Tansley Prep School


By dpmaxx15

Jared was nervous. He turned around and waved good-bye to his parents for the last time, watching their car disappear behind a curve in the road. He turned around and surveyed the great wrought iron gates of Tansley Hall, his new school for the next four years. He walked in, wondering what awaited him.

He was still unsure as to how he felt about the whole boarding school thing. Until a few days ago, he had thought that he’d be going to the public high school down the street with all his friends from middle school. A few days ago, however, his parents had woken him up and told him to get into the car, and that they were going to his new school. He hadn’t even packed a suitcase or filled out any forms; his parents told him he didn’t need any.

He walked into the gates, feeling squeamish. As soon as he did, a tall, blond man carrying a clipboard came up to him.

“Name?” the man inquired.

“Uhhh…Jared Winston,” Jared said.

“Excellent,” said the man, checking something off on his clipboard. “Follow me, please.” Jared hurried to catch up with the man. When he was abreast of him, he took a moment to steal a real look at him. His mouth dropped open.

The man was drop dead gorgeous. Blond hair parted in the middle framed an angular face with high cheekbones and piercing hazel eyes. A small, button nose rested above two generous lips. Two ear-length sideburns and a scruffy chin completed the perfection. As Jared’s gaze traveled down his face, he noticed a thick, muscular neck offset by wide traps. The man’s shoulders were broad and muscular; this man had the build of an underwear model, if not a bodybuilder! His gaze traveled a bit further down, and lingered for a second on the very sizable bulge in the man’s pants. He looked away quickly, embarrassed. “I’m not gay,” he said to himself.

The man led him through a door in a building and down a hallway. Finally, he gestured for Jared to take a seat in a chair while he sat behind a desk.

“So,” said the man. “Welcome to Tansley Hall, the best all-boys prep school of its kind in the world. I’m Zach Johnson, your counselor. If you don’t mind, we’ll get your interview done with now, and schedule your first appointment with the doctor for tomorrow morning.”


“So, Jared, tell me about yourself. What sports do you play?”

“Well, none, really. I’m not very good at them, and I’m not very athletic.”

“I see, don’t worry about that. Are there any sports that you’d like to play?”

“Well, I like watching football, I guess that’d be cool…and I like baseball as well. But I can’t play either,” Jared said.

“Excellent,” said Zach. “What about other habits? Do you party a lot? Do you drink or smoke?”

“Umm…no. I’m pretty quiet—I read a lot, and sometimes I draw or paint.”

“Okay,” said Zach. “I think that’s everything we need to know. Let me just process this information, and we’ll find you a roommate, and I’ll let you get settled in.” He left the office, leaving Jared alone and nervous.

Zach came back in about ten minutes with a key and a piece of paper. “Here’s your campus key—it opens up your dorm, as well as any key on campus you might need to use. This is a map of the campus for you—I’ve marked off the doctor’s office, your appointment’s at 8:00 in the morning. Don’t be late.” As he was talking, Zach led Jared to an enormous stone building with the words “Yeards Hall” in wrought iron over the doorway. He led him inside to a room on the second floor and handed him the key and the paper. “Well, here you are. You can explore, or just hang out here—your roommates will be along shortly. Dinner’s served in Tansley Hall at 7:00 sharp. Don’t forget your doctor’s appointment!” Zach turned to leave.

“Wait!” said Jared. “What about clothes and stuff?”

“Oh, just hang out with what you have for now. You’ll get them tomorrow.” Zach left.

Jared looked around his room. It seemed that his roommates had moved in. There were four beds in the room, three of which showed signs of having been slept in. Jared moved over to the empty one. He noticed that there seemed to be a rather large amount of mirrors in this room, reflecting his small, fourteen-year-old reflection all over the place. He looked at himself.

He was too short, he decided; too skinny, and too ugly. His hair was lank and a bit too long, his clothes were too loose, and his face had a constant pinched, unattractive expression.

As he was studying himself, the door opened. Jared wheeled around and let out a gasp of surprise. One of his roommates had entered.

He was unbelievable. He had short, dark spiky hair, bleached blond. He was wearing a tight, white shirt that was especially tight around his 18” biceps and what seemed like a 40” chest. His nipples were visible, pointing downward through the shirt from the bottom of his large, meaty pecs. He was wearing tight jeans that accentuated the smallness of his waist, but seemed to become even tighter around what must have been 24” quads. All this was outshone by the beauty of his face; he had the face of a young god, with light brown eyes and a fair growth of stubble.

“Oh, hey, you must be the new roommate,” he said. He stuck out his hand for Jared. “I’m Lance, the sophomore.” He noticed Jared’s confused look. “Oh, I guess no one explained it to you. Every room has a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and senior. Mike and Josh should be along soon.”

Lance stepped in to the corner near his bed and opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts and an even smaller white shirt. Jared could hardly help but watch as he stripped in the corner, revealing a pair of muscular thighs and an 8” cock barely contained by his jockstrap. When he took off his shirt, Jared noticed his beautiful six pack of abs, each one perfectly shaped and tanned.

“Have you had your doctor’s appointment yet?” asked Lance.

“No,” said Jared.

“Oh. Well, don’t worry. Once you do, things will make a bit more sense.

The door began to open again. Jared turned, smiling in anticipation. He couldn’t wait to meet more of his roommates. •

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