Superman: The Sixth Dimensional Vessel


By redwolf64

Inspired by wbhulk, who really knows how to say "What's...happening... to me...?", and by the movie "Supernova".

Superman flew over the northern territories in Canada. High in the air, the landscape almost a blur below, he shot through the atmosphere like a bullet, his cape tight in the sparse atmosphere blasting into his body as he moved forward. The cold - subfreezing high altitude temperatures that would kill a normal man in seconds - made no impression on him.

He thought about what he had been told only a few moments ago in the New Mexico desert at a top secret air base. Somewhere at a base near the Arctic Circle, an Army Lieutenant stood guard over the strangest thing ever encountered by the military on our planet - a strange vessel that only the Lieutenant seemed to know anything about.

It began three days ago. Strange things were happening at a remote satellite monitoring station, a hold-over from the Cold War. Wrapping up some new construction at the site in the tundra before the winter began to hit, the crew ran into a strange object buried near the facility. A young Lieutenant, had somehow sneaked past the guards over a period of days.

Before they knew what was happening, the Lieutenant had taken over the base. A single man in a helicopter escaped, ranting about the strange goings on -- the Lietenant showing incredible strength and musculature like Superman, able to focus beams from his eyes on objects around the camp and move them without touching them. The military brass couldn't get much more out of him.

Besides, they didn't believe him. No one could have Superman's powers. Or could they?

Superman was worried.

He had never heard of anything quite like this. All of his experience, the wisdom left to him by his father, Jor-El, when he came to this planet, had been a reassuring guide. Now, he was going into the realm of the unknown. Was this mortal's powers equal to his own? What kind of damage would he be able to do to people or the planet? He had now way of knowing.

The military gave Superman the GPS coordinates of the spot, but he didn't need them - there was a strange disturbance in the earth's magnetic field that Superman could almost sense with his body and almost see with his superhuman vision. He could see the camp below, a tiny speck in the middle of a vast Arctic wasteland. Superman slowed down and landed at a safe distance from the site, about a mile away.

A blizzard had rolled in to the area, the thick snow and winds made it difficult for a normal man to see the hand in front of his face. But Superman was not a normal man. He observed the camp with his superhuman vision through the snow, scanning, looking for some indication of what was going on.

The camp appeared to be deserted, a few smoldering ruins among the bare rocks and snow of the harsh Arctic. Superman could detect no life there - a few scattered pieces of machinery and twisted bodies half buried in the snow.

Then, he saw him. Or rather, something.

The figure of what appeared to be a man emerged from some kind of subterranean area, walking up steps. Superman could make out the figure of a being that almost looked like a man.

Perhaps 6'2", the figure's frame appeared as he walked up the steps - incredibly thick and muscled, his beefy pecs bouncing with each step. The being turned his head and flexed his thick, bull-sized neck, he looked down and flexed his arms, seeming to admire his own form.

The figure, fully exposed, stopped and turned as if he were looking for something. The being stopped and seemed to glare straight at Superman.

Superman was taken aback. He was a mile away from the site - could the being see him or sense him in some way? Superman decided to wait and observe.

He watched as the figure walked to a corner of the camp. The being was huge and thick - his meaty thighs and pecs bouncing with each step, the huge feet almost digging into the ground.

The being was naked.

Even though the being was just over 6' tall, as a normal man, his cock and balls were enormous. His thick muscular legs accentuated a swinging cock that looked to be a good foot and a half long and as thick as a bodybuilder's arm; his balls hung low down on his legs, pushed out by his massive thighs.

The arctic temperatures didn't seem to affect the being. With each breath, the warm air emerging from the being's lungs melted the falling snow, producing steam.

The being walked on the snow, the heat from his body melting it under his massive feet.

Superman watched as the being stopped and stood for a moment, standing in front of a transport vehicle, the size of a tank, used in the extreme arctic conditions. Looking around for a moment, the being did a double-biceps and a most muscular.

Was he ... or it ... putting on a show for someone? For Superman?

With a swift movement, the being bent down and picked up the vehicle, moving his hands underneath it until he pressed it high over his head, the veins throbbing in his obscenely muscled torso. He pressed the vehicle over his head. Superman could tell this was no great strain on his muscular body - why was he doing this?

The muscled beast threw the vehicle across the camp. It landed with a crash in the thick snow and rocks, a good football field away from where he stood.

The beast did a double biceps pose, admiring his form, and looking around with some determination. He did a most muscular, straining the muscles in his chest, arms and neck, the cords of power jutting out and flexing in ways that seemed superhuman.

Then, Superman saw it - proof that this was definitely a troublesome situation.

The eyes of the being began to glow, faintly red for a moment. The beast flexed harder, concentrating. Then, with a loud bang, a mix of unearthly sounds, strange beams emitted from the being's eyes, focused on the vehicle. Superman watched in horror as the vehicle began to glow red hot, then melt into a pile of twisted metal.

The muscle beast stood erect, his arms at his side, his chest thrust out, admiring his handiwork. Superman detected a twisted smile on the being's face with his super vision. He saw the being's cock start to grow harder.

The muscle beast turned and walked towards what appeared to be large hole dug in the ground. Superman watched as the being disappeared into the hole, seemingly walking down a series of steps into the ground.

Superman was shocked. He thought he was the only survivor of his home planet. Could this be another? Was there some experiment the military was conducting that had gone awry? Was this being from another part of the universe?

Superman had no way of knowing, but he did know that this being had to be stopped. He took to the air in a quick 'whosh', heading towards the camp. •

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