Hanazin Warrior Academy, The


By Oliver904

�Two days, boys,� the Headmaster said, his booming voice echoing off the walls of his office and into their sensitive ears. �TWO DAYS! That�s how long you�ve been here at the academy.�

Sean felt his head pounding as the Headmaster spoke. The four of them were brought back to the academy and immediately into his custody. He towered over them with his magnificent form. It was a shame Sean couldn�t stare. He didn�t want to risk the Headmaster knowing he was distracted, especially if those thoughts consisted of checking out his body.

The Headmaster was an extremely tall man, eight feet and 100% muscle. Sean couldn�t see a single bit of fat on his huge, sinewy body. His lat span was five feet wide, his shoulders the size of basketballs. He could crush them with just two fingers if he wanted.

But most surprisingly of all, the Headmaster, though in power for 300 years, didn�t look a day over 30, his handsome, angular face a breathtaking sight. His muscles, tightened, and grew as his anger rose, new veins forming and crawling up his forearms, through his biceps and shoulders, and settling on his massive chest where they pulsed.

�Get outta my head!� Kyle said, whimpering. �GET OUTTA MY HEAD!�

�SILENCE!� the Headmaster yelled, the walls shaking. Bits crumbled to the ground. �You are not at your old school anymore, Mr. Sparks, and you would be wise to remember that. Your secrets should be the least of your worries, as tomorrow you will report to Professor Richardson for your punishments. And you should hope that the others in your house do not find out who has put their points in the negative, for as bad as I can promise you Professor Richardson�s punishment will be, it will again pale in comparison to the latter.� He paused, breathing deeply. �You may go.�


Sean threw off the remains of his shredded clothes as he made his way back towards his dorm. He stopped, turned back around and headed for the baths, feeling that he was in dire need of a hot shower.

Both sides were completely empty when he arrived. His cock still lay 8 inches flaccid between his legs. Though it had calmed down from the Headmaster�s intimidating reprimand, his body still screamed for something.

He took to the right side, his bare feet smacking against the marble tiles. He twisted the hot water knob and moaned as the first splash of hot water hit his twitching muscles, the sound of the running water his only company. When he realized he had forgotten the soap, he pounded his fist into the wall, the stone cracking around his knuckles.


�Bad day?�

Sean drew his fist away from the crumbling crater and turned his head toward the voice. It was somebody he didn�t know, though appeared to be in the same year as he�his smaller frame made a good estimate.

Though he was smaller, his muscles were ripped like those of a champion surfer, his messy blond locks matching that profile. His arms were lean and cut, his biceps long and sculpted, thick single veins running down both his left and right meeting the massive vascular network of his forearms. But it was his impressive midsection that Sean first noticed. It pushed through his tanned skin in a six-pack display that would have put many others to shame with its ripped supporting obliques. Sean�s cock responded quickly. He felt the blood rush through his shaft, pulsing and lengthening with each beat of his heart�twelve inches, fourteen inches, now a surprising 16 inches, the veins throbbing down the thick pole.

�You need soap,� the boy asked, his cock growing as his feet splashed through the showers toward Sean. �Or do you need something else?�

Sean pounced at him, grabbing the boy in the back of the head and pulling him toward his lips.

�I�m Davis,� the boy said.

�I don�t care,� said Sean, the boy quickly silenced. His body was shaking, driving him mad, and his kiss told the story to the young man, Davis. He massaged his lips against Davis�s in a ravenous pattern, then suddenly stopped.

�What?� Davis asked.

�Beg me,� said Sean.

�What?� Davis asked again, sounding a bit affronted.

�Are you deaf!� Sean said. �Beg me you little shit! You wanna suck my cock or not?�

The hot water poured over his body, and Sean knew he looked irresistible. Something raged throughout his body, along with the frustration he felt for not being able to stop Kyle.

�You wanna touch these muscles?� Sean said, spotting Davis�s leering glare. He jiggled his pecs, and ran his hands over them, sliding down his ripped abs and to his throbbing cock. Sean�s hand reached out at lightning speed and grabbed Davis by the hair. He pushed Davis to his knees and rammed his cock into his mouth.

�That�s what you want, isn�t it?� Sean said, the girth of his dick threatening to dislocate the boy�s mouth. Davis gagged a bit when Sean pushed further, his burly hands controlling Davis head up and down his shaft. �Ah yah, ah FUCK YAH!� Sean let Davis go on his own for a bit before throwing him back against the wall. �You want more?�

Davis was left speechless, but was able to offer a nod.

�Then beg me�get on your fuckin� knees and beg me!�

But Davis was confused, his brain probably not operating properly with Sean�s huge body standing before him, and his massive cock throbbing about in his face.

�You�re fuckin� useless!� Sean said, thrusting his cock in Davis�s mouth so hard that his head cracked the wall behind him. But Davis didn�t care, his moans sounding like he was having the greatest meal of his life. �Yah, suck it you little shit,� Sean whispered. �Suck it��

Sean took over and began pumping his crotch hard into Davis�s face, the boy�s head pushing deeper into the wall, the cracks spreading behind it. Sean�s cock was thickening in the boy�s mouth, his muscles twitching and shaking, his veins coming to the surface, pulsing and pumping blood, feeding his transformation.

�Fuck yeah,� Sean said, feeling his arms bulging and reshaping. He grabbed Davis by the hair once again, lifting him to his feet with one hand. He eyed the cuts and striations of Davis�s lean muscle. His eyes traveled down to the boy�s throbbing 12 incher, and his hand shot out to help ease its sputtering pleas.

He gripped the shaft with one hand and lifted Davis, in the same cock grip, and pinned him against the wall. He let Davis�s piece settle into his mouth for a good two seconds. Davis moaned, but his moaning soon turned to gasps as Sean worked his lips around his pulsating tip. With his one hand around the base still supporting Davis�s entire frame, Sean stuffed the thick veiny cock further into his mouth, his tongue moving like it had a mind of its own. It was too much for Davis. The walls began to shake and he exploded into Sean, his hot cum draining down Sean�s throat. Sean swallowed what he could, hoping for more to replace what had escaped down his chin. He felt Davis�s power flowing into him with each new blast, feeding his muscle.

He let Davis drop back to the floor once he had drained into him. Cum flowed down Sean�s growing, pulsating pecs with the shower water. His cock still jumped up and down with his now pounding heartbeat. He felt powerful watching his body grow in unison with Davis�s, their pecs ballooning, their abs tightening, their veins throbbing.

Sean looked down at his hands, the veins in his wrist surfacing back and forth, and spreading through to the bottom of his palms. He looked down at Davis who had begun kissing and licking his feet.

He looked up into Sean�s right calf, tracing the thick pulsating vein that protruded from the muscle. �Please,� he said. �Please, I want more.�

Sean chuckled. �Is that the best you can offer me?�

�PLEASE!� Davis said. �Please, I need more�I want more!� He worked his tongue up Sean�s growing quads, the muscle thickening as Davis worked his lips over the surface. Sean watched Davis�s shoulders widen, his traps shuddering and filling out. The sight made his mind go mad once again.

Davis was on his feet rubbing his hands down Sean�s body, his grip loosening as Sean�s muscles swelled. Davis quickly moved to Sean�s nipples, his tongue circling the area as his hands grabbed at whatever they could.

Sean felt that electrical feeling rush through him and he spun Davis around and shoved his sixteen-inch cock up his bubble ass. He wasted no time, no slow starting pace to help Davis along�only a hard, pounding ass fucking that pushed Davis�s palms into the marble exterior of the shower. His crotch smacked against Davis�s backside, jiggling his ripped glutes, his colossal cock surfacing for only a millisecond before ramming back inside.

He would give no mercy, the little shit was gonna get what he wanted, and still be left wanting more. As the cracks grew around Davis�s hands, so too did Sean�s powerful thrusts. One hard thrust, followed by an even more powerful thrust, Davis�s arms buckling as they tried to counteract the force�and on the next thrust, Sean put Davis through the shower wall, the marble partition crumbling around them, their rock hard bodies oblivious to the falling mass.

Sean marched up to Davis, who had fallen on his knees, picked him up by his waist and again rammed his cock up inside of him. Davis let out a feeble moan as Sean�s cock expanded inside of him, pulsating against the walls of his ass.

�Ohhhhh�Fuuuck��meeeee,� Davis managed.

Sean hammered his backside with a relentless fervor. �You like that? Do you want more?�

Davis didn�t speak.


�Yes�� Davis muttered, barely able to speak �Please�please�give me more.�

Sean�s fucking took on a blinding speed, the contact sound of the skin almost one with the next, Davis�s feet slipping from under him, but Sean not giving in. He pounded Davis in whatever position he was in. The quake had begun, but Sean was going to hold on for as long as he could. The walls shook, the floor shook, the pipes gave way, and water blasted from the showerheads all around them. The sight was too much for Sean and he followed suit, detonating his load into Davis. Sean held tight as his cock erupted a torrent into Davis, but soon their slippery skin was too much for Sean to hold on and he blasted Davis across the room, cum surging from his tip like the powerful flow of a fire hose.

He painted Davis white with his hot cum, the rest of it flowing down the drains in loud gurgles. Sean still felt the power flowing through him, his muscles filling out, his neck growing, widening, his spine adjusting to the transformation. Veins pulsed all throughout his mighty form as he made his way up to Davis, who was now slumped down on the other side of the showers, water pouring over his twitching muscles.

Sean bent down and cupped his cheeks with his hand, veins throbbing through his forearms and up to his knuckles. �Aren�t you going to say thank you?�

But Davis had passed out.

Sean sighed. •

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