By Chameleon

My name is Mark, I have always had a nice body. I am about 5'4 so quite short really. I have blue eyes with black curtains which are bleached at the front. Ever since I was young I could eat as much as I liked without putting on weight which is really great. From the age of about 9 I noticed that I was very muscular, my arms bulged when I flexed them way more than any of my mates.

Anyway, when I was 10 my cousin who was 17 showed me his six pack which was solid and flexed his biceps for me. I was entranced by them. As he continued flexing and showing off he told me how he did sit ups and push ups every night. As I grasped his biceps I decided that I wanted to have a huge muscular body. From that night I did 100 sit-ups and 100 push ups every night, not an easy task for a 10 year old. After a month I could easily see the muscles growing. My biceps were peaking much rounder and they were solid as rock. I could also count four clear abs and feel the other two!

As my muscles grew, so did my strength so I worked my way up to 500 a night of each! By that time I was looking impressive! I had 16" biceps, two clear pecs and one heck of a six pack! I enjoyed working my muscles because I knew it would make them bigger and make me stronger and sexier! For my 12th birthday I got a set of free weights. By the time I was 13 I had the most amazing body. My forearms were thickly laid with muscle which made my huge biceps look even more impressive. My solid pecs stood over my clearly defined abs.

Now of course people noticed my fine body and I was always happy to let them see some skin (and the huge muscles beneath it!). When I flexed my arms peoples jaws would drop with astonishment. When we swam or sunbathed and I removed my top people would come flooding to see me. I made my pecs dance and let people feel my washboard abs. All of the attention just made me work out harder.

Well just before I was 13 I started to go through puberty. My muscles gained definition and veins started to appear around my gigantic muscles. My skin seemed to form tighter around my growing muscles. My pecs grew outwards and my nipples stretched wider. My legs grew thick with black hair making the muscles appear even stronger. My voice also dropped so I had a voice that was as powerful as my body.

Of course big muscles don't just look good, I was strong as anything too. As my body grew my strength did. I never lost a wrestling match and soon had to fight two or three of my mates to challenge my body. Sometimes my strength even amazed me. I once lifted my best friend Craig up by his neck with one hand and believe me Craig is not light! I loved getting people if strangle holds and flexing my biceps into their necks. I think that they liked it too! When they pinned me down I easily threw them off me or just stood up with them still holding on.

By the time I reached fourteen I had joined a gym and worked out for at least two hours a day but most days I spent three or four. Now my shoulders were broad and I was just huge. Every part of my body was covered with thick, powerful muscles. I started to look as big as the teen bodybuilders you see on the net who are obviously pumped full of 'roids. My arms were 16" unflexed and they reached a 22" high peak of solid flexed muscle. My pecs were so wide and cut. When I flexed them and my skin pulled tight across them it was the sexiest thing. My abs were so solid that people could jump on them over and over and not even effect me.

Wrestling just became boring. When my mates attacked me it was like I was fighting kids. I would just take it and then pick them up and 'throw' them away or put them in a hold until they submitted. It seemed funny watching them struggle against my muscles that just locked rigidly in place. It would take three of them just to unflex my arm! •

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