Superman: The Sixth Dimensional Vessel


By redwolf64

Superman landed in the middle of the camp, surveying the damage up close. This strange beast had caused some major damage - there was the smoldering wreckage of the vehicle, but other, more disturbing signs of his aggression.

An iron support beam from one of the buildings at the site lay bent and twisted on the ground, half covered with snow - indentations from the fingers of the being were still there as evidence of how it was destroyed. There was an indentation in the ground from a large boulder; Superman could see that the boulder, a good ton or more, had been moved or hurled a half-mile away.

Superman was dealing with a muscle beast that seemed to enjoy the destruction he could cause - he seemed to want to let everyone know just how powerful he was.

Superman saw, just ahead, a pile of rubble, as if an excavation had been taking place. There was an opening at the base of the piles of rocks and makeshift steps leading down into a dimly lit area.

He looked towards the opening and concentrated, trying to see with his x-ray vision what lay beneath the ground. It didn't work - Superman concentrated harder, refocusing, but to no avail. Instead, he saw odd, random patterns, almost like interference.

Did this being possess his power of x-ray vision? Was he using it to mask what Superman might otherwise see?

Superman approached the steps cautiously, but still confident in his abilities. He knew that, no matter what happened, his powers were only a tool in his quest for good - his intellect and righteousness would prevail over evil.

The steps led to a kind of corridor, dug out from the rocks and dirt under the ground. It twisted back and forth for several yards, perhaps the length of a football field, sloping down, lower and lower into the earth. The ceiling was low and Superman had to crouch down to continue his progress through the corridor. Dim lights were strung in the area, providing only a small amount of light.

After being in the raging snowstorm above ground, the corridor was eerily quiet, except for a strange hum that was some distance ahead.

Superman continued until he came upon an archway - it led to a ledge that overlooked a large cavern, a natural formation in the ground a few hundred feet deep. There was a makeshift ladder that led to the floor of the cavern from the ledge. Superman, using his flying abilities, floated to the floor of the cavern.

Around the area were all manner of digging tools, electrical equipment and scientific instruments. But, Superman's more immediate concern was the being and the strange glow at the far end of the cavern. The being stood with his back towards Superman, standing at some kind of glowing alter fused into the rocks. The beings hands seemed to be in front of him, touching or manipulating something at the alter at the center of a green light that filled the room.

"What are you doing?" Superman said, his deep voicing booming and echoing in the subterranean chamber.

The being did not answer. Superman only head strange low gutteral growls from the being.

Then, Superman noticed, with his enhanced vision, that something strange was happening. The being seemed to be growing - the muscles of his back, legs and butt flexed and rolled, throbbed, and seemed to be swelling. The beast moved his head and Superman saw his neck growing thicker.

Sensing danger, Superman flew to the far end of the cavern, just behind the being. The beast turned around, facing Superman and looking at him directly in the eyes.

His eyes were wide like some wild animal. The brows of his forehead were more pronounced that before, his jaw, low and square. He held his hands in front of him, outstretched - his hands, forearms and eyes glowed green. His muscled body tensed and throbbed, the veins obscenely pronounced. He was taller, almost seven feet, looking down at Superman.

He growled, flexing his arms.

"See my power, Superman," he said, admiring his form.

He flexed his forearms and biceps. The muscles twisted and contorted, growing larger, the veins throbbed and glowed green.

He flexed his pecs and neck as they grew thicker and more muscled.

He stared down at Superman, a strange, blank look in his eyes that seemed to see through him.

"You want this power, Superman," he roared, his voice going lower, almost a growl, echoing in the cave-like space.

"I am the most powerful being on this planet," he said, staring intently into Superman's eyes. "I could destroy you in an instant."

"Nothing can stop me," Superman replied, glancing down at the being's enormous throbbing cock and balls, pushed out even further by his growing, muscled thighs.

"We'll see," the man growled.

In a split instance, the being's eyes glowed white hot, focusing on Superman's chest. A bright burst of energy emerged from his eyes, landing on Superman's chest.

Superman stood there, stunned and numb.

The being flexed his obscenely muscled body in a most muscular and growled, growing even thicker and more muscled. The being growled as he let out a quick punch to Superman's pecs, throwing Superman's body thirty feet across the floor of the cave.

Superman was numb, limp, crumpled on the floor, unable to move as the being approached.

The being's cock throbbed and grew harder as he walked closer to Superman, the head of his cock bouncing against his pecs.

"Must....fuck...Superman...." he growled, coming closer. •

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