JP (2005)

The Homecoming


By luvyalots

I froze.

JP’s little sister was right. Ryan had hit the weights extra hard over the summer and was bigger than ever. Not only that, he somehow still outsized JP considerably, despite JP’s own incredible growth since school ended. Weighing what had to be well over 200 pounds, the power and intimidation of his tremendous bulk filled the room. I cowered behind my boyfriend’s body as it filled the doorway to the kitchen, hiding me from his behemoth brother. Ryan turned toward us as we stood there and I was scared shitless.

The first thing I noticed was the size of Ryan’s menacing neck. I had never seen anything like it before. What used to be just an impressive wrestler’s neck, it now literally arched away from his cheekbones in an exploding column of muscular cords. The bottom overlapped with a pair of thick, high-arching traps that pushed the straps of his tank-top down toward his broad, gigantic shoulders – shoulders that only a few months ago had been merely big and round, but were now two granite globes of rock that rippled with authority as he moved them.

His massive chest had gotten beyond huge since the end of the school year. Bigger than dinner plates, his pecs bulged outward creating a deep crevasse in between. They strained the upper part of his shirt so tightly that they threatened to burst free at any moment, his nipples peeking out from the sides, the fabric hanging freely around his abdomen. The two slabs of muscle that were his lats spread out behind like thick wings, forcing his enormous arms far away from his body so that they swung heavily whenever he shifted his weight.

And those arms were bigger than any arms I had ever seen. His biceps ballooned out to a fantastic peak whenever he bent his arms and his triceps clearly displayed their solid horseshoe shape even when relaxed. They dwarfed JP’s arms like his dwarfed mine; they could have easily been 20 inches around, they were so huge. And his rippling forearms were bowling pins covered with writhing, snake-like veins. They looked like they could crush anything in their grip.

“Hey, little bro,” Ryan greeted JP as if he were talking to just another dweeby kid and not the boy-god that was my boyfriend. His deep, booming voice rattled my bones. I looked up at his face for the first time, after finally be able to tear my eyes away from his body, and almost peed in my pants.

Like JP’s, Ryan’s face was flawless in every way; there was not a single blemish anywhere to be found. His piercing, green eyes carved a path right through me, no doubt melting the hearts of every girl and the nerves of guy who caught their glare. Simply put, the Maloney brothers were two of the most perfect examples of beauty known to man. But while their looks were similar, there was one big difference in the two brothers’ expressions. Ryan’s lips were twisted in a cocky sneer and his eyebrows were arched in sheer arrogance, tell-tale signs that this was a boy who was proud of his looks and his body and knew he could have anything – and anyone – he wanted.

“Hey, Ryan,” JP answered after a slight delay. His voice was flat and unemotional, seemingly unaffected by his first sight of his brother’s added mass. On the contrary, he looked to be almost energized by it. The two muscle gods stood for a few tense moments, just staring at each other, as if each was attempting to overpower the other.

Finally, Ryan sneered, showing his gleaming, white teeth. “Looks like you been hitting the weights,” he commented condescendingly, glancing down at how JP’s muscles filled his T-shirt. He stuck out his lower lip and let out a small puff of air that stirred the bangs of his jet black hair. “You don’t look so bad.”

And then, as if he this were part of a planned act, Ryan nonchalantly reached his arms over the back of his head – his biceps exploding into rocks the size of softballs – and began pulling his shirt over his head. As his naked torso was first revealed to me, I nearly lost my breath. Ryan was ripped! No longer was he just the mass of bulk he used to be at the end of his high school years. Though he was not quite as shredded as JP, his abs were clearly defined, six large and perfectly sculpted sections of muscle underlined by a pair of seductive obliques that dove toward his crotch hidden beneath his low-riding jeans.

“Mom’s gonna have to get me some new shirts,” he scoffed, looking down at his colossal chest. “The ones I wear now are gettin’ too small.” His hand ambled up toward his left pec where a large newly-etched tattoo that read “100% Grade A Beef” resided.

“You like my new tat, bro,” Ryan sneered, lovingly scratching the lettering. “All the chicks love it, especially when I let them lick my pecs after I fuck them.” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. This total jackass could not possibly be JP’s brother.

With that, he tossed the shirt onto the table and began fondly playing his fingers in between his abs. He smiled arrogantly as he did, knowing that he was still the more superior jock-god of the two brothers.

I glanced at JP out of the corner of my eye. His fists clenched up in building rage, his forearms twitching violently…but his face was still as placid and stoic as ever. He just kept staring at Ryan, determined to keep his composure. I knew he’d have his way with his brother sooner or later, just not now; JP never gave up. But Ryan was obviously not thinking about that. He just kept admiring his own glorious body as if it were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen – well, in his mind, it probably was.

After a long, uncomfortable pause, Ryan straightened himself – his jeans practically groaning under the outward pressure of his gigantic thighs – and advanced in our direction toward the door. I squashed myself into the corner, trying not to attract any attention for fear he would do or say something to me. He forced his way into the front hall, pushing his “little” brother out of his way. JP let him pass, but not without a strong brace that caused Ryan to push him a little harder than he probably would’ve liked.

As he sauntered past me toward the staircase, completely oblivious to my presence, I watched him strut. The top of his firm, round bubble butt peeked out over his jeans and the large muscles of his gigantic back shifted and rolled underneath his deeply tanned skin. He was the definition of narcissism, even stopping at the hall mirror to admire his physical perfection one more time, giving a proud smirk as he did. And I could have sworn I saw the bulge of his monster cock give a slight twitch in the area of his crotch. Figures, I thought, he turns himself on.

“I have a coupla girls comin’ over tonight,” he announced while still gazing proudly at his reflection, “so I don’t want you or your dorky friends to fuck it up.” He said it more as a boast rather than instructions. “Not like you could anyway,” he added, bouncing his massive pecs and not-so-subtly grabbing his now-obvious hard-on. JP didn’t answer, but instead, kept staring straight ahead into the kitchen, his large chest moving up and down rhythmically in an attempt to stay calm. Ryan shot one last look at the back of his brother’s head – I closed my eyes to avoid his glare – before rumbling up the stairs, the house literally shaking under the enormous piston strength of his legs.

When I was sure he was gone, I cautiously pushed myself up straight and turned toward my boyfriend, but he was no longer standing in the hallway. Slightly panicked, I nervously looked around and noticed that the door to the basement was ajar. Oh shit, I thought, starting down the stairs, my heart pounding.

As I neared the bottom, I could hear grunting and the clink of metal, the sure sounds of iron being pumped. Slowly and carefully, I rounded the corner into the gym, my eyes almost watering at what I saw. There was JP, standing in front of one of the wall mirrors – shirtless – doing curl after curl with a pair of 45-pound dumbbells. Normally, the sight of my half-naked boyfriend’s muscles getting a furious workout would make me tingle with arousal, but the expression on his face was unlike any I had ever seen before – and it downright scared me.

His eyes were on fire, as if he were trying to burn a hole through the wall. His jaw was clenched so tightly, I thought he’d crush his own teeth. And he was fuming violently; with each rep, he let out a primeval grunt that rattled every bone inside of me.

“JP,” I squeaked, unsure of whether he heard me or not.

JP stopped curling, the dumbbells falling heavily to his side. His chest was heaving massively, his arms were flushed a bright red and so pumped that his veins were visibly pulsing. He jerked his head over his shoulder. “What!” he snapped. My mouth dropped open. Never in our relationship had he ever talked to me like that. I simply didn’t know how to respond.

I moved my mouth trying to say something, but no sound came out. I felt my eyes start to fill up with tears. “I…are,” I stammered, “are you ok?”

“What?” he steamed, turning fully toward me, his shredded torso that, before now had always turned me on, now made me cringe with utter fear. “Go away! I don’t wanna talk to anyone!”


“Just GO!” he screamed, throwing the dumbbells to the ground. The load clang of the metal hitting concrete reverberated off the walls, through my ears and straight into my brain. I shut my eyes, not wanting to cry in front of JP. Terrified, I turned quickly on my heels, running up the steps and out the front door. I didn’t stop running until I got home – a whole 3 miles – and retreated to my room, slamming the door behind me. Then, without even hesitating, I flung myself onto my bed and began crying.

I don’t know how long I lay there like that – it may have been hours – but I couldn’t stop; the tears just kept coming. I hadn’t cried like that since I was a little kid…and here I was, a grown 18-year-old athlete, bawling like a baby. But I just couldn’t get JP’s eyes out of my head, that look he gave me before I turned and ran. The fear, the anger that emanated from him was too much for me to bear. I knew he was upset about Ryan – their reunion had been a disaster – but I had never expected the fury of my boyfriend to fall upon me? I had never seen him act on his emotions like that. I was confused; I didn’t know what to think.

I don’t know what time it was when I heard a knock on the door. It was my mom. “JP’s here,” she said sympathetically. “He would like to speak to you.”

I arduously turned my head toward the door, aware that my eyes were all red and puffy. The figure of my boyfriend looked down at me, his deep, blue eyes softer than I ever thought possible. His large, muscular body was hidden beneath an oversized sweatshirt, his hands in his pockets, his shoulders shrugged up toward his ears. He almost looked like a little boy rather than a hunky muscle god.

“Don’t be mad at me, Matt,” he said softly once my mom had left the room.

I swallowed painfully, my throat sore from crying. “I’m not,” I croaked. JP warily sat down on the bed next to my body, took his hands out of his pockets and started idly picking at his fingers. He looked so vulnerable and scared. I knew he wanted to say something but couldn’t get it out. That’s when I realized that he and I had felt the same thing. I slowly slid my arm toward him so that it touched his leg. He looked at me, his eyes gazing into mine fondly, and pursed his lips.

“I’m sorry,” he began. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Stop,” I interrupted. “You don’t have to apologize.” We both knew how much we loved each other and a few harsh words weren’t going to hide that. JP gave a slight smile and bent down to kiss me on the cheek. As he did, I felt his warmth hover over my body and I immediately began to feel better.

“Do you mind if I sleep here tonight?” he asked, his face a lot brighter than it was when he walked in. “Ryan has some girls over and I’d rather not have to listen to…” His voice trailed off, unable to finish the sentence.

“You don’t have to ever ask,” I replied, smiling. “You know I love sleeping with the most gorgeous guy in the world.” JP grinned modestly.

After dinner – my mom wisely refrained from asking questions – the two of us got ready for bed. I stripped my T-shirt, still starched with sweat from running home, over my head, draped it over my desk chair and turned to stare at JP who was already in bed, in his boxers. The sight of his huge pecs sighing calmly up and down, his ripped abs tensing in and out, always took my breath away. But tonight was different; there was something about the way he was just laying there that made my heart beat faster.

“JP,” I called softly. He directed his gaze at me and immediately caught my thought. I wanted to fuck him.

The memory of that night almost six months earlier, when we both gave up our virginity to each other, came flooding back to me. But this time, the nerves were almost non-existent. I don’t know if it was because we had done it before or because we were somehow more mature this time, but I felt no hesitation. I knew I wanted to do it.

Calmly, JP began slipping his boxers down his thighs, uncovering his thick, meaty cock, only half-hard but still massive. All the time, he kept his eyes on me, as if he was afraid to look away. I lowered my own shorts – my dick was already as hard as could be – and blindly kicked them off my ankles. My boyfriend looked my body up and down, seemingly marveling at its beauty. I felt my face turn red, embarrassed that I was being worshipped. I was temporarily paralyzed. JP sat up and pulled himself to the edge of the bed, the muscles in his arms rippling as he did.

“Come over here,” he urged softly. I obeyed and moved toward him. He gently took my hand and gazed up into my eyes. That’s when the most amazing feeling in the world came over me. Every uncertainty, every insecurity immediately left my body and I was consumed with an overwhelming sense of peacefulness.

I knelt down so that my face was even with his and we just looked at each other for a moment. He was so beautiful, so perfect. I did the only thing I could think of doing: I bent forward and kissed him. Instantly, my whole body was embraced in his muscular arms, his strength seeping into my every pore. Our entwined bodies fell back onto the bed, our hands groping each other’s back and head, my fingers brushing through his shaggy hair, his clutching the back of my neck. I felt his cock swell against my stomach, mine twitching with lust against his abs. I could sense the sweat beginning to form on our skin as the heat rose, but I didn’t stop, I couldn’t. My lips moved down to his neck, slithering over the throbbing cords of muscle, his hot breath blowing past my ear. We were both in complete ecstasy.

Finally, I laid my head down on JP’s round chest, feeling its warmth against my cheek, his heart racing with the same adrenaline that race through mine. I didn’t have to look at him to know that it was time. I carefully pushed myself up above his body and reached for a drawer in the bedside table. I fumbled around, trying to find the bottle of lube I had hidden in there, but I couldn’t leave the sight of JP’s body twisting around so that his wide back was looking up at me. It was breathtaking; every muscle was cut and sharply defined, but the beauty of their graceful curves and elegant arches was remarkable. It was like looking at a work of art…well, JP was a work of art. No one in the world had a body like his.

At last, I located the bottle and positioned myself directly over my boyfriend’s butt. Fuck, it was gorgeous – two perfectly round, firm globes of rock that just ached to be worshipped. Putting the bottle aside, I placed my hands around his asscheeks, causing a soft moan to escape JP’s mouth. They were as hard as if they had been carved out of marble. I moved my face closer so that I could feel the heat rising off of his skin. But there was more than just heat; a sort of power – almost magical – drifted up from him that I had never sensed before. As if by some other force, my lips touched against his butt, lightly kissing the surface of the flawless skin. JP let out a few more moans as I continued drifting my lips along his crack and around his hole. I couldn’t believe that this was all mine, that this was being offered to me.

Distantly, I grabbed the bottle of lube, poured some into my hands and applied it to my boyfriend’s ass. His muscles flinched at the cold touch, the dimples in the side of his butt quivering for a quick second, but then he relaxed again. I slopped some more of the gunk onto my aching dick and took a deep breath before I continued. This was it; I was about to enter my boyfriend and give him what I knew he wanted.

The individual muscles of JP’s back twitched involuntarily as I penetrated the head of my dick into his crack. I stopped and reached up a hand to his, trying to remember what he did to me. He turned his head back to me in a silent gesture to keep going and I obeyed. He barely winced or made a sound, despite the fact that I knew it was painful. He was so strong, so brave; I loved him so much. Bit by bit, I slipped my cock into my boyfriend, halting each time to make sure he was ok. With each movement, I felt the overpowering erotic feeling, so great sometimes that I thought I would collapse onto him in a limp heap, having lost complete control of my body.

After a fantastic eternity, but before I knew it, I found my entire cock inside my boyfriend’s body. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before in my life; serenity, excitement, fear, bliss, ecstasy – I felt all of those things and all at the same time. It had happened so quickly and yet so gradually, I barely had noticed it had happened. My mind was racing. I slowly relaxed on top of JP’s wide back, my chest pressing gently against the thick ridges of muscle. Neither of us said anything, afraid we’d break the mood. I tenderly kissed the back of his neck as he turned his head and smiled at me. I knew I was home.

Then, JP subtly shifted his pelvis, sending waves of intense passion through my dick and into my entire body. I had almost forgotten! I slowly pulled my cock about halfway out, letting the flood of pleasure surge through me, and after a quick moment of hesitation, I went back in again. My brain raced wildly; I fought the temptation to pass out. The gasps and groans that came from JP told me he was feeling the exact same thing.

Once I caught my breath, I repeated the motion, this time a little more sure of myself. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I couldn’t believe that I was fucking the most beautiful boy on the planet. It was almost too good to be true. I half-expected to wake up any second lying alone in my bed instead of inside my boyfriend’s body. But as I moved my cock in and out of his ass harder and faster, our bodies growing hotter and sweatier, our breathing getting heavier and more frantic, I realized that this was all real. I clutched the headboard for dear life as we both reached an amazing climax. JP practically screamed as I erupted into him, the largest and most intense orgasm I had ever had. His body shook uncontrollably as he spewed his own cum all over the bed.

When it was all over, I collapsed on top of JP’s back, breathing so hard I couldn’t get a sound out of my mouth for almost five minutes. JP’s hair was soaked with sweat, his shaggy locks matted becomingly against his forehead and the back of his neck.

“Oh my God,” he finally said, rolling his eyes up at me and reaching a muscled arm to massage my head. “That was unbelievable.”

I still couldn’t speak, but I smiled at him, letting him know how much I loved him. For that brief period of time, I had gotten him to forget about his brother and the bitter rivalry that was between them. I had given my boyfriend a world that no one else could have given to him, a world in which he knew he belonged. And I knew from that moment on, I knew that we would always be together; nothing could tear us apart. JP Maloney would always be mine and I would always be his. •

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