Trussed Beef


By ParisPhoto

The first step was to make sure that those annoying BetaBoys remained out of the way. The timing had to be right, so he placed DeLeone's secret lab under suveillance. He then made anonymous biobomb alerts in four places around the globe, all as far as possible from their homebase. The Intoxicator was sure that it would be the boys who would respond to these alerts rather than AlphaMan himself, for he knew that the superhero would be undergoing a certain treatment. The Intoxicator had deduced that AlphaMan and Ace Martin were one and the same, and that DeLeone had een treating the hero. From the reports he had had from the bodybuilding show he had a good idea of the nature of these treatments and had arranged his operation so that the boys would be called away during their mentor's session.

The Intoxicator waited until his agents reported the arrival of the BetaBoys in the various destinations around the globe. He signalled his henchmen to begin the operations at DeLeone's lab. The Intoxicator himself could not come due to the heart machine but he had given clear instructions to the two men he sent to do his dirtywork. With his past connections to chemical supply companies, he was able to track DeLeone's orders for reagents and have his men ambush a delivery to the lab.

The timing was good as it was Saturday and DeLeone gave his small support staff the full weekend off, leaving him alone with AlphaMan who was nearing the climax of his treatment session. DeLeone received the call from the delivery men asking for instructions on accessing the domain, then again to get through the gates, then again at the door. DeLeone was expecting the shipment, so he suspected nothing. When the Professor opened the door, the first thug sprayed him with knockout gas and left him unconscious on the floor. They followed the floor plan prepared by the Intoxicator to the workout room. Down the corridor in a mirror they saw a man, if he could be called a man, naked but for a loincloth, and enormous, like the biggest wrestler in the world, or more like two of the biggest wrestlers in the world. They whispered to each other about the monster they could see.

Thug 1: Fuck, there's AlphaMan! He's even bigger than I imagined from seeing him on TV. No way I'm touching him. No way he's gonna be afraid of this gun. And no way some knockout gas will do a thing to him.

Thug 2: The Boss said we had nothing to worry about. Everything else has gone to plan, and why shouldn't this?

Thug 1: Yeah, but look at the arms on him. His arms are bigger than my thighs, and I'm no lightweight.

Thug 2: But check out the weights he's using. He seems to be having trouble lifting those puny weights my mother used when she used to watch Jack LaLanne on TV. Hey! He's pulling up that loincloth. Look at the size of his cock. Shit.

Thug 1: No wonder he has to jerk off. A horse-hung guy like that must need lots of attention. He's filling that beaker�

Thug 2: Let's get him before he finishes. Go! Go! Go!

AlphaMan was trembling with the excitement of his orgasm. Although he was still working to reach his pre-incident mass, and had to undergo the treatment if only to provide large quantities of semen for the boys' treatments, he would have still enjoyed the treatment for its own sake. He loved getting so big, feeling his muscles expand, seeing his powerful physique blow up. He loved feeling so heavy. He loved the weight of his balls full of cum. He even enjoyed, and in fact found a visceral pleasure, in become weak, so weak, feeling helpless and knowing it would last only for a short time after which he would be more powerful than ever.

He had already produced several liters of juice for the boys and soon would be to weak to jerk off. He inserted the urinary catheter up his cock while he still could manage. He would make one more circuit lifting the lady weights then lies down for the deflation process. Without the boys to massage him, it would take much longer and be a bit uncomfortable, but there was no choice. DeLeone would do what he could of course. Where was he? He had left to collect a shipment and was taking forever to return. AlphaMan shivered, for he didn"t like being alone when he was in this state. No, it wasn't fear that made him shiver, it was a subtle movement of the air, the faint sound of breathing, imperceptible but for his still-functioning supersenses. Something was wrong� he had to get to DeLeone's desk. So slow, his legs so thick they bowed out, so heavy and he so weak, he could barely lift them.

The thugs entered the room and saw AlphaMan leaning forward over an open desk drawer. They saw a glint of metal and guessed he was going for a gun. They shouted at AlphaMan to freeze. When he turned they feared being shot, and in a panic fired at him with their own semi-automatics. AlphaMan was still invulnerable, but was unable to stand up against the force of the ricocheting bullets. He fell back, the floor shaking under the shock of his 350 pounds. He squirmed abut unable to move. The formula had worked as always, depriving him of his strength to allow him to grow. Now it had turned against him, leaving him as helpless as a fish out of water thrashing weakly on the deck of the boat.

The thugs were stunned. There were no wounds, but their bullets had felled the mightiest hero on earth, one who appeared bigger than they could ever have imagined. The intoxicator was right. AlphaMan was helpless to resist. They whipped out their handcuffs, shackles, gag and blindfold. For good measure they trussed up the bloated muscle hero like a stuffed Christmas goose. They went back to do the same to DeLeone who was just coming to, then carried him out to their stolen delivery van. Their problem now was how to do the same with the beefed-up hero. They took two pallet carts and manhandled the hero up the three inches onto the creaking plates then rolled him out to the van. The vehicle had a lift gate, so they were able to load him next to the professor.

They knew they had little time left, but they Intoxicator had ordered them to find all documents and products available in the lab. The only thing they found in fact were several dozen 5-liter jugs of a thick beige liquid which they took with them. Unfortunately for them DeLeone made practice of keep all his notes on an encrypted computer disk and of securing all prepared formula whenever it wasn't being used. Furious at finding so little, they broke the furniture and smashed the electronic equipment. They had been allotted 30 minutes to do the job, and time was almost up, so they high-tailed it back to the van and headed to their rendez-vous with the Intoxicator's helicopter.

With the help of the pilot they loaded the professor and the jugs of liquid onto the helicopter. As for AlphaMan, even the three of them were not going to be able to easily handle him, so the pilot suggested running a cable under his armpits and pecs. The other end of the cable was hooked on to the helicopter, and when they took off they pulled out the hulking hero with them and flew away with the sausaged musclehero hanging below nearly naked, his loincloth flapping in the downdraft. •

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