Growing Brother, A


Once he had even walked in on his little brother and a girl, the summer that Mark had begun to look so impossibly huge and defined. He thought he had been alone in the house when, without thinking he had walked into the room the two of them had shared. The room was in a shambles: clothes and sneakers, his brother's massively heavy weights: huge dumbbells, barbells and muscle magazines were all tossed haphazardly across the room. There, in broad daylight, he almost fainted at the sight in front of him: his little brother was a naked mass of bulging muscle as he worked his rock-hard and muscled ass up and down, fucking the girl beneath him with the expert skill of a man twice his age. Dougie gasped when he saw his huge muscle-bound little bro grinning and laughing as he flexed his superb young body in a frenzy of muscle-bound fucking. His long, incredibly muscled body stretched above the entire length of the bed -- his sheer bulging size dwarfing the girl beneath him as he laughed and slammed into the moaning girl beneath him His massively muscled shoulders bunched like boulders. His tousled hair rammed into the headboard. Huge muscular feet hung off the end of the bed as his whole young body radiated unbelievable power and strength. Giant veined arms bulged obscenely on his knuckled fists. His massive young chest looked pumped to bursting -- huge, hairy muscletits pointed straight out in front of him, jutting out like hairy, veined melons over the girl's head, bulging and flexing with every move. Dougie watched the girl feverishly massage his little brother's hot bulging body all over. Her hands were everywhere on him -- as if in disbelief at the size of the gigantic young muscles bulging beneath his young boy's face. Moaning, she felt his thick neck and massive shoulders. Doug's dick groaned as he watched her squeeze his little bro's huge, bulging young biceps; he almost moaned out loud as she greedily licked Markie's gigantic, magnificent pecs. Every muscle on his brother's body stood out etched and gigantically swollen easily three, four times as big as any of the older dudes in the neighborhood.

"Markie," moaned the girl, "you're so huge, so unbelievably huge, I can't believe how huge you are." That was when his brother looked up and saw him, surprised. Then he laughed, his young muscles bulging, without breaking the slow, deliberate, unbelievably sexy grinding of his young hips. Their eyes locked, and his little brother threw his head back and grinned. Dougie had never seen him like this, so utterly powerful, so completely and utterly male. Every move of his body radiated arrogance and power, lust and strength. Dougie's eyes widened as his eyes dropped, suddenly focusing on the pair of huge, unbelievably swollen balls bouncing between his little brother's rippling, prematurely hairy legs. Then he gasped as he caught a glimpse of the size of his brother's slick, gigantically engorged cock stretching the girl's cunt. He felt dizzy, unreal. His brother followed Dougie's eyes down to what he was staring at, and laughed again.

“What's the matter, dude," his brother said.

“Never saw it in action before?" He laughed a deep, totally masculine laugh that almost made Dougie cum instantly.

“Never saw your little bro's fucking huge horse-size fucking cock like this before?" In one motion his little brother leaned back, muscles bulging as he kneeled upright on the bed, his massively muscled thighs spread wide apart. His enormous cock slid wetly out of the now wildly orgasmic girl Mark laughing at his own unbelievable power. Dougie almost fainted as he saw the huge engorged pole bounce into the air. Dizzy, he heard the hard wet slap it made as it swung up and slapped against his little bro's outrageously developed body. A part of his brain was aware that his musclebound brother was laughing, thrusting his completely exposed crotch arrogantly into the air, displaying it, reveling in it. His little brother's dick was obscene, immense. Dougie never imagined anyone could grow so huge, so incredibly big. It stood completely straight, like the swollen trunk of some impossible tree, knotted and bulging with ropy veins. It reached all the way to his little bro's bulging chest, its massive helmet-shaped head drooling precum in gobs and runnels of semen, running down past his proud, arrogantly thick pubic hair, down into a pair of enormously huge and heavy balls utterly mind-boggling in their sheer size and weight. Still laughing, his little brother looked down and grinned at his own erect hugeness, his young hands balled into mighty fists at his side. With a glance at his older brother's open, astonished mouth, the younger boy laughed out loud as he bent his neck and lovingly began to lick his own massively engorged head. Dougie stumbled back out of the room, his mind on fire. He watched Mark's long curling tongue dart in and out of his own huge piss slit, his gigantic young dick bloating and lengthening to even more mind-boggling proportions as he fed on his own erect hugeness, groaning, precum spooling out of his enormously swollen dickhead and over his lips, dripping down his huge bulging shaft and onto his monstrously grown balls. He reeled as he heard the hot, indescribable sound of Mark's hot wet mouth struggling over his over his own jaw-splitting cockhead. Their eyes met again as Doug watched his little brother slowly and relentlessly pump his own enormous cock down his throat, hips picking up speed, his huge musclebound arms still bulging loosely at his sides as he worked his powerful young body like some powerful piston as he methodically and effortlessly fucked his own face, his massively inflated balls flopping and slapping between his legs.

“Oh my god," squealed the girl, coming round again, only to build into another volley of unstoppable orgasms at the sight of the enormously hung young muscle-kid in front of her, covered in freakishly huge muscles as he sucked his own gigantic cock.

“Oh god, look at him, look at him, Jessus, he's so huge! So fucking HUGE!!" Mark stumbled back into the hallway, his pulse racing and his heart beating wildly. He heard his brother's booming laugh behind the now safely closed door. Then, a moment later, the unbelievable sound of what could only have been his little brother's deep and earthshaking roar of pleasure as his massive, monumental orgasm echoed his older brother's as Dougie came for the second time in minutes at the sheer thought of the musclebound god on the other side of the door. For weeks afterward, the image of his brother's nude, muscle-bound body and his immense, enormous erect dick filled his thoughts. Part 3:

He shook his head, almost unwilling to believe the inhuman musclefreak he saw in front of him. Dougie's mouth went dry. Mark laughed a deep, rich sound that almost made the older boy cum. His brother's coat lay crumpled on the floor. Doug saw something he had never seen outside of his hottest, most secret fantasies. A skintight white T-shirt looked about to shred over his big brother's now unbelievably massive young musclebod. Huge, gigantically veined arms hung out to each side of his brother's towering frame while a pair of mammoth legs spread wide apart to accommodate the biggest, most gigantic quads Dougie had ever seen. His little brother's jeans were so packed with ass and muscle that Dougie whimpered and came, uncontrollably, in his pants. Through the almost blinding orgasm, Dougie saw his little bro's body had become twice, maybe three times the size of any pro bodybuilder in the world. Huge bulging pectorals easily the size of soccer balls pushed freakishly beneath his tight T-shirt. Each gigantic pec was clearly defined beneath the straining fabric. The T-shirt caught helplessly in the unbelievably deep cleavage between his tits. Thin, straining fabric clung like shrink-wrap around the deep, unbelievably distinct cuts beneath his monster pecs. His muscletits had become so huge they pulled the front of his shirt clear away from his body to expose a hairy muscle-choked gut, dazzling in its convoluted diamond hardness. Above, his shoulders had become immense -- sleeves riding high over huge cannonball deltoids that reared across a four-foot span of thick, unbelievably defined shoulder muscle topped by a neck so thickly muscled and huge his brother looked like a bull with a boy's face. His whole massive torso tapered down to a freakish waist that must have been a tiny 28 inches. While his chest must have taped out to a mind-numbing measurement inhuman in its hugeness. His ass and legs threatened to split a pair of worn, faded jeans that looked sprayed on. Huge arms so fucking muscled they looked obscene hung on their side of him, forced into the air by their sheer size and power. Dougie looked in astonishment as he feverishly calculated that his older brother's massively muscled chest jutted like a massive shelf two and a half feet thick from his body. At the same time, each arm looked bigger than his own head! Doug watched his brother's hot, handsome mouth curl shamelessly into a grin as he looked at the spreading stain at Dougie's crotch.

“Like what you see, big bro?" At the sound of Mark's new, deep rumbling voice, Dougie's dick bloated again, so incredibly full and sexy did it sound now, dripping with power and charged with complete masculinity. Dougie moaned, as he became instantly hard again.

“That's right, man, you haven't seen anything yet," said his massively transformed bro. Laughing, his brother took one huge, veined hand and groaned in a deep sexy growl as he unselfconsciously squeezed his own mammoth fist, then hauled his left arm into the air. With an almost audible noise, he balled his big veined fist over an arm of unbelievable girth and weight. Doug's eyes almost popped at the size of the biceps swelling beneath his brother's tortured sleeves as he laughed and brought the other up in a massive double biceps shot. The older boy's knees buckled as he dropped to the floor, staring up in disbelief at the young muscle monster before him. Biceps the size of bowling balls groaned beneath Mark's freakishly veined skin. Huge swollen triceps hung like slabs of swollen beef beneath it. Unbelievably thick armpit hair spilled out of the tortured armholes of Mark's T. Dougie almost came again as he heard, as if in a dream, the sound of ripping fabric as his brother's shirt began to give way helplessly against the onslaught of his magnificently muscled frame.

“Uhh. Fuck, yeah." groaned his brother. With one effortless move, Mark groaned and flexed his arms hard. Dougie swooned as his brother's monster bi's literally doubled in height and girth before his eyes until each huge freaky peak slammed into his brother's mighty fists. Uncomprehending, he watched in disbelief as Mark laughed and uncurled each fist to reach down and slowly massage and caress the gigantically mounted peaks with his own outstretched fingers.

"I told you, man, You haven't seen anything yet, dude," he laughed as the freakishly muscle-bound kid balled his mighty fists and brought his massively muscled arms back to his side. With a gigantic shudder, he seemed to inflate his gigantic young chest. Dougie watched his brother's tortured T-shirt finally rips in long tears across his brother's hot muscled body. With a loud ripping noise, a huge, obscenely veined muscletit bulged into view, completely shredding one side of the t-shirt, quickly followed bythe other until both of his brother's monstrously developed pecs were totally exposed to the air. He was monstrous, almost unspeakable in his size. Dougie's mind could barely contain the size of Mark's incredible body. Huge brown nipples swelled at the end of each monstrous pec, each naked, vein-choked slab of chest-meat coated with an unbelievably hot dusting of silky black whorled hair as perfectly etched as an erotic drawing. He could barely comprehend what his brother had become as he watched Mark grin and squeeze his freakish tits. He was obscenity personified, a pornographic boy-god, the epitome of rampant masculinity a dream of everything either one of them had ever fantasized about being male. A line of hot sexy hair snaked from between the gigantic mounds of his hairy chest to the thick rampant bush of hair that Dougie now saw spilling over the top of Markie's near- to-bursting jeans. For the first time, the Doug noticed that on his little bro's boyish young face a thick five-oclock shadow grew unbelievably dense and blue- black, the shadow of a full-grown stud's beard on his young boy's grinning face. He could smell sex in the air: the smell of cum and dick and male funk emanating from his brother like musk. He had never imagined anyone could become so uncontrollably hot, so uncontrollably and perfectly male. He realized his own pants were once again drenched in precum.

“Softballs?" rumbled Mark.

“Isn't that what you said, dude? Well, dig this, Bro." Dougie watched almost in fear as his little brother reached down with his huge hairy knuckled hands and in one savagely strong motion spread his gigantic quads and simply ripped open the front of his straining jeans. Dougie almost passed out at what he saw next. Suddenly freed from the constriction of Mark's jeans, an immensely swollen white pouch of fabric jutted monstrously into the air, surrounded by an uncontrollable explosion of unbelievably thick black hair. Dougie realized with a jolt that he was actually looking at his little bro's freakishly straining briefs, the same briefs that had been almost impossibly big the day before now ballooned a full foot and-a-half beyond his brother's massively muscled thighs, Feverishly, through the beginning of yet another orgasm, he watched Mark look down and groan at the sight of himself. First he palmed his own gigantic bulge, then slowly, luxuriously, hefted its swollen weight, both hands roaming over the huge swollen pouch, barely able to contain it, huge legs apart. He rubbed himself, squeezing moaning and grinning at his own freakish size and power. Grinning, his little bro slowly began to peel down the fantastically stretched briefs to free himself. Through an unbelievably huge bush of thick black hair, Mark reached down with both hands into his ripping briefs and pulled his gigantic young equipment out as his nostrils dilated in what looked like ecstasy. With a gasp, Dougie saw that his brother's balls had grown to the size of cantaloupes.

“Fuck, yeah," breathed Mark, his voice dripping and rumbling with narcissistic power. Mark groaned and massaged himself with both hands, each gigantic ball aching with what Dougie knew must have been gallons and gallons of cum. Mark threw his head back in a booming laugh, his body rippling and shuddering with power. With a final explosive flex of his massively muscled ass, the last remnants of his brother's briefs and pants burst away and he stood completely and magnificently naked. Dougie watched, wide-eyed, as the rest of Mark's huge young equipment swung soft and heavy into view, revealing a massive dick now over two feet long and thicker than Dougie's arm. Then he came as explosively as before. •

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