Complete Examination (An Homage)


By Ty Blair

As the pain in his chest continued to subside thanks to the strong prescription acid reducers, John began to truly enjoy his new size. He enjoyed pulling David's old clothes onto his own body and feeling how the big clothes hugged his own body. He'd never dared to dress this way in his smaller body, but now as he looked at his reflection in the mirror, he knew he looked hot as hell in the cut-offs, t-shirt, and workboots that David had worn to the office that morning.

'Fuckin' size 14 shoes!' he thought to himself as he curled his toes inside the big shoes. 'Who would ever have believed I would be wearing size 14 shoes?'

He looked down at David who still had a look of vague disbelief on his face. This was definitely like something straight out of the Twilight Zone, he thought as he surveyed John, now wearing his own former size. While the whole thing irritated him somewhat, he had to admit that the situation did have a strong erotic element to it. He'd never really had the opportunity to be with a man that much bigger than himself when he had been 6'4', and he had always thought he enjoyed being the big man. Now that he found himself at 5'7' he discovered he was quite honestly, pretty horned out by the whole thing. He felt his cock begin to swell in his oversized boxers as he looked up at John, now fully clothed in his own clothes from that morning. Just that morning he had watched a video from one of his favorite companies, MuscleGods, and now that he found himself face to face, or more aptly face to pecs, with a man who could have starred in one of their videos, he found himself wanting to worship the big man like nothing he'd ever experienced before.

He looked up at John's broad back and felt a thrill fun through his body. 'So this is what I looked like to other guys,' he thought to himself. John was totally wrapped up in his own world, so David slowly moved toward him until he stood directly behind the huge man John had become. He nervously reached out and placed his hands on John's beautiful, muscled, bubble butt. He heard John suck in air in surprise. He turned and looked directly down into David's eyes and they both instantly knew what they wanted. •

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