Superior Man, The


By RicksterCT

It was now a year later since Mike folded the steel door at the old coal house down near the river. On that day Mike's father Frank made the decision to make the most out of Mike's enhanced biological makeup that he and 2 other scientist have given him. He pushed his son in every way to increase size and get the most out of the superior genetics he had. This was most evident in the last year. Frank knew that Mike's strength will reach it's incredible peak when puberty is complete, and by that time he wants his son to be the most massively muscular, most powerful beast in history of man. He drilled it in Mike's head since the day that he was born that the strongest come first and he made sure Mike knew HE was the STRONGEST! Frank had a plan, a plan that would make both him and his muscle bound freak of a son extremely wealthy and famous.

Mike walked out of the gym built in the basement of their home. A gym that had weights with hydraulic resistance and magnetic pull to make them 100 times heavier then any weight a man has ever lifted. The results were startling. The ground literally shook with every step this musclebound 18 year old took. He stopped and looked into the wide mirror that made up the wall in the "posing room" and flexed. "YEAH!!" he said, showing he liked what he saw. Frank came in with a measuring tape that was much larger then the average tape. "Let's see what we got going for us son." Frank said as Mike grunted and flexed his right bicep. "28 1/2", that's the man !" Frank said as he continued onto his quads. An incredible 40" stretched the tape over the flexed tree trunk. Every measurement was mind boggling, 25 calves, 26 neck ... his son was MASSIVE. "OK, 34 waist and an awesome 8 pack going.. lets see what these pecs are showing." Frank wrapped the tape around his son's thick, round pecs. He could feel the strength in them as his fingers couldn't start to even dent the slabs of steel plated muscle. "Damn Mike, 78," you're off the fuckin' scale." Frank said as he checked the growth projection sheet. Frank's heart was beating incredibly fast and started to become hard as he realized the size of his son is even greater then he figured. The mere thought of his son's extraordinary size and strength excited him. He was getting off on Mike's strength almost as his son was. "Go shower and change, we have people to see," he said as he came back to reality.

There was always a crowd around the Gargano home. The word spread like wild fire about the 17 year old that destroyed Mr. Olympia in a bodybuilding contest 6 months ago. And the attention he got after breaking every lifting record known to man was all his father's doing. Frank thrust his son's extraordinary abilities into the spot light shortly after the door incident down at the coal house. With that he and his son gained instant fame as he would rush his boy into contest after contest and quickly rushed him off after the easy victories to avoid serious questions. This action caused a slight back lash as some people wanted to know how Mike got so massive and powerful. People tried to come down hard on Frank, asking more and more questions about Mike, questions that Frank refused to answer. The search into Frank's past showed up nothing also because of a change of name he did shortly after the H. E. R. C. project fell apart. Frank seemed to dodge the questions form the press but today feels far more comfortable. Today is Mike's 18th birthday and now no state agency could accuse him of everything from letting his son use drugs to child abuse like they have in the past year. Today Mike was legally a man. The front door to the house opened as Frank got the over sized pick up truck and pulled it through the crowd. Mike walked out the front door one shoulder at a time. Mike was wearing a v cut skin tight nylon T shirt. A shirt so tight that it showed off every muscle, every powerful curve. A red shirt that was so tightly stretched across his thick four foot wide back that the color seemed to be faded into a pale pinkish hue. Mike's pecs bulged out like two 1/2 bowling balls. The shirt was so form fitting that it hugged them as if his torso was painted. You could count each of the 8 deeply carved powerful abs that flowed down his trunk. His arms, relaxed and hanging at his sides looked like two 70 pound hams where his biceps sat. His arms flaring outward from his powerful lats which were so powerfully thick. His walk was more of a shift back and forth as each massive quad literally had to move around the other. He was wearing jeans that were custom made to fit him. The jeans were skin tight as well. Jeans made of an extra strong elastic based thread so they could slightly expand to the over sized pillars that made up his legs. His quads looked as though they would bust through the material. The massive bulge that was made from his thick, long cock and huge balls strained the zipper to the limit as his quads pushed the boy's meat outward. Even his facial features were of pure power. His eyes were dark and deep with strength, his square chin and Italian features made him God like. He's been called perfect in every way and HE KNEW IT!

Children asking for his autograph, reporters asking questions and just on lookers who wanted to see the most powerful teen in the world flex his muscles were greeted with a cold, powerful icy stare as he easily muscled his way through the crowd, actually knocking over several people like a bull dozer. Mike had no time for people unless he was in need of an audience. He thought of the crowds as beings far less of himself. He felt as though it was an honor for them just to see him, never mind talk to him. Mike got in the Ultra Heavy Pick Up as his side sunk down a good 2 feet making the shocks squeal from his weight of 420 pounds which seemed even freakier on his 5'10 frame. A reporter jumped toward the door and stuck a microphone in his face and ask "How does it feel to be the strongest man in history ?" Mike replied by saying nothing, just smirking and taking the top of the microphone and squeezing it, easily shattering it into tiny pieces of plastic and metal. And the truck drove off.

They pulled into the Ramos Research Lab where Frank and Mike both agreed with scientist that he would have his strength tested and measured on his 18th birthday. They also made it clear that they will answer no question on how Michael Gargano came to this size. But that didn't seem to matter anymore to his millions of fans. The world was engulfed with the power of this cocky, huge ego, musclebound teen that all they wanted to see is what he was capable of doing. This drew the attention of the entire world. Everyone wanted to know how strong this titan was and if there was a limit to his strength. Every news agency was covering this story, some live. After taking Mike's measurements they lead Mike and his father into a huge room. Several people were in there watching along with dozens of news cameras. Mike loved the attention, he felt as though he deserved it. Scientist were standing next to several machines they built to test Mike's strength with. He went through the smaller test with ease. A grip machine to test hand strength, a hydraulic bench press that measured tons of pressure, a hydraulic squat machine. Mike broke several of the smaller machines and the larger hydraulic ones maxed out. The scientist where dumb founded and Mike actually seemed bored. "We have some stronger ones over here," one of the head scientist said as he walked the massive teen over to a machine that looked more like a torture device. "NO !" said one of the other men in the room. "We want to measure his strength, not kill him. I told you that machine was not to be used." The scientist was talking of a machine that his coworker developed for this experiment, one that was rejected because it could cause injury. "Wait," Mike said as the curiosity arose in him. The machine was massive and solid. The hydraulics on this thing were 5 times bigger on any machine used but Mike had no idea how it worked. " Listen Einstein, let's use the machine. Look at the fuckin size of me. You guys didn't even bring me to a sweat. No machine could stop me ... fuck, nothing could stop me!" Mike said, raising his voice. "Very well, hook him up." The scientist said to the other. Dr. Grey , a man who wanted fame designed this machine to literally crush Mike's massive torso. The fame he would get for having the machine that overpowered the world's strongest being would make him famous. Mike stood there as Dr. Grey wrapped huge cords of titanium bands over Mike's powerful torso and his tremendous guns, locking them at his side. The metal locked into a titanium bolts and had atomantium links which where going to be pulled by another titanium band. "What the hell does this thing do?" Mike ask. " Well Mr. Gargano, the machine is a hydraulic retractor made of titanium and atomantium, 2 of the strongest metals on the face of the earth. As the machine is turned on a solid atomantium barrel which weighs 2200 pounds will pull into the machine inwhich the bands will tighten and close in, like a bear hug. We will measure the strength you give to resist until you tell us to shut it off when you can't take the pressure any more. That is how we will see a max in strength in you." Mike looked up at the giant machine. It was huge and square with a big round shiny barrel in the center of it that was the size of a Volkswagen. "Well, you better think of a new device because there's no way this thing is stronger then me," Mike said, cocky as ever. "This machine is capable of crushing a tank in 5 minutes flat with no problem, " the Dr. said, showing some anger toward the massive boy's over sized ego. Mike then reached the height of his cockiness when he told the news cameras to get closer "I want to the world to see that these muscles are stronger than any tank the army could build, and much stronger than this piece of crap machine !" With that, the doctor ask Mike if he was ready. "DO IT !" Mike said, and the doctor threw the switch. The hydraulic barrel growled as the machine came to life. The massive barrel slowly pulled into the machine and the back of the barrel pushed out the rare of the device pulling the titanium straps tight around Mike. Mike flexed his massive pecs outward as the band squeezed supertight. "UUUHHHH" Mike grunted and he attempted to move his tree limb sized arms outward away from his torso. He could bend his arms at his elbows because they were not restricted but he could only move his forearms up a quarter of a way because the titanium bands were stopping his biceps from expanding. Every muscle in Mike's massive body was flexed as the bands tried to push the huge muscles inward. Mike tried to thrust his body forward to loosen the grip to no avail. This machine was powerful. Mike couldn't budge and this thing was still getting tighter and not showing any sign of slowing even with Mike using 110% of his muscle and strength. "UUUGGGHHH NOOOOO AAGGHHH" Mike was making sounds of pure power as he was slowly being overpowered. The massive slabs of muscle which made up his enormous flexed pecs were slowly being dented inward under the machines superior pressure. His powerful musclebound arms pumped with power were now covered in cables of veins as giant, thick limbs were being impaled into his sides. His wide, thick lats were failing under the pressure as his flexed wide back started to submit. Mike's eyes bulged and his face was beet red as the machine continued it's assault. The bands were now pressed an inch into his thick pecs as the muscle bulged over the edge of the bands. "GOD...OHHH...NOOOOOO" Mike yelled, trying to fight this monster. "STOP THE MACHINE, SHUT IT OFF" yelled one of the scientist. "NO!" Frank responded, jumping infront of the controls. "Mike could take it, and if he can't then he has no reason for being alive!... This is what he was bred for and I'll be damned if he fails !" He said with a coldness that showed that Mike was nothing for then a science project and a muscle bound trophy to Frank. Mike strained to the point where he could feel his blood begin to pump with power. His heart rate picked up and his muscles began to swell even bigger. Mike felt total pure strength going through him. The feeling was incredible, erotic. He could feel his balls pulsate as though he was going to blow a massive load. Suddenly Mike's quads busted out of his jeans and the zipper exploded that held in his might cock. Frank knew what was happening. He knew that this test would bring the ultimate out in Mike. This was probably the last power rush his, man ... would have and Frank knew it would bring out all the hidden strength his son had to offer. "RRRAAAAAAGGGGHHHH" Mike was grunting as his muscles expanded. His massive arms pulsated in strength as the t.v. cameras zoomed in on him in disbelief. The hydraulic barrel slowed slightly as Mike's thick plates of muscle on his pecs flexed outward into two massive domes of unstoppable power. The titanium bands bent outward. Mikes biceps grew bigger and bigger and he muscled his fore arm upward, snapping the bands around them. Mike's shirt disintegrated off of his massive body. With a huge clang the metal bands fell to the floor and were sucked into the machine as the hydraulic barrel which never stopped, slowly exiting out the back of the machine. DR Grey's mouth fell open as a pissed off Mike ran around to the back of the machine. "Leave it on! " Mike shouted as he took his power pecs and pressed them against the solid atomantium barrel being pushed out wards while pulling the broken bands in though the front. Mike did everything he could do to squeeze his huge torso between the cement wall and the exiting barrel. Mike grabbed the machine with one hand on both sides and found a grip by sinking his fingers into the sides of the machine. Mike's quads flared in size as his feet to hold into the ground and his massive arms attempted to pull his mighty pecs into the barrel to stop it from advancing. "UUUUGGGGHH" Mike was now sweating. His massively wide back pressed against the cement wall as the barrel was battling his thick pecs. Every camera focused on him as they showed the world how powerful he was. The solid 4 foot thick cement wall behind him cracked and dented inward as the barrel slowly pushed Mike's thick torso into it. "YOU'RE ....GOING...DOWN" Mike yelled as his pecs pushed against the barrel and his vein covered arms pulled his torso inward. Mike was now in a full rage! The machine buzzed and grinded to a halt as Mike's power pushed the barrel against it's will. A loud grinding noise came from the machine. Fluid poured from the hydraulics as they failed under the Herculean power of Mike. The room was totally silent as Mike, still in his power rush, stepped away from the broken giant. He was experiencing a pump like he never had before. He turned to the cameras that were broadcasting world wide and flexed a super pumped bicep and said "Look at me... Look at the size of me !" Mike was far larger then he was an hour ago. "This is only the beginning. I am now officially UNSTOPPABLE! I DEMAND that I am treated like the GOD I am !" Mike shouted as he was finally totally over come by his ego. Mike's dick swelled as his white underwear bulged out of the broken zipper with the over powering feeling of being a superior man. " I CHALLENGE ANY MAN who thinks they could stop me. I DEMAND a MULTIMILLION DOLLAR PRIZE to a once a year challenge !" He knew that people would pay anything he wanted to see him use his strength. Mike turned to his father as they revealed a plan that the two had worked on for a long time. A plan they couldn't lose. With Frank's brains and Mike's musclebound body and incredible strength they were now on top of the world and as Frank taught Mike from the day he was born, THE STRONG RULE AND MIKE WAS NOW RULING!!!!

Frank turned to the camera's and official stated the rules of the challenge which he knew there will be millions to be made. The entire world listened as the man spoke next to his cocky, powerful son who was bouncing and rolling his over sized pecs. Every person watched their televisions with awe. Some of the people couldn't wait to watch these challenges and there were those who even wanted to compete against this monster with dreams of testing their own strength against this unstoppable beast..... especially Brian Quinn, a 17 year old boy, who with his father and late mother hid in the mountains of Colorado for the last 17 years. In hiding from an experiment that went horrible wrong. An experiment in which the first attempt a fetes died 3 months into the pregnancy. The next attempt worked with a birth of an infant but the death of it's mother. That infant was named Michael Gargano. 5 months later the third infant was born, he would be named..... Brian Quinn. •

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