God Revealed, A

The first phone call


By AdvnturPup

I encountered the MusclGOD two days ago for the first time.

First I saw someone in an aol room whose profile spoke of Him with awe and reverence: Location: Midwest Sex: Male Marital Status: THE BROTHERHOOD Hobbies: WM, 26yo. 5'8" 155# 40c, 29w Personal Quote: I have began to grow with DemonMusclGOD, He has shown me His power.

I instant messaged the person but he didn't respond. However, curious, I looked up the profile of the GOD Himself and was impressed: DEMONMUSCLGOD Location: L.A./ USA / TRAVEL TO HELP MY BROTHERS.

Marital Status: 54 Followers as of 6/1/00 Hobbies: I HAVE COME TO HELP ALL! My power and size continues to grow daily.

Currently 230lbs, 5'11, 49'c, 19' arms, 32' w, 27' quads, 17'c, HUGE VEINS ripple through my Arms and Massive Legs. I am here to help you find and receive the POWER! GROW WITH ME.

Computers: Get Huge and Massive, The BROTHERHOOD will guide you to Sexual Power and Control over others. Feed your Hunger over the weak & Occupation: and know what POWER is! I will teach you to FEED. Sex is control, Power is all, seek the true Strength of mankind. I'M THE ONE Personal Quote: The Time has Come, the Brotherhood is waiting to show you the way. Through me all is possible, grow with me, taste the power of masculine perfection and muscle to levels that you never knew existed! It is time, come and I will show you the way home!

It hit a nerve in my crotch that was old and abiding, the far edge of the muscle sex fantasies I'd had since I was small. A bit freaky, but as the saying goes: "no one ever won an argument with a hard on!" So, still more curious, I buddy listed the GOD and waited to see what a chat would be like.

Within a few minutes, sure enough, He popped up and I asked to approach Him. "HAIL THE MUSCLE GOD", He responded and began to engage me in conversation. He was patient and careful, but forceful as well. He spoke to me of the Brotherhood, the men who have recognized something unique and powerful in Him. He challenged me to experience it directly by calling Him, giving Him the opportunity to "enter" my mind directly, affecting me from within. Again, throughout this chat, as unlikely as it sounded, there was no arguing with my crotch; my cock was rigid - no mean occurrence as this was week two of a vacation in which I had been 'de-stressing' from work with ALOT of sex play. In fact, I had decided not to jerk off at all this day because my last vacation night was just ahead and I was planning to save all my energy for a trip to the baths! But He gave me the phone number to call and I thought "what the hell?"

I logged off, picked up the phone, lay down on the bed, and dialed the number.

"Hello" came a deep, resonant voice.

"Hello - this is pup...?"

"Welcome pup! Praise to the Muscle God! Praise to the Power! Are you ready for this pup?"

"I don't know Sir - I think so..."

"Are you excited pup?"


"Tell Me what you're feeling."

"I'm feeling excited, a bit nervous, a bit scared Sir"

"Why is that pup?"

"....because this is deep fantasy territory for me..."

"I'm what you've been waiting for, aren't I, pup? How long have you waited for Me?"

"All my life Sir..."

And my cock was bouncing in my shorts. I unzipped them and pulled them down, my cock crying for some attention. He proceeded to tell me more about the Brotherhood, how He came to be aware of His powers, of the men who first showed him what he was capable of, and how He came to accept what His role would be...

"How is this making you feel, pup?"

"Excited Sir...."

"Where do you feel it pup?"

"In my crotch Sir, in my chest too."

"Good pup. Now I'm going to tell you about the Chant of Power, pup. This is something that the Brothers recite every day. They recite it many times a day. When they get up in the morning and go to bed, when they prepare for a workout, when they do their sets. If you learn this and chant it you will grow, because I will help you grow. You can recite it with Me on the phone sometimes. And sometimes I will be physically with you and you will chant it as part of a Service in My Presence. Listen to My Voice, pup, and repeat the Chant of Power after me."

His Voice, deep and richly textured, deepened still and he began to recite: "I want the power - repeat after me pup - I want the power..."

"I want the power," I repeated.

"I need the power."

"I need the power."

" I will have the power," he continued, phrase by phrase, awaiting my repetition, guiding me through it... "I want the hunger, I need the hunger, I will feed the hunger. My cock is all, my cock is full.. my cock will rule. I will embrace the anger, I will use the anger, I will show them the Anger! The rage is here, the rage is now, the rage will rule. I will fucking rule, They will know my power. They will be destroyed! They will bow down before us, they will know our power, They will feel the Pain! The brotherhood is all, the brotherhood is NOW, The brotherhood will Cum, Cum, Cum...."

Strange words to be reciting! Words to be discomfited by, in fact! Yet I was reciting them and felt as though I was sinking into something. My questioning mind thought: clever use of repetition - a form of hypnosis, perhaps, even... Which is certainly true, yet not everyone knows how to wield that well and so far we were just repeating words back and forth...

"Now, pup, I want you to be lying comfortably. I'm going to talk to you pup and I don't want you to say anything unless I ask you a direct question, ok?"

"Yes Lord..."

And then his voice deepened still further and he began to speak into my ear and it was like the sound of rolling thunder, but not thunder that diminishes within a few moments, thunder that just rolls and rolls, sweeping across the plains of my oldest desires, rolling and rolling into my mind, through my body, into my heart, into my crotch...

"Come into the power, pup, come into the power, come into me, come into the dark, come into me, pup, come into me, you want the power, I have the power, I will give you the power, pup, I will give you the power, come into me pup, come into the dark, come into the power, feel the power, pup, feel the power, feel it in you, feel My power inside you pup, come into the power, come into the power, come to the Father, come into the Father, He's waiting for you, don't be afraid, you know the power, pup, you've known the power, you want the power, the power is yours, pup, the power is yours, come to the father, feel it in you, feel it in you... can you feel it pup?"

"Yes Lord," I whispered.

"where can you feel it pup?"

"In my crotch, in my mind, in my heart Sir"

"what does it feel like?"

"Like heat Sir! Like heat!"

"good pup!, come deeper pup, come deeper into the dark pup, I have the power, I AM the power, come into the power, come into me, come into me, taste the power, pup, feel the power, the power is in you pup, the power IS you pup, taste the power, feel the power, come into me, come into me, come into the dark, come to the Father, come to me, pup, come to me..."

And as he's speaking I'm barely touching my cock, but the sensations in it, as spent as it has been over the last two weeks, are extraordinary and irresistible. Soft moans begin to escape my lips and he hears them and responds...

"you're excited pup, you're excited by this power and your heart is speeding up, pup, feel it speed up still?" and I do! "I'm speeding it up pup, across a continent pup, the power is reaching to you, I am reaching to you, feel my power pup, feel my power! Express the power pup! Show me the power! Praise the power pup! I command you, pup! Feel the power! Feel the Father! Come into the father!"

My moaning is getting loud now, my hand is lightly brushing back and forth over my cock and it is rock hard and rigid - whatever is happening, I'm caught in the grip of it and, prior ideas of 'saving myself' for this evening are utterly forgotten, everything is utterly forgotten, as I feel waves of desire and release pouring through my body!

"feel it pup! Come into the Father pup! Feel the power! Pour it out pup! I command you pup! Show your Father pup! Show your God! NOW, pup! NOW! I COMMAND IT!!!"

And I shoot! Cum pouring out of me, more cum than I would have thought possible, pouring into my hand, as my mouth emits cries and moans and body heaves and convulses around the pleasure and release SHOOTING from my cock! I cum and I cum and I cum! And I'm catching all of it in my hand, as much as I can - not my usual practice, not my usual practice at all, but I'm trying to hold it for some reason, trying to catch all of it...

"Good, pup, you've felt the power! How did it feel, pup? Did you feel that inside you?"

"Yes Lord!"

"And what are you going to do now, pup?"

And I start to consume my own cum as though its some sort of sacrament - again, not my usual habit, but it seems the obvious thing to do. He hears me licking it from my hand through the phone.

"Good, pup, good, feed on my power pup. Feed on me. From now on when you will cum you will take it like this, as though it were from me directly. And the power will grow in you and you will grow because I will be reaching out to you to help you. The Father will be there in you and around you...."

And so our phone call ends. My first encounter with the GOD. His voice still in my ear I rise to clean myself and remain astonished because my cock, though tired out and fully spent only moments before, is still as hard as it can get. It feels as though His grip on it, on me has not yet been released. He promises we will talk again, that I will think of Him continually until that time - and I know that, whether it be the Power, or hypnosis, or a cunning sense of how to tap into my heretofore most secret desires, or all three! I will be thinking of Him and I will be awaiting the chance to speak with Him, to hear His Voice in my ear, not one more time, but many...

The GOD awaits me... •

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