Tansley Prep School


By dpmaxx15

The door opened. The two hottest jock studs that Jared had ever seen walked into the room. Jared’s mouth dropped open when he saw them; his little 3” cock sprang to life in his pants. So much for not being gay.

The first guy walked over to Lance and, to Jared’s surprise, put his hand down his shorts. Lance grabbed his hand and said, “Not yet—we’ve got our freshman, and he hasn’t been to the doctor yet. Later.”

The guy turned around and looked at Jared. He had the looks of a fitness model. He had piercing blue eyes and deeply tanned skin, with light brown hair spiked up at the front. His beautiful face was supported by a 17” neck. He was wearing a preppy pink and blue striped polo shirt that seemed to be at least two sizes too small. Every inch of his upper body was clearly visible through it, from his 28” waist to his 48” chest. His biceps bulged out of the shirt without even flexing, and his nipples practically ripped through the cloth. A cobble street of eight abdominals was also visible through the shirt. He was wearing cargo shorts and sneakers with low socks, so his enormous calves were visible, every muscle rippling as he walked. His shorts did little to hide his 29” quads and enormous dick—it must have been 9” flaccid!

He turned to Jared. “Oh, hey man. You must be our freshman. Well, I’m Mike, the Junior.”

“And I’m Josh, the senior,” said a deep voice from behind him. Jared turned to look. If his mouth had dropped open before, it hit the floor now.

Josh was unbelievable. If Lance was a god, Mike was the king of the gods. If Mike was the king of the gods, Josh was the emperor.

He had spiky blond hair and deeply tanned skin; his face was like a young Brad Pitt’s. His chest was easily 55”, while his waist was still a slim 29”. His biceps were just on the verge of 24”, and his deltoids were cannonballs of power. He was in a short-sleeved t-shirt that was stretched to the point of being almost see-through. His enormous nipples were clearly visible through it, as were his vascular and meaty pecs. He had a perfect ten-pack, one ab after the other, like ten bricks in an unbreakable wall. His jeans barely fit over his 31” quads and 19” calves. However, most impressive of all was a bulge in his jeans that must have concealed an 11 incher.

Jared couldn’t stop staring.

“We’re actually just on our way to work out—we do every day after class. We’d ask you to join us, but you should probably wait ‘till after you’ve seen the doctor,” said Lance. “There’s a special freshman dinner tonight, and you’ll get all your clothes and shit tomorrow. For now, you can just hang around here. We’ll be back in like two hours.”

The three boys changed into gym clothes that were, if possible, even more revealing than regular clothes. They walked out of the dorm, Josh giving Jared a friendly cuff on the shoulder that almost sent him reeling.

If these were his roommates, Jared decided, he was going to like it here. •

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