Super Strong Dave

By David

Dave and I had been lovers for a few months now. We had met at the gym, both of us on our own, I asked him if he would spot me and he gladly said yes. I was bigger than he was in all proportions. I was 6' 3" tall and had a 60" chest, 31" waist, 20" biceps and a 10" cut cock. But he, on the other hand was only 5'11" with a 52" chest, 32" waist, 17" biceps, and an 8" cock.

Because of our size difference I was always the dominant one in our general life and of course sex life. I had no problem with our size difference, but he always felt that I was never satisfied with him. Sometimes I would put him down by calling him weakling, or skinny. He would always try to pump more iron at the gym than me so he could get bigger and stronger, but I would tease him by lifting twice the size weight as his, twice as many times. But one day the tables changed.

Dave and I returned home from the gym one night and decided to shower together. I took off my workout shirt, a tight top that barely covered my pecs and the lower half of my abs; I like to show off my body as much as possible, especially at the gym where everyone admires my physique. After Dave had removed all of his clothes, I commanded him to get on his knees and remove my shorts. These also were small and showed off my powerful legs and huge package. I don't wear any underwear so the only thing keeping my member in is the mesh inside the shorts. As my cock hangs there I make Dave suck the end of it just teasing it. "Why can't you do this to me Geoff?" "Because Im stronger than you, and I know how much you love the taste of my cock", I think that was a harsh statement but it made him suck harder when I mentioned my strength. "I wish I was a strong as you Geoff, then I would make you do these things to me". I didn't reply I just thrust my 7" girth into his throat and poured my juices in. After our shower we went straight to bed, but just before we went to sleep, Dave said one last time "I wish I was as strong as you Geoff".

The morning came and as the light shone through the curtains I turned to look at Dave's back, "Holy shit! I shouted loudly. "What? What's wrong?" Dave awoke with a start. "Your back, it's huge." As Dave turned to look at me I noticed a change in his whole appearance. "Dave, you've changed", "What are you talking about? And with that, Dave also began to notice the change, "Shit, I'm bigger! Daves 52" chest had grown to at least 70"; his 32" waist had tightened to 30" with his abs being more pronounced his biceps grew from a puny 17" to a strong 25". What was more noticeable under the thin sheets was a flaccid foot long cock. It stretched down almost his entire monstrous thigh. Dave leapt out of bed instantly in front of the mirror to see if it was all true. I sat there in disbelief, was this true, am I now going to be dominated by Dave?

Dave posed in front of the mirror, and turned and looked at me stroking his cock, which was at least 18" long and 10" thick hard. "Oh no", I said, "You are not putting that in me". "You don't have any choice in the matter" Dave replied. I jumped out of bed and towards the front door. As I ran towards the door a gust of wind blew past me, I turned around and Dave had gone, I turned back to the door and Dave was standing right in front of it. "How did you get there so quick?" I said, "I guess I got more power than you thought, He said. " Now Im super fast, I wonder what else I have, and with that he placed his hand around my throat and lifted me clear off the ground at least three feet. With his muscle growth he had also gained height, he was now 6'8". He pinned me against the wall, "Okay shit for brains, now I am the dominant one and your gonna do what I say right?" I nodded "Good. First things first, I gonna take my cock and ram it down your throat, cause it was always me that did the sucking, now it's your turn. He dropped me on the ground and then picked me up by my ankle, so I was hanging upside down, and flung me onto the bed.

I was lying face down on the bed for just a second when he was on me. I could feel his long cock on my back. He turned me over and stuck his dick in my mouth; it was so huge I could only take in the first few inches, but then he rammed the rest of it in so I almost choked on it. After a few minutes of deep throating his muscle he lifted me up, with it still in my mouth and dragged me to the end of the bed, so he was sitting on the end of the bed and I was kneeling on the floor. I could see him beginning to climax. I wondered why he had moved me to this kneeling position, and then found out why. Whooosh! He came into my mouth and it was so powerful it threw me across the room. He sat there and laughed at me as two, three, four more loads of equal volume and velocity shot out. "Bet you werent expecting that were you?" I was stunned and shocked by the whole experience, plus my mouth felt as though superman had just punched it. That was it, Dave had turned into a superhuman, but not a nice one, with his strength he could do anything, boy was I in trouble.

I spent the rest of the day in the house being Dave's slave, both in sex and in general. It got to around 9:30p.m and Dave said, "Alright, it's time I went to the gym for a workout, hey, shit head, you drive". Dave put on my clothes seeing as he had outgrown his own. But even my clothes were too small for him. He pulled on a pair of my briefs and they ripped under the pressure of his giant cock, he just laughed, and pulled on a tight pair of cycling shorts instead, these also felt the pressure, and he looked massive inside them. He didn't bother wearing anything on top, and so his rippled muscles were on show. It was dark outside and not many people around which I was glad of, we got into the car and I drove to the gym. "I really hope your friend Rick is there, I've had the hots for him for ages, something tells me I'm gonna get him tonight", as Dave said this to me he turned and gave an evil grin, one I have never seen on his face before. Rick owned the gym, and was my friend and former lover. He was slightly bigger than me in every portion and was very sexy.

I pulled up and Rick was outside the gym just about to lock up, the parking lot was empty, as everyone had already gone home. Dave got out and approached Rick "Hi Rick, remember me" On occasion Rick had also made fun of Dave for being smaller than I am. "Holy shit, Dave? "Yeah that's me, and Im here to workout, so lets go", "I've just locked up, sorry", "I don't think you heard me correctly" Dave grabbed Rick by his shirt collar and lifted him off the ground. " I said Im here to work out", Dave threw Rick 20 feet through the front doors of the gym, then instantly flexed his biceps. "Yeah, I think I like this super strength thing". I followed him into the gym.

The first thing he went to was the barbell, he loaded it up so that every weight in the gym was on it. It must have weighed at least two tons. With no effort at all he began doing bicep curls with them, "Oh yeah, this is fucking great, Im as strong as superman". Rick and I both looked at each other and decided to try to escape. We edged our way to the front door and made a dash for the car. Little did we know that Dave was watching us and played us for a game. We jumped in the car and started the engine. But it wouldn't start, I tried again but again it wouldn't start. We turned and noticed Dave coming across the paring lot, smiling. "Shit we are in trouble", Rick said to me, "I know" I replied. Dave stood in front of the car and grabbed underneath it. With one lift he began slowly lifting the car off the ground, first the front end and then soon the whole thing was clean off the ground. Dave had lifted the whole car with one hand and was continuously laughing. The car was thrown by Dave 50 feet across the parking lot and landed on its wheels, the right side up. Before we could get our senses back Dave was on the roof and began tearing it off. He reached in and lifted us both out by our necks. " You won't be getting away from me again you little runts, now I have the power and strength". •

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