Superior Man, The


By RicksterCT

Human CytoGenetics Research Lab

The experimental gene enhancement project has in it's 9th month. The carrier of the implanted infant was Lillian Monte. She was chosen after interviewing thousands of women. The researchers were looking for a past history of superior genetics and her family line had them. No disease history, a muscular family line and incredible looks. The "father" of the altered fetes is one of the founders of the project. Frank Gargano, an extremely muscular. arrogant man some considered "dangerous" and "power hungry" who also has a healthy family tree. Every one of his relatives look as though they come from the perfect mold, in looks and strength. He was an athlete and incredibly intelligent. He and 3 other's came up with the idea of genetic altering with the hopes of building a human that could live much longer. The fetes was injected with mixes of serum that was developed in a lab to enhance this future man's performance and health. Lillian carried one of 3 attempts in this experiment. The first of the three died 6 month into the project along with it's mother. The second,�� is in Colorado and is only 4 months still in it's mother's womb.

10:35 pm July 7th, the first successful birth of an enhanced human was over with horrifying results. The child, named Michael Gargano or H. E. R. C.�� #1 (Human Experiment Research Child) came out of the womb laterally tearing his mother apart. Lillian died on the table from mass internal injuries caused by the baby.�� He weighed 22 pounds and had an incredible armor of muscle on his body. The infant was already lifting his head and reaching and grabbing objects at birth. Dale was amazed how dense in weight the infant was. The violent death of Lillian put the project into a tailspin. The secret investors pulled out and the other woman carrying the second project went into hiding with it's "father" when the researchers attempted to remove the fetes from her womb, after all, she still viewed the unborn experiment as her child and hoped the man who fathered this experiment would figure out a way to deliver the child without the same horrifying results.

Michael was being raised by his father Frank. Frank wasn't your typical father. He didn't teach Michael the normal things a father would teach his son. Frank's real interest in him was to see what his son was capable of. Michael showed an intelligence of a normal 5 year old but that's the only thing that was normal about him. Michael was extremely aggressive and powerful. His body showed an incredible muscular structure for his young age. Frank's goal was to push this aggression. His son was 4 times as strong as any child his age. That's where this secret experiment aggression, strength and size and Frank knew this was the route to take. He taught his young son that the strong rule and to be the strongest was to be the ruler. Frank cut off all ties with the few remaining people in the project and was showing his true side ... he wanted to develop a weapon, a human weapon that was so powerful that no man or machine could stop him, and Michael was to be rained as that weapon.

Michael...Mike as his friends now called him was now 15. He was looking in the mirror. The years of Frank's influence molded him into a muscle bound, incredible powerful, arrogant teen. He lifted his right arm and flexed. 19" of twisted powerful muscle which rose to form a huge bicep. He liked what he saw, he LOVED who he was. He was a 15 year old that stood 5'8, weighed 205 pounds of pure muscle. His incredible black Italian eyes screamed power. Everything about his son showed superiority, his looks, confidence and over all size right down to a huge 11 1/2 inch long x 8 1/2 "round monster that hung between his legs. He was benching 405 with ease. His father taught him at home because of several encounters with other children Mike would bully and beat up. Frank didn't want people to focus on Mike because of his strength and size...not yet. Frank had a plan to make Mike famous for his power. He realized that with the right guidance that Mike could soon be the most muscular, strongest man on the planet and he wanted this fame for his son. Mike would hang at the river with the other kids who wanted to be his friends. Mike knew he was far superior but tolerated them just because he needed an out let to show off. The kids would yell out challenged to the massive teen and he would do them. "Pick up that rock," Tony Richardson yelled, pointing at a boulder that weighed a good 600 pounds. Mike put his hand on the boulder and attempted to lift it. "AAARRRHHH" Mike yelled as he slowly lifted the rock, pushing his strength to the limit. Sweat pouring from his head his muscles bulged. Then it happened...just like the past few times. A surge of strength. His body was adapting. His strength jumped in levels and his muscle mass increased. His father explained this as a sudden release of testosterone and other chemicals injected in him as a fetes. This was occurring during purity and would eventually max out when purity was over. That max was in no way clear to Frank. There was no telling how muscular or powerful his son would be when his body was completely mature. The kids were amazed and cheered. The boulder now felt as though it weighed nothing. Mike's shirt exploded off of him revealing an ever more muscular frame. Mike slammed the boulder down and with a cocky grin slammed his fist into it, shattering it into several small pieces. "WHOOOA" was the sound of the kids watching. Mike felt his thick cock starting to swell. He new by that happening that he was in what he called a "power rush" ... his body was building with strength and he was getting off on releasing it. He picked up a palm sized rock and grinned at the watching kids. "That ain't nothin", Mike said as he closed his huge hand around the rock and squeezed. His arm grew as the muscle seemed to pulsate. Mike opened his hand and in his palm was a pile of sand.

Mike was basking in his size and strength. He was now a year older. He was 265 pounds of muscle. He was at the river bed again near the old coal house. More then his friends gathered to watch him now. He loved the attention. "Come on, I did the car thing a few times" Mike yelled at a man who suggested he lift a car. "Use your creative" Mike said. "Let's see what these babies are capable of doing". With that, Mike flexed his biceps which were measuring 24". "I got it !" , yelled a local teen pointing to the old coal house. " The steel over head loading doors, they still work. See if you could stop these monsters." The crowd followed Mike and the teen to the door. Mike looked up at them. The door was pure steel, about 5 inches thick. They where lowered and raised by a system of giant steel gears and run by an old huge workhorse electric engine. A man turned on the doors and they tested them to see if they worked. The teen placed a penny under the door as they lowered. When the door was lifted and the penny was flat, as though a 20 ton train ran over it. Mike stood under the door as it slowly lowered to his upper chest and then shut off. Mike's hands grabbed it and his massive legs took a stance to help hold the door. Mike's massive pecs flexed out as the door rested on the upper half of them. "OK..READY" Mike yelled as the switch was thrown and the huge gears started turning. Mike grunted as the power of the door was more then he expected. The gears slowed almost to a stop as the massively powerful teen's arms exploded on size. Mike was trying to military press the giant door. The crowd watched in awe as the silence was broke by Mike, yelling, grunting in attempt to defeat this door and the powerful machine that ran it. The door's gears where whining at a stand still. Neither man or machine was winning. Suddenly a huge click came from the gears as it was able to advance one space and then another. "Holy shit, Mike's doing to his knees", yelled the teen in disbelief. Mike's thick powerful legs slowly began to buckle under the doors pressure. "AAAAUUUUUGGG" Mike yelled, trying to find more strength. Mike dropped to one knee and the crowd gasp. Once again, Mike could feel his bulge in his shorts thickened. It was that power rush. Mike's back started to spread even wider then it ever has before. His biceps and pecs swelled�� and his legs tore the seams of his shorts as the gears stopped. With a huge push the gears clanged and snapped. Mike slowly lifted the door as the motor smoked and seized up. The steel bent as Mike's hands pushed it upwards. Mike turned to the awestruck crowd, bounced his thick massive pecs and said, "Now that's power!!". Mike saw his father emerge from the crowd with his chest puffed out in pride of his boy. "OK son,�� come on's time we showed the world what you're made of"....... •

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