Gym of Dreams: Jasper


By xythan_shadow

That summer was amazing. I spent every day with this giant from 8 am to 8 pm. We lifted weights and ran track as he built up my body. My “gift” kicked in, and it made him incredibly strong and muscled and allowed me to grow to around 6’. I also bulked out a bit, but nowhere near him. Then one day, he did something that I also will never forget. I was lifting hard and these senior jocks came in. Ignoring me, they went straight to my buddy Josh. They commented on how big he’s gotten over the summer and how they’re holding a party and he’s invited. Josh responded, “Sure, I’ll come. How ‘bout my buddy here?” as he pointed to me. I wasn’t near as developed as him, just a tall lanky guy with problems around people still. They looked at me and burst into laughter. They frankly stated that I was nothing and would never be anything and if Josh wanted to be someone, he’d dump me as his friend and get with some real people. I felt my eyes well up and I excused myself in the midst of their laughter. I went to the locker room, sure that my past had caught up to me. Josh was going to enjoy his new power and size, and I would be left behind. I began to cry into my hands. It hurt so much my heart felt as if it was being torn asunder. Then I felt a giant paw on my shoulder. It was Josh. He asked me what was the matter and I told him my worse fear. He gave me a bear hug and said that he had refused their offer and knocked one of the jocks out for saying that. “I’ll never leave you little buddy. You’re my pal. Those guys just want me for what I look like, but I know you and you know me. You’re too nice of a guy to be alone, so I’m gonna be with you as long as I can.” I felt so good that he chose me over the jocks I began to rub him intently. He lifted his shirt so I could worship his massive rippled chest and his huge guns a few minutes before he forced me to get back to my lifting.

By the end of the summer, I grew to a great 6’1’’ tall and 230 lbs of mass. My muscles were hard and I felt strong, but it was nothing compared to Josh. He stayed around 6’4’’, but he weighed near 300lbs, and to top it off, it was all muscle. He had less than 5% body fat. Veins twitched all over his body in whatever he did, even slept. His legs were like giant industrial pipes and his arms were bigger than most people’s legs. His chest was barreled and everything was covered with a manly layer of hair, not too thick but very noticeable. He was a supreme specimen of man, and he allowed me to worship him whenever I pleased. Every night, I spent at least an hour just massaging his perfect body. Letting my hands explore every indention and every contour of his marble-sculpted body, I learned his physique and where he liked to be touched and rubbed.

With my friend backing me, I joined the football team. He was a lineman and I became a cornerback. Life was excellent for years, and I grew into a smart jock like my buddy Josh. I was still kinda anti-social, but with Josh there, I didn’t concern myself with anyone. I’m glad I had him in my life, even more so when I hit my senior year.

During the summer of my senior year, my last living relative, my father, died. My mother died when I was young, so I was the only one left. I don’t know what I would’ve done if it wasn’t for Josh. He convinced his parents to accept legal guardianship over me and he continued to make me focus on the present and not let myself fall to the grief of my father dying. He pushed me harder and harder in the gym, and let me go further and further with him in the bedroom. His muscles and body helped me get over the worse period in my life. Every night, I would find myself in his massive arms and chest, immersed in the muscles of his bear hug. I lost myself in the worship of his perfectly sculpted body and his huge cock, and though grief still hurt me, I knew there was someone in the world that cared.

Every day that summer was a routine, almost a ritual that kept me going. We would wake up around 7 in the morning and we would shower together. I would slowly caress his body, lathering it up and washing it down. He would then turn me around, letting his stiff throbbing meat slide slowly up and down me as he washed my back. How I wished he would just ram that huge fuck tool into my ass, but he never would. When I could take no more of the teasing, he would turn me around and we would stroke each other into orgasmic bliss, sending ropy strands of white fluid around the shower. Then it was off to breakfast. Josh’s mother always fixed a huge breakfast for her sons. And now that I was her son, she did the same for me. My “gift” didn’t let me lose or gain any weight no matter how much I ate, but I ate with Josh so it would seem my growth was in part due to the meals. And they all were excellent anyway. Josh’s mother could have easily been a chef.

Then after that, it was a brisk five-mile run to the high school gym where we spent hours working hard just building up. Seeing as how it was already hot even early in the morning, Josh would work out shirtless and I would follow suit. While my body was toned, his was breathtaking. After the run, sweat glistened down his body, accentuating his pulsing muscles. An aroma of muscle wafted from him, and I enthralled myself in it. We would stretch and I would stare at how his body moved fluidly and slowly, extending the various muscle fibers in his body. Each muscle tightened and relaxed repeatedly and I had to focus on keeping my cock from tenting up. But even with me trying to focus on the stretching, my mind would start to wander to what happens at night. He would always notice the point where I would start drifting away, and he would take his massive limb and draw me in close, allowing me to feel the power his body held. Then, after the glorious reprieve, he would order me to lift. I would push myself as hard as I could, then he would push me a bit more. Then he would add a bit more weight and do his set. I would spot him, but he never needed it. Then after every set, I would be allowed to feel the warmth of his body and the fullness of his muscles. Working out in the morning was great because no one else had the dedication of us two. Everyone that lifted came in around 3 pm and by that time, we were long gone, and since no one ever came to interrupt us, I was free to worship my buddy and my master as he and I saw fit.

So, after our heavy lifting session with intermingled worship breaks, we would grab lunch at a local deli. Each day, we would have 2 huge subs on wheat bread. Josh said I needed the protein but I reminded him I couldn’t grow from food alone. Then we ran home and did various stuff like pull ups, pushups, and crunches in his bedroom. Then eventually, I would throw myself on him. Sometimes I would sit on his back while he did pushups, feeling his body lift our combined weight over and over again. Sometimes I would hang on his waist while he did pull ups, gently massaging his legs and cock with my tongue. Whatever we did for exercise in the evening led into worship, and I was thankful for that. Every now and again, my mind would reminisce on my father and I would become sad, but Josh was always there for me.

Around the time school was to start, Josh received a full scholarship to a great university out of state, and I received several partial scholarships. I was ecstatic for him and he was happy too. He wondered what I would do, but I said I would just work to save up enough money to go to school too. We had our plan set up for the future, and our senior year was just starting.

It was around the beginning of the school year that word of my “gift” caught up with me. It started slowly at first; people wondered how Josh and I made such huge gains over the summer. I denied it for the longest, but then people who I helped a while back began to come forward and finger me as the guy who somehow helped them get better. Sure, they weren’t there when I needed them, but they came up soon as it was most inconvenient. Josh was there beside me the whole time though, fending off the masses of people that wanted me to help them with every little thing from math to power lifting to tennis. We lifted the whole year away despite the interruptions, and before we knew it, we were graduating.

I worked all summer at a local construction site with Josh. He thought it would be a good source of money, and I could get my work out in. He was partially right; I packed on about five more pounds of muscle, but it didn’t pay as well as I liked. Josh was getting ready to delay his college entry, but I wouldn’t let him. I told him he had to go because it was an once in a lifetime opportunity. He grudgingly agreed, but promised that he would write to me often. I continued to work at the construction site and Josh visited every so often. We’d lift together and I would worship him, and life was good. I maintained most of my size and I knew Josh loved me.

I moved to an apartment near where I worked so I wouldn’t be a burden to Josh’s parents. I walked to work every day and I was feeling good. But one night, my life changed. I was walking home when this black van pulled up next to me. I was going to continue walking, but out jumped these massive men. Seeing their faces, I could tell that they were all members of the local semi-pro football team. But they also were the muscle for the local mafia. Sad, but true, our quiet little town had its own mafia. Since we were so close to the border, there were drug runners everywhere, and even though the police didn’t want to admit it, everyone knew. It’s true what they say, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.” They were almost as big as Josh, but lacking his definition and power. The leader of this ‘gang’, the star quarterback, approached me as the other five surrounded me. He snarled at me, “I know about your gift. You’re gonna help me and my buddies get huge and go pro, or else.” I responded, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He sneered back, “Don’t play dumb with me you little shit! We know all about those kids you helped long ago and how they’re so great now. They fingered you as the person responsible.” My mind raced, they obviously didn’t know about Josh, but all those other bastards just put me in the worse possible situation. I felt a pair of giant arms grab me from behind and squeeze me so tightly I thought my ribs would be crushed. The quarterback reared back and threw a heavy punch into my gut. My instincts saved me though by emptying my lungs and flexing my abs just in time, but damn did it hurt. I coughed loudly, overplaying the injury, and buckled over the massive arms holding me. He stepped forward and grabbed me by the hair, forcing me to look at him. “Now, are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?” •

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