Gym of Dreams: Jasper


By xythan_shadow

“Life sure has calmed down a bit since Mike’s gone off to college, hasn’t it Armstrong”

We are standing in the locker room, just arriving to our home away from home. I’m watching as my big buddy strips down and puts on his jock strap that makes his meat look even bigger. “God, I love this man,” I think to myself.

“Yeah man, weekends seem kinda empty now that we’re not having that grueling practice. Plus all the three-way sex we had this year was so amazing. That kid could move and bend like a gymnast.” Armstrong begins to stretch out his chest and arms in anticipation of today’s workout. I toss my bag in the locker and start tying my shoes.

“Maybe we should drive up to State and see what he’s up to. Make sure he’s still working hard” Armstrong comments.

I laugh and retort, “You just want to get up there and see what the gym is like, then see his dorm room a little closer”

Armstrong bellows with laughter, “You know me too well man.” He finishes stretching and he tosses on his wifebeater. Grabbing me gruffly and lovingly, he gives me a nice, long kiss.

“At least we still have each other,” he whispers.

“You know it man, I’m not going anywhere,” I smile back.

We head out to the main floor, prepared to work hard. We grunt and nod at the other workers in the gym. Armstrong preps a bar with 445lbs for our warm up set while I head over to a college kid to inspire him a bit.

Giving him a spot, I push him to do a couple more reps on his weight. He’s slightly new to the gym and doesn’t have a partner, but I reaffirm him and tell him he’ll find someone soon. “Just keep pushing hard man, we’ll always spot you if you need it.” I pat him on the shoulder and smile, seeing his face light up with newfound pride.

I walk back over to Armstrong who’s just grinning at me. I punch him on the shoulder and say, “What?” We both laugh and I do my warm-up set.

“Maybe we should figure out what our little cub is up to,” Armstrong says as I rack the weight.

“I’ll give him a call sometime this week and find out. He’s probably jonesing for some of our bear loving as much as we want him.”

We laugh as we add an addition 30 lbs to the bar.

Armstrong’s up first. He cranks out a perfect set of fifteen with machine like precision. I still get a woody seeing his muscles work like that. He grunts as he racks the 475 lb. bar on the bench. He leans up a bit and says, “It was really nice helping Mike build up like that those years though. I hope to do it again real soon.” I nod in agreement.

He stands up and moves to the side so I can get onto the bench press.

I start cranking out my reps on the bench before a feel a slight chill down my spine. That’s my gift’s way of telling me our attention will soon be required. I perform my fifteen reps and then punch Armstrong on the shoulder saying, “Heads up, we got incoming.” Armstrong looks around, seeing no one, and says, “Ok man, let’s head to the front desk.”

We walk up to Joe who’s standing behind the counter as usual. I always wondered how Joe could look so buffed when we never catch him working out. He probably just comes in really early and gets his workout on.

“Not slacking off, are we guys?” Joe questions.

“Nah man, you know us” Armstrong laughs as I peer towards the door. Noticing my line of sight, Joe asks, “Expecting Mike to come by today?”

“Nope, just a feeling that we should be standing here right about now” I respond. I hear the alarm bell ring and the steel door begin to open. Waves of nervousness and a sense of despair flood my senses and I know that this person is our next target.

************************************************** **********************

As I enter the gym, I immediately see these guys standing near the counter looking in my direction. The one behind it seems to be a former bodybuilder, still in very good shape but slightly older. He nods to me as the door closes behind me, but I hardly notice as I’m in awe of the other two guys. They tower above me and even Josh and have more mass than I can imagine. They both are wearing wife beaters allowing their arms to be exposed and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such impressive guns before. They hang against their sides like giant pieces of meat with cobras encased in the shell. I notice a split in each of their biceps and I know that it comes from years of hard work. From here, it looks like they have very little body fat, but tons of dense muscle. Just looking at these two mammoth men, I feel slightly light-headed, but I stride up to the counter nevertheless. As I’m walking, the two giants part slightly, allowing me to approach the man behind the counter.

“Are you the owner?” I ask as I glance to the pillars that flank me.

“Yes I am, are you here for a tour of my place?” the guy responds.

“Actually, I was hoping that I could apply for a position, perhaps as a personal trainer.”

“Interesting. We usually don’t have people that want personal training. As you can see, most of our client base are pretty experienced lifters.” He waves arm towards the back of the gym where I see a few dozen people, each of them looking like they’re pro athletes or bodybuilders. “And the few that come here looking to just start are usually gobbled up by these two and are slowly transformed for free.”

I look up at the two guys who are smiling gently, almost blushing. I hang my head down a bit, saddened at the turn of events and I prepare to thank him for his time when he begins to speak again.

“Perhaps you can do some other training that we don’t offer here. You look like a fairly lean guy, maybe you know stuff about Yoga or something like that.”

I think to myself for a moment and then answer, “Yeah, I am familiar with a form of martial arts.”

One of the guys next to me perks up and asks “Really. What style?”

I’m kinda shocked by the question, but I respond, “It’s called Storm Hammer Ninjutsu.”

He looks to the other giant, then to the guy behind the counter. The guy behind the counter says, “Have time for a demonstration?” The other guy interjects, “Preferably a friendly spar, full contact, no crippling blows?”

I nod my head yes wondering what was in store for me. The guy behind the counter points to a closed room off to the right and says, “That room has some mirrors and a padded floor. Mike and Sam cleaned it up a bit for their thing. You’re free to use it, just make sure you turn off the lights Sam.”

The big guy I’m going to duel chuckles and says, “Don’t I always, Joe?”

I follow these two walking behemoths to a nearby room. The shorter of the two, Sam, turns on a light as we enter and I’m slightly awed. This room was massive and had the looks of becoming a real dojo. The floors were completely padded and could absorb massive impacts but not hurt a person landing on them. Holes were drilled in the ceiling and thick cables were being run for what I presume were to be punching bags. Mirrors lined one wall and the other walls were in the process of being painted with a fresh coat of white paint. I looked up at the ceiling and noticed that the walls didn’t go all the way to it but it was just a section of the gym that was partitioned off. It was a nice place; obviously Sam had some experience in a dojo to set something like this up. After my quick assessment of the room, my gaze drifted back to Sam and the other guy. The other guy leaned against the wall while Sam took off his shoes and socks followed by the shirt. I was immediately greeted with what seemed to be like a living muscle topography. Each muscle was well defined and bulged against his skin which seemed to be like moist silk. Every movement he made tensed and relaxed his powerful body and I could tell the strength that he had. My mind ran through various scenarios for the upcoming fight as I looked over my opponent, then my gaze drifted towards his package. Immediately, my mind shifted to the various spine tingling sex scenarios that I could have with him. I shook my head, trying to focus on the upcoming test. I took off my shoes and socks, feeling the smooth mat beneath my feet. I close my eyes and begin to stretch, feeling my arms and legs prepare for battle. After loosening them up, I started my pre combat focusing ritual. It’s a series of hand motions and a chant that helps focus the mind. Few people understand the meaning behind it, but I do and it truly helps when you understand it. Each symbol is an aspect that a true artist needs to live and learn and grow. First is hand seal Rin depicting Strength, then Kyo for Direction of Energy, followed by Toh, symbol of Harmony. Then Sha for Healing, Kai for Premonition, and Jin meaning Knowing the thoughts of others. Around this point my head rises to meet Sam’s gaze and I notice that he’s performing the exact same hand motions as I. I continue to try to focus on the chant, but I am slightly intriqued and curious on how he could know this.

Retsu - Mastery of time and space: Sam has the hand motion before I.

Zai – Control: Again, he beats me too it.

Zen – Enlightenment: This symbol he waits for me to perform, as if he knows that I need this most of all. I feel that this isn’t going to be an easy match for me.

I release the symbol Zen and enter my stance after a bow. Sam stands there with the symbol Zen still as I approach a bit. Extending his arms sideways so they are parallel with the floor, he stares into my eyes. His arms then rotate, the right one slowly moving upward as the left rotates down. When they are perpendicular to the floor, he brings them inward to his chest. He lets a deep breath escape his lungs as he forms a triangle over his heart. As his left hand moves back to his side in a fist and his right hand moves forward in a flat palm, he says to me, “I advise you not to pull any punches with me.” He extends his right foot forward slightly, lifting the heel off the ground and apply slight pressure to the toes, and then bends his knees. Joe walks into the room around this point and stands next to the other giant. The giant guy, seeing we’re both ready, says “Begin!” •

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