Complete Examination (An Homage)


By 8track

David stared up at John. Obviously wronged by John, but helpless to do anything about it. But David felt some satisfaction that at least his chest pains had dissappeared. John now walked across the room, as if he lost interest in David.

David continued to stare at John, who by now was flexing in front of the mirror on the closet door. Obviously infatuated with his new muscles.

"John- this is crazy. Put me back the way I was!" shouted David. But David ignored him, still gloating over his muscles. He discovered how to pulsate his new pecs and was mesmorized by the movement. Extremely happy, developing a hard-on for himself.

But John's bliss was short-lived. He suddenly stopped flexing and just stared into the mirror. He appeared exhausted. Now he put his right hand over his thick left pec. Something was wrong. He felt very short of breath. Like he couldn't stand up any longer.

It was more obvious to David what was wrong with John. David now began to grin- a happy evil grin. Despite having been robbed of his height, he was no longer envious of John's new body.

"What's the matter John?" David blurted out sarcastically, "Having chest pains?"

John did not respond. He didn't even look at David, too concerned about the sudden sharp pain in his chest. He suddenly crashed into the floor with a deep thud.

"What's the matter, John? You don't look like very happy musclegod now!" exclaimed David. John did not respond, remaining motionless on the floor. But David could hear him gasping for air, obviously still alive.

"Please call 9-1-1 - I'm having a heart attack!" gasped John. David just stared coldly, thinking about the irony of the situation. The heart attack could have been his.

"Shows how smart you are, John!" gloated David. "Stealing height from a man who is having chest pains. Today might have been my day to die! - Until you interveived".

"You can have your height back-- Please help me--" murmured John despirately. The rest of his body remained motionless, except for his mouth.

"I don't want my height back if it means that I'll have a heart attack!" replied David.

"I can make us both my old height You won't have the chest pains them--"murmured John. His voice got weaker and weaker until he no longer had the strength to talk.

David located John's mobile telephone on the floor. The phone had fallen from John's belt when he collasped. David pondered if he should call 9-1-1 or just enjoy John's heart attack. John was still breathing, but his face was getting pale. •

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