JP (2005)

The Girlfriend


By luvyalots

“Man, I would give anything to have a girl like that,” Danny Tranh yelled over the loud music, his words slurring on account of the three beers he had already downed. “Am I right? Ryan’s new girlfriend is fuckin’ hot!”

“Yeah,” JP answered, lacking the enthusiasm of his teammate. “She’s bangin’ alright.”

It was the weekend after Christmas and the Maloney house was filled with a who’s who of local high school and college jocks and cheerleaders, yearbook superlatives and popular personalities. JP and Ryan’s parents were out of town for a couple of days, so Ryan took that as his cue to throw a party – you know, to remind everyone of how much power he still held. Like most of them really cared who hosted it, as long as there was beer and an empty house.

Danny, JP and I were standing in the middle of the living room, eyeing Ryan as he cruised the room showing off himself and Brionna, his new girlfriend – the latest in a long line of trophies – who clung adoringly to his muscular arms. But she wasn’t just any average bimbo like the ones he usually screwed. I never thought I’d see it, but Ryan had met his match. From what I had heard, Brionna was as vain and as full of herself as Ryan was. She had knockout looks and the most fantastic body I had ever seen on a woman...and she knew it. They had met while doing a photo shoot – Ryan’s plan of becoming a model had come true – and they hit it off immediately. Of course, this by no means meant that they were exclusively together. Both routinely cheated on each other…and made no denial or mind of that fact. The way they saw it, they were God’s gift to the opposite sex, to use a cliché, and that only made their own relationship even hotter. It was as if they fed off each other’s arrogance.

As they made their way toward us, I could practically smell their conceited stench and I gritted my teeth together. I had grown hateful of Ryan – I mean, he hurt my boyfriend, so how couldn’t I be. The sight of those piercing eyes, that egotistical sneer, those proud muscles flexing every chance they got made my blood boil. He was everything that was wrong about a jock…and worst of all, he just didn’t seem to be beatable.

“Hey guys,” he scoffed, no doubt laughing inside at our defiant silence. “Have you met Brionna? She’s my new girlfriend.”

“Hey,” she grinned flirtatiously, thrusting a shapely hip in a way that was probably supposed to attract our attention to her perfect body. Well, it was working on Danny; the boy was literally drooling.

“Uh…wow,” he mumbled, his eyes ogling the girl’s grapefruit-sized breasts, which were only made more noticeable by the skin-tight midriff she was wearing.

“This is my little brother and a couple of his friends,” Ryan introduced us, intentionally not using our names. To him, we were nothing; even his own jock-god of a brother was a nonentity.

“Oh, so you’re JP,” Brionna remarked, her eyebrows arching up amusedly. And I could’ve sworn her eyes lingered a little longer on my boyfriend than the rest of us. She made a playful bite of her tongue as she side-glanced over at Ryan, resting her hand on his gigantic chest, the black muscle-T doing little to hide the size of his mammoth pecs. She was teasing JP, the bitch! My jaw twitched vehemently.

Ryan, totally oblivious to his tantalizing girlfriend, pulled her away. “Come on,” he ordered, “I wanna show you to Luke. He’s gonna love you.”

“Ok,” Brionna giggled.

“Oh, bro,” Ryan started, suddenly flinging his girlfriend around with him like a useless rag doll. “Do me a favor and grab another keg from the basement. We’re runnin’ kinda low.” He nodded his head at his brother with an air of cocky superiority. I clenched my fists; I so badly wanted to march over to that jerk and punch him in the face.

Before she was slung around again, Brionna gave JP a little wink that made me nervous. There was something different about that girl that was unlike any other twit Ryan had been with. She seemed to have some sort of purpose in her eyes and it made me very uncomfortable.

“Damn,” Danny drawled tipsily. “That girl is fuckin’ hot!”

“So,” I promptly interjected, “how is the wrestling team doing?” The look on JP’s face thanked me for the change of subject.

“Awesome,” Danny immediately took it. “We’re having the best season in years.”

“Yeah, Coach Graves is ecstatic,” JP explained, taking a swig from his soda – there was no way he was drinking alcohol. “He loves bragging to the newspapers about us.”

“You mean, mostly about you,” Danny slurred, slapping his teammate on the shoulder and nearly spilling his beer in the process. JP blushed, as usual. “Every coach in the school would kill to have you on their team.”

JP looked at his feet and nervously began scratching the back of his ear. “Well, not every coach,” he corrected humbly.

“Seriously?” Danny went on. “The football coach has been asking about you for months, the lacrosse coach, the baseball coach – hell, even the crew coach. And we all know how much they could use you.”

“Hey, watch it, dude,” JP snapped jokingly. “You’re standing right in front of one of them,” he said, nodding toward me. It took a split second for Danny to remember that I was a rower.

“Oh, yeah, sorry man,” he apologized quickly, his eyes not quite focused on me as he did. He was way past tipsy now. The kid obviously hadn’t much of an alcohol tolerance – no surprise since he was thin and wiry and barely weighed 145 pounds.

JP laughed quietly and then grew serious. “That reminds me, I should get the keg.”

“Let me get it,” I stopped him. I gave him a look and he instantaneously caught my meaning. There was no way I was going to let Ryan order my boyfriend around like a servant.

“Ok,” he said, smiling warmly, his gorgeous eyes twinkling brightly, “I’ll stay here…” He lowered his voice to a whisper. “…and keep an eye on Danny.”

I grinned and gave him a mental kiss before I turned and headed for the basement. Carefully squeezing past a couple of high schoolers getting all hot and heavy in the corner of the room, I slipped silently through the door and started down the stairs. I shook my head as I did.

I don’t even belong here, I thought to myself. The house was full of that shit, loads of hormone-driven high school and college kids – nearly a hundred in all, some of whom were apparently part of Ryan’s modeling agency – wreaking havoc on the place, either too busy drinking or macking it with each other to care. I shuddered to think what could possibly be happening upstairs in the bedrooms.

My thoughts were immediately cut short as I reached the bottom of the stairs. There were sounds coming from the gym – heavy breathing and primal grunting. But these weren’t the grunts of someone working out. The unmistakable shriek of a female voice cut through the air and I knew instantly what was going on. I rolled my eyes.

“God, everywhere I turn there’s an orgy in progress,” I muttered to myself.

I had to pass the door of the gym to get to the back storage room where the kegs were and I wasn’t keen on having to witness whatever was going on in that room. I cursed Ryan under my breath and cautiously started sneaking down the hall. As I got to the open doorway, I slowly peeked my head around to see if the coast was clear…and nearly gasped out loud at what I saw.

There, bent over the couch, was Ryan. – butt naked with his pants around his ankles – railing Brionna like mad. His powerful hips were rhythmically ramming his cock in and out of his girlfriend’s cunt like a pile driver, his huge back muscles flexing and shifting heavily with each stroke. Brionna – also completely nude – was beyond ecstasy underneath the massive body of the sex-god who was fucking her. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, her mouth open and screeching sharply, her ample breasts bouncing wildly up and down. At the same time, she was maniacally groping her boyfriend’s thick neck and traps, practically digging her fingernails into his skin.

“Fuck, yeah,” he screamed savagely as he blew his wad into the girl, her screams reaching an orgasmic climax.

“YES!” Brionna shrieked, throwing her head back in utter hysteria, her arms flailing violently. She collapsed fully onto the couch, her tanned body shimmering with sweat.

“Yeah,” Ryan exhaled as he lifted himself off of her, leaving his girlfriend limply lying there, jizz still dribbling out of her exhausted vagina. He turned his back to Brionna and gazed into the mirror on the wall. I shrunk lower, afraid he would see me behind him. But, of course, his eyes were only focused on his own reflection. Admiring his post-orgasm looks, he calmly brushed the bangs of his jet black hair off his forehead. “Was that great, or was that great?” he smirked, without ever taking his eyes off of himself.

“Mm,” Brionna cooed. “It gets better every time.” She listlessly lifted herself off the couch and began gathering her clothes which had been thrown all over the room. Ryan, after taking in one more gander at his magnificent body, bent down and pulled up his jeans, making a big display of stuffing his massive cock inside.

“How big is that thing now?” Brionna asked, her eyes widening psychotically.

Ryan smirked again. “Nine and a half fuckin’ inches,” he bragged, “maybe closer to 10.” I could see the bulge in his pants begin to grow. No, I thought, there is no way he could be getting aroused again already. “It’s been growing right along with the rest of me,” he crowed.

“Mm, yeah,” Brionna stroked, seductively straightening her body and strolling over to him. “You’re what, like 220 pounds now?”

“225,” Ryan quickly corrected her, “two hundred and twenty-five fuckin’ pounds of solid muscle.” He raised his arm and flexed his huge bicep right in front of her face – I shuddered at the amazing peak on that thing – it was HUGE! Brionna instantly clutched those mountains in her fingers, feeling their immense hardness. “19-and-a-half-inch biceps, baby,” he went on. “The biggest in the whole freshman class.” He spoke as if this was his favorite thing to do – talk about himself. And Brionna took it all in, a sure look in her eyes.

Then, she gazed past him at the gym equipment that filled the rest of the room. “So, is this where you used to work out?” she asked, leading him on. She obviously knew where this was going; she was just working him up.

Ryan turned around. “Yeah, in high school,” he answered proudly. “I was a runt back then. The gym at Tech is ten times better.” He strutted over to the weight bench and peered at the plates that were still on the bar. “You’re fuckin’ kidding me,” he scoffed.

“What?” Brionna sang blankly.

“160 pounds?!” he sneered. “That’s all my little brother is benching nowadays.” Actually, the weight on the bench was left over from when I was working out, but this mattered little to Ryan and his self-centered mind.

“Why?” Brionna coaxed. “How much can you bench?”

Ryan gave a cocky snort. “450,” he retorted, as if it were the easiest thing in the world. I gulped. Shit, JP could “only” bench not-quite 400. Surely, Ryan was exaggerating again, but there was something in his voice that told me it probably was accurate.

Then, he did something that almost made me pee in my pants. He walked over to the bar, nonchalantly lifted the entire thing off the rack and proceeded to curl it with both hands. For 10 perfect reps he curled 160 pounds – all like it was nothing. His massive arms got more and more pumped with each one, so that by the tenth rep, they were engorged with blood.

He dropped the bar onto the rack, letting a clang reverberate through the room. “There,” he said, sneering conceitedly over at Brionna who was practically beside herself at this show of strength. “How did you like that?”

“Oh, you’re so fuckin’ strong,” she worshipped him, coming up behind him and wrapping her arms around his thickly-muscled torso – Ryan flauntingly bounced his gigantic pecs as she did – and leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Now give me a blowjob. I need one after that.”

Brionna grinned smugly. This was exactly what she was wanting. As she obediently knelt down in front of her boyfriend, Ryan unzipped his pants and pulled them down again. His monster cock earnestly sprang out, pulsating and throbbing as if it was dying to be sucked. Brionna instantly lunged for it, its tremendous girth completely filling her mouth. Ryan closed his eyes and lifted his head backwards, his neck widening imposingly. He was loving this, a blissful smile broadening on his face.

Suddenly, my leg gave way and I fell back against the wall, making a loud bang as my head hit against the opposite wall. Ryan’s eyes immediately snapped open and stared me down. Shit! I was horrified; I couldn’t move or speak, temporarily paralyzed by that fierce, knifelike glare.

“What the fuck are you doin’ here?” he grilled. Brionna, having not even noticed the interruption – she was way too into Ryan’s thick, juicy cock – continued giving her boyfriend head without even looking up.

“I…the, the keg,” I stammered, pointing vaguely to the back room.

Ryan sneered amused. “Well, then get it, asshole!” It seemed as if he didn’t mind the fact that I had caught him in the middle of being satisfied by his girlfriend. In fact, he almost seemed as if he was proud that I was spying on them.

I sat there still crippled with fear, not sure what to do. Why couldn’t I move? “Shit, man,” Ryan continued tormenting. “I’m kinda busy. Can you just get the damn keg and leave us fuckin’ alone.” I could tell he was nearing his climax as his breathing got heavier and his face muscles began to twitch. Brionna, meanwhile, kept working away down there, totally oblivious to me, her hands tightly clutching Ryan’s ass-cheeks.

Then, for the second time in barely 15 minutes, he let out a bestial roar as he unleashed what probably were gallons more of his super-jock cum down Brionna’s throat. Like the pro she no doubtedly was, the girl swallowed every drop of it and collapsed backwards onto the floor. Ryan, casually zipping up his pants and ignoring his sex-weary girlfriend, began lumbering toward the door.

“Fuck,” he grunted, “I’ll do it myself.” Finally coming to my senses, I scrambled to my feet in attempt to get out of his way. But as he reached me, he irately pushed me down to the floor again with a gigantic shoulder, my head painfully banging against the wall a second time. I blinked dimly, afraid to turn my head as he headed down the hall.

“Are you alright?” I heard Brionna say. I looked up to see her standing in front of me, offering a hand to help me up. I took it.

“Yeah,” I murmured sheepishly. She smiled coyly and turned to go back into the gym. For some reason, I found myself following her.

“You’re friends with Ryan’s little brother, right?” she asked sweetly. “JP?”

“Uh, yeah,” I replied, startled by the question. What was she getting at? Then, I spotted that mischievous smirk on her face and knew exactly what. A lump formed in my throat. “Why?” I croaked, though not wanting to hear the reason.

Brionna shrugged. “Oh, I don’t know,” she started aloofly. “I’m kinda getting tired of Ryan. I mean, he’s great and all,” – he eyes again widened psychotically – “but JP looks pretty hot, too.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The girl flirtatiously bit her lip as she went on. “And if he’s anything like his brother, he’ll be fantastic in bed.”

My mouth fell open a bit, my brain struggling to take in the words that were coming out of her mouth. Did she want to cheat on Ryan with JP? My heart started pounding furiously as Brionna swayed over to me, her eyes gazing at me lustfully.

“You know, if you can get me with the kid, I could throw in a little something for you.” Before I realized, I felt her hand wandering up my shirt, brushing lightly against my abs and toward my chest. “You’re pretty cute, too,” she whispered, her face only inches from mine now. I froze, afraid to move a muscle for fear of what she would – or could – do.

“Brionna, why are you hitting on that dweeb?” Ryan’s voice boomed from behind me. I anxiously turned to see his bulk filling the doorway, a keg full of beer in his hand, the muscles in his arms practically bursting out of his skin. “Bitch, that kid’s a band dork. He’s not worth it.”

I bit my tongue at those words, knowing that if I tried defending myself, it wouldn’t go very far. I just stared dazedly at my boyfriend’s massive brother.

“Come on,” he continued, grabbing his bulging crotch with his free hand, “I could use another fuck. I’m hard again already.”

Brionna’s eyes went psychotic yet again and swept past me to follow her boyfriend upstairs. But before she did, she paused to whisper in my ear one more time words that would echo through my brain:

“Remember, I always get what I want.” •

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