JP (2005)

The Birthday


By luvyalots

“Happy Birthday, Matt,” JP greeted me cheerfully as he hopped out of his car. I had been keeping watch from my bedroom window and ran downstairs as soon as I saw his dark green Geo Prizm – which used to be his brother’s car – round the bend in the street.

We hugged casually, resisting the temptation to kiss, in case my mom – or anyone else for that matter – happened to see us. Although she was taking our relationship the best that she possibly could, and better than I could have ever imagined, we didn’t want to push our luck too much. We both realized that it was still awkward for her to have a son who was gay…and in a relationship with another guy.

“How does it feel to be legal at last?” JP asked, suggestively arching his left eyebrow at me.

“Not much different,” I gave the customary answer, ignoring the shudder that swept down my spine. There was something in the way he said those words that told me I should be expecting more than just a simple birthday present that night.

It was mid-December and the day of my 18th birthday. My mom had invited JP over for a small celebration, as well as to exchange Christmas gifts, since Christmas was barely a week away. My eyes widened as my boyfriend took out a large paper bag from the back seat, along with the usual backpack he brought whenever he stayed over at my house.

“What’s in the bag?” I asked impulsively.

JP turned and grinned. “What, you think I wouldn’t give you something for your birthday and for Christmas?” I blushed with shame. Because my birthday was so close to Christmas, I usually got the bad end of the “two-for-one” deal. I should have known that my boyfriend would never gyp me like so many other people did.

He walked by me up the front walk, leaving me melting on the driveway in the crisp, cold air. God, he was so good to me! I turned and followed the blue and white high school letter jacket – earned his freshman year on the wrestling team – into the house.

My mom greeted him adoringly as he came through the door. She loved him almost like a second son. I could tell from how her eyes lit up whenever she saw him. She immediately asked JP how the wrestling season was going.

“Not bad,” he answered modestly. Talk about the understatement of the year. JP was, in fact, undefeated a full month into the season. Not only that, but he had so far outscored his opponents 45-7. No one could touch him; he was such an amazing athlete. “Wow,” he changed the subject, rubbing his stomach, “whatever you’re cooking, Mrs. Andersson, it sure smells good.”

Typical, I thought, he’s hungry. When is he not? My mom beamed with pride as she invited us into the kitchenette off the living room. Knowing that JP had to watch his weight for wrestling, she made sure she prepared a dinner that was very healthy: chicken, vegetables, the whole works. Of course, this wasn’t too hard for her since from the time I was born, she was feeding me good food. After dinner – of which JP gladly had seconds – my mom brought out a small chocolate birthday cake.

“Oh, man,” JP stretched, arching his back and causing his massive pecs to swell the printing of the Green Bay Packer T-shirt – the one I had given him for his birthday – to distorted proportions. The bottom of the shirt lifted up, revealing a peek of his shredded abs. “I don’t know if I have any more room for cake,” he remarked, rubbing his flat stomach. My mom and I laughed, knowing the obvious unlikelihood of that statement being true.

Once JP had finished his second piece – not enough room, my ass! – and the table was cleared, the three of us moved into the living room to open presents. JP went first. It was kind of funny watching that hunk of a boy ripping open his Christmas gift from me like a little kid. He yelped with joy when he saw what it was: a Train CD – JP’s favorite band.

My mom opened hers next. She received a Josh Groban CD from me and a Best of Trading Spaces DVD from JP. “How did you know that was my favorite TV show?” she asked my boyfriend, utterly surprised.

He blushed and shrugged his round shoulders. “I had a hunch.” Man, the guy didn’t miss a thing, did he? It was always on when he came over, so he must’ve put two and two together.

Finally, it was my turn. I unwrapped my mom’s presents first, knowing that JP’s would be something special. For my birthday, my mom had gotten me a closet organizing kit (“I figured you’d need it for college,” she told me, as JP sniggered). And for Christmas, I got the first season of 24 on DVD. Obviously, I was more excited about that one since it was my favorite show.

“Thanks, mom,” I said, a big smile on my face.

“Ok,” JP blurted eagerly, “open my presents now.” I could tell he was practically bursting at the seams with anticipation. “This one first,” he ordered, shoving a wide, rectangular box on my lap.

It turned out to be a large Ohio State Buckeyes sweatshirt. I gasped in thanks as I tried it on. Ohio State was the school I was hoping to get into – I was still in the process of applying – so I was more than ecstatic at being able to wear it while still in high school.

“Thanks, man,” I said, unable to take my eyes away from my boyfriend’s twinkling smile.

“Open this one now,” he reminded me, snapping me back to Earth. I blinked and took the wrapped box from him, looking at it curiously. It was small and flat, like the kind of package you’d use for jewelry, though I knew that neither he nor I were that type.

I tore open the paper, my heart thumping wildly, and carefully opened the box cover. I opened my mouth, about to thank JP, but no words came out. I was shocked. How did he get these? I wondered. I looked up at my boyfriend, who was biting his lip, recognizing my astonishment.

“What is it, bun?” my mom asked, craning her neck for a better look.

“How,” I started. “How did you snag these?” I took them out of the box and held them to the light: two tickets to a New York Philharmonic concert! As someone who planned to go into music, I had wanted to see them live ever since I was little and I had begged my mom to take me, but we were never able to get tickets. Now, the person I loved the most in the whole world had just given me the greatest present he could have ever thought of.

“I bought them a long time ago online,” JP answered humbly. “As soon as I heard that they were going on tour this spring and were going to be at the Kennedy Center, I knew you’d want to go.”

I was so happy, I almost had tears in my eyes. Without thinking, I crawled across the couch to kiss JP, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw my mom and hugged him instead. I could really show him my appreciation later, I figured. He seemed to understand.

Later, as JP was upstairs unpacking his bag, I helped my mom load the dishwasher. (We had to forcefully persuade JP not to pitch in). She sighed and looked thoughtfully out the kitchen window. I looked over at her, knowing that she was about to say something serious and heartfelt.

“You know, Matthew,” she said, “that boy really loves you.”

I gazed down at the plate I was holding, feeling the slight awkwardness of my own mother saying those words. But I knew she was right. “Yeah,” I whispered, barely loud enough for her to hear.

“Very few people,” she continued, “can say they’ve found the person they’re meant to be with…but you can.” I could see her eyes begin to well up. “Don’t ever lose him.”

I nodded obediently. She was smiling as she spoke, but I couldn’t help but notice the sadness behind that smile. As hard as it was for her to accept my sexuality, it was even harder for her to see what was in my relationship with JP that was never in her own relationship with my dad.

You see, my mom had been brought up learning that she should always strive for her very best in everything…and she did pretty well for herself, except her marriage. As far as she was concerned, that had been a disaster. I mean, my dad wasn’t a bad guy or anything, it was just that they were obviously not meant for each other and their relationship never worked out the way they had hoped. And now, my dad was married to another woman – I had refused to attend the wedding in September – and that had shut the door on any possibility of the two getting back together. I, on the other hand, was extremely lucky.

“It all seems too perfect,” I thought aloud once I was back up in my room with JP.

“What does?” JP asked, sitting next to me on my bed.

“Us,” I turned my head toward him sincerely. “Our relationship. I love you, you love me. It seems too good to be true.”

My boyfriend smiled as he wrapped a muscular arm around me. “Please,” he started, almost laughing, “how many times do I have to tell you. I’m lucky to have met you.”

I leaned my head on his shoulder, practically purring as his warmth started going through me. This is what I loved most about him: his incredible ability to pass his strength onto me, making me feel like the most powerful, most invincible person on the planet. I placed my hand on his thigh, touching its warm, ripped hardness. Then, a thought entered my head. Would he do it? I wondered. I subtly slid my fingers up his enormous leg toward his crotch. JP sensed what I was doing and looked at me, a spellbinding provocative look on his face.

“Would you like me to?” he whispered, smirking. Somehow, he knew what I wanted and was ready to give me whatever I asked of him.

“You don’t mind?” I asked, raising my eyebrows slightly.

“Whatever you want,” he whispered. “It’s your birthday. This is all for you.” My mind had been going crazy lately – with SATs, college applications and trumpet auditions to prepare for – so JP knew how much I needed a release. We had been planning this for a while now and I felt like my god of a boyfriend deserved it.

“Just stay here on the bed,” he said, standing up slowly and deliberately, his eyes gazing down at me placidly, “and I’ll be back in a few minutes.” With that, he bent down to plant a quick kiss on my lips and turned to walk out of the room. I sighed, knowing that he loved me so much, he’d do anything for me.

Trying to contain my excitement, I obediently crawled more fully onto the bed. Wondering what my boyfriend had in store for me, I lay down and turned on the TV, my dick already aching from anticipated passion. God, I hoped he came back quickly.

After a few excruciating moments, JP peeked his head back into my room. His face was twisted in excitement. “Close your eyes,” he ordered quietly. I obeyed.

The next thing I heard was the creak of the door as my boyfriend entered. I fought the temptation to open my eyes to see was he was doing, where he was going, but I knew that would ruin it. I felt the coolness of his shadow looming over me, the warmth of his heat only inches from my body.

“Can I open my eyes now?” I asked hesitatingly.

JP didn’t answer. Instead, he grabbed my hand and wordlessly invited – no, ordered – me to stand up. I felt like I had no choice but to follow his command. There was something different about the way he handled me.

“Now you can open your eyes…little man,” he said, his voice low and booming, almost menacing in a way that send a tingle down my spine.

I lifted my eyelids and immediately felt weak in the knees. There, standing in front of me, barely a few feet away, was JP…wearing nothing but his wrestling singlet. The spandex fabric hugged his muscular body, clinging to every curve and crevice of his ripped torso. His abs and obliques were clearly visible, pushing through the material. His breathing was slow and deliberate, moving his massive chest up and down in an ominously rhythmic pattern, his hard, sharp nipples practically ripping out of the singlet. His thick arms were forced out from his sides by a pair of engorged lats. He must’ve just completed a few sets of push-ups before coming back into my room since I could literally see his veins pulsing and pumping beneath his paper-thin skin.

His thighs, shredded beyond belief so that I could pick out every muscle and tendon, bulged threateningly, twitching as if they had minds of their own. They were so huge, he had to stand with his feet apart to avoid them rubbing up against each other creating a sizable gap, a gap that was further exaggerated by his crotch. I knew he normally wore a jockstrap during wrestling matches…but he certainly wasn’t wearing one now. I could see the definite outline of his monstrous cock wrapping around his tiny waist, his huge golf ball-sized balls pushing out from underneath. Even though he was only partially hard, the size of that 9-inch meat was already impressive, bigger than most other guys’ dicks fully erect.

Then, there were his eyes. They pierced right through me, completely shattering my brain and all I could think about was JP. It was like he had total control over my every thought; I was powerless. I felt my legs actually begin to quiver as I offered my body over to this man, this god that stood before me. He was so gorgeous, so sexy, so powerful. I wanted to worship him.

“You like this,” he uttered deeply, his deep, husky voice echoing through my head. Holy fuck, he was amazing.

Slowly, he raised a beefy arm and began to flex it right in front of my face. I hazily stepped forward and leaned in, practically touching my skin to his flawless bicep, its peak reaching higher and higher as he drew his forearm closer to him. When it was fully flexed, it looked downright huge, bulging alarmingly and covered in pulsing veins and twitching muscle fibers. It looked bigger than 18 inches. Gently, my lips touched his hot, sweaty skin, sending currents of erotic electricity through me. For a split second, I felt like I couldn’t breath.

“Go on,” JP whispered, “you can kiss it.”

I did, but this time, I held on longer, taking in the heat and strength of my boyfriend’s massive arm. Oh my God! This was unbelievable! Suddenly, an intense passion came over me and I began to suck on JP’s bicep, and then lick it, all the time moving my tongue around his flawless skin harder and harder, becoming more and more frenzied. I wanted to experience every inch of that muscle; I wanted to feel it in my mouth. I grabbed his bowling pin forearm, my fingers unable to wrap themselves around it, and started attacking his whole arm with my lips, completely obsessed with it. JP stood his ground and let me completely worship his arm. He deserved it.

Then, something amazing happened, like out of a dream. I felt my legs give way and the next thing I knew, I was on my knees, staring at a gigantic, shredded thigh, its powerful, bulging muscle looking me straight in the face. I immediately continued my furious licking, groping the immense column of steel with my hands. JP moaned with pleasure as I worked my way upwards and could actually hear the groan of the spandex stretching. Groggily, I looked up and saw my boyfriend’s thick cock growing by the second, lengthening toward his side and straining the fabric closer and closer to the ripping point.

“Oh my God,” JP breathed, almost as if he were in pain. He hurriedly fumbled with the straps of the singlet, trying to get them around his broad shoulders.

At the same time, I attacked his expanding dick, focused only it, completely hypnotized by it. I felt like it was calling to me somehow. It was jumping and thrashing in spasms, fighting to escape from its elastic prison. I took it in my hands, feeling its tremendous girth, its length longer than both hand-lengths.

“Fuck! Oh fuck!” JP’s voice was at a feverish pitch as he struggled to peel the singlet off his sweaty torso, knowing that if he didn’t let it free, his enormous cock was going to literally rip through the fabric. Once he got it down to around his abdomen, I helped him force it over his dick, desperately wanting to get at it in sheer lust.

Finally, the monstrous organ lunged out from behind the spandex, almost whacking me in the face. I felt nothing but hard, throbbing meat being shoved down my throat as my mouth impulsively dove around the most perfect cock in the world. Extreme waves of pleasure shot through my brain as I sucked harder and harder on my boyfriend; I was oblivious to everything else. The walls of my throat ached and my lips began to quiver from the effort.

Suddenly, JP’s cock lurched and began spewing torrent after torrent of milky cum straight down my throat. I fought the instinct to gag, trying desperately to swallow every drop. My tongue couldn’t move, pinned to the bottom of my mouth by the thick piece of meat that filled me. After what had to be a full minute of ejaculation, JP’s orgasm finally slowed and our movements began to relax. Totally exhausted, I fell backwards from my boyfriend against the side of the bed. I slowly opened my eyes to see JP leaning opposite me against the wall, his singlet still around his knees, one hand on his flushed chest, breathing as hard as I was.

We didn’t say anything to each other for nearly thirty minutes; we were just too tired. That night, as we lay in each other’s arms, I fell asleep knowing that I was complete. I don’t know if it was because I had probably a gallon of my boyfriend’s spunk in me or the fact that I had given him what he deserved…or both, but I had never in all my life felt more at peace.

The next morning, I woke up to the view of JP looking out the window wearing only his boxers. I sighed at the beauty of the scene: this massive hunk of a boy, every muscle perfectly highlighted by the rising sun. He heard me and turned to kneel in front of my face. His gorgeous, blue eyes gazed softly into me.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he purred and kissed me gently on the forehead.

“Good morning,” I sighed again.

“Today’s the day,” he said, standing up and bending down to pick up a white T-shirt to put on. I was briefly taken by how his back muscles stretched as he did, his bubble butt rising into the air. I looked at him puzzled at first and then realized what he meant. I had almost forgotten. Today was the day that Ryan, JP’s brother was arriving home from college. We quickly got dressed – though not without stealing glances at each other every now and then – and hurried downstairs to the kitchen for a quick breakfast. Then, we hopped into JP’s car and drove to his house.

As we walked through the door, the whirring sounds of a vacuum told us that Mrs. Maloney was upstairs cleaning Ryan’s bedroom in preparation for his homecoming. Without so much as a word, I followed JP up the steps to his room and passed the time helping him unpack his bag.

Barely twenty minutes later, the crunch of tires against the driveway signaled the approach of Ryan’s car. JP immediately ran to the window to catch a glimpse of his brother.

“Holy shit,” he exclaimed. I hurried up next to him, but Ryan had gone out of view by the time I did.

“What?” I asked, my heart beating furiously.

“Erin was right,” JP said simply. I looked at his face, white and drained of all emotion, but that was all I could get out of my boyfriend.

On a dime, he turned and jogged toward the door. I followed him obediently, down the stairs and into the front hallway toward the kitchen. As we approached, the light seemed dimmer than usual as a large, bulky figure obscured its rays. It couldn’t have been anyone else but Ryan. •

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