Complete Examination (An Homage)


By Ty Blair

David couldn't believe the turn of events. First his size was stolen and now this! He looked down at John, lying on the cold, tile floor of the examining room, gasping for breath. He wasn't exactly thrilled at what John had done, tricking him out of his size, but if he let John die, he didn't figure there was any way he would ever get his size back, so he rushed to the phone and hurriedly called 911. In his concern for John's life, he hadn't stopped long enough to think about all the questions that would be raised at the hospital when the doctors got a look at John now. Since John was a doctor himself, many of the other doctors would know John. How was he going to explain John's new size? To the doctors...nurses...staff members?

As these thoughts raced through David's head, he heard the siren of the ambulance coming closer and closer. He would have to worry about those things later. Right now, what mattered was that John was in his body, and John was apparently having a heart attack. He heard the ambulance tires squeal as it turned into the doctor's parking lot. Suddenly a huge belch interrupted his thoughts, and he turned to see John slowly sitting up. He was still clutching at his chest a bit, but the color seemed to be returning to his cheeks and the rest of his face.

'Damn, Mexican food!' John muttered. 'I knew I had acid reflux, but it never has affected me like that. I guess combined with the size change, it was just too much for my system to handle all at once. He watched as John stood, somewhat shakily, to his feet and walked to a row of cabinets. He opened a drawer and took two tablets out and popped them in his mouth.

By now the two ambulance guys were rushing into the office. They surveyed the scene somewhat confused. 'We got a call about a heart attack victim?' one of them asked.

John looked down at the two guys. 'Sorry about that, fellas. My friend here didn't know I suffered from acid reflux. I just took two prilosec. I should be fine in a few minutes.' He smiled at them.

The two exchanged glances as if to say, 'Here we go again,' and turned and left the room.

By the time the ambulance was pulling out of the parking lot, John's color had completely returned and he stretched his new, long body as he watched the ambulance turn onto the street below and disappear around the corner. 'Thanks for calling, little buddy,' he said as he turned his attention back to David. 'I would have been fine, but you didn't know that, and after the shock I've put you through this afternoon, I'm really surprised that you didn't just leave me.'

'Leave you!' David erupted. 'Are you serious?! You just stole my size from me. There was no way in hell I was gonna leave you, until you gave it back.'

John grinned down at him condescendingly. 'Then I guess you're gonna be with me for a long time, buddy. I don't plan on giving any of this back anytime soon. I've waited too long to have a body like this.' •

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