Complete Examination

By Chaos825

The pain was nothing that David had never felt before in his life. He has always been in the greatest shape: running at least 5 miles everyday, always at the gym everyday whether it is rain or shine, eating the right foods, etc..... but this pain felt like the beginnings of a heart attack coming on. This worried David because his father had died of a heart attack when David was a little boy and he was determined not to be like his father. This was the reason for David's health conscious life.

David was always a big guy, even when he was a little kid; he was never picked on because of his size. At 6'4, 240lbs of pure muscle.... no one fucked with him. The funny part is that he had never been in a fight in his entire life. David loved being a big guy; it gave him a sense of power even though he couldn't hurt anyone. But even the biggest of guys could not stop the pain that he was feeling all of a sudden.

He had called the doctor on Tuesday to schedule an appointment, most of the doctor's time was taken up, but he saw him immediately just to make sure that it wasn't the beginning of a heart attack. David always loved his doctor. He was shorter than he was about 5'7 black hair, brown eyes and the most incredible ass he had ever seen on a man. Too bad that he was married. David had been coming to see him ever since he started college ball.

He remembered the first time that he laid eyes on him. An old friend recommended that he go and see Dr. MacIntyre because he was the best. This was after David got his ankle sprained while running to grab a pass in the seasons final game. The nurse brought him into the doctor's office and was told to wait until the doctor arrived. As soon as he walked into his office, he had fallen in love with him. Even though he was a lot shorter than he was, it didn't matter. David only dated about 2 guys that had been taller than him and he hated it. He liked being the giant in the relationship, not the other way around. Dr. MacIntyre was very gentle with David's ankle, making sure there was no fracture, no torn muscle, no broken bones. He had soft skin and manicured fingernails. David could tell that this guy took care of himself.

He had not been to see John.....Dr. MacIntyre hated being called that; all of his patients were told to call him John.... since his last physical which was about three years ago. He pulled into the parking lot, rolled up his window, and locked his car. The waiting room was dead. This is a site that is never seen in a doctor's office. David tapped on the glass to signal the nurse that he had arrived. 'Am I the only one here??? this is really weird to see an empty doctor's office' David said looking around at the furnishings. 'You are the last patient of the day, the doctor is going on vacation for a week and you are his last patient of the day' the nurse said cleaning up her cluttered desk.....'he will be with you shortly'

David walked away from the counter and pulled up a chair, looking through the magazines, he could find nothing that he liked. Funny part is that the magazines were all up to date too.... another rarity. He heard a voice over the intercom and the nurse agreed with it. 'You may go in now sir, the doctor will see you,' she said locking her desk draw. 'Have a good weekend' she said, walking out the door. David walked slowly down the hall to John's office. It really didn't change that much, only new carpets.

David knocked on the door, 'come in' he heard a voice say. Upon entering into his office, he saw John. He looked incredible. 'David, how the hell have you been? god it has been years since I have seen you last' John said holding out his hand to shake David's. David couldn't believe the difference a couple of years made. John had muscles now, before he was thin and weak looking. His taste in clothes had gotten much better too. 'Damn! you look really good' David said looking him up and down. 'Well I woke up one morning and decided to change my life for the better.... so I did'

'So what is the problem?' John said. 'I am having pains in my chest lately, bad ones' David said showing exactly where they were. 'Have you been under stress lately?' John asked. 'I have been at work, but not that much' 'How about your homelife, is there any trouble there with your wife?' John asked. 'No, the only reason that there is no troubles with my wife is because I don't have a wife, we are legally separated' John said, he always loved telling people that they were separated (she was such a bitch). 'Hey, that makes two of us then' David said, picking up his stethoscope. 'I caught her with another man, she tried to deny it but when there is a naked man in your bed with your kinda doubt that they were making cookies together' John laughed at the thought. 'My wife said that the love was totally erased from our marriage, so she ran off with her lover....some 20 year old kid' David said looking about the office.

John unbuttoned two of David's buttons of his shirt in order to check his heart rate. David instantly got a hard on. He was afraid that John would see it and get nervous. David didn't realize it, but John did notice it. John had something of a crush for David, ever since he started coming to him. Now that they both weren't married, John's mind was going a mile a minute about what he would like to do to him. John started to get a hard on too, if David saw it; he was afraid of what might happen. 'I want you to do some simple breathing exercises for me, ok?' John undid the rest of David's buttons showing off David's semi hairy chest just rippling with muscles (god what a sight!) 'Nice to see that you still work out, you have a really great looking body' John had to stop himself from touching his nice hard pecs. 'Thanks, I work out every chance that I get, that is why I can't understand why I am getting these pains' David said, feeling his chest. 'Believe me, I think it is PERFECT!' John realized what he said, he felt embarrassed.

'Do you really like my body that much?' David said putting his shirt back on. 'I am sorry, this can't go on like this; the truth is that I really like you as a friend but part of me wants to be more than friends believe me I know that it is wrong' John's mind was going a mile a minute. 'Is that true?' David said walking towards him. 'Yeah, ever since I took care of you for the first time' David got off the doctor's table and walked up to John. 'I have felt the same way about you' David put his hand on John's shoulder. John couldn't believe what was happening, it was like a dream come true. David reached down to kiss John but it was almost like he was almost on his hands and knees in order to do it. John pushed him away.

'What is wrong?' David said walking after him. 'It will never work, you are too tall to even kiss a runt like me' John felt heartbroken, all this time he wanted this to happen and now he realized how short he really was to David. 'I am sorry, I don't know why this is bothering me so much; if only things were different' John left the room. David followed behind him. 'Hey, I cant change sizes you know I wish that you could grow or I could shrink, but it is impossible' John turned suddenly 'not so' he said with a devilish look. 'I could make you shrink to my height, but it would be up to you if you would want to do that' David couldn't believe his ears, could such a thing really exist? 'You mean that you could shrink me down to size? Like in the movies or cartoons?' 'Yes, I have been working on growth research for the past 10 years; most of the funding has come from grants and from private organizations' John walked towards the lab. John let David into the lab, closed the door and locked it behind him.

David was curious, he never knew that this could happen...maybe in the future, BUT NOT NOW! 'Ok, tell me how it works' David said, sitting at one of the lab stools. 'The process is easy, it is just a beam of light, the light then works its way into your body and shrinks you down to whatever size you want be' John took a metal suitcase out of the closet. 'Is that it?' 'Is it that simple?' David was amazed. 'Yep and this is the gizmo that will be doing the handiwork' John showed David a simple metal ray gun with a built in computer on the top of it. 'Are there any side effects like staying shrunk for the rest of your life!' David said with a look of worry on his face. 'No that is the beauty of it, the beam emits radiation; like shrinking a tumor but after a small time period the radiation leaves the body through the pores of the skins sweat glands so you grow back to normal after about 6 hours'. David looked curious at John, he always hated taller guys but John was so hot and to make him happy, he would become his size.

'So why don't you become my size?' David asked John with a puzzled face 'Because if I want to become taller, I would have to reprogram the ray and that takes forever, it would just be a whole lot simpler if I shrank you down '. 'God, this sounds like something out the old sci-fi pictures, but if it would make you a little happier; I will do it'. John was gleaming with happiness. 'Ok, I am going to warm up the beam, it take about a minute. David couldn't believe that he was going through with this. He always like being the big man, now he was going to go down a couple of levels. Then again, it was only for 6 hours.

'The beam is ready' John said putting on his goggles. David was starting to get nervous and he was about to tell him not to go though with it, when the switch was thrown and he knew it was too late. He got off the table and stood up, he didn't feel any different. John was totally excited to see the progress, but was disappointed to see that nothing happened to David. 'I don't think that it worked' he walked up to John and he was still 6'4. 'I don't understand it, normally it would cut through an animal and the effects would be seen automatically' John looked at all machinery, all wires, all calculations, nothing was wrongÉit was perfect.

John took out his stethoscope and did a battery of tests on David. Everything seemed to check out ok. David could tell that John was really upset because of this. 'Hey, I still like you no matter what size you are' David leaned down to kiss John. John lost all interest, he couldn't stand being short compared to someone that was almost a foot taller than he was. 'I am sorry, but this is not going to work, I am truly interested in you, but I think that the height thing might interfere with our relationship' John was truly hurt. David started to walk to him, when he suddenly felt weirdÉ.there was a tingle that was running through his body. 'I feel weird, it feels like pins and needles' John took out his stethoscope again, David's heart was going a mile a minute.

'You don't look any smaller' he probed his body over and over again. 'My shirt! Look at my shirt!' sure enough, the arms on his shirt appeared to be becoming longerÉno his arms were getting shorter! John was in shock, this is incredible! The waist of his pants became very loose. 'god, this is what a crash diet is like!' David looked at his body starting to dwindle before his own eyes. 'How do you feel?' John asked with a look of worry. 'I feel great, I just have to get use to my body' Finally it was starting to become noticeable, David was almost in range to be kissed without John getting on a ladder. His body was shrinking at a steady rate now.

'Wow, this is so hot; pretty soon we will be eye level' John was excited, David was somewhat upset. He could remember being 14 years old and he was 5'7 and now he was an adult who was 6'4 and he was going back to that size. 'Not much longer to go' John was starting to become proportional with David. Finally, the shrinking had stopped. David was no longer the cool 6'4 mountain of muscleÉnow he was David the 5'7 mountain of muscle. John looked him over, he couldn't believe the change. His clothes hung on him like a tent. Only moments before, he fit in them so perfectly. 'Do you still have the pins and needles?' John asked 'No I feel fine, I think that I should walk around and get use to it' The shrinking didn't sink in until David saw his feet. He started to walk and he almost tripped over his shoes. Here they were size 15 shoes that he had to order special and they didn't even fit. They looked like clown shoes on him. He picked one up and examined it, he couldn't believe the change. David dropped the shoe to the floor and put his bare foot on the side of it. It looked at though he took a size 8 now. John reached into the supply closet and started to pull out some clothes. 'I always keep a spare set for when I work here late at night' David looked at the clothes that he gave him: a shirt, pants, socks, and shoes. They so reminded him of his childhood. He pulled his head through the collar of the tent like shirt, pulled off his pants without unbuckling them and walked out of his shoes. His underwear fell to the floor as soon as he took off his pants. David was really upset now. 'What is the matter' John said checking out David's cock. 'I just like being the big guy and now I am the normal size guy, like I said I am going to have to get use to this change' David started putting on his new clothes. The label inside said S for small. They felt a little baggy but he didn't worry about it, the shoes fit perfect (he was now a size 9).

'So, how do you want it' John said undoing his shirt. 'I believe in safety first, do you have a condom?' David was use to using a condom with his wife, so why should he stop now. 'No, but why don't we go to the store and get some' John walked up to David and kissed him 'I could get use to this' John said grabbing for his car keys. They went to the corner store in the middle of town for a box of condoms. 'Do you want to get them or do you want me to get them?' John said holding the door handle. 'I will get them, you stay here' David got out of the car with his 'new body' As soon as he got out of the car, he saw a sales associate of his Brian Parker. He was 6'2, really nice build, and really nice looking. He held the door for David. 'Hey Dave' Brian said looking down at him. Brian was the one who had to look up at him a short time ago. 'Oh I am sorry, I thought you were someone else' Brian let go of the door and walked into the store. This made David even more depressed.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 2

He entered into the store, knowing exactly what isle to go down. He had been down this isle millions of times. David always took Trojan condoms, for the large endowed man. He got to the sections where the condoms were located. Third box on the left, always but always they were there. He reached up to grab for the box and he noticed that he had to strain to get it. He had never had this problem before when he was his original height. Depression was coming on fast, stronger, and harder. He made it up to the counter with the condoms. One of the thoughts that was running through his mind was, what if the shrinking effected ALL parts of him? What if the well endowed size was too large for his cock? He was thinking about this while standing in line.

The line was pretty long for a Friday night. Usually, he goes in there to grab some condoms and some candy and he could be out to his car within a matter of minutes. Tonight was different for some strange reason. In front of him was a woman his height and her son. He had to be at least 16 years old but already he was David's height. This kid was going to keep on growing and growing. David then had a thought that rang in his headÉ. What if he never did again? Granted it was only a couple of inches of height that he had lost, but when you have been that height for such a long period of time and then you lose it, it would effect you too.

Finally, it was David's turn. He got up to the counter and grabbed a Snickers bar. The owner of the store was an older man and David was use to looking down on him too. Now, they were eye levels. David wanted to leave the store as soon as possible. He told the old man to keep the change, grabbed the condoms and ran out of the store. He left so fast he forgot his candy.

He jumped into the car and started to weep. 'What is the matter? Did something happen in there?' John put his arm around. David threw his arm off of him. 'I hate being this height! You don't understand do you? I have been tall my entire life and now I am looking at life in a different light, and I am FUCKING HATING IT!' David couldn't control the tears anymore, his eyes swelled up and he began to cry. 'Don't worry' John said, 'the change is not permanent, pretty soon you will be your mountain of tower again and I will leave you alone' John slammed the car into drive and peeled out of the parking lot.

'I am sorry, I didn't mean anything against you; but you have never been tall and you don't know what it feels like' David said wiping his eyes on his shirt. 'Why do you think that I was doing research on growth research in my spare time?' John screamed 'So that my garden would look better next year?' 'Maybe this was a bad idea, I am sorry that I fucked up your life' John was getting more and more upset. 'It is a 24 hour process for it to wear off, and when it doesÉI suggest that you get yourself a new doctor' David was stunned at what he was hearing. 'What?' 'What do you mean?' David was puzzled by his remark. 'We will never be looking the same way at each other after this is over, so the whole patient/doctor practice is out the window too'

'Did you ever think that I wanted to be tall too, huh?' John's eyes started to fill up now. 'Ever since I was a kid, I was always the smallest, whether it be in my family or at school'. 'I was always picked last at basketball, my mother would always have my taller brother help her out with household jobs because I couldn't reach so high as they could' John started to cry, 'No, you don't know how that feelsÉ. But now you do, it fucking sucks don't it?' David sat back in his seat and didn't speak for the rest of the trip to John's house.

Upon reaching John's house, David was amazed at the size of the house; it was enormous! 'I guess becoming a doctor paid off didn't it?' David smiled at John. John got out of the car and slammed the door behind him. He was pissed that David was acting this way. It was not a process that would last forever; at least he didn't think so. David walked up to the door and waited for John. Upon entering the house, David was put into awe. So many antiques, oriental rugs, amazing paintingsÉ. The man had taste. While David was admiring John's house, John's mind was going into overdrive with thought about the shrinking process.

Suddenly, John was hit wit a brainstorm! 'Do you mind staying here, I have to go back to my office and get something that I left behind?' John was putting his coat on. 'No, I don't mind, do you mind if I take a look around your kingdom?' 'No' John said 'check it out, sorry I can't give you the 50 cent tour; I will give you one when I get home' 'Sure, come back soon' David said while looking at the ceiling.

John got into his car and peeled out of the drivewayÉhe couldn't believe the answer was there all along and he overlooked it! Usually it took John 15 minutes to get to work, but because of this brainstorm; it took him only 8 minutes. He unlocked the door to his office, took off his coat and put on the lights. He went into his office and looked on the floor; David's old clothes were still there. He closed the door and locked it. John approached his old clothes very slowly. He picked up his underwear and he could still feel the sweat inside. He sniffed his underwear and was starting to get a major hard on because of it. The insides of his shoes were still moist and still smelled. He started to take off his old clothes and put on David's old clothes. He could not believe the difference. He put on his underwear and it could barely stay up on him. His pants were so baggy on his body. His feet looked so tiny compared to David's old shoe size. The time had come; he was going to go though with it.

John took off David's clothes and got back into his old clothes. The effect would be a lot better and he had been dreaming of this day for years and years. He warmed up the ray while he was getting dressed. He put on his clothes for the last time. As soon as he was ready, the ray was ready also. By entering in the commands that he used on David and put them into reverse, maybe the ray could give John David's old height. He entered in the information and put the ray on a timer so that he could get in front of it. 3-2-1 zap! John was knocked to the ground by the immense power that came out of the ray.

He got to his feet and looked at his body, no changes were noticed. He had failed. John took his temperature and his blood pressure and everything was still the same. John had tried, but he had failed. He got off the table and noticed that his clothes were starting to get tighter on him. Could it be possible? Could he have found the secret that he had been looking for? Suddenly, the buttons on his shirt popped off one by one; his shirt had started to tear from the pressure that was being put onto the fabric. The button on his pants snapped off and logged itself into the wall, his legs were growing longer and longer and his pants were becoming smaller. John could not believe what was happening. The seams of his pants were starting to split and finally they broke from the strain. He thought that it was over and he heard a muffled ripping. Looking down at his feet, he noticed that the laces on his shoes were now straining to stay together. His feet were expanding out of the tiny shoes. He had spent a lot of money on his shoes, but to live out his dream; he didn't even care. Finally his feet popped out of the shoes. The pieces of them lying at his feet.

John was naked except for his tattered underwear that was holding on by a few pieces of the elastic band that had almost broken. John ripped the rest of his underwear off and stared at his body in the mirror. He was amazed by the change. Now was the true test. He went over to David's old clothes and started to put them on. First the underwear and socks, they felt like it was made for him, no longer baggy on him. Next, the pants, what a great fit; plus they showed off his ass nicely too. Then, the shirt: no longer a circus tent on him. And finally, the shoes; the shoes were a perfect fit for his feet. He was amazed that he was 5'7 his entire life and now he was 6'4. Life never looked better to John, now he had to go home and show David his 'creation'.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 3

John looked at his surroundings. He could not believe how different everything looked. Everything was a little bit smaller, punier. He loved every minute of it. He was the big man now, something that he had always wanted to be. All he kept thinking about is this is how David has felt for most of his life. He started to feel David's clothes, wiggling his toes inside of David's shoes, knowing his cock was rubbing against his underwear. These clothes would have looked freakish on him if he were to try them on earlier, and now they look like he just bought them off the rack. He had to go home and show David what he did.

John disconnected the shrink ray from the main component and took it with him. He picked it up?. Noticing that he didn't have to strain at all in order to lift it. John felt his arms, which were now rock hard with muscle. Upon picking up his shirt, he had perfects pecs and abs too. Along with David's height, he also inherited David's beautiful body. John immediately became hard and was going to take care of it in the office, but he figured that he would give David a nice, long, hard workout.

John bent over and picked up his clothes, laughing that he was once that size, the shrink ray, and his car keys. He was about to leave the office when he remembered to bring his coat with him. He reached into the closet and noticed that David also brought his coat. Noticing that they were identical, John grabbed the first one and tried it on. It was his old coat?. Which was way to small for his much larger frame. It felt about six sizes to small. John decided to live out a fantasy, it was something that he had always read about in comic books and on TV. He forced himself into his old coat and flexed his new muscles. The coat automatically split into pieces and fell to the floor. John was in his glory. He picked up the tattered remains of his coat and grabbed David's coat. Grabbing the huge bundle out to his car, he first had to lock the office door.

John finally made it out to the parking lot. His was the only car that was there so it was very easy to find. He popped his trunk and put all his stuff in. He unlocked the driver's door and got in the car. 'OUCH!' John had hit his head on the ceiling of the car. At 5'7 the car was perfect for his needs, at 6'4 he was driving a sardine can. John was filled with happiness. This is a dream that he had had for a while and finally it had come true

Driving like a maniac, John finally made it home. It felt strange to pull his legs out of the car. He never noticed how long they were until he stepped out of the car. He locked the driver's side door, popped his trunk, pulled all his stuff out and proceeded to the house. He unlocked the door and went inside. Upon entering he heard the sounds of classical music, he guessed that David had found the stereo. He took two steps forward and noticed the shirt that he had given David was on the floor. Looking onto the stair, there was a shoe, then a sock, then another shoe. John noticed that there was a clothing trail that led to his bedroom.

Upon reaching the bedroom, John knocked on the door. 'I have been waiting for you' David said through the door 'Come on in' 'I have a REALLY BIG surprise for you' John said, rubbing his cock. 'Let me turn off the lights' John then heard David running across the floor in order to turn the lights off. The room was pitch dark; John could only see what the moonlight was touching David got off the bed, his naked body gleaming in the moonlight. John walked over to David and put his arms around him. Suddenly David began to panic.

'Oh my GOD! OH MY GOD! What happened to me! Holy SHIT! He turned on the light. 'I knew that there would be side effects to this, this proves it!' 'I AM SHRINKING AGAIN, this is great, now I am shorter than 5'7' John stopped David and sat him down on the bed. 'You are not shrinking, I grew' David looked puzzled, 'What do you mean by?.'Then David noticed that John was wearing his old clothes. 'YOU BASTARD!' David screamed 'you stole my height!' 'You were not interested in me at all, you were just interested in being tall!' This was not the response that John wanted to hear. 'No,' John said 'I just wondered what it was like to be tall; I wasn't going to steal your height'

David was starting to get dressed again. 'Well, I hope that you liked it because I want my old height back right now!' David was furious. 'I would but there is just one problem with that, I like being this height and I am not going to give it back' John was hooking the shrink ray back up again. David became panicked again. 'Excuse me, I have been 6'4 since I was 15 years old and I am not going to give it up just because a short guy finally realizes that being tall is fun; that height is mine and I want it back RIGHT NOW!' 'You are acting like a child! Knock it off!' John started up the shrinking ray. 'A CHILD, I AM NOT A CHILD! I am a man, a man who was cheated out of his height by another man who was jealous of him' 'I WANT MY OLD LIFE BACK!!!'

'FINE YOU WANT IT YOU GOT IT!' John hit the button on the shrink ray and it instantly hit David and knocked him backwards. Suddenly, David felt like he was hit with a thousand pins and needles. John sat down on the bed. 'How are you feeling?' he lit a cigarette. 'Pins and needles like before' David was waiting for the change to occur. Suddenly he started to feel the effects 'Oh my GOD! what is going on!! SOMETHING IS WRONG AGAIN!'

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 4

The pain had overtaken David and he feel backwards. The only thing that he could hear was John's laughter as towards what he had done.

It had only been unconcious for only 30 seconds, but it felt like days to David. He couldn't see straight, the entire room was spinning, he couldn't keep his balance, and then it had hit him.....the room had gotten even BIGGER. "Son of a BITCH!" David screamed at the top of his lungs. The clothes that John had given him earlier didn't even fit him anymore, they hung on him like they were a circus tent. Taking his oversized clothes off, he looked around to find John. It appeared as if he disappered out of sight.

David figured that he was only a few inches tall as in contrast with his surroundings. He was full of questions and only John was the one who could answer them for him. He said that it would wear off, was this a lie? He said that he would be brought back to normal, was this true? Would he be stuck this way forever? How would he survive? He had so many questions, but the only thing that he could think about was finding John for some answers.

David seemed to walk around in circles until he came upon a familiar sight just up ahead of him, it was his old sneaker. Upon looking up at it, it amazed him that he was actually at a size where he could actually pick this sneaker up. Now, it was the size of the Titanic to him. He could live in this shoe now....that thought depressed him more.

David started to walk past the shoe when suddenly he saw a shadow down on the floor indicating that there was something about to fall on top of him. Upon looking up, he noticed that it was a giant foot coming towards him. Paralyzed with fear, David waited for his death to come. Being that small he figured that no one could see him. As the foot was coming down faster and faster, David curled up into a ball. Suddenly the foot stopped and a giant laugh was heard. David couldn't stop laughing at him. "Oh what is the matter my funny little man? Do you think that I would hurt something as good looking as you? I would never dream of it"

David tried to run away but the giant foot blocked his path. "Relax" said John, grab onto my little toe and I will boost you up, believe me; I will not let you fall" David grabbed onto his toe. He was amazed that he could put his arms around it. He held on for dear life as John started to boost him up. David placed his entire body around John's little toe. For some odd reason, this really excited him.

Upon reaching the bed, John held out his hand in which David thought that he would place him in the palm of his hand. Suddenly, John kicked his leg up in the air extremely fast. The gust of wind from the force knocked David off of John's little toe and suddenly began to fall.

"AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" David screamed all the way down until he was caught by John enormous hand. "See, I would not let anything happen to you, I promised you" John said putting David down on his chest.

"You fucking bastard, what are you trying to prove here? what did I ever do to you!" David screamed. "I am not trying to prove anything...I am just having a little fun with you" John said, a slight smile forming on his face. "Your brand of fun can kill someone like me!! DONT YOU UNDERSTAND??!!!" Tears formed in David's eyes. "All I want to do is to be normal again, is that possible??" David looked down at John's chest, full of muscle and semi hairy. "It is possible, it just takes some time for it to wear off that is all" John said closing his eyes. "How long? you said in a couple of hours, well a couple of hours have come and gone and I still don't feel anything different about myself" David said staring into John's face. "Well, that was before I realized that I could take a person's height and use it on myself. You have never known what it feels like to be shorter than most men, to have them stare at you because you are shorter, to have teenagers who are years younger than you look down on you, to buy your clothes in the young mens department...which is a fancy name for semi-boys department...NO YOU DON"T KNOW! SO EXCUSE THE SHIT OUT OF ME IF I LIKE BEING THIS TALL!!" John's words hurt David's ears. "If that is the case then go out and find someone else and steal their height" John stated with a look of happiness.

"Wow, I wish it were that simple, you see...I have always had a crush on you and now that I have you and you can't leave, I will crush you if you do" John said with an evil smile. "But don't worry, I have LOTS of plans for you LITTLE MAN!" •

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