Shane and his Muscle-Belt

Magic Spunk


By Jason Jarman

Shane’s excuse of “staying over at a friend’s” led to a very educational weekend for the young muscle-god. In Kevin’s hands, Shane learned just about everything a boy needs to know. We owe them a bit of privacy, so we'll let the reader's imagination do some work here.

Monday morning found Shane back at school, looking five times bigger than he had the week before. It had been so hard, giving up the muscle-belt. Having worn his belt at the thirteenth notch all weekend, Shane reluctantly took it off on Sunday afternoon. After three hours, his muscles had settled down just enough that he could fit into his clothes again. They bulged at the seams.

Kevin gave him some oversized, baggy stretch-pants and a XXXL sweatshirt. Wearing these, Shane could pass for his "old self" -- definitely more pumped-up, but the folds of the fabric disguised his monster guns and his tiny waist.

By seven that night, his muscles had settled a touch more. Shane longed to strap the muscle-belt around his gut and yank it tight. But he knew he couldn't.

The night before, between either fucking Kevin or getting fucked by Kevin, Shane charged every belt he owned, from his regular dress belts to his old, beat up workout belts. He had enough power to keep himself juiced for days without using the muscle-belt.

On Monday morning, Shane went to school, just like always. Around his hips, he wore a 2” wide, square- buckled belt, filled with power. He had another one under his clothes, pulled tight against his stomach. His new size, even with the baggy clothes, caught everyone’s eye at school. Teachers lost their trains of thought; girls ran into lockers and walls; boys grew green with envy, especially the dedicated bodybuilders. They could lift all their lives, consume an ocean of protein shakes, watch their diets like a hawk, and none of them could ever hope to be 1/20th of what Shane was.

With every step he took, Shane felt a ripple of power course through his body. It was like the first rush of a great orgasm, 20 times a minute. The more Shane felt it, the more he wanted it. It was like the best drug in the world, and it was definitely addictive. Shane constantly felt like he was going to shoot a load of cum.

Every hour, between classes, he headed to the bathroom, locked himself in a stall, and jacked off three or four times in a row. He had an endless supply of cum, and the ability to remain rock hard after the last spurt of sperm left his cock. It took a lot of concentration -- mostly thinking about girls -- to cause his cock to lose altitude.

Shane had to keep milking his cock, or else it would start to get fully hard. He didn't want to have a load of cum shoot down his legs in class, or splitting the seams of his flimsy sweat pants. Shane wished he’d just worn his regular clothes. There was never a threat of his cock busting through leather.

Shane had his favorite pair of leather pants in his car. Between third and fourth periods, he changed out of his baggy clothes. There was no hiding his physique. Why bother? Let everyone see. He returned in a white T-shirt and tight black leather jeans. His limp cock now touched his kneecap. No one could miss the bulge down his right pants leg.

At lunchtime, Shane acquiesced to public demand and removed his T-shirt. Two girls fainted at the sight of his chest and biceps. He flexed his guns for a few minutes and then excused himself. He was feeling so incredibly hungry…

Shane ate four times his usual feed in the school cafeteria. It didn’t matter that he was wolfing down greasy pizza. He didn’t have to watch what he ate anymore. Everyone’s eyes were on him as he ate and ate.

After lunch, Shane had again attracted a large crowd. He smiled as he took in all this adulation.

“C’mon, dude, flex for us!”

“Yeah, Shane, show us your guns!”

Shane flexed, bashfully at first. A girl came from Home Ec with a measuring tape. With trembling hands, she measured Shane’s fully flexed bicep. “31 inches!” The tape wasn’t long enough to circle his chest.

“That’s enough!” Shane finally said. He gave the crowd a most muscular pose that left everyone stunned. As he flexed, his eyes locked with another boy’s. It was that weird kid, Justin Craig, staring at him. Justin had always stared at Shane, ever since the eighth grade.

Justin was skinny and pale. He was a loner, very quiet, and no one really spoke to him. Some of the bullies had picked on him, but he kept a low profile and avoided them. He was just a warm body, filling a seat, taking up space. There were stories about him, but they might have been made up, just to add something to the enigma of his personality. Justin was quite handsome, but very pale. He had dark brown hair, parted in the middle, and liquid brown eyes. His full red lips and gentle jaw-line betrayed a sensitive soul.

Shane knew why Justin stared. He could read the desire in his eyes. He smiled at him, winked and flashed a quick bicep shot. Justin's face reddened.

Shane licked his lips and puckered them, blowing a kiss in his direction. He winked again, and flashed his most burning, serious bedroom eyes.

His reason for this: Shane badly wanted a blow-job. Whacking off was all right, but a BJ always felt a million times better. He could barely fit in the desks, and having to sit made him uncomfortable. He needed to have his cock sucked. And he wanted to give the honor to someone who would really appreciate it. He knew Justin would be that guy. He was kind of cute for such a skinny kid, anyway...

Shane licked his lips again and walked into the men's room. Justin hesitated, then followed. Justin kept his eyes to the tile floor as he passed into the men's room. It appeared to be empty.

Justin stood at the sink and pretended to wash his hands.

"Tsssst! Over here!" The voice startled Justin. He finally looked up and saw Shane's shadowy form standing in the last stall to the left. "Who's there?"

"It's Shane. I saw you lookin at me, dude. It's OK. Come in here." Justin's heart nearly burst as he timidly approached the stall. "What do you w..."

Justin gasped as he saw Shane rubbing the crotch of his leather pants. A huge, pulsing bulge tented out the tight black leather.

"I've got a little present for you. It's a real big present, come t think of it. You want it?"

"W-why me?"

"I'm feelin real generous today, an I need me a blow-job hella bad. I bet you'd like to do it, dude."

Justin looked around. "What if we get caught?"

"So what? I'm the king of this school. Anybody says anything, I'll kick their ass in. Now, you want this?"

"Shit, yeah."

"Go for it. Unbuckle my belt. Do it real slow."

Justin's hands trembled as he fumbled with the leather. He pulled the belt tight, with a sudden jerk, and a bolt of lightning blasted from the buckle. "What's that?"

"Nothin you need t know about. Do it real slow, dude." Justin unbuckled the belt as slowly as his shaky hands could manage. He pulled it out of the belt loops with a dramatic flourish. The belt fell behind the toilet. Then he unzipped the crotch to Shane's leather pants. Underneath, Shane's cock strained beneath leather posing trunks. Justin eased down the trunks. "Stand back, dude," Shane said.

Justin stood back. Shane's 20-inch cock flopped out, spewing slithery pre-cum all over the stall walls. A little got on Justin's shirt. He licked the pre-cum off with a sudden smile. "It's good!"

"You ever sucked cock before?"

"Yeah. Some guys make me do them all the time. I went down on the captain of the baseball team last week."

"No shit?"

"Yeah. He's got a tiny dick, but he said I wouldn't get beat up if I let him fuck my face."


"Yeah," Justin said with distaste. "I've blown half the athletes in this shitty school. They all have it out for me. That asshole Rich is the worst. His cum tastes awful! Not like yours..."

"Want me to beat his ass for you?"

"Maybe." Justin fingered Shane's long, veiny cum-sticky cockshaft.

“I’ll do it.” Shane flexed his bicep and the muscle bulged out.

"You're fucking huge," Justin said. He felt Shane’s huge, veiny guns. A spurt of pre-cum shot from Shane’s cock and spattered on his waist, just below the navel. Justin licked it off and his tongue touched Shane's concealed belt. "What's this, man?"

"None of yer bizness. Now get to work. Kneel!"

Justin did as told. He could only get a third of Shane's cock in his mouth, but that was enough to do the trick. He licked, nibbled, sucked and stroked Shane's pounding, rock-hard cock, reaching down to Shane's swollen balls and fondling them.

Shane groaned. "Damn, dude, yer good at this."

“Never did one this big before. It’s a pleasure…” As Justin sucked and pumped Shane’s long, hard cock, he could feel the pressure building. He siphoned the cock with one hand, and fucked it hard with his mouth. Shane's groans turned into screams as the rush ran through his body. Shane gasped, and the first shots of his thick, creamy cum spurted down Justin's throat.

Justin held on tight and drank down every ounce of Shane's spunk. As he swallowed, he kept stroking and sucking, increasing the pleasure until Shane thought he would faint.

With every ounce of cum Justin swallowed, he felt more alert, more alive, stronger. He couldn't get enough of it. He gasped for breath. "Again. Get hard again. I'll do you even better."

The class bell rang. "Later, dude. Meet me here after this period. You suck some serious dick, man. I like you!" Shane wiped off his semi-hard cock with toilet paper and zipped up his jeans. He fled the stall, leaving Justin to compose himself for a moment.

Justin glanced down behind the toilet. Shane's belt lay coiled at the base. He bent down to pick up the belt and noticed a bulge in his arm. He'd never seen that before. Justin had never been able to gain any weight, or put on any muscle. But this was his arm, and it had a bulge in it! It felt strong. Justin flexed his bicep and felt the muscle. It was like a hard, warm apple.

He pulled the belt off the floor and held it up. The buckle sparked and crackled. He started to put the belt around his waist, but then the final bell rang.

His heart pounded. He put the leather through the buckle, and as soon as they made contact, a jolt of power flowed through his body. His muscles bulged. He felt his chest surge up under his shirt. His thighs swelled under his baggy corduroy pants, and his cock stood up high. He felt it growing out, getting bigger, straining against the fabric.

"Shit!" Justin pulled the belt tight. It took so much effort to get it even an inch or two, but he kept pulling. Bolts of lightning burst from the buckle, and the power ballooned in his muscles. One notch made him look like a seasoned teenage bodybuilder. The bulge in his crotch got even bigger.

"The hell with sixth period," he sneered.

Justin stood in front of the bathroom mirrors. He saw himself transformed. His neck, always thin as a pencil, was now slightly thicker than his head. His shoulders sloped out in perfect mountains. The buttons on his shirt strained from the high rise in his chest muscles. He felt his waist, then unbuttoned the shirt to reveal a rocky row of defined abs. Then he concentrated on the painful swelling in his crotch. He unzipped his fly and gasped. His cock was now ten inches of thick, hard meat. Justin smiled and pulled the belt even tighter.

Shane was halfway through a history quiz (one he'd flunk, alas) when he remembered about the belt. Shit! Why'd that little fucker have to pull it off? What if someone stole it? Well, he'd be back for another hella good blow after he flagged the quiz, so it didn't matter.

And he still had the belt around his gut. He touched the buckle and felt its warmth. He rubbed it and got a rush of power through his entire body. His cock swelled, and the heavy stitching on his leather pants made a loud pop, as it began to unravel. Shane had to think about girls for the rest of the class time.

The bell rang, and Shane made haste for the bathroom. He saw a figure in the stall. No one else was there; luck was with him. The door to the stall was partway open. "Hey, Justin, that you?"

He pulled the door back and Justin greeted him with his newfound muscles. He'd gotten the belt to the third notch, and had a body that any Mr. Universe would kill for. His shirt hung from the top of the stall. He flexed his biceps and smirked. The belt buckle sparked and crackled. His cock was 14 inches long, and as thick as a sausage.

"Look what I found!"

"Shit. They'll be pissed at me!"


"Never mind. Just give me that belt, dude!"

"In a minute. Right now, I need another taste of your hot cum. You ready?"

"Give me back that belt, dude."

Justin smiled. "Trade you. Your cum for your belt."

Shane unzipped his pants. "Go to town, buddy."

Justin's throbbing cock stood hard and high as he kneeled and took Shane's sticky, massive cock in his throat. This time, he milked the cockshaft with both hands, pumping steadily until he heard Shane's first groans. Then he quickened the pace, readying himself for the next hurtling dose of Shane's magic spunk.

Shane gasped, and Justin's throat filled with the rich, sweet cum. He drank every drop down, and pumped the cock hard. For two minutes, hot shots of sperm filled his throat.

With each swallow, Justin felt bigger and stronger. He could feel his muscles grow. He wanted to pull that magic belt even tighter. "Your cum makes me big and strong," Justin said. "I want it all."

Shane unbuckled the belt from around Justin's waist and pulled it off. "You can have all the spunk you want, dude. But you can't have my belt. Meet me after school. I wanna introduce you to a friend of mine. You can give me head all night."

Justin's muscles shrank slightly, but they were still huge. He was now a bit bigger than some of the boys in serious training. "How do you like my muscles?"

"They're hot, Justin. But look, you better not go around lettin everyone see. Not yet. You gotta keep this belt shit a secret. You hear?"

"And if I don't..."

"I'll kill yer ass."

"Oh." Justin stood back. "You wouldn't really hurt me, would you?"

"You don't wanna find out, dude." Shane laced the belt onto his waist and pulled it, without effort, to the third notch. "Ohhhh, yeah," he moaned, and his cock got rock hard again. It stood at full attention.

"You want another shot, dude?"

Justin was on his knees, sucking and stroking, before Shane could finish that sentence. •

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