Shane and his Muscle-Belt

Adonis Island


By Jason Jarman

Rich Boyce sat up in his bed, wide awake, with the lights off. “What a fuckin day,” he told himself. He turned his torso and winced at the soreness he felt. He had gotten off light. None of his bones were broken. He had a badly scraped elbow, some bruises to his chin and chest, and two banged-up kneecaps. Both of his knees were bandaged from their wounds. He could walk, and could move normally, if painfully. The doctor suggested that he stay home for a few days, if only to absorb the shock of what had happened to him.

As his parents slept the rest of the financially comfortable, Rich’s mind raced. Over and over again, the scene in the IHOP lot replayed in his head. That toothpick Justin Craig, bulging with muscles… the guy that had sucked his cock all year… the guy whose life he controlled. And what was that shit with the belt? It was weird enough that Justin was so big and buff… but he got bigger and harder when he pulled that belt tight. And the flashes from the buckle nearly blinded him. What was up with that?

He hadn’t mentioned any of this to the cops. Just that the assailant was built like a brick shithouse, and seemed to have supernatural strength. He matched the description of the man who was wanted for the ATM robberies.

And seeing Shane with him… Shane had gotten so huge over the last week. Rich vividly remembered the jack-off in the locker room… Shane wasn’t half as big then, and that was maybe six months back. Shane was a bodybuilder, and he worked out all the time, but no one could get that big, that quickly.

And Shane was dead!

None of this made sense. Rich was scared to talk about it with anyone else. None of his buddies had seen Shane in the restaurant, and he hadn’t seen or heard from one of them since Justin went down on him. Some weird shit was up…

Then someone tapped on his bedroom window. “Rich!” a voice whispered. Rich knew the voice. He jolted with fear. “Rich! C’mere, dude!” the voice hissed. He hobbled over to the window, hoping it was just his imagination. A large figure stood silhouetted in the shadows. He opened the window and saw Shane Hardin. “Hey, dude. Come outside.”

“What the fuck? You’re dead. They buried you yesterday.”

“Maybe I am, and maybe I ain’t. I’ll tell you, but you got to come outside.”

“Shit. Just a fuckin second.” Rich climbed into his baggy jeans and pulled a T-shirt and a baseball cap on. He slipped down the hallway to the living room and the front door. Careful not to trip the security alarms, he slipped outside.

To his horror, he saw that Justin Craig was there, next to Shane. Justin smiled. He looked even stronger than before. He had his muscle-belt on, and its buckle glinted and sparked in the moonlight. Rich’s heart pounded. “What do you want?”

“Calm down, dude.” Shane put a reassuring hand on Rich’s shoulder. Justin moved closer. “Don’t let him hurt me!”

“Justin ain’t gonna hurt you no more. I had a talk with him. An now we need to talk about some shit.”

Rich trembled. “I don’t trust him. He’s got that belt.”

Shane’s belt sparked in the moonlight. “I’ve got one, too. I’m stronger than Justin, an I ain’t gonna hurt you.”

“You had it coming, Rich,” Justin said. His voice sounded so much deeper and manlier now to Rich. “The score’s settled. Just as long as you don’t pull anymore shit. I hated having to suck your cock. Your cum tastes awful! And I hated being bullied and beaten up by you.” Justin flexed his biceps. “You’re never gonna bully me again. You understand?”

“Yeah, I understand,” Rich said in a whimper.

Shane smiled. “Well, cool. Let’s go take a drive. We can be private in the car.”

Feeling like his life was over, Rich followed the two muscle-gods to Shane’s black Camaro. Shane sat in the driver’s seat, and invited Rich to ride shotgun. Justin squeezed into the back seat. He could barely fit in the confines of the car.

Shane crept out of the Boyce family driveway, barely avoiding a scrape with the Boyce family SUV.

No one spoke for a few minutes. The night air rushed in Rich’s face, and made him feel a little better. Rich kept waiting for something to happen, his heart still beating fast. Then Shane broke the ice. “So, wussup, Rich? We ain’t talked in awhile.”

“Uh, nothin. Just goin to school, hangin out, playin ball.”

“That’s cool. How’s Jack Kendall?”

“He broke a tooth last night. Got fucked up and tole some asshole off.”

“That shit’s gotta hurt.”

“Gotta.” Rich looked Shane over. “So, dude. What’s with the hella muscles? You always were hella buff, but this is some monstrous shit here.”

“You like it?”

Rich blushed. “I dunno, dude.”

Shane flexed his bicep. “I like havin all this muscle. Check it out, dude. Feel it. Put your hands around it.”

Rich trembled as he touched the massive mountain of veiny muscle. It felt so warm and hard. The veins felt like electric cords. The skin was so smooth and shiny. Despite himself, Rich felt his cock getting hard. He kept rubbing Shane’s bicep, feeling his knotty veins. He put his hands around the muscle, but his fingers wouldn’t touch, no matter how far he stretched them. The more he felt Shane’s muscle, the harder he got. His cock poked up high under his baggy jeans.

“Hey, Rich, you got a woody! You must like what you see.” Shane smiled.

“I… fuck… I don’t know what’s goin on, dude… I just never seen anything like this shit before!”

“It’s OK, dude. It kinda turns me on, t be honest. I dig it when guys get woodies from my muscles.”

“I don’t like dudes,” Rich said, his face red with embarrassment.

“Maybe you don’t,” Justin said, “but your dick sure does! I should know; I’ve sucked it enough!”

Rich clawed at the car door. “Stop the car, dude, let me out!”

Shane stepped on the gas. “Dude, you need to chill! We got to talk some. We got some fairly serious shit here.”

“Just stop the car…”

Shane pulled into the dark parking lot of a closed strip- mall. Rich tried the door, but it was locked. “Dude, you just gotta sit back an listen. Ain’t nobody gonna hurt you.”

“What do you want with me, dude?”

“Dude, you found out somethin you ain’t supposed to know. And especially about seein me after I’m sposed to be dead. This is some serious shit.”

Rich nodded, his heart full of terror.

“Now, the way I see it, there’s two ways we can handle this. One: you can keep yer fuckin lip zipped, an you’ll live a nice long healthy life. Or, two: you come an live with us. Same thing that happened t me’ll happen: yer folks’ll think yer dead. Only it’s somebody else in yer grave.”

“A-and what happens to me?”

“You’ll be my slave,” Justin said. “I mean, ‘assistant.’ Kind of like an executive.”

“Yeah,” Shane said with a smile. “Why don’t you tell Rich, here, about some of his duties?”

“Well, you’ll have to give me BJs whenever I want ‘em…” Justin giggled. “In fact, let’s see…” Justin unzipped the crotch of his leather pants. His cock stood high and hard at 15 inches. “Yep, I could use a good blow right now. Think you can take it all?” Rich scoffed. “I ain’t blowing nobody. I ain’t no fag.”

“Watch what you say around here, dude…” Shane looked hard at Rich.

“I can’t believe you’re a fuckin fag, dude! Maybe that belt made you gay…”

“I was already gay. Always have been. I just do my shit in my own way. I don’t got to act like everyone else. I never tried to come onto you, did I?”

“Well, no…”

“You better get your head straight, dude.”

“No pun intended,” Justin said with a grin. He stroked his pulsing cock. “Sure you wouldn’t like a little taste? It’ll make you big and strong… oh shit, that’s right. Um. We better wait…” Justin stuffed his cock down the leg of his pants and zipped up.

“Damn,” Shane said. “We got to be more careful about that. If I forget, dude…” “I’ll remind you.”

Rich’s head was swimming. “What the fuck is goin on here?”

“Anyway… yes, you’ll have some exciting duties as my ‘assistant’…”

“You’ll hafta make up his bed,” Shane said. “Wash his dishes…”

“You’ll have to undress me… light duties. You’ll be, like, my butler.”

“I think I’ll shut the fuck up,” Rich said.

“You can do that, dude?”

Rich looked daggers at Shane. “Can I go home now?”

“Not yet. We got us a little road trip. There’s this scientist dude wants to meet you. If you can convince him, yer free to go. If it was up t me, I’d just let you go, but we kinda owe this dude a favor.”

“Let me go, dude! You can’t do this shit to me!” Rich struggled with the door. Shane extended his index finger and pinned Rich to his seat. Shane’s belt buckle sparked and whined. Rich tried to move, but he couldn’t. It was like a car had rolled on top of him. It didn’t hurt, but the pressure was immense.

“Yer just gonna sit back, buddy. Enjoy the ride. You’ll be OK.” Shane peeled out of the parking lot and headed for the freeway. “You’d like being my ‘assistant,’ Rich,” Justin said.

They drove out to the bumpy gravel road, down the jostling, tree-dark rutted path, and to the still-bent iron gates. When the car’s engine stopped, all they could hear was the chirping of crickets and the distant hum of a generator. The sky was pregnant with stars, and the moon’s glow bathed them all in a dazzling soft light. “Shit, look up there,” Justin said. He saw a falling star jet across the sky.

Shane saw it too. “Damn, that’s pretty. Well, Rich, we got to introduce you to a big-ass scientist. This dude wanted to see you pretty bad.”

Rich’s eyes adjusted to the moonlight. He could make out the forbidding outlines of “Doctor Z’s” compound. It reminded him of Frankenstein’s castle, from those old horror movies on TV. “Holy shit, what’s that?”

“That’s the dude’s mansion.” Shane led the way, with Justin in the back. Rich’s heart pounded again. This was, easily, the worst situation he’d ever been in. Worse than the bad drug deals he’d gotten into, worse than the DUI he’d gotten two months back… Rich hesitated, but Justin gently pushed him forward.

They got to the iron doors. “Hey, Doc! It’s Shane! We got a special guest.” There was no answer from the overhead speaker. “Well, I guess we can let ourselves in. Watch this, Rich.” Shane tugged on the door. Like before, it was too heavy for him to open. “Well, dude, now you can see what I do with this belt! Come closer…”

Rich did as told. Shane began to breathe deeply. “I gotta concentrate.” Shane held the shiny leather strap in his right hand. Beads of sweat collected on his forehead. “I wanna get hella strong an big. Strong enough to yank this fuckin door off its hinges!” Shane grimaced and the first bolts of power issued from the anchor on his belt buckle. Shane held his breath, sucked his gut in and began to pull the leather tight. “I need three notches…”

Rich squinted and shielded his eyes from the wild peals of lightning that sparked in the night. Shane’s face was crushed with concentration, his brow deeply furrowed, as he strained to make the belt tighter. Shane flexed his free arm, screamed, and yanked the leather three notches tighter with one rough movement. His free bicep bulged out to 80 inches of veiny steel.

Shane buckled the belt. “I’m strong now.” He pulled at the door and bent its bottom hinge like it was cardboard. His biceps glowed with white-hot bolts of power. The crotch of his tight leather pants throbbed with his captive cock. “That’s what it’s all about, Rich. I pull my magic belt tight, an I’m the mightiest boy in the world. You wanna feel my guns now?”

“Oh, fuck…” Rich reached out and stroked Shane’s monster bicep. The veins were so thick and shiny, and the muscle was so ripped and huge… Rich unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. He stroked his rock-hard cock with his free hand while he felt the majestic mountain that sprang from Shane’s arm.

“Suck on my nipples. Bite ‘em hard. Now!” Rich grabbed Shane’s erect nipples in his teeth and chewed on them. “Harder, dude!” Rich bit against Shane’s nipple ring and sucked the tasty, slightly sweaty flesh, stroking the flexed gun excitedly. Shane groaned with pleasure. The harder Rich bit, the more Shane liked it.

“Now lick out my navel!” Rich, feverish with desire, knelt down and stuck his tongue in Shane’s salty navel. The fragrance of Shane’s leather-covered crotch sent Rich over the edge. As he licked Shane’s rippling six-pack, his hot sperm shot all over Shane’s legs. It drizzled down the thick, shiny leather. Rich groaned with ecstasy as he came hard and fast, in big chunky shots.

When Rich recovered, he looked up at Shane. “What now?”

Shane responded by pushing Rich’s face into his tight leather crotch. “I believe you got to suck my big hard cock, dude. My cum’ll make you big an strong.”

“Give it to me!” Rich bit the leather of Shane’s crotch. He frantically unzipped Shane’s pants and reached inside. Shane’s throbbing, dark red cockhead burst out of concealment. He took Shane’s cockhead in his mouth, gagging on the size, and sucked it hungrily.

“Softer,” Shane said, and Rich adjusted his tempo. “Stroke the rod!” Shane commanded. Rich pumped the shaft of Shane’s cock. “Oh, dude! You suck some righteous cock…” Shane began to groan again.

He was nearly ready to cum when Justin interrupted:

“Uh oh, Shane, look!”

A hulking figure emerged from behind the door. It was eight feet tall. When it came out into the moonlight, Shane couldn’t believe his own eyes. This thing had the face of a beautiful teenage boy, but its body was out of someone’s nightmare… its long thick neck led to a stocky body, the torso and upper legs covered in hair, with cloven hooves. The creature had two long, swaying growths at the base of its crotch… cocks, perhaps, but covered in large, sharp thorns. There was a horrible contrast between the thing’s beautiful face and its bulging, scarred, alien body. The thing’s biceps looked bigger than Shane’s did.

Shane approached the creature. He took a swing at it. His fist connected with the beast’s hairy hide. The creature grabbed Shane and slammed him, hard, against the ground. Shane hit with great impact. This beast was indeed strong!

“Holy fuck,” Shane said. “I need me another notch…” He reached for the leather of his belt. The creature grabbed Shane’s arms and pinned them behind his back. Shane pushed his arms out, with all his considerable strength. For a moment, he forced the beast to let go. Shane tried again to tighten his belt. The monster grabbed Shane’s arms with a grip so crushingly tight that it hurt. Shane couldn’t escape. The monster swung its thorny cocks in the air, in perfect arcs, and sent them slamming into Shane’s torso.

The thorns dug into Shane’s smooth skin, leaving ragged lines of blood in their wake. Shane screamed in pain. The beast picked him up and held him overhead, shaking him violently, then hurled him back down for more battery with the cocks.

With his arm pinned down, Shane couldn’t pull his muscle- belt. “Justin! Use yer belt…”

Justin grimaced and pulled the leather of his muscle-belt tight, tighter, tighter, sending massive bolts of lightning and power into his young body. His body jerked and bobbed with the awesome force. It was like a lightning storm, right in his face, in its full fury. The more he pulled the belt tight, the tighter yet he wanted to go. It was like a drug to his system.

Justin’s pecs bulged up past the tip of his nose, and his guns bloated out with ultimate power and size. He got the belt to its last notch. “I’m ready!”

He flexed both his 60” guns and leapt up to the beast. He broke off the monster’s thorny cocks and pounded its head with them. The beast groaned, but didn’t let go of Shane. It now bit into Shane’s neck and shoulders with its green jagged teeth. Justin rammed one of the thorny growths up the monster’s ass, and that only made it angrier and meaner. The monster lunged at Justin, using Shane to strike him. Justin leaped away and jumped on the creature’s shoulders. He struggled to release the vise-like grip from around Shane, but he couldn’t pull the creature’s hands away.

“Pull my belt,” Shane cried. “Pull it!” Justin used the monster as leverage. He grabbed the leather and crushed Shane’s waist, passing three notches with one mighty tug. Shane groaned as the bolts of power wracked his body. Justin kept pulling on the leather, forcing Shane’s body to bulge out with muscle size, until the creature’s clawing hands lost their grip. Shane grabbed the leather away from Justin and finished the pull, then buckled the belt. He took a swing at the creature, but it vanished into thin air. “What the fuck?” Shane said, in the deep, booming voice the belt gave him. He fell to the ground. The impact of his landing made cracks in the pavement.

“What the fuck were you boys doin?” Rich said.

“What the fuck did it look like? That was somethin out of a fuckin nightmare, dude.” Shane’s cock spurted cum. He groaned and stroked himself off, sending jets of the precious spunk to hit the branches of overhanging trees. “That coulda been yers, Rich.”

“You guys were rolling around on the ground.” Rich grinned. “By yourself. Looked like you had epilepsy, dude.”

“There wasn’t a monster?” Justin asked.

“Not so’s I could see.” Rich couldn’t contain his amusement.

“We got us some hella muscle, though,” Shane said.

“Your scars are gone!” Justin cried out. “You were all covered in blood…”

“It hurt like hell, dude. This is some fucked up shit.”

“Man, someone’s hella fucking with our minds,” Justin replied. “We better be careful.”

“I’m gonna stay big. We gotta be ready for anything.”

Shane pulled the door back and entered the main hallway. Justin followed. “Come on, Rich…” He grabbed Rich’s arm and forced him to follow.

The hallway was dark and quiet. The three walked with caution, trying not to make a sound. They entered the elegant room where they had met “Doctor Z.” To Shane’s surprise, he saw several nude boys asleep on the floor, and slumped in the chairs and couches. They were all muscular and naked. Some had hard-ons in their sleep, and a few boys were placidly stroking off themselves, or their friends. Shane recognized one of them from the gym he used to go to. The boy’s name was Kyle, and he was a lot bigger than Shane remembered. His cock, though limp, was over a foot long, and dangled off the edge of the chair.

“Rich, dude, stay here. We got to check the rest of this place out, an I don’t want you to get into any bad shit. Just sit in the corner or somethin. I’ll come back an check on you real quick.” Shane sat Rich down behind a grand piano.

“But… dude…” Rich looked gravely worried.

“Just hang tough. Don’t make any noise,” Shane whispered.

Shane and Justin tiptoed past the sleeping muscle-boys. They went further up the hallway, the light becoming dimmer as they progressed. They passed another large room. Justin peered into a circular window in the door and saw dozens of teen muscle-boys asleep in cots. They were as firm and handsome as the boys in the other room were. Many of them had tight leather underwear covering the massive bulges in their crotches. “Damn,” Justin said. Shane looked in and saw the boys. He shrugged at Justin: what could this mean?

The hallway ended with a towering pair of crimson curtains. As Shane reached to part them, his belt squealed and sparked. “Shit. Somethin’s there.”

Behind the curtain was the freak-thing they’d fought outside! The beautiful boy face looked at the two muscle- gods with hateful eyes. Drool dribbled from his mouth and down its chin. Its crotch now held eight of those spike- covered cock-limbs. The beast growled.

“Belt,” Shane said. He and Justin pulled themselves new notches of muscle power. The bolts were so huge and thundering. Shane felt monstrous waves of pure raw power battering his body. He’d never gotten such an incredible rush from the belt. “Holy fuck!” He looked at Justin, who had just buckled his belt, and was incredibly large. His guns were easily in the 70” to 80” range. Shane buckled his belt at the 14th notch and flexed his biceps. Thick bolts of lightning shot from the peak on the muscle. The anchor tattoo on his bicep glowed. Shane felt limitless power in his guns. He rushed the creature, which lashed out at him with its thorn-covered cock-limbs. Wise to the slashing power of the thorns, Shane dodged them, and grabbed the beast by the hair on its back. The beast- boy-thing cried out in surprise. Shane lifted the beast over his head and threw it, hard, against the high ceiling. The thing’s body hit the ceiling with a sickening hollow thud and fell back down. Justin stepped in and punched the beast so hard it shot across the room and crashed through the wall. They heard a splash outside.

Shane couldn’t remember seeing any water around the wooded estate. He rushed to the hole in the wall. His footsteps left cracks in the floor. When he looked out, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw a tropical paradise!

Justin followed behind him. “Oh, man!” His jaw dropped at the sight before him… thick groves of palm trees, rolling hills of pure white sand, studded with tropical blossoms… a soft, gentle warm breeze… the scent of the ocean caressed their senses. It was sunset (or sunrise), which was crazy. Shane knew it was about 2 AM, but no later.

They were high up, looking down on this lovely sight like the gods they were. Shane leaped out the window and slowly soared through the air. “Shit, I can fucking fly like a bird!” Shane glided down to the warm sandy shore. “C’mon Justin! It’s sweet down here!”

Justin jumped and, like Shane, he glided with ease to the sand. He couldn’t believe what his eyes showed him. The air was so fragrant… so delicate with the scent of tropical flowers… the air was so warm and inviting and clean… “Damn, this is heaven!”

“I don’t understand none of this shit, but I like it fine.” Shane unbuckled his belt so that he could walk better. He tossed the belt into the soft sand. He willed his muscles to contract, and he was relaxed just enough to move with grace. He flexed his biceps, which were 42” and peaked like a mountain. Justin didn’t touch his belt. He liked being so incredibly big.

“Where did that thing go?” Justin looked around. He found a lagoon, nestled in a thatch of bamboo and palm trees. Some of the bamboo stalks were broken, and the sand around the lagoon was wet, splashed with water. The beast had obviously landed right there, but where was it now?

“I don’t care bout that thing.” Shane looked at Justin. “If it shows up, I’ll kick its ass into fuckin outer space.” Shane stood before Justin and looked him over. His cock swelled with blood, and he had an erection as high as his nipples. “Damn, baby, you are hella fine. I wanna fuck you hard, right here on the beach.”

“Right now? But what about Rich?”

“What about him? I’m fuckin hot fer you, dude. I can’t believe how hella sexy you look—“

Justin pointed in the direction they’d just come from. The building was gone! The blue sea stretched out into the vast horizon. There were no signs of the world they’d just been in a moment ago.

Shane was baffled. In his young life, he’d faced many things that didn’t make any sense (algebra, for example, or many parts of the California State driver’s examination), but this was beyond any explanation! Shane retrieved his belt from the sand and slung it over his shoulder. “This is fucked. But it’s nice.”

“Let’s look around some more,” Justin said. They walked back to where they knew the building should have been… and kept walking forward. Instead of hitting the high stone walls of the place, they waded into the warm, clean waters of the sea. Justin felt the caress of the lapping tide at his ankles, and the sensation of the sand in his toes. And he saw the magnificent erection of his lover and fellow muscle-god, Shane… this could not be a dream!

They walked along the shore, into the golden sun, which did not seem to rise or fall. It bathed the shore in a perfect golden light. Shane took Justin’s hand. Their lips met, and Shane gave his young lover a deep, passionate kiss. His hard cock pressed against Justin’s belly, then grew up to his pecs. “Do you really love me, Justin?”


“I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you inside of me. Right here.”

Justin took off his belt and dropped it to the ground. “I want to fuck you this way.” His muscles were still incredibly massive and hard.

“I can handle that.” Shane dropped his belt beside Justin’s. Justin faced him with a hard, pulsing cock. Streams of pre- cum drizzled from its head. Justin used that as lube. There was plenty of it, and it worked perfectly. Justin’s cock eased into Shane’s warm, tight ass. Shane groaned as his sphincter got a massive massage.

Shane used his ass muscles to wrap tight around Justin’s cock. Justin grabbed Shane’s tiny waist and pumped his huge tool in and out of Shane’s ass, back and forth; sliding with a motion that gave them both incredible waves of pure pleasure. Justin was so excited he couldn’t stop pumping. He loved Shane Hardin so much, and he looked so beautiful and strong. He would have loved him without the muscle-belts. There was just something about him…

Justin pumped harder and harder, his breath growing faster and louder. Shane grabbed against a palm tree and screamed with pleasure. Justin felt the freight-train rush from his balls, and his hot, sweet spunk blasted into Shane’s ass. Justin felt the most incredible orgasmic rush of his young life. He kept cumming and cumming up Shane’s ass. Spurts of spunk oozed out of Shane’s tight hole and splashed on the virgin white sands beneath their feet. Shane came all over paradise, without touching his cock. It was so hard, and his balls so full of spunk, that he had no control over them. His cum shots decorated the treetops.

As Justin came back down to earth, he noticed something strange. The tropic landscape kept flicking on and off. For a fraction of a second, all around him got dark. It happened a few times, and the effect was like a strobe light in his face.

“What the fuck?” Shane had obviously seen it, too.

Then, suddenly, the tropical paradise disappeared. The temperature dropped, the air smelled smoggy, and they were out in a thicket of woods. The palm tree Shane had grasped was now a craggy oak. Once their eyes adjusted to the dark, Shane looked around. He saw the two muscle- belts on the ground. His belt dangled from a rusty line of barbed wire. He picked both belts up. “Here, dude, strap it on. Somethin weird’s up.”

Shane powered himself up with the belt and looked around. With the belt tight around his waist, he could see perfectly clear in the tangled darkness. He saw someone – or something – moving in the distant shadows.

Justin put on his belt and cranked it tight. He flexed his biceps. “Back to the place now?”

“Yeah. I saw somethin movin real near us. I hope it ain’t that fuckin freak thing.”

“I’m sick of dealing with him.” They crept forward cautiously, but no one showed themselves. They returned to the building. The hole they’d knocked in the wall was gone.

“Aw, fuck,” Shane said. He leaped up and grabbed hold of a window ledge. It was child’s play for him to rip away the heavy iron grille that covered the window. Then he wrenched the glass and metal out of its frame and made an instant entrance to the place. “C’mon up, dude.” Justin leaped up. It was like flying. This was a wild thing to discover they could do!

Justin followed Shane. They came across a telephone. Shane picked up the receiver and punched Kevin’s number on the keys.

“Who you calling?” “Kev. He better get his ass out here!”

The ringing of the phone irritated Kevin, who had been laying on the sofa, stroking off. He stopped the tape and answered the phone. “Yeah?”

“Hey, dude, it’s me. Ihop!”

“Shane? What the fuck…”

“Ihop! You gotta come out here, dude!”

“Where are you?”

“Doctor Z’s place. This is some fucked-up – “ Then the line went completely dead. The dial tone droned in Kevin’s ears. Kevin made his hard-on settle down and zipped up his leather pants. He pulled on a tank top and strapped on the sailor’s belt. He ran out to his car, leaving his front door unlocked, and sped out into the night. •

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