Hanazin Warrior Academy, The


By Oliver904

Professor Benson reentered the room, as he must have felt the immense surge of power coming from Sean.

“Archer!” Prof. Benson said. “You need to listen to me carefully.” He walked over to Sean, unbothered by the power. “Calm yourself.”

“I can’t,” Sean said. “The power it’s making me—”

“You need to control it,” said Prof. Benson.

“—I CAN’T!”

The entire class was on their knees in pain, but reveling from the power, their muscles wanting so badly to tear from their skin, their cocks jumping, growing, and sputtering. The professor balled his massive fist and slammed it into Sean’s eight-pack, and despite the new powerful muscle, Sean felt like his stomach had just been hit with a wrecking ball…or worse.

He fell to his knees and the power dissipated, his muscles shrinking back to their Intermediate size.

“Better?” Prof. Benson asked.

Sean couldn’t reply, because he could barely breath. The rest of the class stood up from the shaky floor, some of them shooting their loads clear into the opposite wall, raining down on Sean and Professor Benson. Jason quickly went over to Sean and helped him up.

“You’ll have to forgive me, Mr. Archer,” Prof. Benson said. “Like I said earlier, I’m impressed at the progress of this class—especially you. The power you just experienced can drive you mad if you don’t know how to control it. Therefore, that is what we will work on.” He raised his hand and the cum covered classroom was quickly made spotless. “LINE FORMATIONS!”

The class obeyed and formed their usual lines. Most of what was left of the class period was spent learning exactly what the professor wanted. Sean and Jason, as usual, were very successful in their efforts and mastered controlling their power after only a few tries. Kyle too, unlike most of the Behlmores, had no trouble, but seemed jealous of Sean’s progress to Advanced Level. Everyone soon learned to shift from Rookie power level to Intermediate, forwards and backwards, but in the end, Sean remained the only one to reach such a level of immense power. When everyone had gotten to an acceptable aptitude for the skill, Professor Benson again told the class to settle towards the back.

“And now, as promised…..Hyper Level,” Prof. Benson said. “—And I’d advise you to keep your distance.” He eyed Sean. “No matter how tempting, do not approach me.”

The next moment, it was like everything was vacuumed away: the air, the surges of power—and then, Professor Benson, like before, let out a fierce bellow. The students were thrown to the wall, held toward the ceiling by his immense force. This time, there was no pleasure, only pain.

Sean managed to keep his eyes open enough to watch Professor Benson’s change. It was hard to keep his vision steady, mostly because the room was shaking so violently. The professor’s thunderous voice echoed in Sean’s chest and soon the power came to a crushing force.

Professor Benson shifted through his Intermediate, and then to his Advanced Level, his muscles swelling, his veins pumping, his cock throbbing and sputtering. And then his bellow turned to a roar as he blew his load over the entire class. It was probably the only pleasure they were getting at the moment, as Professor Benson grew into his Hyper Level.

His chest parted and expanded, thick and corded striations coming from the chasm between them. Fat no longer existed on the professor’s massive form. Each of his biceps were ideally shaped, as the lean muscle beneath swelled to a size four times that of his Advanced Level. Veins crawled through to his cut forearms and massive, widening hands. His height shot up a good four feet as the muscles in his hairy legs expanded, the vascular network pumping under the skin, widening and thickening. It was like looking at one of those impossibly huge morphed pictures Sean had seen on the Internet, only leaner and more developed, and one that continued to grow.

The power began to vibrate through the students in a brutal fashion. Sean felt like his muscles were being torn apart, and there was none of the usual excitement that accompanied the power surges. Professor Benson was near completion, at least it seemed, as his abs lengthened and etched into their separate striations, no muscle of his torso unseen from the skin, thick veins pushing upward from his now 20-inch cock to the upper portions of his now ten-pack. His serratus muscles grew along with his widening lats, which grew to the width of 6 -feet, massive shoulder to massive, boulder-like shoulder. His traps pulsated and ballooned midway to his neck, the veins joining those of his chest, running down to his nipples in upside-down v’s.

“Hyper Level,” Professor Benson said, in a voice not his own. Sean thought it resembled the same voice the movies use when imitating God.

The class was still pinned against the wall as Professor Benson’s body pulsed with an alternating blue and red aura. Sean cringed as his muscles began to cramp. His brain felt ready to explode. The quake had settled a bit, but still continued in the same rhythm as the professor’s aura. The wooden floor around the professor’s feet began to splinter and crack.

From the corner of the room, he summoned one of the same metal training walls Sean had seen Professor Richardson use. He set it down next to him and raised a finger to get the class’s attention—only to use that same single finger to tap the center of the wall. The metal violently folded and crinkled around his arm as the force of that single tap was too much for it to take. The next moment, there was a glow coming from inside, near the professor’s hand, and the entire metal wall disintegrated. It didn’t melt, or turn to dust, but simply just disappeared into nothing.

“Until you know how to confront this power,” Prof. Benson said, “You would be wise to stray away from it.”

He reverted back to his still massive rookie form, and the class dropped to the floor.


Nobody wasted a second getting to their fuck-sessions after class. Most started right outside the door. Sean looked for Jason, but he was already gone, possibly to meet his dad again for tea. But then, Sean spotted Davis, the same boy from the showers. From the colors of his Karate Gi (Green and Yellow), Davis was a member of Dragahna House. Sean would have never guessed it. He thought he would’ve been from Eumora or Tyserren. He too had grown substantially, though not nearly in the same light as the Ferunahs and Behlmores. Despite all that, Sean felt the need to apologize and so approached him.

“Davis,” Sean said. “I wanted to apologize for what happened.”

“Apologize?” Davis asked. “There’s definitely no need for that. Really…” His eyes turned to a sultry expression. He nudged up closer to Sean’s still naked form and rubbed his hands down his ripped chest and eight pack. “Seems you’ve been busy.” His face drew closer and closer to Sean’s nipple until he was right on top of it working his tongue and lips.

Sean exhaled his ecstasy, Davis sucking harder as if he wanted to eat his entire pec muscle. Sean made sure to jiggle his pecs, and Davis seemed to like that very much, his throbbing cock tented against his pants.

Sean pulled Davis up by the back of his head and rammed his tongue down his throat, his lips caressing Davis’s more ravenous than ever before, but Davis pulled away.

He leaned closer to Sean’s ear. “I like our sessions to be a bit more private.”

Sean smiled and then followed Davis, making sure to grab his bubble tight ass before they proceeded. Davis quickly returned the favor. After a few minutes up various staircases, and after passing through a long hallway decorated with flowing green banners with gold dragons, they arrived in Davis’s dorm—a single.

Davis immediately threw off his Gi and began rubbing his throbbing, dripping, and fully erect cock. “You make me fuckin’ hard just looking at you,” he said.

“You like what you see?” Sean said, a smirk crossing his face. The compliment made him hard as well, and his 16-incher throbbed out in front of him. He flexed his massive right bicep for Davis.

Davis couldn’t keep his distance and walked over to Sean, his cock dripping pre-cum onto the carpet in thick dollops. He rubbed Sean’s ripped bicep, veins covering the surface in a thick, corded display. Davis grasped his new 14-inch pole and ran it across Sean’s arm, tracing the veins with his dripping and sputtering tip. He pulled it away, slimy and wet, and Sean quickly took it into his mouth, supporting Davis with one arm around his waist.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Davis said, his cock pulsing against Sean’s tongue. “FUCK!”

After a few minutes, Davis’s cock began to expand in Sean’s mouth, the usual quake accompanying Davis’s growing muscles. His abs were transforming right in front of Sean, the lean muscle fighting the skin as veins climbed up progressively from his lower abs to his navel, pulsing and feeding the muscle.

Sean threw Davis up toward the 10 foot ceiling and his throbbing 16-inch pole met Davis’s ass in mid-air. Davis moaned his ecstasy and exploded against the adjacent wall. Sean rammed his cock into Davis incessantly, the two of them tumbling in the air over each other. He felt an immediate surge of power run through him, and quickly caught himself (though not before the window in the room shattered)—he didn’t want to go Advanced because it didn’t seem Davis could yet take it. But he kept control of the power as he had learned in the last lesson, bordering his Intermediate Levels.

Davis’s body reacted, Sean having a good view of the young man’s back becoming more ripped and lean, his lats thickening and expanding. Davis’s ass muscles tightened with each slap of Sean’s crotch, striations appearing under his fingertips. Sean massaged the new muscle and increased his thrusting power, his cock thickening and throbbing in Davis’s ass, cum dripping from within and falling to the floor with a splash.

Sean bellowed as he felt his ball-sack expand and contract, ready to blow. The walls shook so violently that a crack formed down the center of one. Davis trophies (Surf Trophies by the looks of it) fell from their shelves, his bed inched back and forth from its usual position next to the now broken window, and Sean blasted his surging river of cum into Davis’s ass. The force was so strong that Davis was sent into the wall and covered by Sean’s sexual torrent. Sean remained in midair blasting a massive, minute-long load onto Davis’s back. Davis, supported by the force of it (and perhaps by his own doing) remained on the wall, his muscles growing and thickening, his height increasing, the room shaking so much that it felt ready to separate from the rest of the building.

When Sean had finished, Davis turned from the wall, covered in hot cum from head to toe, and pounced on him. The two fell from the air and crashed into Davis’s bed, cracking it in half. Davis placed his throbbing, slimy cock in the striated chasm of Sean’s pecs. Sean flexed his chest, squeezing Davis’s thick pole with his growing and pulsating muscle, the grip increasing as his chest formed its new fibers. The room quaked, concrete dust fell from the ceiling—

“OH FUCK!” Davis screamed, detonating into Sean’s chin, the flood of his hot cum ricocheting off of Sean and onto both of them. Sean watched as Davis’s pecs ballooned outward with his lats, his traps pushed upward with his biceps, and his entire form became leaner and more vascular. Veins pulsed, appearing and disappearing beneath the skin, until they became fully exposed. Davis’s sheen blond hair that covered his body glowed in the sunlight coming through the window, Sean noticing for the first time how beautiful it made him look.

Their cum plastered abs vibrated and shaped themselves together, Sean massaging Davis’s midsection as it happened, running his fingers across the peaks and valleys, feeling the muscle pulse beneath and become harder.

Davis’s cock, though retreating, slapped against Sean’s chest, splashing in his hot jizz.

Sean ran a hand down one of Davis’s arms, his thumb tracing the vascular network. “We should do this more often,” he said.

Davis smiled. “I was thinking the same thing.” •

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