Love Grows

By xythan_shadow

I’ve always wanted to be big, ever since I was a child and watched cartoons on TV. “Thundercats”, “He-Man”, “G.I. Joe”, “Cowboys of Moo-Mesa”, “SwatKats”, even “Beauty and the Beast”, any cartoon where there was someone muscled, I would watch and be amazed. I always enjoyed seeing the muscles move back and forth, lifting impossibly huge objects and doing things with their huge strength. I didn’t know back then what it meant, but eventually I found out something about myself.

A while back, I happen to turn on the TV and caught “Beauty and the Beast”. I decided to watch it again, I always laughed at the scene with the dancing furniture. Eventually, they got to the scene where Gaston started showing off in the tavern. I watched as he flexed and lifted and I started to get hard. I wasn’t sure why, but the whole scene aroused me. I could feel my cock tenting up in my pants, and I unconsciously began to rub it. The scene was over far too quick, but I felt I needed more. So I hopped online and began to look around. I found that there were tons of sites for what I was looking for, and discovered that I was sexually attracted to muscle. I had never thought of it before, but it was nice to find out about myself. I decided then that since I liked looking at muscle so much, why not build up my body so I could always have something to look at. While browsing various web sites dedicated to muscle, I imagined my pudgy 260lbs body morphing into a muscle god. I dreamed of huge bis and massive pecs and striated legs and my hands running all over my body. Before I knew it, I had taken a hold of my modest cock and was stroking it furiously. Grunting as if I were an animal, I saw myself as a huge monster, lifting obscene weights and flexing in the mirror. Each pump of my dream arm brought me closer and closer to the edge, and before I knew it, I had exploded my load all over myself. “I had to have that body” I told myself.

That Friday, I met up with my usual crew of around 10 guys and told them that I was going to start working out and wanted them to join me. Most said no, others had schedule conflicts, but one of my buddies said he was anxious to get back in the gym. He was a former Marine and had the look of a jock to him. He was slightly taller than me but a lot denser. He had a gut but his arms were big still, around 16 inches I guessed. Even though he had a lot of fat, he was still jockish and you could tell he could be great. I gladly accepted his offer because I knew he was decently knowledgeable in the gym.

We found a gym near both our jobs. It’s cheap and it’s not too big or small. There were some really hardcore lifters in there and I felt comfortable with my buddy. We began to follow a program of his design, and we started eating well. A few weeks passed and we started to see progress. He lost about fifteen pounds like he wanted to, and my clothes were fitting a lot looser. It was around that point we started to spend a lot more time together. We became real close buddies and would hang out a lot, take a few road trips and the like. I lived outside the city, but he lived in, so when we would do something that would keep us out late, I would spend the night at his house. He had only one bed, so we would share it. One night, I woke up next to my buddy. I couldn’t sleep and I turned over to look at him. He seemed massive. He slept in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, but his frame seemed to tower over mine. His back was huge as I stared at it, and suddenly I was overcome with a desire to just feel it. I stretched my arm out and laid it across him, hugging his huge torso. My hand fell around his gut and I lifted his shirt to rub it. I took my hand and gently rubbed his belly which had shrunk slightly but was still big. It felt hairy and big. I ran my hand up and down his body while he slept peacefully. I felt kind of weird about rubbing my friend while he slept, but I couldn’t stop. My cock was throbbing like I’ve never felt before and I reached up towards his chest. I rubbed the slight amount of muscle and hair there, feeling what could be with hard work. He began to roll sideways a bit, so I removed my hand. When he finished moving, he was slightly face down and I could see his wide back beautifully. I placed my arm on it, just snuggling closer to him. I glanced over his body, my cock tenting in my boxers when my eyes came to rest on his ass. I was overcome with some feeling, I’m still not sure how to describe it, but I slowly worked my way down to his shorts. He wore a pair of kakis with a pair of boxers underneath them to bed that night. They were looser from the lifting we’ve been doing lately and my hand went down them easily to rest on his hairy cheek. It felt slightly firm from the workout and it was a lot hairy than his stomach and chest. I slightly squeezed his right ass cheek and I felt a wave of pleasure mixed with confusion. Why was I doing this? Why did it feel so good? What would he think if he woke up? Flooded with these conflicted emotions, I withdrew my hand from the captivating position and moved slightly away.

I spent the rest of that night just watching my buddy sleep. My head was wracked with questions. Why did I feel like this all of the sudden about my buddy? I watched his back move ever so slightly as he breathed in and out and my cock revealed my true feelings as it bobbed up and down, dripping with pre. At 2:27 a.m. on that Wednesday morning, I realized that I loved my friend. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I lay with my mouth gaping over the fact I’ve never known about myself.

During the next few workouts, I felt kind of weird about watching my buddy lift. Even though I knew I loved him, he was straight as far as I knew, and I was as straight as he. We both continued to lift together, and I had to make a conscious effort not to stare at him for too long as he lifted. I eventually learned how to control myself when around him, and workouts returned to usual.

That was until about a month later. We were measuring out monthly progress as usual, and what I thought that whole month was proven. My buddy always wore sweats to the gym and usually a t-shirt and shorts to bed. I crashed with him twice in the month, and I could’ve sworn he was growing. His lifts were getting more and more impressive and I was struggling to keep up. We stepped up on the scale and I had lost an expected 20 lbs of fat. I was happy. But when my buddy stepped on the scale, his weight had jumped up close to 60 lbs. We were shocked because it looked like he was steadily losing inches around his waist. So we took out our workout books. On the first page were our measurements from when we started. We grabbed the tape measure and took measurements once again. I had lost a few admirable inches here and there and grew a little in the places that mattered. My buddy cheered as I wrote down the progress in my book. He then took off his sweatshirt and t. I looked up at him and dropped my pen in awe. Where he had a bit of flab before and a protruding gut now stood a faint definition of a six-pack and two rock hard pecs. His arms, which were exactly 16 inches before seemed to be swollen with muscle mass. I gawk at his new physique when he asks me what I was looking at. I respond with a jockish, “Dude, you’re fucking huge. What have you been doing without me man?” He responds saying that he’s done nothing that I haven’t done. We’ve eaten the same things, lifted the same weights and everything. I was completely shocked. I wondered to myself how he could get so big compared to me. It must have been genetics I told myself. I took the tape from his beefy hands and proceed to measure him. As I placed my hands on his huge chest, I could have sworn they were getting hotter, not a burning sensation or a desire from me, but physically heating up in my hand. I focused on the task at hand and measured his chest. I gasped at the number and measured it twice to make sure. My buddy asked me what was wrong and I told him his chest had grown 7 inches in the last month. He exclaimed that it was impossible, but I had measured twice and I was sure. I went through his other measurements, and they all were equally as shocking and that wasn’t the only thing. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that his body fat was getting lower. With him standing still, I could see the beginning of vascularity in his muscles. After getting all his measurements, I felt compelled to feel his massive chest one more time. As soon as my hands touched, I felt his pecs begin to heat up considerably. I asked him if he felt weird or anything and he responded no. His muscles felt like they were burning on the inside, but I didn’t let go. I had wanted to feel him like this ever since that night and my heart was pounding like a bass drum from all the emotions I had bottled up. I stood there and stared at his massive chest and I could see and feel them growing. I jerked my hands away and double checked with him to make sure he didn’t feel anything. By this point, he was getting worried about me and started to ask me if I was ok. I told him what I felt on his chest and he said he didn’t feel anything. I took the tape measure and I re-measured his chest. It came out to be a full 2 inches bigger than just a few minutes ago. I showed him the tape and he stood there shocked. How can someone grow in a few minutes he started to mutter. I also wondered that, but my thoughts were going more towards my feelings for him. I loved him before now, and seeing him shirtless with his massive pulsing chest and soft 6 pack just reaffirmed my love for him. My eyes glossed over a bit as my buddy felt the newly grown muscle that now inhabited his body. My meat began to betray me as it tented up in my sweat pants. I hurried to try and make it less conspicuous, but my buddy slightly noticed. He stopped his self exploration to ask me what was the matter. I looked over my shoulder at him and just thought intensely how much I loved this man. His eyes caught mine and I saw they were soft with concern. I was so afraid to tell him how I really felt. I knew he was completely straight and something like this could tear our friendship apart. But my heart, not to mention my cock, was straining to let him know. I took a deep breath and turned around. I looked straight at him and told him the truth. “I love you.”

That’s when he fell to his knees. He started scratching all over himself complaining about how it felt like he was burning on the inside. I quickly rushed to his side and grabbed his shoulder. But soon as I laid my hands on him, I had to jerk them away. His flesh felt like it was searing and it was red hot. I panicked, not knowing what was going on, but then I saw him growing. He was expanding laterally at first, his back and shoulders widening with new muscle. His skin began to get tighter and tighter, revealing muscle and veins that laid dormant under the surface. His back began to ripple with power as he continued to scratch his chest. I stood there amazed as his back transformed, almost as if he was The Hulk. He stood up and started to stretch and his arms began to grow. What were 16’’ guns at the beginning of our journey and 18’’ today slowly inflated as he moved them. They grew and grew until they were football sized mounds sitting on top of his arms. He turned around to me and I could see he was still growing. He wasn’t getting any taller, but he was getting extremely dense. Any remaining body fat evaporated and only shredded muscle remained. He grew against his skin, drawing it tighter and tighter across his muscles to the point where it looked like his skin would tear asunder if he flexed. He continued to run his hands around his body as if he was trying to scratch an itch that wouldn’t hold still. His hands worked down to his sweatpants that he had bunched up to his knees. The muscles in his legs, which were already big, were swelling to enormous sizes. The sweatpants made audible noises as they were slowly stretched to their limits. His huge legs began to tear through the fabric and eventually were forced to release their new masters. His waist also was undergoing changes as it shrunk as the rest of his body grew. His formerly 46 waist shrunk rapidly and the pants fell slightly. When his legs tore the fabric, the pants fell completely off. He wore boxers underneath that stretched with his legs but were evidently falling from his now thin waist. I looked at him as if he were a different person. In fact, he was a different person. He stood before me now as a beautiful, fit bodybuilder with a physique that most people would kill for. Veins stood out all over his body and twitched madly as his scratch fest came to an end. His hair became more evident as it stood atop his glorious new muscles. His stomach, which was a keg, now was a ripped 6-pack of steel muscle. His arms had grown to massive proportions and his shoulders looked like there were pads under the skin. I gasped as he moved slightly causing his whole body to engage in a dance of muscle. He straightened up and felt himself, and the man that I loved now was a muscle god like I’ve been dreaming of becoming for the longest. He looked at himself, then at me and said in a few words what was happening? I told him I didn’t know but after I said that I loved you, you started growing like this.

He looked at me and I realized that I just screwed up. Why did I say that? I know he’s straight and now he’s going to stop being my friend. Plus with a body like that he can just find a new workout partner and stuff. I went to apologize, but he stopped me in mid sentence. He approached me and took me in his massive arms, drawing me in closer. He gazed deeply into my eyes and gave me the most gentle and passionate kiss I have ever had. After a few minutes of euphoria, he gently whispered in my ear that he’s always known and that he had feelings for me too. I gasped as I looked into his eyes and he said those words I had been wanting to hear for the longest.

“I love you too man.”

I dropped to my knees, overcome with a burning sensation before I started to feel myself expand with my lover’s arms wrapped around my shoulders. •

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