Hanazin Warrior Academy, The


By Oliver904

Sean's body ached all night, so he didn't get a good night's sleep. He did manage a few hours, but his blaring alarm clock told him it was time to get up for another horrid day of school. And his alarm clock actually blared, as for some reason, it seemed a hundred times louder.

Sean was 14 years old, and a freshman in high school. He was never a morning person, but today was different--for most parts at least. He still was groggy when he went to brush his teeth, his brain still unaware of everything, even as he glared at a strangly different reflection staring back at him (he thought he was still half asleep), but today was his birthday.

It wasn't until he went to change out of his bed clothes that he noticed he wasn't wearing any. He shook his head and blinked his eyes to rid his morning handicaps, and almost immediatly passed out.

Sean couldn't believe his eyes, literally, as he turned to look in the mirror next to him they were a different color. His once dark brown eyes were now blue. But his eyes weren't what flustered him. His hair had changed--from strait black to curly blond. And still, most of all, his body had changed. There wasn't the dark, sporadic hair growth he had despised since puberty, instead a light, fine blond covering had replaced it. His skin was the smoothest he had ever seen it, and most spectacular of all, his body--well, it just wasn't his body.

His once almost concave chest was now like the chests of the swimmers he saw in the Olympics. He pushed his arms down to see the straitions in the center deepen into ripped muscle. He ran a hand down the bumps of his now six-pack abdomen, stopping as his finger touched the lower parts. The muscle was extremely lean there, both sides a "y" shaped vein running across the dark, tanned, surface. He saw his hands then, their power seeming dangerous, perhaps deadly. They looked like hands for crushing. Sean opened and closed his palms, watching the veins flex from his forearms and biceps. He turned to the side to check his shoulders, three striated sections defying the skin, a single vein on both sides mapping their way to his bulging pecs. He flexed his triceps like he saw the bodybuilders do on T.V., watching as the muscle formed the perfect horseshoe shape.


Sean turned towards the door of his bedroom. He realized his door wasn't locked. Whoever it was, they were going to freak when they saw him, and most likely not in the good way.

"Just a second," Sean said.

But the person didn't abide, and the door swung open, Sean standing dead center, naked.

"Dad..." Sean said, not knowing what else to say as he glared at his father standing there with birthday cake in hand.

"Happy Birthday," his dad said. He put the cake down on a nearby dresser, and grabbed Sean into a tight embrace. "Happy Birthday, son," he said again, lifting Sean from the floor as if his new body was not a factor. "Fourteen, Sean. Finally." He eyed Sean up and down. "Look at you! That's my boy!"

Sean saw what he was glaring at. His cock had hardened from all the excitement, and now sat there throbbing up and down with each beat of his now pounding heartbeat.

"Dad!" Sean said, turning around as quickly as he could.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, Sean," his father said.

"Dad," said Sean, "I'm naked--and is my penis the first thing you noticed."

His father laughed, clapping his hands together. "Sorry, but it's been a while since my transformation, you know."


Sean had always thought his father was huge, but he just thought he worked out a lot. And even now, the red A-shirt his father wore exposed the massive slabs of meat that were his pecs, his shorts revealing the vascular muscle of his cut, lean quads, and perfectly defined calves, the right one having a thick vein running down to his ankle.

His father pointed to Sean's bed. Sean had been too preoccupied with his new muscles that he didn't even think about what had happened to his bed clothes. Sean walked up to his bed and lifted up the shredded remains of his Hanes t-shirt and small boxer briefs.

"You mean, at night?" Sean asked. "I transformed...transformed into this?"

His father smiled. "All people like you and me do on their 14th birthday."

Sean didn't know what to say.

"Eat your cake later," his father said, breaking the silence. "Why don't you come downstairs first. There's someone who wants to speak with you--oh, and don't forget to get dressed." He smiled.

Sean's face flushed a bright red. He nodded, and his father left the room, closing the door behind him.


It took Sean a good ten minutes to find something that would fit, and in the end, he succeeded with a black sleeveless shirt, that still felt as if it would shred if he flexed his pecs, and some gym shorts, the massive, cut, vein covered legs unable to hide into his normal jeans. Sean found that he actually had to tighten the drawstring of his shorts just to keep them on his now 28 inch waist.

As he reached the last step, his eyes settled on a huge man standing in the living room with his father. He wore a black, sleeveless Karate-Gi, the muscles in his chest and arms easily visible beneath. Sean had to check if his jaw was hanging on the floor.

"You must be Sean," the man said, walking up to him. He extended his hand.

For a minute Sean was afraid to take it, thinking the man just might crush the very bones in his hand, but took the shake in good faith and manners.

The man looked back at his father. "So the prank tradition continues."

Sean's father chuckled. "Like you said, tradition."

"Prank? This can't be a prank?" Sean said, his spirits falling a bit.

"Oh, no no no--not the transformation bit, just the 'not giving you proper clothing for the night'. If you want my opinion, I was kind of glad my father didn't give me fitting clothing either," the man said with a laugh. "I'm Professor Michael Pearce, of the Hanazin Warrior Academy. I'm the head of the House of Dragahna."

Sean noticed the patchwork on the left breast of his gi. There was a Huge, Muscular man (looking a lot like the one standing in front of him) surrounded by a transparent golden orb--like a force field, and that surrounded by a wreath of olive branches. I'm here as your guide."


"Guide to help you settle into your new school."

Sean didn't know if he should cheer, or sulk. He hated his present school, but the idea of going to a new one. Honestly, everything was happening to fast to comprehend.

"First things first," Prof. Pearce said. "Take off your clothes." •

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