JP (2005)

The Idol


By luvyalots

“So, are you going to your father’s wedding, Matthew?”

I looked up jolted from my breakfast. “Huh?” I wasn’t paying attention, instead daydreaming about JP as usual. My mom stopped wiping the kitchen counter and peered at me sternly.

“Your father called while you were out last night,” she explained. “That wedding of his is in a few weeks and he wants to know if you were planning on going.” She said it kind of bitterly, as if the words tasted bad coming out of her mouth. That didn’t surprise me since she and my dad had barely been on speaking terms since the divorce.

I blinked at her. Shit, I had forgotten all about the wedding. He had asked me last Spring and I kept putting off the decision on whether to attend or not. “No,” I answered quietly, shaking my head. “It’s right at the beginning of the school year.” It was a lame excuse, but it was the only one I could come up with.

“That’s fine,” my mom said bluntly, going back to her cleaning. After a few moments of silence, she stopped her scrubbing again. “You didn’t tell me you and JP saw him.”

I looked up with slight panic. It wasn’t really what she said rather than how she said it – with a bit of betrayal in her voice. “I didn’t think you wanted to hear about it,” I murmured.

“No, it’s ok,” she returned quickly. “It’s just that…you know…you didn’t tell him about you and JP, did you?”

I immediately shook my head. “Of course not, you’re the only one.”

She gave a slight smile. “Ok.” I wasn’t sure what she meant by that response, but I decided not to delve any further into the topic. That was how it was now that I was out to my mom. She was taking it the best she could, trying not to sound too awkward whenever it came up in conversation for my sake. I knew it wasn’t easy for her, but I also knew that she slowly was growing used to the fact that her son was gay. It would just take a while; I didn’t want to push my luck just yet.

“Hurry,” she broke my thoughts, “you’re going to be late for your workout or whatever you do that’s making you eat me out of house and home.” I laughed, quickly finishing up my breakfast and going upstairs to get ready for JP.

“Matt, you really should go to your dad’s wedding,” JP advised later, helping me rack the weight on the squat machine. “It would make him a lot happier.”

“Yeah, right,” I avoided. I had mentioned the morning’s conversation with my mom while we were working out. I stepped away from the bar, rubbing my thighs. I was having trouble concentrating on my lifts lately. While JP was squatting 450 pounds for reps, I was barely able to do 250, a weight that a few months ago I was blasting through. It was probably because my senior year was fast approaching and that meant having to worry about college and all the stress that went with it. Pretty soon, I would be applying to schools and practicing for auditions.

“Seriously, man,” my boyfriend continued, “he’s trying to get you back into his life.”

“Right,” I immediately crossed, “and I don’t want to.”

“Matt, stop lying to yourself,” he said, lowering his voice slightly in an attempt to calm me down. “You always tell me how much you loved when you were a little kid and how much fun you had with your dad. Are you saying you don’t want that?”

My boyfriend was right, but I was too stubborn to admit it. Usually, I would come right out and agree with him, but my dad was different. I wanted to have the relationship I once had had with him, but I knew that it could never happen. I changed the subject anyway. “How’s your brother doing?”

“Fine,” he responded, thankfully conceding. “He’s at football camp right now.”

“Did you get a chance to see him?” I grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off my face.

JP shook his head, smiling, looking away at an imaginary spot on the floor. “He was home for a few hours, just to unpack and stuff. I probably won’t see him again until at least Thanksgiving.” His tongue rubbed against the edge of his upper teeth, a sign that he was nervous about something. Surely he was at least as big as Ryan now! The former top jock of the school hadn’t been home since before the summer – before JP packed on 25+ pounds of pure muscle. At 6 feet and 194 pounds, JP was ten times more beautiful than his brother ever was.

“Man, he’s seriously gonna be floored when he sees how big you’ve gotten.”

“Well, I don’t know about that,” JP said humbly.

“Oh, come on,” I protested. “How could he not possibly be impressed by how much hunkier and sexier you’ve gotten?” I grabbed his shredded waist and pulled him closer into me. He was seriously starting to add thickness to his frame, but still keeping his amazing definition. It was almost superhuman; I don’t know how he did it. “He’s gonna be scared shitless.”

JP blushed and peered into my eyes sincerely. “According to Erin, Ryan’s bigger than ever, too.” I smiled back like he was joking, but I didn’t miss the hint of apprehension in his voice. He really was a little nervous about reuniting with his brother! “He learned his lesson over spring break,” he said flatly. “I don’t ever take a rest from training, even on vacation. And he certainly doesn’t want to be bested by his used-to-be-dweeby little brother.”

I got a chill down my back as he looked at me. He grinned as he said it, but he was definitely being serious. “Well,” I scoffed it off, “you know how your sister’s always over-exaggerating. I probably look like the frickin’ Hulk to her.”

“Well, she is practically obsessed with you,” he laughed.

“What? And you’re not?” I teased, placing my hands around his head.

He groaned and leaned in to kiss me. God, I loved these moments. He wrapped his beefy arms around my back, pressing his rock-hard chest into mine. Every time he did, it was the biggest rush. I gently held the back on his thick, wrestler’s neck, urging him to give me more. I wanted it so badly. JP sensed my desire and put even more into what was already the world’s most sensual kiss. Fuck, he was good! I felt my body begin to completely be taken over by my superjock of a boyfriend. God, even his sweat smelled amazing!

My hands began to grope wildly all other him as I become more and more aroused, feeling every inch of the perfect body of JP Maloney. My fingers slid over his gracefully arched traps, connecting to his steel-hard, round shoulders. They were so big, I could barely put my hands over them. I could feel the thick fibers – no, cords – of muscle popping and flexing as his glided his own strong hands up and down my back. I totally relaxed into him, letting him take control of every part of me. My arms dropped down behind his shoulders, my fingers being greeted by the huge, shredded muscles of his upper back. Down the two wide ridges along his spine, I progressed, not a single flaw anywhere to be found. Every muscle was perfectly sculpted. Then, my hands reached his ass, that sexy bubble of hard meat. As I slowly dove my fingers underneath his gym shorts, my hands cupping his ass-cheeks, I felt his thick cock hardened against my pelvis.

“Oh my God,” I sighed at him after we released, “you just keep getting better and better.” JP peered at me with his hypnotic gaze that never ceased to haunt me.

“You’ve gotten pretty big yourself,” he whispered into my ear, his immense musculature still pressed against me. I bit my lip as I felt my face turn red. JP smiled broadly. “No, seriously, I want to see how big you are.”

I looked up at him with wide eyes. “You wanna measure me?” He nodded. Each month, continuing the tradition that he had started long ago with his brother, I would measure his arms, chest, waist and thighs and record the results in a notebook. Then, I would take pictures of him wearing only boxers or gym shorts that would be posted on “The Wall,” as we had named the display of JP’s growth in that little room in the back of his basement gym. Both of us always looked forward to the ritual, but never once had we switched roles and documented me, though I had the feeling JP always wanted to.

“Come on,” he said excitedly, “I bet you’re almost as big as I am.” I doubted it, but I followed the wide, muscular back and cute, tight butt of my boyfriend to the back room. I felt a rush of awe pass over me as I walked through the door. There were now so many photos of a growing JP Maloney that the massive exhibit had spread to two walls, encompassing hundreds of photos, and was threatening to take over the entire back room, creating a virtual shrine to a determined boy’s hard work and dedication. It always left me utterly stunned whenever I would walk along the wall and watch the little kid gradually morph into the hunky stud that he was today.

JP opened the drawer of a small cabinet and took out a ribbon tape measure. “Go stand over there,” he pointed to the spot in front of the wall where he always stood to be measured. I almost felt unworthy of the honor; my stomach was in knots. But why was I nervous? As my boyfriend walked over toward me, I caught his eyes looking at my body. I knew he was as in awe of me as I was of him and I wondered how that could possibly be.

“Raise your arm,” he ordered gently. I obeyed, lifted my right arm and flexing my bicep. JP’s eyebrows went up. “Wow,” he breathily exclaimed and eagerly wrapped the tape around the small mound of muscle. “Dude!” he practically shouted.

“What?” I asked.

“It’s 14 and a half inches!” he read, beaming. “Your biceps have grown about an inch since the beginning of the summer!”

“You’re kidding,” I said, shocked. JP shook his head. How the hell did that happen? I must’ve worked out harder this summer than I thought. I was in such a daze, I hadn’t noticed that the tape had moved to my chest.

“41 inches,” he announced. “Not bad…for a skinny kid like you.” He laughed as I gave a mock angry face. He slid the tape down to my waist, nicking my nipples as he did. Whoa, that felt weird. My balls began to tingle excitedly. “29 inches, same as always.” I grinned down at him as he looked up. “And nice abs, too, if I might add.” He rubbed his fingers over my faint six-pack, the sensation of his touch immediately arousing my dick, which began to harden right in front of his face. Or maybe it was fact that JP’s face was right in front of my dick that made it hard, I don’t know. Either way, it obviously captured his attention and I swore he licked his lips before wrapping the tape around my left thigh.

“Uhh…whoa, 23 inches,” he exclaimed with what seemed like genuine shock. “You’re legs are almost as big as mine.” He placed hands around my thighs, his fingers feeling the muscles all around them. “Wow, and they’re ripped as hell, too.” I couldn’t believe it; this Adonis of a boy was worshipping me. I heard him sigh softly as he massaged my hamstrings. My dick grew even harder and I closed my eyes. Oh, man!

Then, I felt his hands gently grab my crotch. I looked down to see JP gazing up at me in near lust. Shit, he wanted me bad. “Can I…” his voice trailed off. I knew what he wanted. Hands shaking, I slid down the waistband of my gym shorts, revealing my throbbing cock to my boyfriend. With drool practically dripping out of his mouth, he held the end of the measuring tape to the base of my penis. Instantly, a wave of pleasure went through me and I leaned against the wall. “7 inches long…” he sighed, gingerly placing the tape around my dick, “…and 5 inches around.”

Suddenly, he lunged his mouth around my cock with such intense passion, I almost doubled over. I grabbed his head and he repeatedly moaned, sucking me like he had never sucked before. His tongue flirted around my dick with such ferocity, it seemed almost superhuman. JP’s hands held onto my sides, driving my crotch even further down his through, my balls nearly touching his chin. In barely a minute, I let lose what felt like a gallon of spunk inside my boyfriend’s mouth, my torso pulsating with extreme pleasure. I couldn’t control myself, collapsing on top of JP’s body, still twitching from the eruption.

When it was all over, I opened my eyes and leaned my head against the concrete floor. My breathing was load and heavy from the exertion, but I could still hear – and feel – JP’s hot breath against my flaccid dick, his mouth still around it as if he didn’t want to let go. My legs were laying on top of his pecs, his steel-hard nipples digging into the skin of my thighs. Gently, he grabbed my buttocks, pressing my crotch into his face and began licking my balls. It was almost as if he didn’t want to waste a single drop; he wanted all of it.

Finally, when I was sure he was finished, I cautiously rolled over and sat up. JP was lying on the floor, his massive chest heaving up and down. I slowly crawled over him and placed my hand on his face. He looked up at me and smiled.

“You definitely are getting better and better,” he whispered. I blushed again.

“Now it’s your turn to be measured,” I said. He grinned with anticipation. I knew he loved this almost as much as I did, seeing how much his hard work paid off. I helped him to his feet and grabbed the tape measure that had been discarded when he dove at me. Immediately, JP raised his left arm and flexed it right in front of my face. A sudden chill went down my back as I viewed its immense size and incredible definition from inches away. Hands shaking, I carefully wrapped the ribbon around my boyfriend’s mountain of muscle. I was so shocked by what I saw, I couldn’t speak for a second.

“18 inches,” I gasped. It was huge! I fought the urge to just lick every square inch of that perfect muscle so hard that I barely heard JP tell me to measure his chest. I snapped out of it and obeyed. “47 inches,” I squeaked, unsure of what I was seeing. Those heavy weights were really doing a number on his body; he was getting massive.

“Do my neck next,” he suggested. I looked up at him. We had never measured that before. I gulped as my heart started to beat harder. “Trust me,” he smiled mischievously. I obediently moved the tape over his shoulders and wrapped it around his wide neck. My mouth dropped open and I looked up into JP’s eyes. His eyebrows went up.

“18 and a half inches.” That’s impossible, I thought. But sure enough, there was the evidence in my hands. 18 and a half inches of rock-solid muscle, thick beyond belief.

“Sign of a true wrestler,” he beamed.

I dropped the ribbon down to his waist, kneeling so that my eyes were directly in front of his chiseled abs. Perfection didn’t even begin to describe them. My fingers were quivering uncontrollably as I began measuring his waist, passing right past his sexy obliques. No, it couldn’t be! This is ridiculous!

“28 inches!” I exclaimed. How the hell was his waist still smaller than mine? Almost a 20-inch difference between his chest and his waist – that couldn’t possibly be true.

Then, I caught sight of the tremendous bulge in his gym shorts. The same thing that happened to me only a few moments ago was now happening to him. He was getting aroused. And the bulge was growing by the second. My heart was beating so fast, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Would I be able to release him like he did me? I blinked myself back into focus and tried to concentrate and measuring the ripped thigh that stood in front of me. It took a few times to steady the ribbon, but I finally was able to read it.

“26 inches,” I called. Oh, my fucking God! His thighs were almost as big as his waist!

It was then that I felt something against the top of my head. At first, I thought it was JP’s fingers, until I tilted my head upwards. Shit! It was his cock! Having grown to an enormous size, it was straining the fabric of the gym shorts that held it. It wanted to be let free! I looked up at my boyfriend’s face, which was gazing down at me sheepishly from above the two round hills of his chest.

Instinctively, I delicately slid his shorts down over his crotch, revealing bit by bit the most glorious and perfect organ known to man. His sharply-cut obliques swathed down to the base of the widest cock I had ever seen. A series of veins snaked up to his lower abdomen…and were pulsing with blood. Still with my hands shaking like mad, I had to maneuver the waistband over the shaft that was sticking straight up at my face. It was so long, even the elastic on the band was stretched to its max before I could get to the head. I had to touch the sensual tip of his dick in order to get it off. As I did, the entire shaft bounced up and down a few times and JP let out a gasp. It sounded like he was ready to blow.

At last, the entire thing was free. As I slid the shorts down around his thighs, I watched as his huge golf ball-sized balls twitched with anticipation. Fuck, no wonder he could spew so much jizz at once. Those things were gigantic! I was filled with such wonder and awe, that I almost forget what I was doing.

Gingerly, so as not to disturb its delicate state in fear of it going off like a geyser in the way that I knew it would, I carefully measured the length. Holy shit, I thought to myself, suddenly struck with a case of utter speechlessness.

“How big…” JP breathed, obviously trying hard to hold the dam, “…is it?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the measuring tape, not quite comprehending what it was telling me. That’s when my body began to jerk involuntarily and a whole new load of spunk spurted out of my own cock all over JP’s feet. •

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