Muscle Man's Sex Toy

The Next Day


By ushersdick

I woke the next day to the sound of Bruce and another man:

"Yea, I told you he was a good one"

I rolled over and Bruce was stood only in the tiniest gym shorts next to a monster even bigger than himself.

"Ahhh, you decided to wake up then Jamie? - Jamie, this is Josh"

Josh was stood in a pair of tight black jeans. His body was massive, bigger than Bruce's even. His massive golden body was covered in blonde hair, his huge pecs hung down off his gargantuan shoulders, attached to the thickest arms I've ever seen.

I was starring at Josh's body when he climbed onto the bed and grabbed my head. He pushed my head into his giant pecs

"You like my blonde muscles then boy? I heard you liked Bruces, what about mine?"

I was too busy inhailing the manly smeel of his chest, he bounced them and the furr rubbed against my face. He let my head free and I looked up at his face. The sculpted face full of desire.

He knelt on the bed, his jeans so tight around the gargantuan legs they looked as if they would rip thourgh at any minute, his dick hardening, sliding down his leg.

He lifted up his left arm showing his hot, hairy pit. With the other hand he pushed my head into it

"Yea, this God's been workin' out, gettin' all hot and sweaty, can ya taste it?"

"Yea" I managed to get out as I furiously licked the furry pit

"That's the taste of a man, that's the taste of a man who's been workin' hard to be a freak. You like this freak's body, don't ya?"

"Fuck yea" I replied between licks

Josh lowered his arm and I moved onto sucking on his perfect nipples. He gave me a measure and flexed his left arm

"Tell me what a freak I am, measure these guns kid"

He tensed up the arm and I wrapped the measure around

"Fuck!" I was shocked, "40 inches"

"40 fuckin inches, big. But I'm gonna get bigger, these arms are gonna be 50 inches one day kid, gonna be a fuckin freak"

Josh laid back and undid his jeans. He tried to pull them down himself, but couldnt, his legs too thick. I started pulling them down too, and with some effort they came off. His huge, hard cock spruing up and hit his abs. It was beautifull. Sticking out of a bush of thick, blonde pubes the sloid piece of meat was thick as a kinnie can, 20 inches long and had a perfect bulb at the end, that was buried inbetween the valley of his pecs.

His massively thick legs were furry, they were like a forest down on his calfs. He tened them for me and i ran my hands over them, licking the them too. His thighs rubbed together all the way down to his knees, they had become so thick, getting hairier the further down you got. His legs too had his glorious, manly smell.

It was then I noticed Bruce was sat on the edge of the bed, naked. He had one hand on his hard dick, stroking it, the other playing with his nipple.

Josh passed me the measure again.

"Measure these legs, fukcin' hell I love my legs..."

I ran my hand over his massive legs as I wrapped the measure around.

"Oh my fucking God!"

"Tell me! Tell me, Tell me how big these fuckin thighs are"

"50 inches"

"Yea, fuckin thighs, so fuckin thick, look at em" He intensivly instructed me, as I started to run my tongue up and down them, "Fucking massive legs. They're so big, my jeans hardly fit, I can't even walk normally, so fucking huge. So fucking huge kid, bigger than your waist aren't they?"

"33 inches, my waist" I replied

"Fuckin hell, each fuckin thigh almost 20 inches bigger than your waist, these are fucking sexy legs, run your dick along these fuckers. These hairy fuckers'll make you cum, yea, rub ur puny dick up up and down 'em"

I knelt just below his knees and slid my bell end over his sweaty thighs. As I was doing it, Josh started stroking his massive dick. I kissed and licked the huge thighs, burying my head in the crater between his thighs.

"You lilke that taste? That's the taste of a muscle man's fucking hot legs, the sweat of a real man... and this is a real man's cock, you like this piece of meat?"

Josh slid down the bed and lifted my whole weight like I was just a feather, and started to slde me down over his monsterous dick. He slid me up and down, like I weighed nothing, as if I was a toy on his dick, untill I could feel all 20 inches inside me. I thought a dick that big would hurt, but my arss semmed to accomodate it, fuck knows how.

As I started to slid my hungry ass over the monster meat, Bruce got up from wanking and knelt, one knee either side of Josh, and pushed my head into his massive bouncing pecs, covered in cum from one self induced orgasm already. The massive man had grown more overnight and was bigger and sexier than anyone i'd seen before.

I bounced Josh's dick harder and faster untill I saw every, i mean every muscle in his body tighten up and then as buckets of his hot seed shot into my body, every one og his huge muscles began contracting, they grew a life of their own, beyond Josh's control. This sight sent me and even huge bruce over the edge, both shooting our loads.

"Fuck" exclaimed Josh

"I said he was good" replied Bruce

"Your fuckin' right. Your staying here kid, your our new toy now"

"Fuckin' pumped now. Gonna go grow thes arms" Said Bruce as he flexed one of his massive arms, running the other arm's hand across it, squeezing. "You can do what you want Tom, but ya can't leave. Don't even try it. The better you make us feel, the better off you'll be. Trust me. There's a TV, food in the kitchen and you can go wherever you want... in this building and the back patio. The place is huge and everyone knows your here, no one will hurt you, in a bad way. Don't bother finding any clothes, most of the guys don't have any clothes on... or very few anyway. Loads of the guys are at work at the moment anyway, it's probably just us. Go and have a swim out back or something?"

"Why can't I leave?"

"Don't ask questions like that, ya won't like the answer, you just can't. And once you've seen what all the other guys here are like, you won't wanna leave either.."

"C'mon you fucker" interrupted Josh "You wanna grow or jus' sit round talking to weak little fuckers?"

"Allright, allright, I'm coming. The pool's down the stairs and straight out kid, see you later".

Bruce and Josh walked out together, naked. Both of their asses a perfect bubble butt. Totally round, smooth and solid. The hugely thick legs rolling over eachother and dicks swaying down and slapping them. •

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