Infinite Muscle

My steaming physique practically glowed; my muscles practically flexed themselves as I gazed, dumbstruck, at the grotesquely protruding pecs and delts, the hulking freaky arms, the humongous barndoor lats. My stupendous quads were almost terrifyingly vascular and chiseled. I stroked one of my thighs; it was vast and rock-hard. Completely solid muscle. I was a monster of muscle, but I wanted even more mass under my skin.

I told Ed to turn the machine back on, at maximum power. and he did so immediately. Instantly the blue beam slammed into me again, but now it was twice as big around, and quickly became a continuous stream of lightening pouring into me, forcing me out in all directions. My already inhuman muscles started to blow out even huger with more mass, more density,more throbbing pulsing bulging power.

Heavier,heavier, thicker,thicker, I bulged with muscle, writhing like pliable steel under my straining but valiant skin. I arched my back and felt the unbelievable mass in it throbbing with ever greater bulges of muscle- I felt the ridges of muscle on either side of my spine bulge up and out until they were forced against each other, deep enough to hide a dollar bill between them, but too powerful to pry apart. I felt similar sensations of muscles growing against each other all over my body as I exploded with muscle mass. I started to look down at myself, but I could only tilt my head down about an inch before my chin hit my pecs, which were now so huge they hid my whole body from my view.

Then I remembered the mirror. The glare from the beam interfered some, but I could see myself hulking and bulging out like nothing ever seen before by anyone. I stared in awe of myself watching my body grow faster and faster. My muscles seemed almost to roar with the noise of their exploding mass. I felt my abdominal muscles instantly popping out into huge slabs of meaty, steely rows of spheroid flesh, throbbing with near ecstasy as greater and greater quantities of blood coursed through them,forcing them to quiver orgasmically. Then the quivering spread to my chest, shoulders, back, and arms. My calves, hamstrings, and especially my quads kept inflating with heavier, denser muscle, bulging out at a vicious speed, and undulating as blood slammed through the garden hose-sized arteries barely trapped beneath the membrane thin skin covering my redwood trunk thighs. The incessant quavering excited my dick and stimulated it to grow even beyond the proportions of my huge physique. For five solid minutes, it expanded more and more, even while it continually spewed jism like a firehose. Longer, thicker, heavier. My dick was now over twenty inches long, twelve inches around, and still growing, forcing my gigantic body to tolerate higher and higher levels of euphoria. The Euphoria spread in quick, rippling waves as I screamed without restraint in paroxysms of pleasure. My screams triggered heavier and heavier muscle gains, blasting my body to greater dimensions of mass.

My deepening ribcage began growing faster and faster. I stood still, humming with ecstasy, as I watched my chest spreading out in front of me, stretching my pecs out over my huge torso, even while they were bulging thicker and rounder. Looking straight forward, I could see the extent of my pecs, about three feet in front of my chin, and still blowing up with more mass. I could feel the same effect all over my back and lats, and feel my traps pressing up onto my ears, the cords of my neck muscles rounding out into bulbous softball-like masses. I sensed the huge spheres my abs had become. They were grotesquely gorged with hot hormone laden blood, and began to swell bigger as my feeling of erection spread up into them from my rampaging dick. I could feel huge shuddering waves of sex stimulation up into my abs.

Then the sensation started to spread even more, blasting up into my lats, swelling them out until my arms were almost pointing straight out to my sides. Then as my arms started to feel the erection, they grew so big, they were pointing up, my biceps coursing with several feet of veins that looked like firehoses under my skin. My forearms were packed with orgasm-pumped muscle mass.

All the while my legs had been exploding with mass, filling with hormone blood, and had developed touch sensitivity equal to the head of my dick! The blood running through them was enough to make me pass out from orgasm intensity, but I held on, wanting to feel more and grow more and more. Then my chest and shoulders started to grow erectile too. I was sure I'd be suffocated by the mass of my pecs bulging up in front of my face, but the mass seemed to be shunting forward- several FEET forward. My whole body was now one gargantuan muscular hard on, throbbing with power as the beam of light continued to pour into me like Niagara falls, only faster.

I felt superhuman, supernatural, like a god, slurping up infinite power, mass, and sex. My dick was inflating like a baloon, and relentlessly spewing a pulsing river of cum, shuddering and quivering with orgasmic spasms. By now, I was almost fifteen feet tall, and weighed over 4500 pounds. I was actually pulling the beam into my body by force of will now, making it flood into me faster and harder. I was savoring every every pound of muscle, every wave of growing male lust for power. My physique was hulking out in rapid waves and I was feeling every bit of it more totally every second. The intensity of pleasure would have killed a normal man, even a bodybuilder. I wouldn't stop unless the power company ran out of juice when I'd absorbed it all.

On and on and on I went, reveling in the all compelling feeling of getting more and more superhuman. I knew that I was now almost entirely beyond manhood, hurtling toward my vision of being the God of Muscle.

I felt my will and determination growing and building, taking on a life of it's own, and I was able to relax and just FEEL the endless stream of power and mass surging into my ever huger body. My ego was driving all by itself, making me better and better at getting bigger and bigger. My conscious awareness was spreading out into my body, And my usual feeling of being in my head was totally gone. I was my muscles, any and all of them, and gorging myself on more muscle power than anything that ever existed before. I just kept growing and gaining and bulging. I felt like I was growing into the whole world. All of it was falling into me. I noticed that Ed was yelling frantically.

"Stop! STOP!!!" he screamed, making a tiny buzzing noise. I found this distraction annoying, but it didn't slow me down. I kept right on bulging and exploding with muscle. "I'm shutting off the machine!" he yelled. Suddenly I realised what was going on around me. I had pushed through the roof, and pretty much destroyed the building, pieces of which were laying at my feet. The structural walls and electrical box were still intact however, and still feeding me. I saw Ed running to shut off the breakers, and I tried to stomp on him, but he was lightening fast, and reached the box flipping the master circuit off.

Suddenly the area was dark, but I still felt residual power rushing into me. I concentrated and felt a resistance, like a door being pulled from the other side- but I was stronger, much STRONGER! So I just pulled back! As I pulled I felt a sense of intense pressure. Painful pressure, and my brain was screaming with effort. I MUST have more, MORE! I thought. My head was spinning, trying to pull the power to me. I was aching with a hollow hungry feeling that kept getting more intense, like someone grinding a drill into my skull as I strained and strained- then I felt a big explosive charge. I looked down and saw the machine light up again as a huge flash of lightening arced across the room to it from the wiring on the wall. I was pulling so hard I bypassed the switches, and the electricity was jumping through the air to feed me!

Once again I felt the muscle surging into me, and soon it was faster and more powerful than ever. I'd tapped straight into the power grid now, and I couldn't get enough. I pulled and sucked it in with all the power of my huge body. Now I had hit the motherload. Nothing could stop me, and I had no intention of stopping myself. I greedily drank in all I could, and felt the enormous muscles bulging and thickening, totally hiding my 50 foot frame. The power was blasting into me now and I didn't have to try, it just forced it's way into me so fast that I was overwhelmed by my own power. Again my mind spread out into my muscles, feeling the relentless growth. Every muscle in my body was swelling furiously as more mass was shoved into them.

I felt every cell in my body tingling with pleasure, the blood pulsing through my insides, stimulating more and more lust for muscle and power as my entire body got more and more sexually charged. I had a full body erection that would never stop pumping bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger! I'd gotten almost used to the shuddering quavering ecstasy, and wanted to amp it up even faster. I was willing to do anything to grow even faster. I stretched my hand out and grabbed a high voltage power wire. Just touching the outside of the insulation caused me to grow faster and more orgasmically! I pulled the cable over and chomped down on it. I thought I might die from the jolt of current, but the machine had transformed me so much that I could take it.

Boy did I ever take it. It was like the most intense second of an orgasm after being sucked for hours on end- but it didn't flash and fade, it just kept going on and on, building and building, while I was building and building MYSELF. Instantly my physique blew up to twice as big as before. I was 80 feet tall and shooting up like a rocket, getting wider and more muscular all the while. I wanted to go all the way, and I was invincible.

I kept growing and gaining and bulging. I was now able to eat pure electricity and make it into my body. I started to follow the wire toward the power plant. I wanted to get even more huge even faster. Along the way, I fixed the wire onto my dick and felt the megavolts flowing into me, building and building me, pumping up my hard on to unfathomable hugeness. I was running, shaking the earth beneath me as I pounded it with my tons and tons of muscle. I couldn't wait to get to the nuclear plant and suck up all it's juice. I was on my way to growing bigger than a skyscraper, bigger than a mountain, bigger even than the whole Earth itself!

When I reached the plant, I was 110 feet tall, and bristling with muscle. I was trembling in ecstatic expectation of getting transcendently huge. I quickly located the reactor, and broke into it. When the protective insulation was breached, I felt a surge of power blowing into me like a strong wind. I kept bulging bigger and bigger and bigger. I reached into the core and pulled out the rods. Once I touched them I started to blast out in every direction, filling more and more space with my throbbing, hulking muscle. I hugged the fuel rods, and they stuck to my body instantly like superglue. Then I felt them sinking into me. My body was surrounding the rods as it grew, and absorbing the huge energy supply at an accelerating rate. I began to blow up so fast I could barely keep up with my own body. I breifly thought I'd pass out from the intense blast of orgasmic pleasure flooding my brain. It was almost more than I could stand.

Then my consciousness started changing. I was no longer trying to fathom the unencompassable girth of my hugely muscled frame. I just let go completely, and allowed the muscle feeding sensation to wash over my mind. I was really becoming a musclehead, literally. I thought of nothing, but just let my nervous system fill my head with feelings of my vast and exploding physique. It was glorious. I was turning into a god of physical power. Every cell of my immense body was tingling and throbbing with exponentially growing blasts of orgasm. By the time I was able to gain some perspective, I was looking down on the clouds, swirling around at the level of my ankles. Still, the power kept flooding into me, more, faster, bigger! I was ready to absorb the whole universe into my body, to become the whole of existence. As I began to grow into everything, my voice boomed out: I WILL BE INFINITE MUSCLE! I WILL BE INFINITE MUSCLE! I WILL BE INFINITE MUSCLE! I WILL BE INFINITE MUSCLE! I WILL BE INFINITE MUSCLE!

Then it happened, I suddenly was billions of times bigger than I had been a second before. I felt the multigalactic mass of my muscles blowing up and up and up, I felt like my body was exponentially increasing in masculine sexual force as well as size. Every sensation of my almost infinite muscles was like a huge swelling sexual advance. I was having trillions of simultaneous orgasms, and they just made me want even more power. Nothing could stop my expansion to universal hugeness. I just kept expanding and bulging to ever greater vastness, expanding by orders of magnitude every second. I really was on my way to BEING the entire universe! All of existence would be incorporated into ME. My muscles were expanding into EVERYTHING, the whole of reality, my muscles.

Within a few seconds, it was done. I was the whole universe. I just vibrated for a while with infinite orgasm, feeling the endlessness of my omnipotent masculine muscle power. Then I began to discover and exploit the power I now had to make myself even BIGGER! I could create new universes, just so I could consume them into my all encompassing muscular body. First I created them one after another , then two at once, then several at a time. Soon I was slurping up hundreds of universes every second. They were all becoming my muscles. Reality itself was now growing millions of times bigger than ever before, and it was all ME! I could continue on and on into eternity this way, blasting my consciousness full of more and more muscular, orgasmic fixation, feeling the swelling bulging power of my multi-universal muscles. •

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