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This is a story about my early gay experience with my childhood friend, Jeff. My name is Mark and I must say, looking back, I was very naive. I first met Jeff in the 3rd grade and we hit it off right away. We both were dark headed and on the short side, most people thought we were brothers. All the way through the 7th grade he was my best friend, hell he was my only friend. Then in the 7th grade his parents split up and he moved away. I didn’t hear from him for two years.

I was in the 12th grade and just turned 18 years old. The year was 1978 and things didn’t seem to move as fast. I wasn’t thinking about girls, guys, or sex at all. I always seemed a step behind everyone else.

That was the year Jeff came back into my life. He called out of the blue to tell me his dad just bought him a car and wanted to stop by to show me. I jumped at the chance because I just wanted my friend back. He came by, picked me up and something seemed different about him. He seemed so much older than I did, but it was great talking to him again. He had been living with his dad and they had just move back to the area. He said he wanted me to come and spend the night, and again I jumped at the chance. We talked for several hours after getting to his house. I found out his dad worked overnights and wouldn’t be home till morning. Jeff said he had to do his exercise after we got ready for bed. He came out of the bathroom in only a pair of nylon running shorts and my jaw hit the floor. Instead of my young friend, a well-built young man stood before me. He had square shoulders that made a V down to a small waist, round hard pecs, baseball-sized biceps, and very cut thighs. I found out his transformation was due to gym at his new school and his dad buying him a weight set.

He wanted me to exercise with him. I was totally embarrassed about the way I looked after seeing how he had changed. I finally agreed and the workout consisted mostly of stretches, like seated facing each other feet-to-feet and grabbing hands and stretching. The stretching continued and every so often Jeff’s dick would peek out of his shorts and I kept trying to look away but each time it became more difficult.

The workout gave way to a little rough housing and then wrestling. Jeff pinned me easily, then sat on my chest and pinned my arms with his knees. He just looked down at me and laughed, I was totally humiliated. He finally let me up and we headed to bed. The only bedroom had just a full bed. I said that I would sleep on the couch, but Jeff said that’s where his dad sleeps when he gets in from work. Being naďve, I figured it would be okay to share a full bed. When we got to the bed he began to laugh again because I was going to sleep in my white cotton briefs and a pair of sweat pants. Jeff told me how it was totally cool to sleep in the nude. He pulled off his shorts and jumped into bed. I quickly pulled off my sweats and underwear and jumped into bed, too. I began feeling totally weird, but we turned back to back, so it was okay.

I soon fell asleep, but sometime in the night I was awakened. Suddenly Jeff’s strong arms encircled me, making me unable to move. I then felt something pushing at my ass. I yelled, but he just covered my mouth and shoved his hard dick up my dry ass. The pain was unbearable but I could not move under his strength. Jeff’s hold became tighter and his dick swelled inside of me and he shot his load. He finally let go and I was panting for air. He flipped me over and jumped on top of me, pinning me again. He was more fiendishly and told me if I said anything he would kick my ass. He reached back and punched me hard in the gut to show me he meant business. I never said a word and this went on for a year. Whenever he came by I would go because I was not only scared of him, but I kind of enjoyed feeling his muscle as he pinned me.

The next year he moved again and I started working out with weights. I figured I may never be able to beat him, but I was going to make him work at it. High School came and went and no more Jeff, but he never left my mind. Everyday I thought of him pinning me and laughing, and I pumped more iron. Over the next 8 years I worked my body into 6’3”, 190 lbs. of rock- solid muscle. I had a 46” chest, 30” waist, 18” thighs, 17.5” biceps, and 5% body fat so in 1985, when I heard from Jeff again, I was ready.

Jeff called and said he was back in town and wanted to grab a few beers at the local bar. I had something different in mind. I told him I was going to my parents’ cabin for the weekend and that he should come up there for our reunion. I told him to be there at 7:00pm, but I arrived at 5:00 to set the place up. I push all the living room furniture back, making plenty of room for wrestling. I hadn’t seen him for 8 years, but I figured that with the head start he had he must be pretty big by now. After everything was set, I took a shower and wrapped the smallest towel I could find around me. It barely overlapped, leaving my right thigh exposed to the waist. I saw him coming up the lane and I ran into the bathroom to splash some cold water on my face. Jeff knocked and I yelled for him to come in. After he came in I walked out of the bathroom because I wanted him to get the full effect.

I entered the living room and looked at Jeff. The young muscle stud no longer stood before me, but an old looking man. I was now 27, so he was 28, but he looked a lot older. I now stood about 5” taller than he did and he had put on about 40 pounds of fat. His dark lovely hair was now barely there at all. Years of boozing and late night partying had taken its toll.

I looked into his eyes and could see fear as his jaw hit the floor. I flexed my body as I walked towards him and started to laugh because my revenge was going to be truly sweet. •

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