and looked at Carter. How could he say no to that face? Deep pools of emerald for eyes; perfect set of white teeth; nicely tanned complexion; neatly trimmed eyebrows, sideburns, and goatee; and somehow a nose that had retained its shape through all the football. But he couldn’t risk losing the thoughts swimming in his head. “Not tonight. I appreciate the offer, but I think I’m getting closer to getting this right.”

Carter glanced down at the papers Seth had been busy writing on, then looked back to Seth and said, “Hey, whatever’s important to you. Good luck, but I wish you’d change your mind.” He started toward the door. “Don’t wait up for me.” Carter gave one last look at his roommate, who had already turned back to his studies, before heading into the dorm hall. ‘Maybe one of these days he’ll finally live a little,’ Carter thought as he headed out into the night.

After the door closed, Seth stopped his scribbling and sighed. Why did insight have to strike every time Carter offered to take him out? Carter was a nice guy, and he couldn’t believe his luck in ending up with him as a roommate. His freshman year he shared rooms with a jerk named Bill. Sophomore year he lived in a pigsty with a kid named Martin. This year, he finally had a decent roommate. Carter Daws, quarterback of the football team, had asked to room with him: Seth Johnson. Figuring it couldn’t be worse than the previous two years, or the alternative (that guy, Randall, who threw up in the hall every Saturday night), he had reluctantly agreed. Carter surprised him in more ways than one: genuinely nice, a decently organized and clean individual, and surprisingly an A and B student. He respected Seth and his space, and kept the parties and women outside the room.

Next week he’d go, he decided. Wherever it was Carter was going, he’d go. Who knows, “maybe I’ll meet a girl,” Seth finished his thought aloud. For now, though, back to the research.

Several hours later, around four in the morning, Carter stumbled in, and Seth sat up with a start. “Hey man,” Carter began, “I thought I told you not to wait up for me?”

Seth noticed most of the gel was gone from Carter’s black hair. “Well, I didn’t really. I fell asleep during my research.”

“How’s it going?” Carter quirked an eyebrow.

“I think I’ve almost got it. A few more equations and I think I’ll be ready for some preliminary testing.” Seth could feel his energy flow returning with the thought of an end in sight.

“Well, that’s good to hear. I’m gonna hit the showers before bed.” Carter proceeded over to the closet, and Seth could hear the clothes dropping to the floor. Focused on his work, Seth ignored the fact that Carter was undressing just a few feet away, and he only tore his eyes away when he had the last of his figures completed and heard the door close shut. Gathering his papers, Seth put on his jacket and headed over to the lab.

When he got to the front doors, he pulled out his key and went inside, making sure to lock the door behind him. Two flights of stairs and several hallways later, Seth began working on the formula with chemicals instead of figures as he had been over the past several months. As he waited for the serum to finish its course, he looked over to the cages of his lab mice. He hated using live animals for testing, but there was no other way to see if the serum would work, and given the higher value placed on human life, there was no way he could skip the step.

He picked out two of the white mice, who he had named Phillip and Cal, and set them in a separate cage. “Hey fellas. How would you like to help further science?” The two mice scampered around their new environment. “Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t have much to say.” Again Seth sighed. I’m really sorry. I hope that I did my calculations right and this will turn out good. I guess only time will tell.”

While Seth waited for the formula to finish its cycle, Seth began taking measurements of the mice. He had been preparing the mice for months, making sure they had a steady diet the same everyday.

The machine with the serum in it began to shut down, and Seth walked over and took out the vials. ‘Well, here goes the research,’ he thought to himself. He got out a syringe, and filled it with some of the serum. “Okay, “Phillip. You get half a dose, and Cal, you get the full amount.” He picked up the squirming mice one at a time, and injected each one with their predetermined amount.

Seth yawned. After ensuring that the mice were secured in their new home, and that they had the proper amount of food and drink, he turned out the light, locked up the lab, and headed back to his dorm home. Carter was already asleep when he got in, turned facing the wall with his well-defined back turned toward Seth, his nude form covered only by a sheet. Seth quietly got ready for bed and crawled into his bunk under Carter.

The next morning, Seth got up and hurriedly went over to the lab to check on the two mice, leaving Carter still asleep on the top bunk. Both mice began scurrying around when Seth entered the lab. Seth blew a small sigh of relief. ‘Still alive anyway.’ He went over and extracted each mouse one at a time and began to take their measurements. ‘Not much change so far,’ Seth concluded. ‘Maybe tomorrow.’ Seth recorded his findings, loaded up a couple more syringes, and gave the mice their next injections.

He left the lab and headed over to the football field. The game would start soon, and Carter would want him there to see the game. The Cougers started off winning 13-3, but after a rough second half, they ended up losing the game 20-30. After Seth and Carter got back to the dorm, they spent the rest of the day playing video games with Carter. Carter smoked him in NFL 2006, but Seth got his revenge in Puzzle Puzzle Mania. Around eight thirty, Seth gave a great yawn. “Why don’t you lay down, dude. You look bushed,” Carter said.

“Yeah, I’m pretty tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night. Maybe I will lie down for a while.” Seth went over and lay down on his bed.

“Well, I don’t want to be in your way. I’ll head out for a few.”

Seth yawned again and began, “Don’t be silly. You won’t be…in…the…” but he never finished.

Seth woke up and the sun was still up, only brighter. ‘That’s weird,’ he thought. Why would the sun get brighter as the day got later? He looked over at the clock and realized it was 2:17pm. He shot up so fast he conked his head on Carter’s bunk. He rubbed his head. “Sorry, Carter. Man that smarts.” Silence. “Carter?”

Seth got up and checked Carter’s bunk, but he found it empty. “Must have gone out again. Oh, well. I can’t believe he let me sleep through the night and half of today.” Seth got cleaned up and decided to head over to the dining hall before visiting the lab. He hurried in and once more measured the mice. “Showing some fair improvements, huh, Phil? Twenty-five percent increase in weight, and thirty-five percent increase in muscle mass. Pretty good for not even two days. Time for your treatment.” Seth took one of the prepared syringes and injected Phillip with more of the serum.

When Seth began measuring Cal, he nearly dropped him. “Cal! You’re huge. You had an increase of sixty-five percent total body weight and seventy-five percent muscle mass. I can’t believe this.” Seth finished with Cal, giving him another injection, and then did some calculations to try and figure out why a full dosage of the serum had more than double the effect from Phillip.

With the sun going down, Seth gathered up his new calculations and headed back to the dorm. He needed some sleep for his early class in the morning. About half an hour later, Carter came back in his workout clothes, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. “Hard workout?” Seth inquired. Carter looked sideways at him and only nodded, still breathing hard. Seth watched his friend’s chest expand and contract, his tank top glued to his firm pecs and washboard abs. Carter walked over and slumped down in a chair, catching his breath.

“I just…finished…running ten miles, after my workout this afternoon.” Seth glanced down at his friend’s pumped calves.

“Looking good,” Seth complimented.

“Well, I know you’ve got to get up early tomorrow, so I’m gonna go ahead and hit the shower.” As Seth watched Carter’s biceps bulge as he lifted his arm to smell his armpit, Carter wrinkled his nose and continued, “As soon as possible.”

Seth chuckled and glanced toward the window where some plants were growing. “Yeah, please, before the plants catch fire.” Then he held his nose with one hand and waved his other in front of his face. “What happened? Did you cross a skunk or something?” Seth began to laugh and so did Carter.

Before he knew it, Carter had shot across the room and playfully held him in a headlock. “Hey! I don’t want another shower, thank you,” Seth shouted. Carter let him go, and went over to the closet, chuckling the whole time. Seth watched his roommate peel off his top, and then without warning, Seth was staring at Carter’s muscled glutes. “Hey! Warn a guy before you go and drop your shorts.” Carter began to turn around and Seth quickly covered his eyes.

“Sorry, bud. It’s just natural when you play a sport.” Carter shrugged, then wrapped his towel around his thirty inch waist before heading out to the showers.

The next week kept Seth so busy, he barely had time for the mice and his experiment, but he got there when he could, and finally Friday had arrived again. Seth was in the lab making his final weekly recording. He could hardly believe it, but the mice seemed extremely healthy, and the results were amazing. Phillip had an overall increase of 65% in total body weight and an increase of 90% muscle mass. As expected, Cal was even more impressive. He had a total increase of 160% total body weight and an increase of 210% muscle mass.

“Wow, guys. You did amazing! I guess now it’s time to leave you off the serum and see what happens.” Seth began to pack up his things and headed toward the door. “I guess now you can have your pick of the ladies.” Seth laughed to himself as he shut off the light and locked the door. What he didn’t know, was that Cal had his pick alright, and it was Phillip.

“And the Cougers lose again, 28-7,” the loudspeaker announced. Man, poor Carter. Seth frowned and began making his way back up to the dorm. A few hours later, Carter dragged in, again drenched in sweat, and breathing hard as the week before.

“Are you okay, Carter?” Seth got up off the bed.

Carter nodded. “Yeah, I’m just…working really hard to pick up my performance.”

Seth smiled. “I think your performance is fine, the team just needs to get it together.”

“Thanks man. Hey, I’m gonna get a shower and then head out to the club tonight. You wanna come with, or do you have some research to do?” Carter turned and began getting his shower gear together.

“Sure, I suppose I can go for a night on the town.”

“Hey, that’s cool, man. I didn’t think you could go anyway, but…what!?” Carter turned around so fast his towel fell, revealing his soft six-incher. He quickly grabbed the towel and rewrapped it around his waist as Seth tried to regain his composure. “You’ll go?”

Seth took a moment before answering. “That’s what I said, isn’t it?”

Carter beamed, then ran over and threw his arms around Seth in a great bear hug, lifting his 145 pound roommate off the ground. “Awesome! I promise I won’t let you down. It’ll be a blast.”

Seth gasped for some air and gasped, “Okay. Now you can put me down now, I can barely breathe.” Carter put him down and then gave him the “sorry are you okay look.” Both men got ready for their boys night out, and then met up with some of the other guys from the football team.

Several hours, and many drinks later, Carter told the other guys, “Yeah, I finally got him to come out. He took a lot of effort,” Carter playfully punched Seth in the shoulder,” but he finally gave in.” Seth could only grin. He’d never had a fishbowl before, but the stuff was pretty good. He was over three-fourths of the way full and he couldn’t even taste the alcohol. Maybe it was a virgin drink, and Carter was playing a trick on him. “He’s been doing some research on who even knows what.”

“It’s called science, Carter, and for your information, I’ve been working on a way to increase strength and muscle mass,” Seth told his friend.

“They’ve already done that, my friend. It’s called steroids. Just look at Doug.” Carter stared pointedly down the table at the big linebacker and everyone laughed.

“Whatever,” Seth shrugged, then passed out. He awoke a few hours later in Carter’s arms, just in front of the door to their room. Carter looked down into Seth’s face and said, “Awake enough to walk now?” Seth just grunted and Carter pushed the door open and dumped him on the bed.

“You need to work on your landings, bud,” Seth stated into the mattress.

Carter didn’t respond. He just stood over at the mirror staring and flexing. “So, were you serious, Seth? Are you really working on a way to increase muscle mass without the use of steroids?”

“No, not anymore,” Seth replied. Carter sighed. “I’ve already done it,” Seth finished.

Carter ran over and pulled him up. “Really?” Seth nodded groggily. “Can I try some? Don’t you need a human test subject?”

Seth rubbed his head. “What? You want to try it? You want me to use you? I dunno, Carter.” Ow, his head really hurt. Next time he was gonna try the club scene without the alcohol.

“Please? I’ve gotta do something to improve my game, or…this just seems best for both of us.” Carter gave him that gut wrenching look that no one could resist.

“Alright, fine, but I want to do this slowly.”

“Whatever you say, buddy. Let’s go now. Is it at the lab?” Seth nodded and stumbled forward. “Here, let me give you a lift.” Carter walked over in front of Seth, turned around, and hoisted him onto his back. They then set off across the campus to the lab.

Seth awoke as Carter set him on the ground. “What are we doing here, Carter?” Seth mumbled.

“We’re getting into your lab, remember, bud? Where’s your key?” Seth began fumbling through his pockets and the pulled out his keys. He handed them to Carter, and then began to rub his head again. Why did it hurt so badly?

The door swung open, and Carter pulled Seth inside. They went to the lab and pushed open the doors to a couple of alarmed squeaks from the mice. Carter headed over toward the mice and peered into one of the cages. “Where’d you get these white rats, Seth? They’re huge!”

“What rats, Carter? I don’t have any rats, only mice.”

“These are mice? They’re the biggest mice I’ve ever seen! Is this your handiwork?” Carter stared in amazement at Phillip and Cal. Phil gazed up at him, Cal lying on top of him, apparently asleep. “So where’s the formula?” Carter looked over to where Seth had sat down upon a stool.

Seth waved his hand toward a locked case. “Over there in those beakers.”

“The blue stuff?”

“Yeah, the blue stuff. There is a syringe in the drawer below. Do you know how to use one?”

“Yeah, I’ve helped my friend take his insulin before.”

“Okay, then load up about half a syringe. No more than that, alright?”

“Sure thing, Seth.” Carter took the syringe and loaded up about half the syringe. He stared at the serum then drew the rest into the syringe. He put the vial back, put the needle in his arm, and shot. He got a cold sensation where the serum went into his forearm and then warmth spread out and through his body. He looked at himself, and could have sworn he looked like he had a pump right then and there. “This feels amazing!” Carter looked over at Seth, who had passed out again. “Poor guy. I’ll have to make him go easier next time.” Carter picked up Seth and again carried him back to the dorm.

Seth woke up the next morning and crawled out of bed. He made his way over toward the closet and looked in the mirror. He looked horrible. His blue eyes were bloodshot, his brown hair was a mess, his breath smelled terrible, and Carter was sporting a massive erection! He tried in vain to beat the image from his head, but it was ingrained. Carter was lying on his bunk in the nude as usual, with his dick standing straight at attention at least nine inches high under his sheet. Seth gathered his things and moved off for the showers.

The water felt so good and was really waking him up. What on earth happened last night? Seth was trying hard to remember, but he found it hard to concentrate because some moron was in one of the bathroom stalls making all sorts of grunting and moaning noises. They were either having one insidious dump or the whack-off session of a lifetime.

Not wanting to hear any more, Seth turned off the shower and began to towel dry. It was at that time that whoever it was let out a roar that reverberated throughout the bathroom. Seth flinched, and hurriedly drew back the curtain. At that same time, the toilet flushed and Carter stepped out from the stall directly across from him. Carter grinned. “Sorry about that, bud, but you know how it is when you’ve got that urge. I gotta tell you, though, that was the best one in my whole damn life.” Carter winked at Seth and then climbed into one of the shower stalls. Seth just stood there for a moment with his mouth hanging open, and then gathered his wits and headed back to the room.

Carter came back a few minutes later and began to get dressed. “What happened last night after we got back, Carter?” Seth asked his roommate.

“We came back to the room, I put you on the bed, then I put you on my back, we went to your lab, and you gave me my first treatment.”


“Yeah, that blue serum you’ve been working on.”

Seth looked at Carter in horror. “I let you take some?” Seth shouted, horrified. “Oh, no. How could I let this happen.”

“It’s okay, Seth. I asked, and you let me. I just want to improve my game. C’mon, please? Don’t stop now. We’ve just begun, and besides. We want your research to be its best, right? And you know how hard it would be to get a volunteer.”

Seth nodded slowly, mortified. Mulling over what he’d just “relearned,” he decided that if Carter was willing, he wouldn’t stop him. “You only took half the dosage, right?”

“Yeah, of course. That’s what you said.” Carter smiled.

“Well, at least I had some sense about me last night, then. Remind my never to get that glass thingy again.”

“It’s time to go.”

“Go? Go where,” Seth asked, confused.

“To the lab. I need my second treatment.”

“I dunno, Carter. It seems rather soon.” Seth was once again won over by that stupid handsome face of his roommate’s, and he soon found himself at the lab with Carter.

“You remember what to do?” Seth asked Carter from across the lab where he sat watching Phillip and Cal.

“Yep. Half a syringe full. Got it.” Carter filled another full syringe and injected the precious fluid. It felt so good! He got hard just thinking about getting bigger. Speaking of bigger, he looked bigger already. He couldn’t wait until the end of the week.

The two headed back to their room, and Carter changed into his workout clothes. As he got over to the closet, he noticed that he could see a little easier into the cabinets above. It was as if he was taller than yesterday’s height of six foot four inches. As he pulled his tank top on, he noticed it didn’t cover his stomach, which looked a little more defined than it did the day before. Odd, he didn’t think he had shrunk the wash. His shorts still fit snugly on his thirty inch waist, but his quads seemed to fill out a lot more. Carter grinned. This was going to be an interesting week indeed.

Seth turned as the door opened and Carter came in his arms full of bags. “What’s in the bags, Carter?”

“Oh, just some new clothes. Something tells me I might need some more before the week is through.” Seth sighed. What had he let happen? He turned back to his studies, and Carter left the room again. A few minutes later he heard someone shout, and then Carter came back in, looking very peaceful. He winked at Seth.

The week began, Seth continued to allow Carter to take the serum, and Carter continued to swell to even bigger proportions. On Wednesday, Seth had gotten up to get ready for one of his early classes, and he caught another glimpse of Carter in the mirror. He couldn’t believe what he saw. His pole stuck up over a foot, and probably closer to a foot and a half. It lifted the sheet right off his shins. The sheet had become much too small for Carter the day before, as his legs had begun to hang over the bed. He was now at least six foot eight, and at last measurement, he weighed 285 pounds. Seth would need to see if Carter would trade beds with him, because the frame was beginning to bend a little.

Friday began, and Carter took his final shot. Later that evening, Seth began to take Carter’s measurements. “Geez, Carter. This stuff seems to work better on people than it did in mice. You got excellent gains for only taking half doses.”

Carter frowned. “Now, don’t get mad, Seth, but I’ve been taking the full doses.”

Seth stared at Carter wide-eyed. “Well…that at least makes me feel a little better to know that at least it seems to work the same, then. But how could you do that!? I asked you to only take half doses!” Seth frowned.

Carter walked over and patted his little buddy on the back. “Hey, dude. It’s okay. I feel great, I seem to be doing fine, and I look awesome! Totally ripped and buff, dude. Now, are you going to measure me, or wallow in things we can’t change?”

Seth shrugged and began to measure his friend. “Wow. Twenty-eight inch biceps. Seventy-two inch chest and you still maintained your thirty inch waist. Now that’s a serious ‘V.’ Forty-six inch quads, and thirty-two inch calves. The other team stands no chance tomorrow.” Seth looked up from Carter from his kneeling position and noticed Carter was getting hard pretty fast. Seth began to stand up. “Wow. Turn yourself on now? Maybe I should give you…” Seth never got the words out as Carter picked him up and kissed him full on the lips, Carter’s tongue delving deep into his throat. Carter pulled back and stared at Seth, whose face was contorting between confusion and horror. “What the hell was that, Carter!” Seth demanded.

Carter stared at Seth, a primal lust beginning to fill his eyes. “Foreplay,” he said. Before Seth knew what was happening, Carter was pulling Seth’s clothes off, and lifting him up in the air. Tears began to well up in his eyes and he suddenly felt what he feared: the head of Carter’s enormous dick at the opening to his virgin anus. Carter began rubbing his precum all over his shaft, and began spreading some on Seth’s anus. “Please, Carter. Please. Please, don’t do this. This isn’t you. This isn’t like you.” Seth couldn’t believe what was happening to him—what he caused to happen to him. Some miracle formula.

Then it began. Carter used a finger to open Seth’s hole for the first time, then two, then his shaft itself. One inch…two inches…The pain was unbearable. Carter began to grunt, and tears continued to stream down Seth’s face.

Three inches…four inches. How far was Carter going to go? How much could Seth possibly take? The pain was lessening. Five inches. In fact, it was beginning to feel pretty good. Six inches. No, what was he saying?

Seven inches. Thrust. Thrust. Harder. Oh…Seth was losing himself in pleasure. Eight inches. Nine. Just how much was there? How far could he go. Carter had both of his hands around Seth’s waist and kept lifting him up and down. Ten glorious inches. He was so full he could scream.

Without warning, Seth found himself drawn all the way up, and thrust down to the hilt. He screamed in a wave of pleasure and pain as Carter moaned and pumped his seed deep into Seth’s glory hole. Seth passed out. When he awoke, he found himself lying on top of Carter, Carter’s dick still inside him. He was using one of Carter’s meaty pecs as a pillow and a nipple as a pacifier.

What had he done? His formula had changed his friend into a hulking stud that only craved man-hole? He stopped sucking and Carter awoke. “Good morning, buddy. How awesome was that?” Carter asked Seth. Carter seemed to enjoy the new Carter, so he let the problem go and just smiled at his large friend.

Seth sighed contentedly, and replied, “Pretty awesome. I think we found a better way to spend our weekend. Now get out there and win some football.”

Carter laughed and then grinned. “I think we’ve got a good chance now. But how about a pre-game first?” And Seth was in bliss once again. •

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