Muscle Man's Sex Toy


By ushersdick

"I was nervous as I rang the doorbell. I was replying to an ad in the local gay paper. It read "Larger than average muscle man seeks other man for gym buddy". We'd been talking on MSN for abit and I finally rose up the courage to go round his. An old, converted warehouse it appeared desolare and empty, I'd decided I must have the wrong place. I turned to walk away when I heard the door open.

"Tom?" a gruff voice bellowed.

I turned round to see before me the largest guy i've ever seen. Wearing tight jeans and and equally tight tee, he was so tall his pecs were only just at my head height, and I'm pretty tall. His face was that of a God's. Chiseled, clean shaven and short-cut black hair.

His head sat on the biggest, thickest looking neck I've seen. His white shirt stretched to the limit over his huge pecs and the biggest arms on the planet. Every time he breathed out his shirt looked like it was going to explode.

His bright blue jeans also skin tight over the thickest legs. His thighs must've been over 30 inches, legs so wide they rubbed together all the way down to his knees.

I was so stunned by his body I hadn't even replied yet.

"Are you Tom?" he asked again.

"ummm ye... ye.. yea" I replied, stumbling over my words, too mezmorized by his Godly body. Bruce laughed and invited me in. I followed him into his lounge, a large room, with two sofa's , wooden floor and a TV, the rest of it empty. I sat down on one sofa, he sat opposite me. His legs splayed apart a huge, but soft bulge was prominent.

"Soo..." he started "You been working out long?" as if he needed to ask, I wasn't exactly anything near as big as him.

"Umm not long, I thought having a bigger guy to work out with would be good for inspiration, i didn't think you'd be as big as you are, i guess your kinda disapointed?"

"No. Your just what I wanted. Anyway, You like this muscle?" He asked, gesturing towards the solid bulge in my shorts. Embarsesed, I tried to hide it.

"C'mon, lets start" Bruce said, walking thourgh a door into another large room. This one was even bigger than the last one, massive, it was full of gym equipment and other contraptions.

He walked into the room, me behinid him and laid down on the floor on his front.

"Get on Then!" he shouted back at me

"Wat?" I replied

"Oh for fuck sake! Yoour gonna be my human weight. That's why I wanted a puny guy like you. I'm so fucking strong they don't make weights heavy enough for me." He seemd to be getting real intense and was enjoying talking about his power.

I came over and laid on his wide back. So wide that he couldve comfortabley fitted two of me on their.

He began doing push ups, I didn't know how to react, so embarrsed, my hard dick was pressing into his back.

"Yea, your liking this aren't ya? I can feel it" Shit! I thought, trying to re arrange myself.

"No kid, leave it, it feels good, yea that's helping me get pumped. Helpin' me get stronger boy, yea, your helpin me get stronger - feel me get stronger boy. Put your hands inside this tight shirt and feel me gettin pumped kid"

I slid my hands under his body, all the time him pumping me up and down on his back. I slid my hands up inside his shirt.

His body hot and dripping in sweat, my hands pushed tight against his body, ths shirt so tight I could hardly move 'em about in their. His solid pecs under my hands, I try to grab them but can't

"Yea, they'e so fuckin solid aren't they? Yea, you love those pecs boy, go on, grab 'em boy"

I soon realised, I couldn't reach as far across his body as before, like his back had grown wider,

I swear, I couldn't reach his nipples any more, I could jus get my hands under his armpits and that was it.

"Yea it's working, man, getting bigger. Gonna be a fucking freak, yea, worship this God" He was fucking massive, soon I couldn't reach the underside of his body at all, the shirt stretching tighter and tighter.

He stood, up I fell back and he turned around. The man was fucking massive. He boucned his pecs and a rip appeared down the middle of the skin tight shirt. He grabbed it, and with a giant roar ripper it clear of his body.

The massive man stood, breathing heavily, every muscle pumped, hot and sweaty. Every muscle was now bigger, and still growing as he stood there.

"Yea, gettin pumped kid. Fuckin' pumped, this fuckin' freak's gonna be huge"

He grabbed me and pulled me close against his hot, sweaty body. He laid down on the floor, me sat on his abs. He put his hands behind his head, revealing deep, hairy armpits. I began licking them out. The hot, manly and sweaty thick, black hair tasted so good on my tongue. I loved that taste, the taste of Bruce's sweat, it's still my favourite taste.

"Mmm yea, your good at this boy, you know how to turn a real man like me on, yeah keep doing that" Bruce moaned as I licked his nipples. His sweaty pecs, so solid, tasted so good. Bruce stood up, me on my knees and pulled down his tight work out shorts.

His giant piece of meat spring up and bounced off his solid abs. Bruce stood there sweating, pumped, veins running over his body, skin stretched so tight around the muscle.

Bruce flexed his arms, they must've been 30 inches around. The sweaty underarm hair poking out as the skin stretched so tight around the peaks they looked like they would burst through.

With sweat dripping down his forehead he hit a most muscular, every muscle tensing, every vein slithering across his body.

His huge dick was solid and throbbing as he walked towards me, he grabbed me and held me tight against his body as carried me to the shower.

He pushed me in their and he got in after me, he was so big he took up most of the large shower, he couldn't turn around, his body had become so wide that each shoulder touched either side of the shower walls.

"I'm so fuckin' sweaty, clean this God's body boy, wash my big, strong body boy"

He had turned on the hot water and it was cascading over his big body as I squeezed out the shower gel on to my shaking hand. I put my hand to his chest and I began rubbing the gel over his moutanous chest. It foamed up as I rubbed it over his pecs. He loved bouncing them as my hands ran across them. His dick had become harder and longer and was digging into my stomach as stood there.

Bruce squeezed some lube on to his hands and turned me round. He slipped one of his giant fingers in my ass, the finger so big it felt like a good sized dick in their, he then squeezed a second one in, loosening up my ass untill I felt the head of his cock against my hungry hole, he pushed it in hard and deep, all 15 inches of muscle inside me untill I felt his groyne against my ass.

"Yea you like that? You like having a real man's monster inside you, it feels good doesn't it? You like this muscle God's power don't you? All my power and strength fucking you, it feels so good, you sweet ass"

He became more intense as he began thrusting harder. He was reaching round, his big strong hand jerking my dick as he thrusted, the other running through my wet hair.

"Fuck yea, fuckin hell, fuck yea, fuck, yea"

he groaned as I started to feel his dick throb inside me. He gave on final, hard thrust and one final hard jerk and we both came. My orgasme lenghened by the way I oculd feel loads and loads of his hot seed emptying inside my body, seeping into my inners as my own load hit the sides of the shower wall. Pure, total 100% extasy. Heaven.

He carried me to his bedroom. He dropped me down on to the bed and laid beside me, his arms wrapped around my body, protecting me from the rest of the world." •

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