Hanazin Warrior Academy, The


By Oliver904

“Sounds like you had fun,” Prof. Pierce said when Sean returned.

Sean had taken a quick shower and stood with his towel around his waist. “Was it that noisy?”

“You shook the foundation,” Prof. Pierce said with a chuckle. “If we didn’t hear it, we certainly felt it.”

“Sorry,” Sean said.

“Nothing to be ashamed about,” Prof. Pierce said. “It’s one of the reasons I asked you to take off your clothes. Your shorts would’ve ripped right off. In fact, you’ll spend your first three weeks in school completely nude during your Strength and Muscle Training classes. The newly transformed always have trouble controlling that—but don’t get me wrong. It’s completely natural.”

“You sound like my health teacher at my school.”

Sean’s father, Max, entered the room. “So what’d you break?”

“Break? Um…The vase…and I kinda cracked the mirror,” said Sean.

“That’s it?” Max asked. “Jeez, my first time I took out my parents wall.”

“So did I,” Prof. Pierce said, he and Max laughing in good spirits. He looked over to Sean. “Are you ready for your next test?”

Sean nodded. “Ready as I’ll ever be—apart from clothing, that is.”

Prof. Pierce extended his arm out to the side and the shorts that Sean had removed earlier flew into his hands. “Here,” he said.

Sean took the shorts, dropped the towel, his flaccid 8-inch cock exposed once again, and put them back on, tightening the drawstring like before. He watched the muscles of his six-pack abdomen tighten as he tied it off, the sight almost succeeding in making him hard again.

“So,” Sean said, “What’s next?”

“Speed and Flexibility,” Prof. Pierce said. A wooden bo-staff flew from the corner of the room and into his palms like the orbs before. “All you have to do is dodge my attacks with this staff. The trick is to not only move, but bend. That’s why it is also a test of flexibility as much as it is speed. You can also counterattack, if you know how, that is.”

“You’re going to attack me with that?” Sean asked.

“If it hits you, you can trust me, it won’t hurt a bit,” Prof. Pearce said. “Not this staff at least.”

It wasn’t the staff Sean was worried about. As Prof. Pearce gripped the staff, the muscles of his arms flexed and bulged, defined and appearing that much more destructive with the continuous channel of veins that ran from his hands to his biceps. Prof. Pearce’s arms were outlined perfectly, a deep, narrow chasm between his peaked bicep and powerfully formed tricep, his shoulders like two finely sculpted globes, striations even within the already three lean, and ripped sections of his delts.

Sean was so preoccupied with Prof. Pearce’s muscles that he didn’t see the stick coming. Without even thinking, Sean ducked under the stick, Prof. Pearce continuing the attack coming towards his torso. Sean did a backbend, amazed at how flexible he had become. He then did a handstand and pushed up from the ground, his powerful shoulders pressing him up into the air and into a back flip. Sean was too amazed at what had just happened and Prof. Pearce’s stick hit the side of his head. He was right, it didn’t hurt, not one bit, but Sean didn’t want it to happen again.

The stick moved like the wind, a blur in the Professor’s hands, but Sean dodged and bended, cartwheeled and flipped about, and finally saw an open spot. He rammed his fist into Prof. Pearce’s huge, meaty chest and was immediately taken back. It felt like he had just punched a steel wall. Sean stood there shaking his fist to relieve the pain.

“I should’ve told you that that would hurt,” Prof. Pearce said, halting his attack. “But I have to say, Sean, very impressive.”

“I didn’t know I could do that,” Sean said, still feeling a bit astonished. He wasn’t even a bit tired from all the moving about. He kept a normal breath through the whole thing. And he actually did a full backbend. He could never do that! He bent down and put his palms flat on the floor. He then turned to the side and lifted his leg in a high sidekick, a whole 180 degrees from his other. “How the hell…”

“I’m surprised you even countered with that punch,” Prof. Pierce said. “Most first years are too afraid to do anything else but avoid the stick.”

“You suggested it, so I thought I’d try it,” Sean said. “Don’t know if I’ll do it again though.”

Prof. Pierce chuckled. Max applauded his son, slapping him on the bare, ripped muscles of his back, then patted him on his rippled midsection, Sean noticing that the contours of his obliques had become more defined since his check in the bathroom.

“I’ve decided,” Prof. Pierce said.

“Don’t you still have the Mind Test?” Max asked.

“Already did it,” said Prof. Pierce. “During the Speed and Flexibility Test.”

“That’s progressive,” Max said.

Sean wanted to know what he meant by “Mind Test”. Was Prof. Pierce in his head? If he was, Sean had no idea.

Suddenly, Sean felt a surge of power shoot through his entire body. His father must have felt it too, as he let go the second it happened. It felt like an electric current, but one that excited Sean, made him feel powerful. He stuck his arms out to the side, his legs planted firm. Sean felt the need to bellow, like some kind of war cry, and found that he couldn’t help it, and so did, shouting at the top of his lungs. The walls were shaking again, and the far bay window shattered behind the curtains, along with all the light bulbs in the room. Sean knew what was coming next, as he felt the blood rushing through his bulging veins and to his muscles, feeding him more power to grow.

The process overtook him, and he didn’t care anymore about broken things, or anybody around him. As his legs widened, his shorts shredded clear off, his cock first flopping out, but gradually increasing and hardening—eight inches, nine inches, twelve inches, fifteen inches—a whole three inches longer in little less than half an hour, and his girth seemingly had increased its diameter. His abs became leaner and more vascular, the fat melting away beneath, giving his six-pack the chiseled look like no other. His chest ballooned and the center parts became more shredded, like his chest was built from separate horizontal slabs of meat. The veins in his arms pulsed under his golden skin, as veins took the width of arteries, and more of the unseen came to the surface, feeding his ripped arm muscles. The change stopped, but Sean still felt as if his body radiated with power. He looked down at his now massive hands, glaring at them in disbelief of what he felt he could do with them.

“Unbelievable,” Prof. Pierce said. “Another Power Shift in the same day. Now that’s progressive, Max. Must be your genetics at work again.”

“Must be,” Max said, flexing a 23 inch arm into a bicep pose.

“So, Sean, are you ready to find out where I’m going to put you?” Prof. Pierce asked.

“I’m not sure what you mean?”

“Your school House,” Prof. Pierce said. “There are Five altogether: Dragahna, the House of the Dragon, known for their high levels of Natural Energy, Ferunah, the House of the Wolf, known for their high levels of Sensory Perception, Tyserren, the House of the Tiger, known for their Speed and lasting Stamina, Eumorah, the House of the Falcon, known for their high levels of Psychic Energy, and Behlmore, House of the Bull, known for their supreme levels of Strength.” He paused, eyeing Sean. “Now, your father was placed in Eumorah, but it’s my belief that you should find home in Ferunah.”

“The House of the Wolf?”

Prof. Pierce nodded.

“That’s awesome,” Sean said, grinning from ear to ear. “Better than some stupid bird.”

“That stupid bird won the House Cup 7 years in a row,” Max said.

“I’m afraid it’s Behlmore that reigns now,” Prof. Pierce said. “Believe me, Dragahna has tried for years to take the cup in the Tournament, but…” He turned back to Sean. “Anyways, it’s now for Prof. Jacobson to decide what to do with you. He’s your head of house.” Prof. Pierce went over to his bag and pulled out a grey Karate Gi and a black belt, which Sean realized was there only to match the black trim of the uniform. The patchwork on the left breast wasn’t like Professor Pierce’s. Instead, a Howling White Wolf on a black background was there, the top portion a half-length golden line of a circle rose above the Wolf. Under the Wolf was a banner reading: Ferunah.

“That’s your Uniform,” said Prof. Pierce. “You’ll get more once you arrive, though, like I said, your first three weeks will be spent in the nude—for the muscle and strength classes, at least. Your Flying Class, Acrobatics Class, and some others will require a different uniform, which you will also receive upon arrival.” He then reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled from it a silver ring, handing it over to Sean. “This is to be worn at all times, from now until you leave the Halls of our school. It is also your ticket into our dimension—Your father will explain when ready.”

“Do I like have to take a train, or something?” Sean asked. “They do that in this one book…”

“Yah, I’ve read that book,” said Prof. Pierce. “But no. Your ring will do all the work.” Prof. Pierce stuck out his hand. “Good Luck, Sean.”

Sean went to take his hand, but poked the Professor with his massive hard-on. “Sorry,” he said.

Professor Pierce shrugged. “You get used to it,” he said, his ripped deltoids still an utter amazement to Sean. He made a note that he would work to have shoulders just like him. Sean grabbed hold of the Professor’s hand, looking up at the handsome and angular face of his guide, strangely admiring the black stubble on his chin.

“Quite a strong grip you got there,” said Prof. Pierce. “Much stronger since the first time we met. I have a good feeling about you, Sean. I’m kind of disappointed you weren’t right for my House—but it’s the rules, ya know.”

“Thank you for all your help, Mr. Pierce—”

“Professor Pierce, Sean.”

“Sorry,” Sean said. “Still used to my other school. I’m hoping that will change.”

“It will,” said Prof. Pierce. “I can promise you.” •

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