Complete Examination (An Homage)


By Ty Blair

The pain was unlike anything David had ever felt before. He had always been in great shape and he maintained it by running at least 5 miles a day no matter what the weather, working out at the gym 4 days a week, maintaining a good diet, and on and on. So it was somewhat surprising when the sharp pains began to occur in David's chest. It felt just like the telltale signs of a heart attack. This worried David, because his father had died of a heart attack at a relatively young age, and he was determined that he would not suffer the same demise. In fact, this was a big reason for David's strict health consciousness.

David had been a big guy his entire life, even as a child he had never been picked on because of his size. As a sophomore in college David had finally stopped growing at 6'4' and his athletic lifestyle helped him maintain his muscular 240-pound frame. David loved being a big man. It gave him a sense of power even though he would never hurt anyone, but the pain in his chest was one problem David's size could not help him over come, and so it was that he called his doctor on Tuesday to schedule an appointment. The appointment schedule was pretty full, but the doctor decided to see him immediately in order to make sure the pain David was experiencing was not a heart related problem.

David had always gotten a kick out of his doctor. He was short at 5'7' with dark hair, brown eyes and a really great ass, which David couldn't help but notice. Too bad the doc was married. He had been David's doctor ever since his days as a college football player.

He remembered the first time he laid eyes on Dr. McIntyre. An old friend had recommended him to David when he had sprained his ankle jumping to snag a pass in the season's final game. He waited in the waiting room until the nurse called him back. It had been love at first least for David's part it had been. The doc's diminutive size had never been a problem for him; in fact it had been part of the attraction. David had only ever dated 2 men who were taller than him, and he had hated both relationships. He enjoyed being the bigger man in the relationship. Doctor Mac, as his patients called him, had been very gentle with David's ankle, making sure there had been no fracture, no muscle tear. David noticed his well manicured nails, a sure sign that the doc took very good care of himself.

He had not been to see John...Dr. McIntyre's first name which only his closest friends and most favored patients called him...since his last physical nearly three years ago. He pulled into the parking lot, rolled up the windows, and locked the car.

The waiting room was dead. David tapped on the glass to let the nurse know that he had arrived.

'Am I the only one here?' David asked the nurse as he surveyed the empty waiting area. 'That's kind of weird isn't it?'

'You're the last patient of the day,' the nurse indicated on the chart. 'Doctor McIntyre is headed out of town on vacation for a few days. You were very lucky he could see you on such short notice. He will be with you shortly,' and with that she slid the glass door shut.

David took a seat on the couch and thumbed through a magazine, noticing that all the magazines were up to date. A few moments later the glass door slid open and the nurse called him back to an examining room. After several minutes John came in and smiled at David.

David eyed the doctor up and down. 'Damn, man! Have you been working out?' His body belied the answer. Clearly he had. John's arms filled his shirtsleeves nicely now and his broad chest filled out his shirt, tapering down to a tight waist. David noticed that the doc's taste in clothes had improved with age as well. Either that or the paychecks had gotten better. John grinned. 'Well, I woke up one morning and decided it was time for a I made one. So anyway, let's have a look at you. What seems to be the problem, Dave?'

'John, I've been having some pretty strong pains in my chest for the past few days,' David said indicating where the pains seemed to originate from inside his chest.

'Hmm. Been under any undue stress lately?' John asked.

'A little at work, but nothing really out of the ordinary.'

'What about at home?'

'Nope. Sheila and I got divorced two years ago. I caught her in bed with another man.'

'Well, that makes two of us then. I gave up marriage for the carefree single life about 6 months ago, myself.'

Their eyes met for a few seconds and then quickly broke.

John reached and undid two of the buttons on David's shirt and slid the stethoscope inside. Almost immediately David felt his dick go hard.

'Damn, I hope John doesn't notice that,' David thought to himself suddenly feeling a bit embarrassed.

John didn't admit it, but he did notice it. The other thing John had never admitted was that he had had something of a crush on David ever since he'd first started coming to see him. Now that they had both confessed to being divorced, his mind was going a mile a minute dreaming up the things he'd like to do with David. John felt himself starting to get hard as well.

'Uh, David. I'd like you to do a few simple breathing exercises for me,' John said as he undid the rest of the buttons of David's shirt, exposing his smooth, beautifully muscled chest. 'I see you still work out. You have a great body as always.' John had to think to restrain himself from touching David's beautiful pecs.

'Thanks, doc. I still work out every chance I get. That's why I can't understand these pains.

'Believe me, Dave. I think your body is PERFECT!' John blurted out before he could stop himself.

David looked at him with a funny look. 'Do you really like my body that much?' David asked John as he unconsciously flexed his pecs.

'Damn it.' John whispered under his breath. 'David, I am sorry, but I can't go on like this with you. The truth is that I really like you. I've liked you from the very first time I saw you, but I can't allow my personal relationship with you to interfere with my professional relationship with you as your doctor.'

'Man, are you serious?' David asked as he helped himself up from the table.

'Yeah, I am. Ever since I worked on your ankle the very first time you came into my office.'

'John, you aren't going to believe this, but I've felt the same way about you for a long time too.' He put his big hand on John's shoulder.

John turned and looked up at David. He couldn't believe what was happening. David lifted John's face to his and began to bend down to kiss him when John suddenly broke away from him.

'What's wrong?' David asked, somewhat stunned.

'Man, this is going to sound stupid but I can't. Not with you. You're too big...too tall. I know it sounds stupid and petty, but it is a big deal to me.'

'Well, John. There's not much I can do about my size, man. I mean, if I could change sizes...if that's what it took to be with you...then I would do it. But I can't.'

John suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned slowly toward David. 'What if I told you that you could do just that, David?' John asked.

'Do what? You mean shrink? I'd say you'd been watching way too much of the Sci-Fi Channel.'

'I'm serious,' John continued. For a few years now I've been doing some research on size and genetic links. Just about two weeks ago I made a major breakthrough in my research.' John walked to a closet in the corner and unlocked it and reaching inside for a metal briefcase. He continued to talk as he opened it. 'With this device, and the computer I've designed to work with it, I can make you my size for a few hours...even a little shorter if you want.' John finished with a grin.

'And you're serious?' David questioned.


David's mind reeled. Things like this weren't possible...not in real life.

John could see the consternation on David's face. He aimed the device at a metal coatrack holding up some labcoats and fired. David watched in shock as the rack and its contents suddenly shrunk proportionately in half.

'Jesus Christ!' David said.

John laughed. 'Now do you believe me?'

'Yeah. And it will do the same thing to people too? And you said it would only last a few hours?

'Yup. It uses a mildly radioactive isotope. Completely safe. As the radiation works its way out of your body, you will slowly return to your normal size. The entire process runs about 6 hours or so. So whadya say, big guy? You wanna try it? In the name of science of course.' John grinned wider.

David's mind was still spinning. He had always harbored a strange fascination with size and the fantasy of altering size. He never thought he would ever have the opportunity to do it for real. His cock was hard and throbbing inside his pants as he considered it. 'This all sounds too crazy, man. But I'd kick myself if I didn't try it. I've never been one to shy away from new experiences. Let's do it!'

'You mean it?' John said as the grin on his face widened.

'Sure. What do I have to do?'

'Uh, just give me a few minutes to warm up the beam and we'll be underway,' John said, unable to mask the excitement in his voice as he hurriedly set up the beam on its pedestal and adjusted the settings as the device began to hum. 'All set here,' John said as he slid a pair of goggles into place.

David slipped his shirt and t-shirt off and slid out of his cut-offs. John gawked at the beautiful, smooth muscularity of David's body as he stood there wearing only his boxer shorts. 'I'm ready, man. Let's do it!'

John aimed the device and fired it and David's body was engulfed in bright red light for several seconds. He could feel his skin tingle as the radiation worked its way into his body. He looked out at John as John's eyes grew wide. 'Is it working?' David asked.

'Oh my God! It's working!' John cried excitedly.

David looked around and suddenly became aware of everything in the room growing slightly larger, even John. He felt his boxers fall to the ground as he shrunk out of them. The light dissipated and John walked over to him. They were the same size! It had worked! David had just shrunk 9 inches in just a few seconds! He threw his arms around John and kissed him deeply. He released John and he reached down for his cut-offs. He pulled them on and laughed at the comic hugeness of them on him now. 'Holy shit, John! Can you believe I was wearing these just a few minutes ago?!'

David was so caught up in the excitement of his transformation that he couldn't see John readjusting the settings on the device and moving to stand in front of the beam himself. David was bending down to retrieve his t-shirt when he heard the device fire. He turned to see John engulfed in the red light of the device. He had a strange look on his face as he looked out at David...a look of superiority and victory.

For a few brief moments, David was confused. Why would John want to shrink? He wondered to himself, but then it became clear...John wasn't shrinking. David realized he was looking UP at John now. John was growing! John grinned bigger as he felt the fabric of his shirt begin to rip and tear, as he grew beyond the confines of the fabric. He laughed out loud as he saw the expression of excitement on David's face turn to one of shock and horror as John added David's inches to his own body. John brushed the ruined fabric of the Armani shirt off his broad shoulders as the device whirred to a stop. As the light of the beam dissipated, John looked down at his new, long, 6'4' body with satisfaction.

'I see that you've figured out that the device was not a shrink ray, David. You are right. It is in fact a transference device, enabling me to take your size and add it to my own. Also all that about radioactive isotopes and the bit about returning to normal after six hours. All that was bullshit too.' John stood up to his full size for the first time and looked down at David, now only chest high to him. He looked down at his destroyed size 9 loafers and stepped out of them and into David's old size 14 sneakers. They fit him perfectly. David just looked up in shock, still not uttering a word as John plucked the big shirt from David's fingers and pulled it over his own head where it hugged his torso beautifully.

'You see, David,' John continued, 'I've wanted this kind of size for as long as I can remember. I used to dream about it all the time until finally, one day, it became a kind of obsession to me. I started working out, but as big as I could build my muscles, I could never attain the true size I craved. That was when I set out to create the machine you just experienced first hand. As you can see it works perfectly.' John looked down at David's swollen cock. 'And I can see that as much as you may try to deny it, the sight of me at this size is really turning you on too.'

John raised his arms in a huge double bicep pose. He raised the muscle to his lips and kissed the massive peaks one at a time, enjoying the feel of the tight fabric of David's shirt against them. He bent over and retrieved David's cut off shorts and pulled them on, and he got hard at how wonderful the fabric felt as it hugged his big, bubble butt.

John looked down at David as a big grin began to spread across his face...oh how bright the future looked all of a sudden! •

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