Muscle Man's Sex Toy

My New Home


By ushersdick

They were out of site and I decied to go exploring my new home before I go swimming. I walked down the long, dark corridor. The place seemd so much bigger than I remembered it. There were loads of doors with glass panels in. Most of the rooms were small, almost prision style bedrooms. A simple bed, some gym equipment and a tiny shower. All of them were empty. Just before the stairs was a latge glass door and behind it was the massive gym where Bruce and Josh were working out. The guys were getting hot and sweaty in tight lycra shorts. Each one of their massive muscles pumped and solid.

I walked down the staircase and outside. There was a large swimming pool, yet more gym equipment and some empty sunbed. I walked over to one at the far end to lie on. The sun was hot, beaming down on my back as I walked.

"Tom?" a voice said. I turned round and somehow Id missed. The massive, hairy man was sat, his hand shading his eyes. He had one gargantuan leg either side of the bed as he sat their. His huge dick hanging down and resting on the bed. A forest of hair covered the biggest, beefiest pecs ever as they hung down over his furry eight pac abs. His thick forearms were equally hairy and they ran into the biggest arms ever. His face was covered in stubble, perfectly formed with short, black hair.

"Sit down then" he gestured to the small amound of space on the bed that wasn't consumed by his gargantuan body. Suddenly I was nervous, I covered my dick, and tried to act as if i'd not heard him.

"Don't be embarresed, everyone is when they're new, just sit down and let it all hang loose for me"

I sat down in front of him, still trying to hide my dick. It was tiny compared to his monster. His was bigger soft than my raging boner

"Bruce and Josh give you a good welcome then?"

"Yea.. I guess so" I replied nervously

"They fucking better of done, If they or anyone does anything bad by ya, tell me, Ill sort em out 4 ya" The guy said gurffly. "Those little fucker's think they own the place, but I'm the man round here. All the other pussy's shaving all their hair off, that's what makes a man a man, muscles and hair, fuckin' huge, furry muscles. So... got a favourite muscle then?"

"I guess I kinda like biceps and pecs" I replied

"Your lucky, I got probly the biggest arms and hairiest pecs ere. And I can make em grow if i want em too, but i keep 'em at around 45 inches most the time" he boasted as he flexed his arms

"Grow 'em?" I asked, not understanding

"Yea, one fo the slaves we had here was a bit of a geek, but it had its advantages, he invented thiese pills that we take. Some of us take 'em every morning and if we want to we can jus grow. Some of the men are pussys and don't take em"

"Fuck off, i dont believe it" I said as I reached out for the huge arms.

"Just feel em"

"Shit! No Way!" I could feel it already, they were growing, as was the rest of his body "How big can ya go?"

"Big as I want I guess. Got so fucking big once that I couldn't walk. I was stuck in my room for two days while I shrunk back down. My body was massive. My shoulder muscles touched my ears and my pecs were so big that when I was stuck laying on the floor I couldn't see ahead of me. I was huge, fucking massive. I wanted to wank so much but my arms couldn't even reach my dick cos all the furry muscles got in the way kid. My legs were fucking enormous. That was the best bit.They were so huge that the muscles rubbed against eachother all the way down past my knees. When Id try and lift a leg they were so heavy it turned m on so much." Reminising the experience was turning him on. His dick was soild.

His body had stoped growing, he'd gained a few inches but he wasn't bothered. fingers were running through his hairy 85 inch chest as he bounced the mammoth pecs and carried on with the story.

"I had Josh sit on a one leg and his feet didnt touch the floor. I could even have him sit on a bicep and hed bounce as I flexed it, and you know he's a big guy. Those arms were hot, the boulder that come up when I flexed was bigger than my head"

"Do that now, grow that big" I begged, my aching dick wanting to witness that level of muscle intensity

"That's only for when there's lots of guys around, maybe later today. One little guy can't worship all that muscle, but ill let ya join in if ya good. You can worship some of what big John's capable of"

I was furiously licking out John's deep, furry armpit as he laid back on the sun bed, his big dick's head nuzzled neatly between his pecs, it was so big. I ran my hungry hands over his furry chest, abs and hard dick as I licked out the manly taste of his sweat. I sucked on his biceps when he flxed the fucking huge monsters, squeezing them, feeling the power. I was becoming more intense, loving his arms, the most perfect boulders on the planet, when he picked me up, my whole body plain into the air. He held me effortless above his face and his tongue began to probe my ass, dampening it up, losening it before he moved me forward.

He held me above his monster meat and began to slide his dick into me, my ass stretched untill I was compltly sat on it. I began to massage it with my ass as he squeezed his pecs. He began to put on a little show for me.

He bounced his pecs over and over, looking proud and almost insane with the power he had over me. "Yea, look at these fucking hairy monsters. Real men have these. A Fucking furry moster chest. I could bounce these mother fuckers for you all fucking day. You'd fucking like that, yea, youd like it wouldn't you."

He rose his left arm and flexed that. He licked it.

"Yea, that's a real man's arm. Fucking Huge, strong and hard. Fucking freak. Yea, look at the body on this fucking muscle freak. Yea, fuck this stud's meat, fuck it, harder, fuck it, fucking hard"

I could feel it throbbing inside of me, pulsating as he he began to jerk my dick at the same time. He started groaning, moaning with intense pleasure as every muscle on his gargantuan body began uncontrollabbly spasaming. The sight of this and the feeling of his hot load in my ass sent me over the edge, my cum hitting his neck. His cum kept on coming inside me for ages, load after load.

A sweaty, pumped John leant back as his dick went soft again inside me.

"Yea, your good, maybe you can join ma show later. You better carry on having a look round the house then, there's some boxers down there you can wear if ya wanna, they're mine, but i kinda like walkin round wit nothin on"

I put them on and the boxers were like shorts on me. They fitted tightly round my waist, but his massive legs and meat had stretched them." •

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