Growing Brother, A


Two sections of a story in progress: Part one is about two brothers, one 18, the other 16, who is already a genetically gifted young bodybuilder (and enormously hung). Part 2 is somewhere midway in the story, the summer as the little brother undergoes a muscle-growth transformation -- of which sort is yet to be determined. Part 3 is a section towards the end of that transformation -- a process of about a year.

Dougie shook his head, watching his younger brother struggle to zip his fly. A huge bulge of white underwear virtually prevented the teenager from closing the gaping zipper, and Dougie almost drooled as he watched his little brother try to tug the zipper closed, barely able to pull it over the softball size bulge groaning from the front of his jeans. Mark laughed, his perfect teeth flashing white.

“Shit, dude," he said, "either I'm getting fucking huge, or these jeans have shrunk again." His hot little bro twisted and grunted, trying to pull the zipper over the bloated profile of his swollen briefs.

“Shit, I think your already huge, Mark. Jesus," breathed Dougie in awe, as he watched his brother bent his long legs slightly and half-squat in an effort to zip his fly. Doug's eyes widened as he saw the huge, denim covered lump of his brother's crotch bulge obscenely beneath the fabric.

“Shit, Markie, it looks like you stuffed a softball in there." "Yeah, maybe two!" laughed his bro. With a grunt, Mark finally yanked the zipper closed with one big-veined hand and turned to check himself out in the mirror. He glanced at the obscene denim-covered basket bulging back at him and whistled. Doug had never seen anyone with a bulge like that in his life. Mark laughed, palming himself unselfconsciously in front of his bro.

“Shit, dude. I guess I'd better not get hard, man." he laughed. I'd rip these fucking jeans to shit." Doug watched his little brother groan slightly as he spread his legs and rubbed the huge spherical bulge inflated between his well-muscled thighs. An indescribably hot smile played across Mark's perfect lips as he looked at his own reflection with undisguised lust.

“Yeah" he laughed, rubbing his gigantic mound.

“Not too fucking bad." •

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