Doctor Wilton


By Kymuscleboy

Dr. Wilton still could not believe the phenomenal change in his body. He had grown from a 6'1", 210 pound well developed hunk into a 6'2" massive bodybuilder in a matter of minutes. He now weighed just over 280 pounds. His chest, with his big lats and pecs flexed, was almost 65 inches around. His biceps peaked at 24 1/2 inches and his waist had shrunk down to a fatless 30 inches. Dr. Wilton's quads, when flexed, were an awesome 34 inches around and more striated than any of the pros in competition. His calves, hugely prominent on the back of his legs, measured out at 23 inches, almost as large as his arms. And as for his dick, when measured at its hardest, it was 12 1/2 inches long and over 6 inches around!

After his amazing jack-off session, Dr. Wilton decided he should test to see if his strength had increased to match his incredible new size. The experimental exercise facility in his lab was loaded with enhanced heavy-duty equipment, which was able to withstand much more weight than regular gym equipment. Dr. Wilton wanted to put on some clothes before he worked out, but he had a problem. The clothes he had worn into work that day were way too small for his fantastic new body. In fact even the loose clothes he kept at his lab for working out were too small. Dr. Wilton searched the lockers in his gym and found some clothes that he thought would fit. They were the workout clothes of Daryl Washington, the big, black defensive lineman who had been a test subject for his research. Dr. Wilton put on the XXXL sweatshirt and XXL sweat pants and was surprised to see that the big jock's huge clothes barely fit over his massive new musculature. It was a good thing the pants had a drawstring, because while they barely fit over his huge thighs they were incredibly loose on his tight, muscled waist. Luckily, his workout shoes still fit, even though they were a little tight. Now that he was dressed, Dr. Wilton could get on with testing his strength.

He went to the bench press station, pleased by the way his huge thighs rolled around each other when he walked. Dr. Wilton's max. bench press had been 500 pounds, so he thought that would be a good place to start. He loaded 500 pounds on the bar and then positioned himself on the bench. He psyched himself up and then took the bar off the rack and pressed it up with no effort. He couldn't believe how easy it was! His previous max. and he was pressing it like it was nothing. He pumped out a few more effortless reps and decided he needed more weight on the bar. Dr. Wilton put 100 more pounds on the bar, for a total of 600 pounds. Again he pressed the weight without any effort! Dr. Wilton was starting to get excited, and his huge new dick was starting to come alive in his sweats. He pumped out a few reps and again decided to add more weight. This time Dr. Wilton added 200 pounds to the bar for a total of 800 lbs.! Even this incredible weight was too easy, and Dr. Wilton was amazed. He kept adding weight to the bar and pumping out a few reps with each new weight. With each new weight Dr. Wilton got more and more excited, and as he became more excited his huge new cock grew harder and harder. He repeated this cycle until he finally pumped out 10 reps with an incredible 1500 pounds on the bar. The formula had obviously increased his strength much more relative to his size. "Fucking awesome!" thought Dr. Wilton. He was able to do 10 reps with three times his old max. Dr. Wilton thought he must be the strongest fucking man in the whole damned world, and he loved it!

By the time he was done pumping his chest, Dr. Wilton's cock had grown up past his waistband and was so pumped he thought it was going to burst. He grabbed his steel-hard, 12 1/2" long by 6" around pole with both his massive hands, still amazed by the size of it. He took off his shirt, flexed his huge pecs and rubbed and squeezed his nipples as he pumped his big cock with all his might. Each stroke was electric, and Dr. Wilton could feel his orgasm building with each one. After just a few strokes, Dr. Wilton came with the most intense orgasm he'd had in his entire life. The feeling was incredible and spread through his entire body as he shook with the intensity of it. Dr. Wilton pumped out such huge amounts of cum that it covered his huge, hairy chest and formed a few puddles around the weight bench. He had to use several gym towels to wipe it up. Dr. Wilton was so excited and turned on by his new size that he could have immediately jacked off again, but he decided to get on with his strength test so that he could hit the clubs and show off his incredible new body.

After the bench press, Dr. Wilton wanted to test his strength in the squat. This was the exercise that for him exemplified masculinity and power. He put his sweatshirt back on and went over to the squat rack. Dr. Wilton had always liked squats, and because he was a former football player, could squat with a heavy 700 pounds. Again Dr. Wilton was astonished to find that he could squat with over 2200 pounds, more than three times his old max. He repeated the tests with several other exercises and found the same amazing results with each one. Dr. Wilton reveled in his new incredible strength. He had always enjoyed being more built and being strong enough to dominate his partners. Now it would be better than ever! He could pick up the biggest most well built guy in a bar, and he would still be bigger and a hell of a lot stronger. This thought excited him, and Dr. Wilton decided it was time to leave work. He wanted to get ready to hit the clubs and would have to stop on the way home to get some clothes that would fit and show off his fantastic new body.

As Dr. Wilton was about to leave the exercise lab, he suddenly started feeling hot, dizzy and nauseous. This was the same as he had felt after taking the growth formula, but this time the feeling was much more intense. Dr. Wilton thought this was odd, since none of his lab animals had experienced a second round of effects. After a couple of minutes, the feelings the dizziness and nausea went away, but Dr. Wilton still felt incredibly hot. Sweat was pouring from his body. Then, as before, his thigh started shaking with involuntary muscle spasms and convulsions. The spasms were much more severe than before, and as the convulsions spread through his body, Dr. Wilton could not keep his balance. He fell to the floor writhing in pain as the spasms overtook him. Dr. Wilton wondered if his happiness with his new body was to be short- lived, as he thought he was going to die from the convulsions. However, his fears subsided as the spasms got less severe then faded away.

Dr. Wilton stood up and looked in the mirror. To his astonishment he saw that he was growing again. His chest was swelling at an amazing pace, stretching the huge sweatshirt he was wearing. Then his lats started swelling as well, getting thicker and much wider with each second. Next Dr. Wilton could feel his arms growing beyond their already huge 24 1/2 inches as his shoulder muscles grew broader, his delts developing like cannonballs. His traps were thickening and growing higher, rising up almost to his ears. Dr. Wilton then noticed his legs. He could feel his already huge, striated 34-inch quads growing larger, his strength increasing with his size. His bull-like calves, already a huge 23 inches, were becoming absolutely monstrous. Dr. Wilton could feel his stomach muscles thickening into perfect brick-shaped sections, though he didn't feel like his waist was getting any bigger.

The growth continued, lasting much longer than the first time. Even the XXXL, knit sweatshirt couldn't contain Dr. Wilton's rapidly growing muscles. The neck of the shirt was stretched as far as it could go by his thick neck and bulging traps when it ripped out in the front and the back. The rip continued down the back of the shirt as Dr. Wilton's ever-expanding lats forced the material further and further apart. The shirt then started to rip down the front as his pecs grew thicker and wider, becoming two giant slabs of hard muscle. Dr. Wilton's shoulders grew wider as they developed into huge cannonballs of muscle, tearing the sleeves away from the rest of the shirt. The only parts of the shirt left intact were the sleeves, but that was short- lived. The sleeves became painfully tight as Dr. Wilton's forearms grew to the size his biceps were just a minute before. His triceps were growing so huge that he could clearly see the horseshoe shape pressed into the shirt, while his biceps looked as if he had stuffed a football up his sleeve. Finally, Dr. Wilton's arms grew so large that without even being flexed they blasted free of the shirt sleeves as the material tore like paper.

Dr. Wilton looked at himself in the mirror and could not believe what he was seeing. He was bigger than any professional bodybuilder and still growing by the second. His pants were stretched so tight over his massive legs that Dr. Wilton could see the separations in all of his quadriceps muscles. His giant calves were becoming bigger than most bodybuilders' thighs. Suddenly there was a surge of growth and the pant legs disintegrated over Dr. Wilton's massive quads and calves. He looked back in the mirror and still could not believe what was happening. Dr. Wilton guessed that he was carrying at least 375 pounds of muscle on his 6'2" frame. That's more than fifty pounds heavier than big Greg Kovacs! And Dr. Wilton was ripped to shreds, more striated than any competitive bodybuilder. "Damn," thought Dr. Wilton. He was bigger than any bodybuilder had ever been, and he was still growing!

Suddenly, Dr. Wilton felt the pace of his growth increase. He looked in the mirror and could swear that he looked taller. However, he was distracted when he felt a sharp pain in his feet. His shoes felt unbearably tight. Dr. Wilton couldn't figure out what was causing his pain at first, but he figured it out as his feet burst out of his shoes. He was growing taller, much taller! Dr. Wilton continued to grow taller, thicker, and wider as his muscles more than kept up with his increasing height. The remnants of his clothes ripped and fell from his body as Dr. Wilton kept growing larger. He then noticed that he was indeed growing everywhere. Dr. Wilton's cock was hanging at least a foot long and thicker than a coke can, and he was still completely flaccid. Finally the growth stopped, and Dr. Wilton realized he was bigger than any man had ever been. He measured his height at 7'8". He couldn't believe it. He had grown a foot and a half! What was even more amazing, though, was his muscularity. He jumped on the heavy-duty scale in his lab, but its 600 pound capacity wasn't enough to weigh this stud. Dr. Wilton was beyond massive, beyond huge; he was a fuckin' giant!

Dr. Wilton looked in the mirror and flexed his giant arms one at a time, then he did the most incredible double biceps pose ever seen. The massive, medicine ball-shaped peaks of his biceps practically touched his fists as he flexed. He relaxed his arms and his triceps exploded into massive horseshoes without even flexing. Dr. Wilton then tensed his tris and the horseshoes jumped into bold relief, each head as big as most bodybuilders' entire triceps muscles. Dr. Wilton's arms were each almost as big as his chest had been before he took the growth formula. His arms were so ripped that striations could be seen in every inch of muscle, and thick veins snaked over his arms, pumping supercharged blood to the muscles. He clenched his massive hands into giant fists and watched his hairy, corded forearms flex as big as a bowling ball. His huge cock started to come to life as he flexed his giant guns.

Dr. Wilton then flexed his delts and traps. His shoulders were unbelievably wide. They measured at least four feet across! No normal doorway would be big enough for this hunk. He loved the huge, rounded shape of his delts. It was like his body was capped off by a couple of beach balls on the ends, except that each of the three heads was completely separated and visible. He was so striated that each of his deltoid heads looked as if it was divided into smaller sections. Dr. Wilton's traps were huge, thick, and beefy. Like mountains, they rose from his massive shoulders almost up to his ears, surrounding his thick, bull's neck.

Next, Dr. Wilton turned his attention to his freaky thighs. They were massive beyond belief! Even at his incredible height, he would have quite the bodybuilder's gate to get these columns around each other as he walked. Even the most massive bodybuilders would kill to have chests as big as these quads. Standing relaxed, every muscle separation was visible as the quads tapered down to massive teardrops at his knees. Dr. Wilton shook his leg from side to side and watched how the massive muscles moved. He then flexed his muscles hard into ab and thigh pose, and he loved what he saw! His quads were so ripped that striations usually only visible on anatomy charts jumped into view. His abs were ripped into eight thick bricks of muscle, and there was so little fat under his thin skin that striations could be seen in each separate ab. Dr. Wilton's abs tapered into a waist that, while it had grown a little during his transformation, was unbelievably small in comparison to the rest of his gigantic body. A line of thick dark hair ran down his abs were it met with the much thicker black hair at his crotch. His calves flared out from his legs forming perfect diamonds that were as big as his upper arms. He turned around and stood on his toes to flex his calves. They weren't calves; they were cows! The heads of his calves were huge and perfectly shaped as they led into his clearly defined soeleus muscles. Dr. Wilton looked at his hamstrings, which formed a huge biceps shape and were bigger than most men's entire legs. His hamstrings were topped off by a huge, perfect bubble butt. His ass wasn't blocky like most of the really big guys. It was big, in proportion to his body, but beautifully round and his glutes were shredded beyond belief when he flexed them. Dr. Wilton was so excited and turned on by what he saw that his massive cock was quickly nearing full hardness. It had to be 15 inches long, but it still had a way to go!

Dr. Wilton looked at his back while relaxed and couldn't believe how many mounds of muscle there were. He spread his incredibly wide lats and looked like he could fly on the giant wings they formed. He then squeezed his shoulder blades together as his thick back exploded into dozens of striated muscles which tapered down to a perfect Christmas tree above his waist. Dr. Wilton turned back around to face the mirror and focused his attention on his favorite body part, his chest. To say he was ecstatic with what he saw would be an understatement! Each of his pecs was almost two feet across and so thick that it jutted almost a foot away from his body. He could get almost his entire finger in the separation of his two pecs, and he liked the incredibly square shape that they had taken on. His nipples were hard as rocks and turned completely under, because his chest had become so large. Dr. Wilton turned to the side and saw that he was more than three feet thick! Even though his chest was covered with incredibly thick, dark hair, it didn't obscure the clear separation between his upper and lower pecs and the hundreds of other striations. He had always loved having a big, hairy chest, and now it was much bigger and much hairier than it had ever been. Dr. Wilton flexed his chest and then each pec separately. He marveled at how much muscle control he had as he bounced his chest back and forth. He grabbed the 12-foot measuring tape nearby and was stunned when the tape missed covering his chest by a little more than two inches. That meant his chest was just over 98 inches around!

Dr. Wilton's cock was now fully hard and leaking pre-cum like a fire hose. It was sticking straight up, rubbing his rock hard abs. While Dr. Wilton had never been a slouch in the endowment department, he had always wanted a really huge dick that would strike fear and lust in his partners. However he had never dreamed of having a log like the one jutting up in front of him! He grabbed the tape and measured his horse dick. It was eighteen inches long from base to tip. No porn star could hold a candle to Dr. Wilton. Anyone with a cock nearly as big couldn't get it hard enough to stand straight up or compare with the thickness of his cock, which he measured at 12 inches around. His big balls hung in his huge sack, as big as a couple of grapefruits. They were so huge they would look ridiculous on an ordinary man. Dr. Wilton continued flexing his muscles, getting himself more and more turned on as his giant cock throbbed up and down. Finally, he struck a mind-blowing most muscular pose. Just the sight of his more than 600 lb. of thick, veiny beef was all he needed, and he had an incredible orgasm without even touching his huge cock. There was a small puddle at Dr. Wilton's feet from all of the pre-cum he had pumped out, but when he orgasmed, his cock went off like a geyser. His cum hit the ceiling with such force that it put holes in the ceiling panels. Dr. Wilton must have pumped out a gallon of cum during his earth shattering five-minute orgasm. When his dick finally stopped pumping, there was cum all over the gym, and his massive chest was covered in his fluid. Dr. Wilton rubbed some of the cum into his thick chest hair, and pleasure shot through his entire body when he touched his nipples.

After his orgasm Dr. Wilton wanted to see just how strong all of this massive muscle made him. He walked over to the squat rack where he had squatted with 2200 pounds earlier. With his increased size, Dr. Wilton figured he should be able to squat with at least 5000 lb. on the bar. He loaded the plates on the bar, got in position, and stood with the massive weight on his back. Dr. Wilton couldn't believe how light it felt. He felt like he had nothing on his back as he performed a couple of easy squats. He raised the weight over his head like it was made of paper and pumped out a few biceps curls with first two, then one arm. Five thousand pounds curled in one massive, freaky arm like it was a pencil! Dr. Wilton bellowed a deep laugh as he bent the heavy-duty bar in half, bent it again, and then crushed the bar and the plates into a ball. He was astonished at his incredible strength. No man on Earth had ever been nearly as strong as he was now.

Dr. Wilton noticed that his massive cock was still rock hard, and he smiled as he had a crazy idea. He'd had a fantasy of being able to push his dick through a wall ever since he had read a story about a super stud that forced his cock through a steel shower stall on the Internet. He looked around the gym and saw the door that lead to his lab. His growth experiments were top secret, so his lab was guarded with a 10" thick solid steel door. Dr. Wilton knew that it wouldn't work, but he had to try. He put his hands at each side of the door to steady himself and rammed his dick into the door. Nothing happened, but his dick didn't hurt either. He rammed his cock into the door again, powering his thrust with his huge quads and glutes. To his astonishment, his dick made a huge dent in the door. This got Dr. Wilton really excited, and he started thrusting into the door with all of his might. The door kept denting further and further, and he kept getting more and more excited. Just as his head broke through the other side of the door, Dr. Wilton had another intense orgasm. His cum sprayed all over the lab, and unknown to Dr. Wilton, some of it mixed into the formula that was left on his lab table. He took a deep breath as his orgasm subsided and flexed his dick a couple of times. To his astonishment, the hinges on the door let out a loud groan. He flexed his cock again and held it there as he backed up a couple of steps. He could hear the sound of metal tearing and then a loud pop as the door came off its hinges, suspended on his cock. He couldn't believe it. A fucking 10" steel door ripped from the wall by the power of his super dick! He lifted the 3500 lb. door from his cock and tossed it aside like it was a tissue. There was nothing his body couldn't do. Dr. Wilton smiled and thought about how he liked being the freakiest and strongest man in the world. •

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